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Searching for a federal job can be a daunting task. The stringent guidelines for both the application process and the formatting of required materials, including the federal resume, can seem overwhelming to first-time applicants and seasoned professionals.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the key steps in the application process, including successfully navigating USAJOBS the official job-search website of the US governmenttargeting vacancy postings, and crafting an effective resume that highlights federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek career accomplishments while aligning with federal resume-writing best practices.

The main differences between a federal resume and a private sector resume are the length of the resume and the detail involved. While a typical resume should be no more than two pages in length, a federal resume can extend to five pages or more. In addition, federal resumes require more details in regards to references, availability, and expanded job descriptions and accomplishments.

Also, readers of your federal resume will be expecting certain stylistic attributes and exact phrasing that mirrors the language of vacancy postings on USAJOBS. In the federal job arena, there is a highly specific and expected career progression and salary roadmap referred to as the GS pay scale, ranging from GS-1 usajobe GS Applicants are required to meet clearly defined expectations for jobs at each level, and each progressive step includes federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek raise in salary:.

SES roles represent executive-level positions across management and policy. These also represent the highest-level positions below presidential appointments. Each of these qualifications requires specific language that will need to be incorporated into a federal resume aimed at landing an SES job. We will discuss this at greater length later fdeeral this guide. HR specialists who review your resume will be looking for highly specific KSA phrasing, so your resume prose must be constructed to страница expectations and qualifications.

Although this might seem limiting, the advantage of one all-inclusive resource is that it can make the process of applying to positions relatively straightforward once you understand the ins and outs of читать статью website.

In addition to hosting the vast majority of government job postings, USAJOBS also has extensive resources available regarding the nuances of jobs within the government as well as a database of terminology and FAQs to assist the federal job hunter. The first step to leveraging USAJOBS is to create an account, ensuring that you fill out all of the required information, including the profile and preference sections.

Resume Builder is a feature of USAJOBS that allows the user to build components of their resume online rather than providing a full document for submission. After you establish reltek specifications most important to you, it will email you jobs that match your preferences.

As with a private industry resume, you want to ensure that your federal resume utilizes keywords that are prominent in the vacancy posting. However, as mentioned previously in this guide, there are stringent parameters regarding the presentation of keywords and phrases. In a federal resume, keywords usually appear federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek category titles for your bullets.

Highly specific verbiage aligning the federal resume with the vacancy posting is expected throughout the document. Although the description of duties can be paraphrased while maintaining important terminology, KSAs must be verbatim. Before writing the resume, review the vacancy posting and applicant questionnaire and create a list of all of the necessary verbiage and KSAs that are required for the job.

Below are federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek from a posting for a GS level Program Manager. You can add to this list by reviewing the questionnaire that appears with the job posting:.

In addition to deltej phrasing of expected abilities and accomplishments, you will want to identify the KSAs that are specific to the position. Remember, these are expected to be written verbatim in a federal resume. With your list of KSAs and duty phrases in hand, ask yourself what five high-level responsibilities describe your current role in order to define the key knowledge, skills, and abilities you apply every day and how they align with the information you obtained from the vacancy продолжить. If you are making a transition from military service into civilian service, you will need to translate your experience and accomplishments to align with the language of the vacancy postings.

Using the posting language and KSAs as a guide, consider how your accomplishments within the military reflect the skills and abilities required for the position. A good starting point for this information is your performance evaluations. Usajobd with a private industry resume, a federal resume is most impactful when it is organized and highly readable.

A main point of difference between the two is that while a private resume can take many forms including functional or federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek, the federal resume must be in the traditional reverse-chronological order covering the last 10 years.

Private sector resumes use succinct career highlights and bullets with few details, whereas federal resumes use full phrases, sentences, and paragraphs to cover the informative federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek and extensive details that buuilder the job qualifications.

Glvwin a private sector resume is typically limited to 2 pages, a federal resume can average anywhere from 3 pages to 7 or more.

The federal resume presentation begins with your contact information. Following this is the Career Summary which should be crafted to align your experience federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek the vacancy posting of interest. Delte list your citizenship status, current employment status federal or private sectorthe highest GS level you have obtained if applicableand any security clearances you have.

You can also use this space to describe any high-level awards you have received or technical skills that are relevant to your desired position. Again, while the private sector resume is intentionally two pages on average, federal resumes are more expansive and inclusive of details. Following your summary and contact information is a section of bulleted areas of expertise.

Again, focus on the keywords that align your strengths and abilities with the requirements outlined in the vacancy posting. Next, outline your work experience for each agency in chronological order. As federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek previously, the federal resume is a chronological document that describes your work history in terms of an outline. This means that you federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek outline your progression of roles within that agency and follow the timeline with a skills-based resume-writing usxjobs.

You will do this for each applicable agency. Next, use the list of duties and KSAs that you compiled from the vacancy posting as a template to describe how your career duties and accomplishments demonstrate your success in buildeer areas.

Looking at the example below, you can see how the resume entry has been customized reaume reflect these lists:. These should describe both what you accomplished as well as how you did it.

You will go through this process with every agency within your career history, ensuring that you continue to frame your accomplishments and work history federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek the list of phrases and KSAs that you obtained from your review of the vacancy posting.

It is also customary to list your supervisors as references under each position in your federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek history. You should also specify whether the HR specialist reviewing your resume can contact them.

After outlining and describing your career history in a way that aligns with your desired position, you will list additional information that is important and relevant, including education, certifications, job-related training, professional affiliations, and publications.

This is also where older employment information is listed without specific dates. Some higher-level applicants in particular in the GS and GS range have exhaustive lists of publications that would significantly lengthen the document.

In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to present a selected list of representative publications. As previously discussed, SES jobs represent the highest-level federal positions second to presidential appointments.

Although the same general rules of writing a strong federal resume apply, SES jobs have more expansive federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek for application. Depending on the vacancy posting, there are three kinds of SES federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek. The same procedures apply to an SES resume as with a general federal resume, but the scope is larger and the requirements more specific.

If you have followed the general federal resume-writing practices outlined in this guide, then the process of converting to a Resume Builder-friendly format is fairly straightforward.

Text styling federzl as italics, bolding, underlining, or bullets also do not register with Resume Builder, so these will need to be adjusted when federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek your document.

Additionally, federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek will need to remove detailed information about each position that will need to be entered gvwin, such as employment dates, hours worked, and pay grade. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with helpful information regarding the complications, nuances, and time involved in creating an effective federal resume.

Whether you are a private sector employee looking for government work, a military service member seeking a transition to civilian work, or a federal employee looking to advance, we invite you to speak goviwn one of our career advancement specialists so that we can optimally position you for your next challenge. Enter your information to request your free consultation and receive our email series on the secrets to a successful career change. Skip to content. Table of Contents.

Introduction to Federal Resumes Searching for a federal job can be a daunting task. How a Federal Resume Differs From a Private Industry Resume The main differences between a federal resume and a private sector resume federxl the length of the resume and the detail involved. Applicants are required to delttek clearly defined expectations for jobs at each level, and each progressive step includes a raise in salary: GS-1 through GS Entry-level positions — If you have recently entered the workforce and have at least a high school diploma and a few months of work experience, you qualify for positions up to GS If you have more than a few months of general experience, you qualify for GS-3 and GS-4 levels.

Following this GS-5 and abovepositions require at least 1 year of specialized experience to be considered. Graduates within a specific career field are eligible for GS-5 jobs and qualify for GS-7 if they attained certain grades, test scores, or other criteria while in college.

In lieu of a degree, acceptable candidates can qualify with at least 12 months of experience at an equivalent grade level. GS through GS Senior managers, high-level technical specialists, physicians — Positions in this range are typically reserved for top professionals holding advanced degrees. Candidates must be able to demonstrate relevant job experience. How Do I Use It? Strategies for Writing a Successful Federal Resume Define Your Core Skills With your list of KSAs and duty phrases in hand, ask yourself what five high-level responsibilities describe your current role in order drltek define the key knowledge, skills, and abilities you apply every day federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek how they align with the information you obtained from the vacancy posting.

Stylistic Rules As with private-sector resumes, some general stylistic rules apply to optimize the document: Most jobs will have four to builrer paragraphs, and each should represent a KSA, if possible.

Avoid exact repetition, and paraphrase when possible. Nouns are preferred, but verbs can also be used if that is the language reflecting the vacancy posting. Byilder, Soldier, Veteran, Marine, etc.

All acronyms, except those that are obvious, should be spelled out. This is especially important to elucidate department or industry-specific jargon. Font size and spacing should remain the same, except for paragraph spacing. Jobs more federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek 10 years in the past will still be listed but will be presented in the Additional Information section, with the number of years listed instead of dates.

Work Experience Next, outline your work experience for each agency in chronological order. Additional Information After outlining and describing your career history in a way that aligns with your desired position, you will list additional information that is important and relevant, including education, certifications, job-related training, professional affiliations, and publications.

Depending on the vacancy posting, there are three kinds of SES applications: Traditional Method: page ECQs usjaobs the proper format, technical qualifications TQs separate, and federal resume. Accomplishment Record: Resume and narratives responding to specific guidance for each submission. Federal Resume Sample. Your Federal Resume — The Next Step Hopefully, this guide has provided you with helpful information regarding the complications, nuances, and time involved in creating an effective federal resume.

Free 1 on 1 Consultation. I accept terms and conditions. What is your current title or position level? This field is deltsk validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



– Federal resume builder usajobs govwin deltek

We are looking for a builder with a profound track record of success creating and growing focused opportunities that can leverage SMX’ national. The hackers accessed the information from the resume database run by , which provides the technology for Monster Worldwide told OPM.


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Reporting on Municipal Solid Waste: A Local Issue — Presents background information to assist print and broadcast media in understanding municipal solid waste MSW issues, including information sources, major laws affecting MSW management, MSW management state-by-state, and compounds and metals for groundwater detection monitoring.

REACH IT — This database contains information on over remediation or site characterization technologies and over technology applications in the Superfund and other Federal programs. FIRE includes information about industries and their emitting processes, the chemicals emitted, and the emission factors themselves. Software for Environmental Awareness — This site offers over 40 interactive software programs on environmental topics for free downloading.

National Response Center — Serves as the sole national point of contact for reporting all oil, chemical, radiological, biological, and etiological discharges into the environment anywhere in the United States and its territories, gathering and distributing spill data for Federal On-Scene Coordinators and serving as the communications and operations center for the National Response Team, maintains agreements with a variety of federal entities to make additional notifications regarding incidents meeting established trigger criteria.

Air Quality Subsystem AQS — Contains measurements of ambient concentrations of air pollutants and meteorological data from thousands of monitoring stations operated by EPA, state and local agencies. All these data pertain to the criteria pollutants carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, particulate matter, lead.

Subsystems of AIRS include:. This page provides summary hazard information on the chemicals that were added to the Toxics Release Inventory in EPA has developed information summaries on 40 selected TRI chemicals to describe how you might be exposed to these chemicals, how exposure to them might affect you and the environment, what happens to them in the environment, who regulates them, and whom to contact for additional information.

OSHA carcinogens have a 0. Amounts of TRI chemicals present below the de minimis concentration limit in mixtures do not have to be included in threshold determinations or release and other waste management calculations. About 50 of these chemicals are also TRI chemicals. Click to access RYChemicalList. EPA lists diesel exhaust as a mobile source air toxic due to the cancer and noncancer health effects associated with exposure to whole diesel exhaust.

EPA believes that exposure to whole diesel exhaust is best described, as many researchers have done over the years, by diesel particulate concentrations. Dispersion model: A computerized set of mathematical equations that uses emissions and meteorological information to simulate the behavior and movement of air pollutants in the atmosphere.

The results of a dispersion model are estimated outdoor concentrations of individual air pollutants at specified locations. Emission density: Represents tons per year within a given area on a per square mile basis. In this assessment, total county emissions are divided by the total square mileage of the county. Emission density is often used to show emissions information graphically because it provides a more consistent basis for comparison than emissions totals alone.

These inputs consist of tract-level emissions and point source emissions for each toxic air pollutant, temporalized into eight 3-hour time blocks for an annually-averaged year.

Exposure assessment: Identifying the ways in which chemicals may reach individuals e. The following conclusions on simultaneous exposure to all air toxics compounds were drawn from the risk characterization. Cumulative Cancer Risks: The EPA added the cancer risks from all air toxics compounds listed as carcinogenic or likely carcinogenic to humans. More than million people live in census tracts where the combined upper bound lifetime cancer risk from these compounds exceeded 10 in one million risk and more than 2 million people live in census tracts where the combined upper bound lifetime cancer risk from these compounds exceeded in one million risk.

The overall national average risk in the U. Cumulative Noncancer Hazards: Ideally, hazard quotients should be combined for pollutants that cause the same adverse effects by the same toxic mechanism. However, because detailed information on mechanisms was unavailable for most of the substances considered in this assessment, the EPA used a simpler and more conservative method. Many of the pollutants in this assessment cause adverse effects in humans or animals by irritating the lining of the respiratory system or by causing various effects to the nervous system.

Although it is not clear that these respiratory and neurological effects occur by the same mechanisms for all such air toxics compounds, the EPA protectively assumed that these effects could be added. These additive effects were represented by a hazard index, which is the sum of the hazard quotients of the air toxics compounds that affect the respiratory or nervous system.

The respiratory hazard index was dominated by a single substance, acrolein. The respiratory hazard index exceeded 1. The neurological hazard index was similarly dominated by manganese compounds, with minor contributions by cyanide compounds, ethylene oxide, and mercury compounds.

The neurological hazard index exceeded 1. Because different pollutants may cause similar adverse health effects, it is often appropriate to combine hazard quotients associated with different substances to understand the potential health risks associated with aggregate exposures to multiple pollutants. Note that the capability of the study to find potential hotspots in small regions of the country is limited by the tools used in the study, making it possible that some regional hazard drivers may have been overlooked.

The emissions used in the current assessment are from the emission inventory which is the most complete and up-to-date available. Working with the states, EPA updates air toxics emission inventories every 3 years. The next national-scale assessment will focus on emissions and will be available in late or early This assessment was based on emissions from the National Emission Inventory and included the assessment of hazardous air toxics plus diesel particulate matter.

Hazardous air pollutants, also known as toxic air pollutants or air toxics, are those pollutants that cause or may cause cancer or other serious health effects, such as reproductive effects or birth defects, or adverse environmental and ecological effects.

EPA is required to control hazardous air pollutants. Examples of toxic air pollutants include benzene, which is found in gasoline; perchlorethlyene, which is emitted from some dry cleaning facilities; and methylene chloride, which is used as a solvent and paint stripper by a number of industries.

Through appropriate rulemaking, the Clean Air Act list can be modified. A current list of modifications is available. Some clarification on certain pollutant aggregation is also available.

The Sources Most air toxics originate from human-made sources, including mobile sources e. There are two types of stationary sources that generate routine emissions of air toxics:. Area sources are defined as sources that emit less than 10 tons per year of a single air toxic, or less than 25 tons per year of a combination of air toxics.

Though emissions from individual area sources are often relatively small, collectively their emissions can be of concern — particularly where large numbers of sources are located in heavily populated areas. EPA published the initial list of source categories in 57FR , July 16, and since that time has issued several revisions and updates to the list and promulgation schedule. For each listed source category, EPA indicates whether the sources are considered to be major sources or area sources.

The Clean Air Act Amendments direct EPA to set standards for all major sources of air toxics and some area sources that are of particular concern. NOTE: For all listings above which contain the word compounds and for glycol ethers, the following applies: Unless otherwise specified, these listings are defined as including any unique chemical substance that contains the named chemical i.

Polymers are excluded from the glycol category. See Modification 3 Includes mineral fiber emissions from facilities manufacturing or processing glass, rock, or slag fibers or other mineral derived fibers of average diameter 1 micrometer or less. If you are aware of, or participate in, any air toxics emission reduction activities in your community please feel free to contact us.

Thus, the accurate and unbiased scientific data provided by the U. There are several energy-related efforts currently under way in Alaska. Geographically, these range from the Alaska Peninsula to the North Slope see graphic on left and several are collaborative efforts with Federal and State agencies and Alaska Native villages.

A brief description of these projects:. Geologic Framework and Assessment Studies, North Slope of Alaska These studies will increase our understanding of the petroleum geology and improve our estimates of undiscovered oil and gas resources. This is a multi-disciplinary investigation that uses concepts of basin analysis, sequence stratigraphy, fluid-flow modeling, petroleum systems, and structural and geophysical analysis. Current work is focused on assessment of the area west of NPRA and aggregation of all North Slope assessments with an update of the economics, including natural gas.

Gas Hydrate Studies in northern Alaska These studies will investigate the technical aspects of gas production from gas hydrates, which contain gas trapped with water in ice-like structures. Department of Energy, and private industry. Collaborative gas hydrate work has also been conducted with the multinational Mallik Drilling Consortium in the Mackenzie Delta region.

In , the Alaska State Legislature requested the U. Coalbed gas may be a viable local energy source for Native villages and a commercial resource in Alaska. Current work involves continued evaluation of drill sites and collecting and analyzing coal samples for their methane potential from wells drilled for oil and gas in Cook Inlet and the North Slope.

A new coal assessment of Alaska was released in Digital Geologic Map Compilation Compilation of existing geologic maps of the northern foothills of the Brooks Range, from the Chukchi Sea eastward to the Canadian border. It will result in a synthesis of geologic mapping that was conducted independently over several decades by the USGS and DGGS and will be produced at a fraction of the cost of new, field-based geologic mapping of the same area.

A report of revised stratigraphic nomenclature for common use on all maps was completed in , the Umiat quadrangle map was released in , and the Ikpikpuk River quadrangle map, in Interior Alaska Province Review and Yukon Flats Assessment An effort to provide essential geologic, geophysical, geochemical, and historical information in preparation for the next USGS assessment of the oil and gas resources in this province. Assessment of the Yukon Flats basin was released in A comprehensive review and compilation of oil and gas related information for the entire province was completed in It is designed to provide essential geologic, geophysical, geochemical, and historical information in preparation for the next USGS assessment of the oil and gas resources in this province.

Collaboration with State of Alaska Although not a separate project, the Energy Resources Program provides staff, analytical capabilities, and financial support for Alaskan petroleum studies and geologic mapping conducted by the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geologic and Geophysical Surveys and Division of Oil and Gas.

The U. Geological Survey USGS recently completed the first assessment of the undiscovered technically recoverable gas-hydrate resources on the North Slope of Alaska. Using a geology-based assessment methodology, the USGS estimates that there are about 85 trillion cubic feet TCF of undiscovered, technically recoverable gas resources within gas hydrates in northern Alaska. Factsheet The Yukon Flats Cretaceous? USGS Alaska Science Center Center of Excellence for the Department of the Interior to address important natural resources issues and natural hazards assessments in Alaska and circumpolar regions through long-term data collection and monitoring, research and development, and assessments and applications.

Take Pride in America home page. FirstGov button U. Department of the Interior U. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader, free of charge. Suggested citation:. Collett, T. Geological Survey Fact Sheet , 4 p. Part or all of this report is presented in Portable Document Format PDF ; the latest version of Adobe Reader or similar software is required to view it. The Fed is allowing some of the 10 support programs it created or expanded after the credit crisis began in August to expire or shrink.

That caused the first decline in the amount of money the U. The purchases were scheduled to stop at the end of December. The debt-buying pushed the average year mortgage interest rate this week to 5. The debt is guaranteed by Freddie Mac and the other government-sponsored home-loan financiers, Fannie Mae and Ginnie Mae, both based in Washington.

Williams, a Treasury Department spokesman who had the same role at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York until earlier this year, said in an e- mail. The aggregate value of the collateral backing those loans exceeds the loan value. Spokesmen Calvin A. The Fed has refused to identify the collateral backing its loans. District Judge Loretta A. Preska gave the Fed until Sept. Among the U. Department of Transportation. Others have been cut back. The central bank said Sept.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. The combined commitments of the Fed and government agencies are 57 percent higher than on Nov. To contact the reporters on this story: Mark Pittman in New York at mpittman bloomberg. Click the tabs at left for listings of recently published books and papers from a variety of sources. For more information on items listed in these pages, contact Sarah McCubbin-Cain.

Gallegos, J. Schubert and B. Two-dimensional, high-resolution modeling of urban dam-break flooding: A case study of Baldwin Hills, California. Description of challenges faced by contractor in blasting a 2. Keynotes: Psychology of Safety Dr.

Stewart j. The History and Archives Committee of the Engineering Institute of Canada is interested in receiving submissions of papers and archival materials on the history of dams in Canada. For more information, contact Tony Bennett tony. Pathfinder Dam Centennial celebration held July 15, Reclamation Service now Bureau of Reclamation.

The arch dam design for Pathfinder Dam was based on the results of analyses performed and reported by consulting engineers George Y.

Wisner and Edgar T. Wheeler; that analysis methodology evolved and became known as the Trial Load Method of analysis that is still used by the Bureau of Reclamation and others worldwide. As leaders of the civil engineering profession gathered in St. Dam applications cited. Part 1 of 2 parts. Research and innovation: seismic performance of various geocell earth-retention systems. Seo, I.

Ha, Y. Kim and S. Behavior of concrete-faced rockfill dams during initial impoundment. Technical, policy and management issues relating to levees will be the focus of a USSD workshop to be held Oct.

Use of loess as an embankment dam core material: an investigation into two forms of collapse. Paper by USSD scholarship winner. Understanding the saturation state and the effect of varying compaction parameters on the one-dimensional consolidation and seismic response of loess is essential to evaluating its use as an engineering material in embankment dams.

Paper addresses 4 questions: 1 How are dam incidents distributed over the life of a dam and what are the implications of longterm satisfactory performance?

Columnist Susan Thornton argues that not nearly enough attention has been given to the issue. Read more…. While federally owned dams are in good condition, and there have been modest gains in repair, the number of dams identified as unsafe is increasing at a faster rate than those being repaired. Dams provide tremendous benefits, including water supply for drinking, irrigation and industrial uses; flood control; hydroelectric power; recreation; and navigation.

However, dams also represent one of the greatest risks to public safety, local and regional economies and the environment.

Historically, some of the largest disasters in the United States have resulted from dam failures. The St. Francis Dam failure killed In order to provide safe, continuing service, dams require ongoing maintenance, monitoring, frequent safety inspections and rehabilitation.

Aging dams often require major rehabilitation to assure their safety. Downstream development below dams is increasing dramatically, and continuing scientific research of dam failure mechanisms, such as earthquakes and major flood events, frequently demand repairs to dams constructed long before these advances were realized. Many state dam safety programs do not have sufficient funding or qualified staff to effectively regulate dams under their authority.

Conditions Like all man-made structures, dams deteriorate. Deferred maintenance accelerates deterioration and causes dams to be more susceptible to failure. As with other critical infrastructure, a significant investment is essential to maintain the benefits and assure the safety that society demands. In the past two years, more than 67 dam incidents, including 29 dam failures, were reported to the National Performance of Dams program, which collects and archives information on dam performance as reported by state and federal regulatory agencies and dam owners.

Dam incidents are such events as large floods, earthquakes or inspections that alert dam safety engineers to deficiencies that threaten the safety of a dam. Due to limited state staff, many incidents are not reported; therefore, the actual number of incidents is likely to be much greater. The number of high-hazard potential dams dams whose failure would cause loss of human life is increasing dramatically.

Since , the number of high-hazard-potential dams has increased from 9, to 10,, with 1, in North Carolina alone. As downstream land development increases, so will the number of high-hazard potential dams. As these dams often require major repair to accommodate more stringent inspection, maintenance and design standards, financial support for state dam safety programs must keep pace.

Even more alarming, states presently report more than 3, unsafe dams, which have deficiencies that leave them more susceptible to failure. Many states have large numbers of unsafe dams, including Pennsylvania , New Jersey , and New Hampshire Many state agencies do not report statistics on unsafe dams; therefore the actual number is potentially much higher.

Some progress is being made through the repair of small watershed dams constructed with assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture USDA , beginning in This is only a small portion of the total number of non-federal dams. On the federal side, federally owned and federally regulated hydropower dams are in good condition; however, continuing budget restrictions and increased attention to security are placing pressure on and limiting many agency dam safety programs.

While the recent passage of the National Dam Safety and Security Act of Public Law No: , which provides funding through grants, has improved state dam safety programs, it does not provide funding for needed repairs. In the meantime, the 79, dams in the U. National Inventory of Dams continue to age and deteriorate, yet there is no national funding program to fund the repair of unsafe dams. The program also provided opportunities for continuing education to dam safety engineers, and funding for research to advance the technology of investigations, construction, and rehabilitation of dams, but no funding to repair unsafe dams.

Except for a handful of state programs offering low-interest loans to dam owners, there are no funding sources for dam rehabilitation or repair. Private owners have the greatest need for funding.

The bill will be re-introduced early in the th Congress. Four years ago, few state dam safety programs were adequately funded or staffed. Today, that situation remains the same. On average nationwide, there are state-regulated dams per full-time equivalent FTE staff. In 13 states, this number exceeds , and four report more than dams per FTE staff. One Texas official commented that, because of inadequate staffing, some dams would not be examined for three centuries.

Since the last Report Card, Delaware has created a dam safety program, leaving Alabama as the last remaining state that has not passed dam safety legislation. As a result, an estimated 2, dam structures—perhaps more—are unregulated. At last count, of these structures were classified as high-hazard. There is still an alarming lack of public support and education about the need for proper maintenance and repair of dams. Unless a dam fails, dam safety is not usually in the public view, although it is an issue that affects the safety of millions of people who could be living and working in the path of a sudden, deadly dam failure.

Easterling, D. Federal Emergency Management Agency and the U. II, In particular, the aging of dam infrastructure in the United States continues to be a critical issue for dam safety because the age of dams is a leading indicator of potential dam failure. They include identifying and remedying deficient dams, increasing dam inspections, increasing the number of and updating of Emergency Action Plans,.

Given its broad scope, this risk characterization is subject to a number of limitations due to gaps in data or in the state of the science for assessing risk. For example, the current assessment does not yet include results for dioxins, compounds that may contribute substantially to risks. In addition, the EPA is reassessing the health effects of many pollutants considered in this study.

A status report for all EPA health effect assessments is available at cfpub. For more details about the limitations in the risk characterization, refer to the limitations section on the Web site. The national-scale risk assessment is based on a inventory of air toxics emissions the most complete and up-to-date available.

It then assumes individuals spend their entire lifetimes exposed to these air toxics. Therefore, it does not account for the reductions in emissions that have occurred since or those that will happen in the near future due to regulations for mobile and industrial sources see further details in the Air Toxics Reduction section of the Web site.

The next assessment will focus on emissions for the year It will be released in late or early Table 1 does not include funding provided for U. Table 1: U. Relevant transfers and reprogramming also are included. Funding for military operations covers expenses such as personnel costs of mobilized reservists; costs for housing, food, and fuel; and costs to repair and replace equipment. Click to access dsp. United States efforts to work with NATO partners and other contributing countries present unique opportunities in Afghanistan, but also pose some challenges.

In March , the President announced a new U. The security situation in Afghanistan, though cyclical in nature, has deteriorated since Attacks on civilians as well as Afghan and coalition forces have increased year after year. Attacks increased from 2, in to 5, in , 7, in , and 10, in The majority of the violence is concentrated in the eastern and southern parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban receives funding from the opium trade and where U. In , insurgent activity increased dramatically, including an increase in improvised explosive device attacks, as well as attacks focused on infrastructure, development, and construction projects.

In early , there were over 36, U. As of February , there are over 65, troops with over 35, U. The new administration has indicated that it intends to send up to approximately 21, U. The increase in insurgent attacks, especially in the east and the south, has impeded security and reconstruction efforts in those regions. For example, despite the fact that the Afghan National Army is directly charged with defeating the insurgency and terrorism, the Afghan National Police are often reassigned from their training to provide immediate help with the counterinsurgency effort, thus delaying the completion of their training.

Economic Reform and Reconstruction Building a sustainable market economy in Iraq will likely be a long-term effort. Additional concerns are the U. As of April 24, , the Department of State and the U. This amount does not reflect all estimated assistance to Iraq for fiscal year Do you have any idea what I could do with a billion dollars?

But, then — that is not the most important thing compared to giving bankers the money to back their bad bets and poor choices or funding the destruction of and then rebuilding of countries who basically hate us. It comes as Colombia is planning to allow the United States access to seven military bases in the country, officially to help it in the war against drugs and left-wing guerillas.

President Chavez stresses the new measures are strictly for protection from the Empire — a term the President often uses when referring to the United States. American soldiers are already fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Its radars can simultaneously track up to one hundred targets while engaging up to twelve. Afghanistan , Atlanta Georgia Cobb County flood water damage , Boeing , bridges and infrastructure damage in Georgia Metropolitan Atlanta , Buford Dam , Corps of Engineers used US tax dollars and their efforts to build in Iraq and Afghanistan instead of United States deficient and crumbling infrastructure , Cricket House Studios , cricketdiane , infrastructure restoration and repair in America , Iraq , Lake Lanier drinking water , Los Angeles , nuclear contamination , nuclear waste , nuclear waste cleanup , Rocketdyne , San Fernando Valley , sodium reactor accident , US Corps of Engineers , US government corruption nepotism cronyism diversion of funds , US tax dollars.

USACE directly supports the military at the front, making expertise available to commanders to help solve and avoid engineering and other problems. Forward Engineer Support Teams may accompany combat engineers to provide immediate support, or to reach back electronically into the rest of the Corps for the necessary expertise. Corps professionals use the knowledge and skills honed on both military and civil projects to support the US and local communities in the areas of real estate, contracting, mapping, construction, logistics, engineering, and management experience.

This work currently includes support for rebuilding Iraq, establishing Afghanistan infrastructure, and supporting international and interagency services. In addition, the work of almost 34, civilians on civil works programs throughout USACE provide a training ground for similar capabilities worldwide.

USACE civilians volunteer for assignments worldwide. For example, hydropower experts have helped repair, renovate, and run hydropower dams in Iraq in an effort to help get Iraqis to become self-sustaining. Consequently, the mission is a central part of the U. There are more than 4, projects in the works with more than 4, completed through The Headquarters group defines policy and guidance and plans direction for the organizations within the Corps.

It is made up of an Executive Office and 17 Staff Principals. America Betrayed is the story of waste, fraud, and abuse at the very highest echelons of our federal government. America Betrayed is a cautionary tale for those who trust their government, and hopefully a wake-up call to change the status quo in Washington. Be prepared to pull your hair out , 2 July Instead, the Corps, in cahoots with the many politicians and congressmen who work right along with it, has been found, over and over again, to be derelict in its duties — guilty of negligence, of employing harmful cost-cutting measures, of having misplaced priorities, of engaging in outright deception, and of brokering sweetheart deals with pet contractors.

The movie is unsparing in its treatment of the Corps, and Carde clearly views it as her own personal mission to hold that organization accountable for the many acts of criminal malfeasance it has engaged in over the years. I think it speaks volumes that no member of the Corps was willing to be interviewed for this film. And given the facts as Carde lays them out for us, the film makes a very convincing case for that argument. The scenes set in New Orleans — both during the hurricane and in the wake of its aftermath — are heartbreaking in the extreme.

The movie makes it clear that there are literally hundreds of other potentially dangerous levees and dams scattered throughout the country, most notably in the earthquake-prone Central Valley region of California.

Most galling, perhaps, is the fact that so many of the funds that could have been earmarked for retrofitting projects here in the U. And who paid for this stuff — US taxpayers, our families, our pocketbooks, our sacrifices —. Army Corps of Engineers was involved in hundreds of projects all over the United States, as the scope of this massive undertaking was unprecedented.

This money was used to complete the initial planning and design phases of the project such as the powerhouse design and for the start of construction.

The ground breaking was held on the Gwinnett County side of the future dam site on March 1, Hundreds of people from all over North Georgia braved the cold damp weather conditions to make the trek along the water soaked muddy roads to get to the groundbreaking ceremony.

Although the work would be completed by private companies they would have to follow government specifications agreed to at the time the contracts were awarded. During this time period the government would also have to acquire the rights to over 56, acres of land and see to the relocation of over families. This was necessary in order to prepare the land for a 38,acre reservoir with over miles of shoreline.

Careful attention was paid in removing homes, barns, wells, fencing, and other physical property to prevent navigation hazards on the lake in the future. It took over three years for the lake to record its normal elevation of feet above sea level for the first time on May 25, The dedication was held on top of the intake structure parking lot on October 9, But, no — not according to a district judge who favored the shellfish over the needs of people and their children.

The record rains of the past few days flooded out sewage treatment plants in Fulton, Cobb and Gwinnett counties, dumping millions of gallons of untreated sewage into local waterways. Elissa Eubanks, eeubanks ajc. Clayton Water Reclamation Center Tueday, causing a massive dump of sewage into the rain-swollen river.

So, water already polluted by oil and gasoline, trash, pesticides and other ground contaminants will also be carrying debris and bacteria from human waste.

Clayton plant — the largest in the southeastern U. They could not even estimate when the plant, which can treat as much as million gallons of sewage a day, would be fixed. Because of its low elevation, any water pumped out would just pour back in, he said.

Sutton water treatment plant, which sits across the river in south Cobb. They said Tuesday it would be two days before repairs could begin.

The facility takes in wastewater flows from Lawrenceville, Norcross and some areas in between. In Atlanta, the rains were so severe that the water swamped the entire tunnel system the city has built over the past several years to limit sewage overflows. So, the 8-mile tunnel has been overflowing a combination of raw sewage and rainwater, Barnes said.

The 8. It holds million gallons of combined sewage, which are normally treated at a separate plant on the R. Clayton site. Barnes said that plant has not flooded and continued to operate Tuesday. However, he said the full tunnel has allowed combined sewage to spill from combined sewage overflow facilities around the city.

The damaged plants around metro Atlanta continue to dump untreated, or not-fully-treated sewage into floodwaters that then end up rising into homes and businesses. Constructed by the U. Lake Lanier is one of lakes in 43 states constructed and operated by the U. Army Corps of Engineers. It has won the best operated lake of the year award in , and But, that is a lot of water sitting behind those dams with people on the down river side of them.

Hundreds of thousands of people use those bridges, sit protected or not by those levees and dams, are forced to use the corps and nothing else by law and by funding. And, the idea that the Corps of Engineers is environmentally conscientious — is the sorriest, most pathetic joke of all. They are the ones who insisted on justifying the use of kudzu throughout the Southeast as erosion control despite it being an invasive species that completely destroyed the natural species, forests and natural habitat permanently.

They are the ones who give permits to dredge and to fill as they see fit with complete disregard for the wildlife and permanent changes they are making in the environment.

And, on and on and on. They and their crony politician friends and business interests are nothing more than serial killers with shovels and an open back pocket to take in the profits. If I guessed — I would bet these jackasses were in the clean-up and decision making on this one, too — its going to be turned into a park for picnics.

From October to January , wastewater and storm water runoff coming from the lab had increased levels of chromium, dioxin, lead, mercury and other pollutants, the water board said. The contaminated water flowed into Bell Creek and the Los Angeles River in violation of a July 1, permit — [see Santa Susana sodium reactor site that is contaminated in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley which is being turned into a park for day hikes and picnics.

In , DOE found widespread chemical and radioactive contamination at the site, and a cleanup program commenced. According to the plan jointly announced Friday by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Boeing and state Sen. Sheila Kuehl, the property will be donated and preserved as a vital undeveloped open-space link in the Santa Susana Mountains above Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley. For picnics and dayhikes as mentioned below, with Boeing relieved of financial responsibility for the cleanup after purchasing the assets of Rocketdyne who made the mess and operating illegal methods of toxic cleanup of the site.

Army Corps of Engineers environmental mission has two major focus areas: restoration and stewardship. Army Corps of Engineers has a very active environmental program under both its Military and Civil Programs. The program has four functions: compliance, restoration, prevention, and conservation. The Corps also regulates all work in wetlands and waters of the United States. The Military Programs Environmental Program manages design and execution of a full range of cleanup and protection activities:.

See also Environmental Enforcement below. The reactor powered over 1, homes in the Moorpark area of California for a short period of time. Today, all nuclear research and most rocket testing has been halted. Various research initiatives, such as the development of the Saturn rockets that powered the Apollo missions , the rockets that powered the vast ballistic missile arsenal of the United States during the Cold War years, and even a program to develop nuclear reactors for use in outer space were undertaken at the facility.

Founded in the mids, SSFL was slated as a United States government facility dedicated to the development and testing of nuclear reactors , powerful rockets like the Delta II , and the systems that powered the Apollo missions.

The location of SSFL was chosen for its remoteness in order to conduct work that was considered too dangerous to be performed in more densely populated areas. Today, more than , people live within 5 miles 8 km of the facility, and at least half a million people live within 10 miles 16 km. The area is south of Sage Ranch Park. Areas I through III were used for rocket testing, missile testing, and munitions development. Area IV was used primarily for nuclear reactor experimentation and development.

The Rocketdyne division of NAA, which came into being under its own name in the mids, designed and tested several rocket engines at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory located in the mountains northwest of Chatsworth, California. A Hot Lab is a facility used for remotely cutting up irradiated nuclear fuel. The Hot Lab suffered a number of fires involving radioactive materials. Another radioactive fire occurred in , involving combustible primary reactor coolant NaK contaminated with mixed fission products.

At least four of the ten nuclear reactors suffered accidents. Unfortunately, the reactors located on the grounds of SSFL were considered experimental, and therefore had no containment structures.

Reactors and highly radioactive components were housed without the large concrete domes that surround modern power reactors. On July 12, , its electrical generating system produced the first electricity generated from a nuclear power system to supply a commercial power grid by powering homes in the nearby city of Moorpark.

In July , internal cooling channels within the reactor became obstructed by a contaminant causing 13 of 43 reactor fuel elements to partially melt. The incident caused the release of radioactive gasses from the fuel elements. Reports and other documentation prepared by the reactor operators Atomics International shortly after the incident indicate the gasses were collected, monitored, contained, allowed to decay to acceptable limits then released to the atmosphere over a period of about two months all in compliance with the requirements in effect at the time.

The analysis concludes the SRE incident may have released up to times more radioactive iodine than the Three Mile Island accident. Boeing maintains that only a much smaller amount of only xenon and krypton were released. The contradictory analysis of the incident has been a source of controversy in the neighboring community, however, environmental contamination resulting from the July incident has not been yet found.

It was used to study twenty different nuclear reactor core configurations by using an apparatus which supported a range of geometries. The ETEC specialized in non-nuclear testing of components which were designed to transfer heat from a nuclear reactor using liquid metals instead of water or gas. The center operated from to The ETEC site has been closed and is now undergoing building removal and environmental remediation by the U. Department of Energy.

The sodium burn pit, an open-air pit for cleaning sodium-contaminated components, was also contaminated when radioactively and chemically-contaminated items were burned in it, in contravention of safety requirements.

Sometimes, the water was so polluted it bubbled. The fish died off. Other spills and releases occurred over the decades of operation as well.

In , a DOE investigation found widespread chemical and radioactive contamination on the property. Widely publicized in the local press, the revelations led to substantial concern among community members and elected officials, resulting in a challenge to and subsequent shutdown of continued nuclear activity at the site, and the filing of lawsuits.

A Worker disposes of toxic chemicals by blowing up full barrels with a rifle shot the reaction to the shot caused an explosion. Workers would dispose of barrels filled with highly toxic waste by shooting the barrels with rifles so that they would explode and release their contents into the air. It is unclear when this process ended, but for certain did end prior to the s. On July 26, , two scientists, Otto K. Heiney, 52, of Chatsworth and Larry A.

Pugh, 51, of Thousand Oaks, were killed when the chemicals they were illegally burning in open pits exploded. After a grand jury investigation and FBI raid on the facility, three Rocketdyne officials pleaded guilty in June to illegally storing explosive materials. The jury deadlocked on the more serious charges related to illegal burning of hazardous waste. They ought to make those executives and their supervising management employees live in the contaminants on that property.

At trial, a retired Rocketdyne mechanic testified as to what he witnessed at the time of the explosion:. As Heiney poured the chemicals for what would have been the third burn of the day, the blast occurred, Wells said. The facility received substantial fire damage. Since the fire, allegations have emerged that vast quantities of on-site contamination was burned up, and released into the air.

Most recently, Los Angeles County firefighters who were assigned to SSFL during the fire have been sent for medical testing to see if any harmful doses were ingested or inhaled while protecting the facility. While community members and firefighters have expressed concern about the amount of exposure, Boeing officials stand by their position that no contamination of the air resulted from the fire, and that any contamination that may have been consumed by the fire was negligible.

Although the Field Lab is under current criticism for violating almost 50 discharge permits, State agencies have been silent on the issue. In January , the State Water Resources Control Board finally stepped in, and refused some requests by Boeing for even lighter standards.

In October , the Santa Susana Field Laboratory Advisory Panel, made up of independent scientists and researchers from around the United States, concluded that contamination at the facility resulted in between 0 and 1, cancer deaths the average estimate was deaths.

The report also concluded that the SRE meltdown caused the release of more than times the amount of radiation released at Three Mile Island. The agreement will permanently restrict the land for nonresidential, noncommercial use. At least 4 nuclear accidents and over 30, rocket engine tests have occurred at SSFL over the years. Many critics and local residents believe that SSFL remains a highly polluted site to this day.

Widespread use of highly toxic chemicals to power the rocket tests and to clean rocket test-stands after the testing as well as contamination that resulted from the considerable nuclear research is at the heart of such claims.

Future use of the land SSFL is located on is also a source of much debate. Critics point out that if the DOE-Boeing cleanup plan was followed through and the site was released for unrestricted residential use, the property would likely become a Superfund site subject to EPA standards. The end result being that the site would only be brought into compliance with CERCLA cleanup standards after Boeing has sold the property, relieving the company of any burden of cleanup costs.

The costs would likely be passed on to taxpayers, and not those responsible for the actual contamination. This is merely critical analysis, however, and it remains unclear as to what cleanup standards DOE and Boeing will end up setting for themselves.

In early May , a Federal Court in San Francisco issued a major ruling which concluded that DOE has not been cleaning up the site to proper standards, and that the site would have to be cleaned up to higher standards if DOE ever wanted to release the site to Boeing, which in turn, would most likely release the land for unrestricted residential development.

From the L. According to the plan jointly announced by California Gov. Every quarter, Simi Valley hosts workgroup meetings regarding the cleanup of SSFL that is open to the public attendance and comment. Public policy organizations such as Committee to Bridge the Gap also send representatives as part of the work group. The Boeing Company, current owner of the SSFL site is also invited, but has boycotted the meetings for the past few years.

The DOE has also been invited, but like Boeing, had boycotted the meetings for the past few years. In August , however, the DOE for the first time in years sent representatives to the quarterly workgroup meeting. Other organizations and private companies also attend as part of the workgroup depending on the topic pending. Atlanta , climate change , Cobb County , corps of engineers , cricketdiane , drinking water , Ecology , environment , flooding , Georgia floods , Global Warming , Lake Lanier , pollution , water.

Everyone with an interest in Lake Lanier and those affected by flooding around metro Atlanta have been asking the question: why does water continue to flow through Buford Dam despite the huge amounts of rain swelling the Chattahoochee and its creeks and tributaries downstream and the capacity of the lake to hold this precipitation?

The Mobile, AL office of the Corps of Engineers first explained that the two main generators have been shut off and that a smaller units that discharges cubic feet per second was operating to supply power to the Dam and some small electric companies in the area. They quickly backed off that statement and said the small generator was only powering the dam itself. So now we know that it takes million gallons of water discharged per day cfs just to power the dam itself.

Brian E. They were epic! On Sept. USGS also has two crews measuring high water marks, and will continue taking these indirect measurements in earnest on Monday. Pictures taken over the past few days by USGS scientists as they work in flooded areas are available online. In Georgia the USGS maintains a network of more than stream gages that provide data in real time. Data from these gages are used by local, state and federal officials for numerous purposes, including public safety and flood forecasting by the National Weather Service.

A map of these gages and graphs of discharge for the last seven days is available online. The USGS works in cooperation with other Federal, state, and local agencies, throughout Georgia that measure water level stage , streamflow discharge , and rainfall. USGS provides science for a changing world. For more information, visit www. Questions have been raised about continuing to send water through Buford Dam even as flooding was occurring downstream.

But spokeswoman Lisa Coghlan says some water has to flow through in order to produce electricity. And, that curtailed releases have kept 37 billion gallons of flood water in Lanier.

Last Saturday, the Corps implemented its Flood Control Operations at the dam… reducing the amount of water sent downstream. The level of Lanier increased another. Even more heavy rains are forecast through Saturday and a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for most of north Georgia. See separate posting.

The Georgia News Network contributed to this story. ATLANTA — Heavy rains drenched northwest Georgia Saturday and then moved into metro Atlanta, dumping several inches and causing flooding in some areas, but forecasters said the end of the rain was in sight.

And, the state Insurance Commissioner updated the estimated losses from flooding earlier in the week, putting it at half-a-billion dollars. Oxendine said 20, homes and other structures suffered major damage, mainly in the area north and west of Atlanta. A federal disaster declaration has been issued to provide individual assistance for recovery efforts to residents in 14 Georgia counties that were hardest hit.

Sonny Perdue got a first-hand look Thursday at the widening of the Panama Canal, a project that is vital to the planned deepening of the harbor at the Port of Savannah. The Panama Canal Authority took over operation of the canal when the United States turned it over to the Panamanian government at the end of the last decade. Georgia officials are seeking federal funding for the harbor deepening. Army Corps of Engineers signs off on the project.

The high court denied a request to review a decision handed down nearly a year ago by the U. The agreement between Georgia and the U. Across the state, roads reopened and residents returned to view the damage to their homes. In the early hours Wednesday, work crews managed to fix much of the damage to a city of Atlanta water-treatment plant that spilled millions of gallons of water into the Chattahoochee River. In Greater Atlanta, the local river system had been a sort of famous afterthought.

Atlanta earned its initial fortunes in the 19th century as a railroad hub, and for many Atlantans, the Chattahoochee, which runs southwestward through the metro region, has typically been out of sight — and out of mind. Bethea blamed the flooding in part on rampant development and paving that prevent the earth from soaking up rain, instead sending it shooting into river basins.

During a three-year drought that was declared over in March, lake levels reached record lows. The recent rains added more than 3 feet to the water level of the 38,acre lake, said Robert G. Holland, spokesman for the U. The floods have killed 9 people in Georgia.

Eight counties have been declared federal disaster areas and will qualify for federal funding. They were joined in a second helicopter by Georgia Sens. Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss, Rep. Biden stopped by a shelter set up the Cobb County Civic Center to meet with people whose homes were damaged and destroyed in the flooding. The shelter is housing flood victims who will be able to stay there as long as necessary.

These bureaucrats during the recent flooding released water although a mimimum amount from Lake Lanier into the swollen waters. I am not happy. Please hang in there. I have read that the U. The deluge of recent rains in North Georgia have sent the Lake Allatoona water levels soaring past full pool. The lake rose rose more than 8 feet in the past 24 hours. Currently the lake is 11 feet above full pool and still rising. The high water levels have caused Allatoona to spread over its banks into parks, campgrounds and parking lots on shore.

The Corps of Engineers which is in controls the lake, has shut down all boat ramps on the lake except for Stamp Creek and Galts Ferry. These are photos taken on Tuesday morning of the ramps and roads around Allatoona. Despite the high water, fishermen are still out on the lake between fish from Bartow Carver to the Dam.

Clarice Nassif Ransom Phone: Through the modernization of seismic networks and data processing centers, scientists will be able to provide emergency responders with more reliable, robust information to save lives and reduce economic losses.

The Eden Prairie company obtained a secret court order last month to block Eric Porat of Brooklyn from selling, destroying, altering or distributing purloined data on nearly , individuals.

Digital River suspects that the information was stolen by hackers in New Delhi, India, possibly with help from a contractor working for Digital River. Customers were notified of fraudulent charges; some were from places outside of the U. Aldaco urged customers who had used their credit cards at the restaurant to cancel them.

After a purchase at Local Coffee, a customer’s debit card was canceled. This prompted Local Coffee to temporarily stop using Aloha. Another San Antonio eating establishment, Aldaco, also encountered hacking problems while using Aloha software. The center provides students with support and mental health services. The information on the servers included names, Social Security numbers and clinical information on every student who sought counseling services from the center between August 8, and June 21 of this year.

The incident was discovered during a routine security check. The investigation later determined the breach extended to two other computers with personal data from student files or applications. May,,Illinois Dept.

SSNs, tax numbers, and addresses of banking and real estate licensees and applicants were exposed. The hacking incident was discovered May 3. The information was discovered on the school’s website. The Hancock Fabrics store in Napa was the “”common thread”” among the numerous people who reported credit and debit card fraud. The store had recently replaced its point-of-sale machines. At about the same time, as many as 70 Wisconsin victims reported suspicious ATM withdrawals from their accounts.

The restaurant’s owner, has taken steps to make sure his customers are protected. We’ve looked into our software program — our routers in the building, We’ve scanned everything — combed it with a fine tooth comb and we can’t find anything off of it, so its frustrating. Customers of other merchants have been affected, but a hack of Mellow Mushroom’s processor is believed to be the source. Customer credit and debit card information was lost and fraudulently used.

The personal information included partial credit card numbers. The credit card and debit card account information of customers who paid online was exposed. The breach lasted from December of to January of The exposure of the information led to some unauthorized transactions. February,,”Galeton, Gloves Inc.

Customer names, addresses, credit card numbers and expiration dates were exposed. A vendor told Cisco that someone had made “”an unexpected attempt to access attendee information through ciscolive That lead to the general notification that Cisco sent to attendees and others who had been invited but did not attend. The breach was closed quickly, “”but not before some conference listings were accessed. But instead, she opened the spyware on a computer in the hospital’s. Between March 19 and March 28 the spyware sent more.

They included details of medical. He was also able to obtain e-mail and financial. Their goal appears to be changing their own grades; but they had access to the grades and personal information of other students.

The database contained records of names, Social Security numbers, and driver’s license numbers of BVU applicants, current and former students, parents, current and former faculty and staff, alumni and donors. These records go back as far as The server contained student health center prescription records. The information may have included Social Security numbers, names and other personal identifying information.

Around 2, people who received services as far back as may have had their Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers, insurance companies, and insurance ID numbers exposed. Another computer from the Psychology Clinic was discovered to have a similar problem. Around people were affected; though no Social Security numbers or financial accounts were involved.

Staff Health Savings Account information may have also been accessed. It is believed that the Hotel’s database was illegally accessed. The problem was fixed. Students who received bookstore credit through scholarship or financial aid between the fall and spring of semesters, and anyone who made credit purchases at campus stores, stadium, or website are at risk. Email alerts were sent to students and alumni. Employee records from to contained Social Security numbers.

The breach was discovered when the student tried to print some of the information in the school library. In addition to names, addresses and Social Security numbers, the student files also contain parent names, phone numbers, class schedules, birth dates and student ID numbers. Over two thousand alumni may have had their Social Security numbers and other information exposed.

June,,Brew HaHa! Between 20 and 30 customers of one bank had fraudulent charges from overseas added to their statements.

It is not known how many other customers were affected. April,,Building Media Inc. Destination has uncovered a malicious software program inserted into its credit card processing system from a remote source. Destination Hotels is in the process of notifying victims but will not say how many people have had their credit card numbers stolen.

The attackers appear to have hit only point-of-sale processing systems, where credit cards are swiped for purchases. Personal information such as guests’ home addresses was not compromised. Thieves somehow obtained banking information from checks that residents sent to pay for their co-op properties. The computer server was infected with a new virus. The information included log-ins and personal identification numbers for some employees. The person who hacked into the system was traced back to China and had used a computer with an.

The server contains records including names, birth dates and. Social Security numbers. Customers who used credit cards between March 25 and April 17 of may have had their credit card information exposed.

Hackers accessed the restaurant’s credit-card processing system. Customer credit card information was then sold to other criminals and used to make purchases.

According to a police news release, the hack did not involve the external financial services network or any third-party data processing service. It appears that the first customers were affected in March of The Kern Medical Center temporarily removed itself from the county computer network to prevent the spread of the attack. Patient records were eventually secured, but it is unknown if any were affected by the day malware attack. The affected systems were shutdown.

The time of the security breach is unknown. The computer server is believed to have been hacked in February of A hacker exploited knowledge of vulnerabilities in the Aloha POS software used by the restaurant and obtained customer information. The restaurant changed and upgraded their computer system. It determined the computer belonged to an employee and was infected with a virus known as Zeus or Z-Bod. The employee’s laptop had access to computer files that contain student names and Social Security numbers.

Patients who saw Dr. Patient names, Social Security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, dates of birth, medical record numbers, lab reports and dates of service were in documents that may have been accessed by the virus. ATM withdrawals at 7-Eleven convenience stores has been breached. The breach of the Citibank server allowed two Brooklyn. The crooks created counterfeit cards to make fraudulent purchases and withdrawals from card-holder accounts. The incident occurred on September 17 and a lack of funding for letters and postage caused a delay in notification.

Customers who made purchases related to Japanese Language Proficiency Testing for and may have had their names, dates of birth and credit card information accessed. The servers containing customer data were shut down and taken offline after the incident was discovered. The incident occurred on or around September 18, and the organization aimed to notify all affected customers by October Community College are at risk of identity theft because of an Internet.

School officials found that a computer was infected with malware that can steal sensitive data. The computer contained the personal. January and April The computer did not have sensitive information, but. Fourteen thousand affected people were notified, including 10, employees of Duke University Medical Center. Officials became aware of the problem and notified employees within two weeks of the incidents.

Hackers may have obtained the names, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and contact information of people who joined AFTRA online. People who attempted to join online between September 14 and 29 may have also been affected by the breach. AFTRA’s internal membership database and the “”members only”” section of the website were not affected. Letters were sent to the alumni who may have had their personal information stolen.

Social Security numbers and encrypted credit card numbers may have been obtained. Between 2, and 2, Social Security numbers are at risk and between 2, and 3, credit card numbers are at risk.

Student, alumni, employee and volunteer information was put at risk. The University is attempting to contact individuals who may have been affected. The intruder used the computer from Aug. The computer may have been hacked and installed with malware as early as August. A representative believes the breach occurred because the files were stored on a computer that did not have current anti-virus and system-protection software.

A School of Education computer with the names and Social Security numbers of students registered in online education courses was attacked in late August.

A Department of English computer that had the Social Security numbers of faculty, graduate assistant and other teaching staff from the department was also hacked in August. The larger breach appears to be the result of someone attempting to establish an illegal movie sharing system. The smaller breach was a possible attempt to log onto and control one server in order to gain control over servers of other campuses. Those affected received notification and Social Security numbers have been removed from both servers.

A computer in the Personnel Department was hacked and infected with a virus. People employed by the University at anytime between the attack and are at risk. The virus infected other computers at the University and was part of a worldwide attack. The incident was not discovered until December of The hacker may have accessed and copied patient and business records for 18 months. The goal of the hacker appears to have been to use the system for its computing power and data storage.

Though there is no evidence of misuse, credit card information could have been accessed. It is unknown how the malware application got onto the computer. The FBI confiscated the computer.

Social Security numbers, names, addresses, bank account names and bank account numbers may have been compromised. At least 88 individuals were affected. Audiolink disabled the credit card functions on their website and updated web security. The student may have accessed student, staff and faculty information. Information exposed includes private label credit. Management Activity TMA public server containing personal information.

TMA is used to provide health care services to military personnel and their families. The online order forms include customer names, addresses, credit card numbers and credit card information.

Some customers may have also had their telephone numbers and email addresses exposed. The server involved also contained access databases that had names and Social Security numbers.

An Ohio judge has granted a motion to dismiss a case against Ohio. University OU regarding security breaches of the school’s computer. The two alumni who filed the. The judge said the pair had not proven.

May,,University of California Berkeley,Berkeley, California,HACK,EDU,”1,”,”1,”,”During an investigation of a computer virus, it was discovered that computers within an office may have been accessed without authorization from within the campus network. Student, faculty and staff names and Social Security numbers were on archived spreadsheets. The spreadsheets contained the personal information of people who requested campus cards between and The website had been phished for two hours.

Thirteen customers visited the fraudulent website during that time. Passwords, user IDs, account numbers and card numbers could have fallen into the wrong hands. Banks across the nation were affected by the breach. Only Frost Bank customers reported fraudulent charges. Security numbers and medical information were accessed in records.

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and credit or debit card information may have been accessed. Customers were notified of the breach, but were not offered credit monitoring services or encouraged to cancel their credit and debit cards. The computer that was compromised may have allowed the hacker to access information for all students and employees.

August,,”Copart, Inc. The website breach was discovered on July 17 and customers were notified on August No Social Security numbers or financial information was accessed. The unauthorized access by an Experian client resulted in the exposure of names, dates of birth, account numbers, Social Security numbers and addresses. Students who received financial aid or worked at the University were affected.

The breach was discovered during a routine risk assessment of the University’s computer servers. The breach was not reported until because EODT did not have evidence that personal information had been accessed during the breach. The firm claims that the breach did not lead to any fraudulent activity during those two years. No financial information or Social Security numbers were collected for club membership, but full names, email addresses and dates of birth could have been accessed. The Bank believes there is no evidence that the incident is related to a previous incident that occurred in September of On January 16, the hacker alerted D.

Davidson to the incident and the fact that he had downloaded confidential customer information. The hacker was not caught. Anyone receiving a notification letter from Davidson dated January 29, is a member of the Davidson data breach lawsuit. Claim forms requesting reimbursement damages must be received by the Settlement Administrator no later than June 1, More clients who live outside of New York may have been affected.

Hackers accessed the website database and obtained customer names, addresses, credit card numbers and expiration dates. The breach was discovered on August 29 and the website’s charge card function was disabled.

Customer names, credit card numbers, credit card expiration dates, shipping or billing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers may have been exposed. A customer named Diversified Capital noticed unusual activity on its account. An investigation revealed that the unauthorized access was most likely the result of a stolen password or unauthorized use of the password. The breach was first noticed on July 17 and notification was sent on August The counterfeit website requested sensitive customer information, although it appears that the counterfeit website may not have functioned as intended.

The altered link was identified and repaired within three hours and the hacker’s access was terminated. November,,”Triple-C, Inc. People insured by TSS under the Puerto Rican government’s health insurance plan and independent practice associations IPA that provided services to those people may have had their information accessed. TCI believes that financial information related to IPAs was the target of the attack and not the information of individuals.

Multiple intrusions happened in September. A TCI competitor notified the organization on September Employees and students were unable to access the Internet, online classes and email until late Tuesday afternoon. Payroll information of workers and academic information of students may have been compromised along with other personal information.

Private employee, vendor and student data dating back 10 years could have been accessed by the hacker. Investigators have determined that the private data of one HISD student was viewed by the hacker. The investigation is ongoing. The University discovered the breach on October 26 and sent notification to many former students, faculty and staff on November One of the files had the photo ID of former students with their Social Security numbers embedded in the ID numbers and cardholder names.

Only students enrolled prior to would have had their Social Security numbers exposed. It is unclear how far back the records date. People on the list were sent realistic-looking phishing emails that directed them to a web page under hacker control.

The only information that was stolen during the hack was the email list. People who fell victim to the phishing scam may have entered other personal information into the phony web page. They were able to illegitimately. AZ, court office, which apparently has a subscription to the bureau’s. Staff and user emails and passwords, the site code and staff messages were made accessible to anyone. The group claiming responsibility calls themselves Gnosis.

Gawker encouraged users to change their passwords after their information was exposed. This may also mean changing passwords for other sites where users have similar screen names and passwords. Gnosis claims they had access to the site for a long time and exposed Gawker’s information “”because of their outright arrogance. Names, Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth and account numbers could have been accessed.

At least 29 New York residents were affected, but the total number of residents affected nationwide was not revealed. The hacker allowed individuals to pay personal bills through EFTs and, in turn, he was given cash.

The scam was discovered when an unidentified woman informed Chase someone was trying to pay bills using the account. Some of the information came from noncustodial parents who owed back child support while most of the people affected were customers of New England Federal Credit Union with no history of owing child support. The information is from and credit union members. January,,Public Storage Inc. The files included Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and other active employee information.

Customers who made transactions with merchants that Merchant America provides payment processing services to may have had their names, bank account numbers and driver’s license numbers exposed. February,,Brunswick Corp.

Names, Social Security numbers and addresses may have been exposed during the April incident. Passwords and sensitive information were not exposed, but the breach is expected to increase spam for registered users. The script appears to have been uploaded on September 26 and had allowed access to the customer database multiple times between that date and October Customer names, credit card numbers, credit card expiration dates, CVV2 data, addresses and email addresses may have been exposed.

Unauthorized individuals may have accessed names, Social Security numbers, addresses and other information related to employment credit reports.

At least 11 New York residents were affected by this breach, but the total number of affected individuals nationwide was not revealed. March,,Right Media Inc. Customer names, Social Security numbers, email addresses, addresses and employee ID numbers may have been accessed. Data from the Free and Reduced Lunch Database was compromised. The names of parents and children, Social Security numbers, addresses, home and work phone numbers, salary information and income information that were related to the program may have been accessed.

Customer names, addresses, email addresses, credit card numbers and security codes for credit cards may have been accessed.

Some customers reported fraudulent charges. The total number of credit cards accessed was , though customers may have had multiple credit cards. Thousands of customers had their information exposed, and the hacker posted some customer credit card information. The hacker claims to have gained access by utilizing login details that were easily found by browsing.

Valve asset information was also exposed. The hacker obtained a user name and password that allowed access to an internal database that stored credit card numbers. The breach occurred sometime between April and May. Customer names, addresses, credit card numbers and types of credit cards were downloaded by the hackers. Customer names, addresses and credit card numbers may have been exposed. June,,vFinance Investments Inc.

The goal of the attack seems to have been to deface the website. The information may have included name, address, and credit or debit card number and expiration date, in addition to shipping address and in some cases, a separate credit card address.

The exact nature of the breach was not reported and could have been theft, unauthorized access, hacking, or an IT incident. Mary’s database. The database, used for Saint Mary’s health. The database did not contain medical records or credit.

December,,”Digital River Inc. The system was altered to transfer money to the hacker’s bank account instead of the accounts of contractors. The hacker faces 20 years on wire fraud charges and 10 years on computer hacking charges.

People who visited the customer service website between August 9 and 14 may have had their names, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, loan information and payment histories exposed. The hacker was able to change the website so that a virus was installed on the computers of visitors. August,,AW Direct Inc. Customer order information that included full names, addresses and credit card information was exposed.

User logins, passwords, email addresses, security questions and answers were compromised. It is likely that the third party used customer Social Security numbers, dates of birth and annuity contract numbers to access the website. The third party may have been able to reset customer PINs and access customer accounts with this information.

This resulted in the possible exposure of customer names, addresses and Social Security numbers. Someone may have attempted to access the system through use of an SQL injection and could have obtained personal information of customers.

Customer names, addresses, phone numbers, account numbers and credit card numbers may have been exposed. October,,Track Data Securities Corp. Customer names, Social Security numbers, addresses and credit card numbers may have been illegally accessed. At least New Hampshire residents were affected, but the total number of affected customers nationwide was not reported. LPL discovered the breach on July 17 and immediately informed law enforcement officials.

It appears that the purchases were made to increase the volume of trading and affect prices of certain stocks. The trades were rejected once it was determined that they were fraudulent. Client names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, phone numbers and account numbers may have been exposed. A database of cardholder account records was accessed. It contained Social Security numbers. Customers who placed orders anytime on or after June 25, may have had their names, addresses and credit card numbers accessed.

It is not clear whether the breach occurred because of an unauthorized user or because of an employee or contractor mistake. Credit and debit card information was stolen and misused. The method that criminals used to access the information was not disclosed. It was determined that the management system software program of Shell Vacation properties was infected with the malware.

The information included insurance policies, Social Security numbers, names and addresses. The former agent’s home was searched by police when it was discovered that client information had been hacked. On December 15, it was determined that a key logger had been installed on a company laptop. Customer names, Social Security numbers and addresses may have been accessed by unauthorized parties. At least 2 New Hampshire residents were affected, but the total number of affected individuals nationwide was not revealed.

It is possible that the breach originated overseas. The hacker gained access to the administration site by using a password-cracking program or guessing the password. The hacker then had access to customer orders and credit card information. The email requested that the customer provide a credit card identification number.

The incident involved the unauthorized use of a password. A hacker accessed the computer system and server. Patient names, Social Security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, dental care and X-ray records, dental insurance member numbers and health insurance member numbers may have been exposed.

Patient names, dates of birth, ages, genders, medical record numbers and doctors’ names were exposed.

The breach was discovered on November 11 during routine monitoring of computer network backups. The server was removed from service and a firm was hired to investigate the issue. The incident occurred because of an attempt to access administrator log-in information.

The hacker or hackers may have obtained a database with names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, years of service and beneficiary information of current and former Omaha Public Schools employees. The website was shut down within two hours of the discovery. PenFed current and former employees, beneficiaries, current and former members and joint owners may have had their names, Social Security numbers, addresses, credit and debit card numbers, and PenFed account numbers exposed.

At least New Hampshire residents were affected, but the total number of affected individuals nationwide was not reported. It is believed that someone accessed credit card information by using malware on or obtaining passwords for the system on which the information was stored.

The group of affected people most likely includes customers who used their card between September 16 and early December. Many of the cases involved Florida residents, but people in Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Washington were also affected. The information included name, billing and shipping address, phone and fax number, credit card number and security code.

Names, email addresses, vehicle identification numbers and user IDs may have been exposed. There is speculation that this breach is connected to a hack of Silverpop that exposed the information of McDonald’s and deviantART subscribers. Around 2. January,,”Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc. The server was breached on or around January 5. Customer names, credit card information, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses were captured.

The captured information was sent to hmtbccv gmail. Customer names, credit card information, order information and addresses may have been exposed. The website was temporarily shut down after J.

Press learned of the breach. Patient names, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers and other personal information may have been exposed by the breach. Credit card and other financial information were not exposed. The estimated number of individuals who received notification is , Not all people who received a notification letter were affected. Patients and people serving as insurance guarantors were affected. It is believed that the hackers were utilizing Seacoast’s bandwidth to play a popular game called Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The protected health information of patients was exposed. Vendors and employees who received checks between and may have had their names and Social Security numbers accessed by an unauthorized third party. The information seems to have been used to open electricity accounts.

Some customers noticed suspicious transactions on their debit cards. About 2, debit cards were reissued and Visa credit cards were reissued. The organization that experienced the breach and the number of customers affected were not reported. He somehow managed to access the Twitter, Facebook, PayPal and email accounts of multiple celebrities and other people. The teen was charged with cyberstalking, computer fraud, computer tampering and extortion.

The libraries collect driver’s license and Social Security numbers to help identify computer users. The information is stored on a central server in Raleigh. Anonymous supporters hacked into HBGary’s network in order to learn what information had been gathered during the investigation. Over 60, business emails were extracted and the company’s website was defaced. HBGary’s leader also had his Twitter account hacked and his personal information exposed. The hackers published a page document online and claimed that it was the information HBGary was going to sell.

HBGary’s email database was also published. Sensitive information about customers may have been exposed. The data accessed was contact information – specifically. This incident did not involve any credit card, bank account, social. A virus affected one of the Insurance Program’s computers. The breach occurred sometime between November 8 and November Insured current and former employees, dependents and survivors may have had their names, Social Security numbers, health information, addresses and dates of birth exposed.

An investigation has revealed that a hacking incident caused the breach and the approximate time of the breach. Online customers of the ski resort were not affected. Information from electronic card transactions that were performed on-site was exposed.

University officials discovered the breach in late October. Unauthorized individuals logged into an Ohio State server and had access to names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth and addresses of current and former students, faculty, staff, University consultants and University contractors. Exact numbers for current and former faculty, staff, consultants and contractors were not given.

Around , notification letters were mailed to alumni in February. The attack is believed to have been limited to the Winamp forums. All users are advised to change their Winamp passwords and any similar passwords for other accounts.

Customer credit card information was obtained and sold to a group of seven people who used the information to make fraudulent charges primarily in Central Florida. The work station contained patient names, health insurance company names, medical record numbers, and prescription information from January 2, to November 17, There is no evidence that the data was copied from the workstation. The malware was on the computer from June 30, to October 28, Patients were notified in March.

Louis University,St. The breach was discovered on December 13 and a statement was available on the University’s website on January 31, Eight hundred students and 12, current and former employees and contractors were affected.

Only people who worked for Saint Louis University at some point had their Social Security numbers exposed. Some students who received counseling through the University’s Student Health Services may have had their names, dates of birth, tests, diagnosis and treatment information exposed.

The defendant allegedly posted video of himself compromising a hospital’s computer system on YouTube. The system and computers contained confidential. He was also the leader of a hacker gang. Names, Social Security numbers, and other information found on payroll records may have been exposed.

The breach affected school personnel. The virus was discovered on February Certain current and former employees were affected. Passwords and financial information were not exposed.

Only a portion of users were affected and TripAdvisor is not sure when the breach occurred. Briar Group was fined for failing to protect the payment card data of tens of thousands of consumers. In addition to having poor data protection practices like allowing employees to share computer passwords and failing to secure network wireless connections, Briar Group was determined to have not responded appropriately when customer data was compromised.

A lawsuit alleges that hackers installed and used malicious software to obtain customer debit and credit card information from the Briar Group’s computers. The malicious software was on the computers from April to December of and the company continued to allow the use of credit and debit cards despite being aware that their computer system had been compromised. The Briar Group agreed to comply with Massachusetts data security regulations, comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, develop a secure password management system and implement information security measures.

Ticket purchases for PCPA events were not involved since the Ticketmaster website is responsible for those purchases. Information from a total of gift card purchases from the PCPA website between January 1, and March 15, was compromised. The total number of customers affected is likely to be lower than since some customers purchased more than one gift card.

Social Security numbers and other private information could end up on the internet. The hackers purchase music, gift cards, games, ringtones, and apps by accessing customer credit card information and modifying billing addresses. Some of these incidents result in hundreds of dollars of fraudulent purchases.

Apple has yet to comment on the situation. The firm’s Windows servers were hacked and employee, contractor and some customer information may have been exposed by the breach. Social Security numbers, user account logins and passwords, bank account numbers and credit card numbers may have been exposed. It discovered the intrusion mid-December Transaction data from as well as mid-May through December may have been accessed. According to its Web site, TJX is the leading off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions in the U.

Note on our total: included in this breach are 45,, credit and debit card account numbers; , merchandise return records containing customer names and driver’s license numbers; recovery of about , stolen credit card account numbers; records then 1indicated an additional 48 million people have been affected. Totals were estimated at 94 million but now seem to have affected over million accounts. Then, on Feb. Secret Service agents found TJX customers’ credit card numbers in the hands of Eastern European cyber thieves who created high-quality counterfeit credit cards.

Secret Service Agency earlier this week said it has arrested and indicted four members of an organized fraud ring in South Florida, charging each of them with aggravated identity theft, counterfeit credit-card trafficking, and conspiracy. Credit monitoring will be offered to about , of the 46 million affected. TJX will reimburse customers who had to replace driver’s licenses as a result of the breach if they submit documentation for the time and money spent on replacing licenses.

The settlement still needs to be approved by the court. Recent court filings in a case brought by banks against TJX say the number of accounts affected by the thefts topped 94 million, up considerably from 45,7 million credit and debit card account numbers initially thought to be compromised. At least 19 lawsuits have been filed, and there are investigations underway by the Federal Trade Commission and 37 state Attorneys General.

The notices contain information about eligibility for compensation such as vouchers and credit monitoring to be provided under a proposed settlement. Financial institutions representing This is the largest hacking and identity theft case ever prosecuted by the U. Department of Justice. An indictment was returned on Aug. The indictments are the result of a three-year undercover investigation conducted out of the San Diego Field Office of the U. Later in the month, TJX in turn claimed that Trustco failed to implement policies or procedures that would have enabled the bank to avoid canceling and replacing customer debit cards.

Many of the Internet attacks that he facilitated were SQL injection attacks, according to court documents. The stolen data was sold to cyber criminals in Eastern Europe and the U. The money primarily will be used to cover the banks’ expenses in pursuing the legal action. Maxx, OfficeMax, and many other merchants, pleaded guilty on Tuesday to similar charges related to breaches at Heartland Payment Systems, , Hannaford Brothers supermarkets, and two other companies.

Albert Gonzalez, 28, reiterated terms of a plea agreement in U. District Court in Boston. The sentence matches what prosecutors were seeking. Zaman pleaded guilty in April to one count of conspiracy. His sentence includes three years of supervised release with the condition that Zaman must disclose his conviction to any future employer.

Upon release, Zaman will not be barred from using computers. Zaman is the second conspirator in the TJX case to be charged. Former Morgan Stanley coder, Stephen Watt, was sentenced in December to two years in prison for his role in the TJX case, which involved supplying Gonzalez with a sniffer program used to siphon card data from the TJX network.

District Court Judge Douglas P. Woodlock refused to continue their cloak of secrecy and removed the seal from their names. No more and that. The government acknowledged that Gonzalez was a key undercover Secret Service informant at the time of the breaches.

In a page petition, Gonzalez faulted one of his attorney’s for failing to prepare a “”Public Authority”” defense, which would have argued that he committed crimes with the approval of government authorities. It is not clear if Social Security numbers and other personal. Current and former town employees were notified about the breach via mail.

All information on the servers could have been accessed. Source code, API keys and social media passwords may have been exposed. Blog comments from WordPress spokespeople reveal the stage of the investigation and that phone numbers and financial information were unlikely to have been exposed.

The man is also accused of hacking into the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank in June, though the amount of information he was able to obtain is unknown and separate from the , card numbers found on his computer. The man had compromised many other computer servers that belonged to.

Because FedComp, a data. The articles were about his infidelity and were originally published in Rolling Stone and Radar Magazine. The former member created a virus that spread over the internet and infected computers across the world. Approximately , computers were affected and a botnet was created. The botnet’s goal was to attack websites that published the two articles so that no one could access them. The virus may have compromised a small number of payment transactions which included credit card numbers and related information collected to process transactions.

The total number of customers affected and the date the computers were first infected with the virus were not disclosed. The intrusion was discovered during a regular review of system activity by GoGrid’s Security Team. Names, addresses, and payment card data such as cardholder name, card account number and expiration date were involved.

The number of unauthorized access incidents between November and March was not revealed. The number of affected individuals appears to be as of April People discovered charges ranging from a few hundred dollars to one thousand dollars. The cause of the breach may be a computer hacker who somehow accessed the financial clearing house used by Qdoba to process credit and debit card transactions.

On or around February 10 of , a team of investigators discovered that a file containing customer credit card information had been deleted on or around November 17, An unauthorized person may have obtained access to credit card numbers and the associated names, expiration dates and security numbers located on this file.

The server in question did not contain other personal information but was attached to servers that contain Social Security numbers and other sensitive data. It is possible that the individuals responsible may have accessed names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, tax identification numbers and direct-deposit bank account information for current and former staff members. In a Jan. According to the FTC, Ceridian did not adequately protect its network from reasonably foreseeable attacks and failed to encrypt the sensitive personal information that was stored on its network.

The settlement requires the company to establish a comprehensive information security program and to undergo 20 years of independent security audits. Ceridian provides payroll and HR services. A spokeswoman for the Omaha-based company said more sensitive information in the same database, including Social Security numbers and account numbers, does not appear to have been taken.

Company customers received unwanted spam because of this breach. This code allowed certain client information stored in one of our databases The federal judge handling the case has decided the proposed settlement provides no discernible benefit to the victims and he rejected the proposed settlement. Secret Service for hacking into.

More than people nationwide might have. Court Web site. Someone was randomly feeding Social Security numbers. Once a number was hit on, the name, address, age and other. Each man was charged with bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

The College. The College found no information was leaked, but for legal reasons. The Social Security numbers of , participants were among the information exposed. The data is part of the Carolina Mammography Registry, a year-old project that compiles and analyzes mammography data submitted by radiologists across North Carolina.

It appears that the incident first occurred in and was not discovered until An attorney representing the researcher claims that his client is not at fault because the University knew that the program’s computer system had security deficiencies in The University claims that the researcher acted negligently, but the attorney claims that the researcher was not alerted to the security flaws and there is no evidence that the researcher violated or ignored rules in obtaining patient information.

The researcher agreed to retire at the end of and will receive her full rank and salary until that time. December,,Saint Louis University,St. Louis University’s network was breached during the week. At least some Social Security numbers and personal information of employees were exposed, but students also received notification of the breach.

Employees who had been with the University for at least five years were affected. People who signed up for online promotions or newsletter subscriptions may have had their email addresses, contact information and birth dates exposed. McDonald’s uses a company called Arc Worldwide for its marketing services. January,,”University of Connecticut, HuskyDirect. A hacker was able to access the Huskydirect. The Huskydirect. People who made purchases offline are not at risk.

Statewide Credit Services and Robert Fajilan “,,,HACK,BSO,”1,”,”1,”,”Three companies who resell consumer credit reports have agreed to settle with the FTC over charges that computer hackers could easily access consumer data through their weak information security systems. Hackers accessed more than 1, credit reports via security flaws in the computer networks used by the companies’ clients. The approval comes after a period of public comment. The companies will be required to strengthen their data security procedures and submiit to audits for 20 years.

Only e-mail addresses and names were stolen. Epsilon has not disclosed the names of the companies affected or the total number of names stolen.

The Secret Service is investigating this breach. Customers are expected to receive targeted spam that has their name and email address, and appears to come from one of the affected companies. These phishing attempts could result in further loss of consumer personal information. People who receive spam should report it to phishing-report us. Conservative estimates place the number of customer email addresses breached at million.

The total of customer emails exposed could reach million. A former third party vendor experienced a breach that may have exposed customer email addresses. Best Buy is pursuing legal action and had already ended its business relationship with the vendor.

It is unclear why the vendor still had Best Buy customer information. It is likely that the unnamed vendor’s breach affected customers of other businesses as well. Students who applied to the COCC nursing program for the current school year, and for a COCC Foundation scholarship for the following school year may have had their personal information exposed.

It is unclear which information may have been exposed. This same group has attacked multiple Fox related groups such as the Twitter account of Fox15 TV, and the names, phone numbers and email addresses of 73, people auditioning for The X-Factor television show on Fox.

A text file of the information from The X-Factor participants was placed on a site called Pirate Bay. The hacking group calls themselves Lulzsec. Four Lulzsec hackers searched Fox. Lulzsec claims that it plans to release more hacked information soon. Other businesses in the Omaha area who use a similar credit card processor may be at risk. Merlin detected inappropriate search activity on March 22, Someone without authorization was able to access Merlin’s databases for 21 hours.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and Social Security numbers were exposed. Merlin began sending notification letters on April 11, Retired associate members from the present back to were affected by the breach.

There are around 9, active DSLReports. Someone connected to Onyx Collections was misusing Onyx Collections’ search account to access the personal information of people. LexisNexis discovered the problem after conducting an audit of Onyx Collections. From September 10, through March 2, , Onyx Collections had access to names, addresses, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers of at least 74 people from New Hampshire. The total number of people affected nationwide has not been revealed.

Hackers may have obtained the email addresses and encrypted passwords of forum users. There is a possibility that hackers may be able to decrypt the passwords. Epic Games reset all passwords and sent new ones to users.

Users should also make different passwords for other accounts if their Epic password is the same as the one used for those accounts. No financial information was exposed by the attack. The virus appeared on the computer sometime during the spring semester and was discovered on March Those who were affected were not notified until June because the full list of affected people and their contact information had to be obtained by investigators.

Only alumni with identical Social Security numbers and student IDs were affected. Business transactions occur on the site, but no financial information was exposed during the breach. Since hackers may be able to decrypt the passwords and link them to names and email addresses, Ravelry suggested that users immediately change their Ravelry passwords.

Users should also make different passwords for other accounts if their Ravelry password is the same as the one used for those accounts.

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