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– Testimonials – Solomon Exam Prep


The study materials prepared me wonderfully for the exams. I used the study schedule – took a ton of practice exams and re-read the material. Also, the testimonials were very encouraging, so I had to share that I had the same amazing experience. Thank you so much! I haven’t taken an exam in about 15 years and I’m happy to report that I passed the Series 50 Municipal Advisor exam on my first attempt. The material was extremely thorough and comprehensive.

The online questions, quizzes and exams were very comparable in difficulty to the actual exam, thus providing the foundation for my success. Thank you for your guidance.

Your excellent software made all the difference! I passed the Series 26 exam last Thursday. As a Physician with very limited time to sit and study, I listened to the CDs over and over again as I drove to and from work, and that really helped me. I will be ordering the Series 65 materials soon. I can’t thank you guys enough for your help.

I bought your study materials for the 7 months ago, always telling myself that I’d get around to studying.

Well, when I was reminded 2 weeks ago by my office manager that my test was 10 days away I realized I probably waited a bit too long. Nevertheless I got to studying, and after spending many of those 10 days listening to your audiobook and taking the practice exams I felt ready to take the test even though I scored a 55 on the timed half practice exam the day before the test.

Thanks so much for the help! Whenever someone asks which test prep group to use I recommend you guys hands down. Passed both of them on the first try. I give the credit to Solomon.

I’ve had a lot of my friends try other vendors but they were glad to take my advice and switch to Solomon. This course helps you understand the concepts so you can think out the uniquely crafted questions the actual tests ask. I passed the Series 63 with an 80 with less than a week’s worth of your prep. Good stuff. Thank you very much!! I have to say your books and online quizzes are the best! They helped me pass my Series 6 after failing twice with other study materials and passing my Series 63 the first time!

Thanks again! The Solomon course work and exercise materials prepared me well for the SIE exam of which I passed the first time. Thank you, Jeremy, for the outstanding support!

Carmel by the Sea, CA. I actually initially failed the Series 52 and was left frustrated with the previous exam prep course that I previously took. I took a look at many of your testimonials and thought I would take a chance on Solomon. I was not disappointed. I passed the Series 52 on the second go, and the test was a breeze due to the preparation of your Series 52 exam prep.

I couldn’t be happier with Solomon. Onward and upward! I originally started studying for the series 24 with Test Teachers After one test, two things became clear: I was grossly unprepared for the exam The material, though difficult, didn’t have to be taught in such a confusing manner.

I passed the 24 on the fist time because of the quality of the practice exams from Solomon. Putting it another way If you are using anyone else to study, you owe it to yourself and your efforts to buy the practice exams from Solomon to get a true judge of your studying efforts.

Karen- I passed the Series 66! I cannot even begin to say thank you enough times. I continue to be impressed and amazed by your program. I passed first try on the SIE. Thanks to Solomon! The exam simulator is super helpful for prepping for test day. I passed the 79 and 63 – both on the first attempt – thanks to Solomon Exam Prep.

Additionally, I was impressed by how quickly I received responses when I used the “Ask the Professor” feature. If you are taking a test one of those choices is Solomon materials. Just follow their guidance. It worked for me, 3 times in a row, 7, 63, 24! Though the exam is short, the material is obscure and not what you deal with every day in the industry.

Solomon did a great job of putting together material and providing a deep understanding. After about 6 weeks of studying and taking 2 practice exams a day, I passed the exam on the first try! Thanks for putting together a robust training product. Passed the SIE on my first attempt! Stumbled upon Solomon exam prep and am so thankful I did. The exam simulator with the detailed answers did so much more to help me prepare.

Went into the exam confident and passed. I passed the Series 7 last week. Your text book and practice tests helped me tremendously.

Will definitely consider Solomon Exam Prep for next one. The Solomon material was invaluable in helping me pass this exam. The organization of the content, the tests, the video and lecture material, were all exactly on point. Series I passed the Series 63 after using the study materials from Solomon. The practice exam and quizzes were the most amount of help.

How the questions are asked really makes a difference. It gets your mind ready for how the exam will phrase the questions. Great material! Will be returning for the Series 7 in the future. I love Solomon Exam Prep. The staff is friendly and my online instructor was phenomenal! I will definitely use Solomon again when I prepare for the 65 and recommend them to everyone! I passed my series 6 exam due to the Solomon Exam Prep online material and practice exams.

I took and passed my Series 63 this past weekend. I found the Solomon materials instrumental in getting to a pass on the first time. While the manual was good, what really assisted me were the practice exams that were nearly identical to what the actual test questions were.

The materials were easy to use and comprehensive. A worthwhile investment. I am so happy to say that took my Series 65 Exam and passed on my first attempt! All thanks must go to Solomon Exam Prep and its materials. I read the Study Guide cover to cover 3 times, took notes and took what felt like endless practice quizzes, but I must say that I found the practice questions more difficult than the actual exam!

I cannot recommend Solomon Exam Prep enough! Passed 66 on the first try with flying colors. Solomon materials and advice was spot on. Follow it! Solomon Exam Prep did it again! I passed the Series 63! The practice exams are phenomenal! I’m not the best test taker. Solomon changed that. I was struggling on the quizzes and practice test. However, I passed the SIE on the first try. Took me less than one hour to complete. I felt very prepared. I used ExamFX for my Series 6 prep for my first 2 exam attempts.

I switched to Solomon and scored a 86 on my 3rd test. Night and day difference on practice test questions and feedback on them. The study materials are easy to understand and practice exams were very helpful, especially with the passing probability to gauge my exam readiness.

The instructor for all web classes were really worth it as I could get directly answers for my questions. I couldn’t have pass these exams without Solomon’s help. I used the Series 6 audio study material to reinforce the material and it definitely helped me pass the first time and I would recommend this very helpful product. Your Series 79 book was great and your practice questions were spot-on. I passed the first time. I passed my SIE. I was using Kaplan and it was not working out as well.

I did study the book, did the simulated exams about 15 times and quizzes at least 5 times each before taking the exam. The testimonials here helped me follow a strategy and I stayed focused on passing. Solomon exam prep material really prepares you for the exam, I passed on Aug 21 after using other competitive materials to no success. I’d utilized a competitor last year while attempting to retrieve my Series 7 license. I attempted three times using their material but resulted in failure.

After using Solomon I passed my SIE with no issue and decided to use Solomon again because I believed they provided the essential material to help you achieve. After using Solomon once again, I passed my Series 7 on the first try.

I will be using them again to tame the beast they call the I would recommend this program to anyone that has to take the Series 6 or any test offered by this company. Taking the practice exams and quizzes for each function over and over was key for me. Great program!!! I had a super rough go passing this Series 7 exam due to a number of personal circumstances, but on my third attempt, I finally passed, with 30 minutes to spare!

After my second failed attempt I failed by ONE question , I spoke to Jeremy Solomon on the phone and via email, and he provided me with some strategies to help me pass the exam once and for all. Re-watching the video lectures was very helpful for me as well. I also recommend making flash cards for memorization purposes. Kansas City, MO. I passed my Series 6 and 63 [on the] first try.

Test simulator helped a lot. Thanks Solomon Exam Prep. Completing the Series 7 was a requirement for my current position. I had access to STC material and tried to go through it first but it was too content heavy and at certain points, very confusing.

I decided to move back over to Solomon for the 7 and was blown away yet again by how great the material is. Solomon has figured out how to properly prepare people for this exam in my opinion.

Solomon Exam Prep focuses on teaching the concept rather than bogging you down with so much material. After using Solomon Exam Prep for the Series 7, I was able to fully understand the concepts which made it so much easier to select the best questions on the exams. All the other training programs bury you deep with content, which makes it almost impossible to understand the concepts.

If you get questions on the exam that you have not seen before, only knowing specific material will not help you. But if you understand the concepts like Solomon Exam Prep helped me do you can break down the question and find the best answer based on your understanding of the concept as a whole. I strongly suggest buying the study guide. I previously failed my attempt at the series Not by much.

Literally one question. But in analyzing why I began to understand that I needed a more comprehensive approach to studying as well as more variety. I looked into a few options and came across Solomon Exam Prep.

What I enjoyed and found the most useful were the video presentation and practice exams with immediate feedback. Those exams enabled me to learn with explanation every time I got a question wrong or right on a guess. The materials are all beneficial and well worth it. I recently passed the series 63 with a score of 85 and much of that success lies upon the use of Solomon Prep.

The Solomon Exam Prep helped me pass the Series 7. The material is precise to the questions in the exam. The people at Solomon provided great assistance and communication.

Completing the SIE was a requirement for my current position. I looked around at different materials and started with Kaplan. The material was dry and seemed to have many errors in it. The reviews were outstanding so I decided to give it a try. After going through the material once I felt beyond confident to take the exam.

The study guide, audio book, exam simulator, and videos were extremely well done. The preparation from Solomon Exam Prep helped me gain the confidence and understanding I needed to pass the exam on the first try! Solomon Exam Prep materials are head and shoulders above any other company’s products.

I have purchased several other companies’ materials and found that when it came time to take the crucial step of practice exams, every other company’s answer explanations simply were too brief to be truly educational, or worse, sometimes contradictory to the text.

That is when I turned to Solomon Exam Prep. After purchasing their materials, an actual team member emailed me almost every other day to ask how I was doing with my studying and offered assistance if I had questions. With this kind of support, you aren’t trying to climb the mountain of becoming licensed alone! Finally, the owner also contacted me several times to thank me for my purchase and to check on my progress.

There is no other company out there doing business in this exemplary way. Just passed the Series 24 on my first attempt. Not an easy exam so put the time in. Great resources of information! I just passed the Series 6. I have just ordered the Series 65 set as well.

I’ve used the Solomon exam prep materials for both my SIE and Series 6 exams and passed both on the first try! The audio materials are a lifesaver and a great resource to utilize, especially while driving. Also, your team is fantastic! I reached out through the “Ask the Professor” option while studying for the SIE and the response and additional help was exactly what I needed.

I highly recommend Solomon! Naples, FL. Understandably this was a pretty tall task, but the Solomon Exam Prep materials made it incredibly easy. I appreciated how well all of the material was laid out for all four tests. I stuck to the study plans that were included in the resources and passed all four tests on the first try. This was a stressful time in my life, but Solomon got me through it!

I would highly recommend Solomon to anyone who is looking to become licensed. Part of my new job is managing other licensed individuals and I recently hired two employees who are now required to be licensed.

I reached out to Solomon for a demo of their Admin Portal and it is wonderfully comprehensive. It allows me to track my employees progress without having to reach out and be too invasive. Excellent all around! My thanks to everyone at Solomon for their commitment to my success in passing Series Karen Solomon was always quick to respond to me, advise me and clarify material for me. I had great take away from Bob Pisani’s class and I know his presentation influenced my exam score of 83!

After using other exam preps, I settled on Solomon. This material was spot on! If you follow the study guides, read the chapters, watch the videos and listen to the audio, you will pass!! Good Luck! Loved this study material! It was easier to read than other books out there and explained the concepts on the series 7 very well.

I recently passed my series 7 after using these materials and have already ordered my series 63 study materials through Solomon. I will be recommending Solomon to my other co-workers. These materials were perfect to get the job done.

I used the textbook and online exam simulator and they were all I needed to prepare and pass this grueling exam Series I was not able to prepare as much as I had planned, and would not recommend someone taking the exam at the point I was at in my preparation, but the circumstances demanded it and it worked out. The depth and breadth of material I was able to cover with Solomon obviously played no small part.

I am deeply grateful for your partnership for both the SIE and the 7 top-off as I transition from law practice into an RIA compliance role. This has been a big change and your materials and support have been indispensable. I want to particularly note that your audiobook feature is a key distinguishing factor for me.

Also, as a dad to a half-dozen crew and an auditory learner, an audiobook format helps when your geographic coordinates at the start of a lesson are not the same as those at the end.

Thanks again to everyone at Solomon! I paid for the best package Series 63 Total Study Package , and it was well worth the money!!

Would use it again! Love Solomon, I tried other companies and the ones I used didn’t prepare me. Solomon teaches you the concepts and the practice tests helped me pass my Series 65, 63, and the 6 on my first try.

I’ve had no less than four of my friends use Solomon and they have all had similar success. Work hard with the correct study material and you will have success. My third exam passed with Solomon, first the Series 6 and the Series 63, this time the Series 65 – just passed today!

Highly recommend for any exam prep you need! Thank you again guys! Your Series 62 Exam Simulator is great– hard but really useful. The explanations make a huge difference for learning the key points.

Crammed like heck for 10 days. This is my fourth time using Solomon’s exam materials Series 99, 7, 63, and now the Thank you Solomon- your exam question simulator was extremely helpful! I found encouragement along the way from reading other people’s testimonials, so payback is to write one of my own. Solomon is the gold standard for customer service. I’m in awe over the outreach I received from day 1 but especially from Jeremy on how to move forward after falling short on the Series 7 – followed his advice – one of which was to get the accompanying videos and passed.

It forced me to constantly revisit the information and moved me past a superficial understanding. I’ll take a messy-looking home for a short time than having to retake a 3 hour and 45 minute exam. Solomon Exam Prep was great! I passed my Series 22 with their materials. I failed my first time taking the exam using the Securities Institute of America’s material.

I was completely shocked because I did well in all my practice exams. So, I did extra research and found Solomon Exam Prep. Highly suggest Solomon Exam Prep for Series It is amazing how Solomon goes into detail regarding information. You guys provide more information than Kaplan’s SIE book. Thank you so much for helping me succeed in my endeavors. Onward and upward to the Series 7. I’m choosing Solomon again! I was very nervous, but studying was made easy with Solomon Exam Prep; their simple Plain English explanations helped fight that legalese on the Series 63 especially.

I totally owe this to the Solomon team, their awesome question bank, and friendly staff. I’m definitely recommending their program to my employer. I passed the Series 79, 7, and 66 thanks to your study guides.

I scored an 85, 81 and 82, respectively. The exam simulator was highly useful and great preparation. I glossed over material I knew and really prepped topics related to laws and ethics, which these study guides effectively described and tested. I failed the Series 52 twice and thought my troubles were with retention, but they were with the practice. I used a competitor’s materials and it lacked depth and above all else it lacked a large test bank of questions. With Solomon, I went from feeling unable to fully assess all of the answers on the actual exam, to knowing why an answer was right AS WELL AS knowing why the other 3 answers were wrong.

This is an underappreciated aspect of test taking that was only achieved through repetition of different questions. Solomon’s large test bank was invaluable and the ability to take practice exams with only the questions you previously got wrong is a fantastic addition.

Thanks so much for the tool! Will recommend to my team. On to the Your exam prep is the best! Passed both the 6 and 63 using Solomon and I recommend it to everyone. Very thorough preparation for Series 62 Exam. Numerous sample tests that provide full answers that continue the learning process in a more interactive way than just reading the materials.

After trying numerous study materials, Solomon was the key to pass my Series The live class was a perfect complement. Thank you Karen for your assistance! I passed the series 65! I used the Solomon exam prep Material to take the series I had previously used the Kaplan material and did not find the materials to be that good.

The book, audio tape and exam question bank were amazing. It was hard to go to the center wearing a mask during this Coronavirus time period. I found that for this exam, understanding the concepts is equally as important as memorization! Good luck! Got an 84 on my Series Solomon’s prep material was pretty good. The practice tests were very helpful too. The numerical examples embedded within the theory really helped with the concepts.

Made the material easy to read and understand. I was very impressed with all elements of Solomon’s Series 24 offerings. Solomon provided an incredibly organized system for me to utilize, which kept me “on point” and focused.

I felt good confidence going into the test because of the structured system that Solomon developed. I would certainly recommend Solomon to anyone that is taking the Series Solomon was a priceless asset in my preparation for the Series I couldn’t have done it without them. Highly recommended! Last August I passed the Series 28 on the first try using your materials. I just wanted to drop in and let you know I passed the Series 27 exam today!!

I am so happy today as I took the test in Jan of this year and missed it by 3 points. I switched up my focus and really zoned in the most heavily weighted chapters. This is by far the hardest exam I have taken. Thank you Solomon for your excellent study materials. I’ll be back when I pass the next one ;.

I studied for the Series 6 with the STC material and failed the exam. I then was provided with the Solomon material and passed! The Solomon material aligned very nicely with the actual exam which was very helpful. Also, Their customer service is out of this world! The President of the company even helped visa email and phone calls with study recommendations. I am now going to use their study material as I prepare for the Series Thank you so much for your care, support and guidance. I have also recommended that our company use the Solomon material for all exams.

I then passed the S6, S63 and S65 on the first try after studying with Solomon materials! I loved how easy the material was to comprehend and the practice tests were amazing! I felt well prepared for each test!

Passed the Series 66 today! This program really helped me succeed. The pie charts helped me focus on where I needed to put in more work. I purchased Solomon’s Exam Simulator to serve as a supplement to my company provided materials for the Series 7. This allowed me to study on the go and helped lead to an easy passing score of Highly recommended. Previously I used another prep company for the Series 63 and did not pass.

Second time around I used Solomon and passed! What’s more, I felt much more confident from taking the practice exams and working towards a higher and higher probability rate of passing. I’ll definitely use you again with any future security exams. I did not have a securities background nor did I work in the industry, and at 51 years old it was a challenge for me to go back to hitting the books.

But with their help and support I passed on my first attempt. Nailed my Series 63!! Solomon, y’all rock!

Passed this exam after failing twice with another vendor. Excellent exam preparation! Passed on my 1st attempt! I found the real exam question easier than the Solomon’s ones. Thank you I took my Series 7 yesterday and passed Read the whole book 3 times. My system was to go through and answer the questions I was positive about.

Good guess at the others and park them for review. The hardest part is trying to understand what they are actually asking.

Second time around go through all those parked questions Third time around Also, on my way there, I was picturing myself in the room It took that part of the unknown out of the equation.

Be prepared for the masks and Covid precautions. Any options questions, as tricky as they make them, I would look at my charts and was able to make sense of what they were asking. Finished the test in record time. Being prepared gave me the confidence to get through it. Many thanks Lorraine. I could not have passed [the Series 66] without your very comprehensive program.

I had taken this test prior and wasn’t able to pass. After utilizing the Total Study Package for the Series 65, including the book, audiobook, summary videos and practice tests, I felt very confident clicking the submit button at the end of the test. I would highly recommend Solomon Exam Prep to pass your upcoming test. I passed my 27 and I can’t thank you enough for the preparation materials, most importantly the Final Exams.

I studied for weeks for this test and buckled down the last two weeks of 6 hour study days. It’s a great feeling and I couldn’t have done it without you!!!

I recently took it and passed. Thanks to you I passed the Series 65 exam on my first try. I appreciated your materials and online test bank. I love Solomon Exam Prep! The materials are comprehensive and simulate the type of questions on the tests. And the staff is so committed to their students’ success. Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to pass both the 7 and the Used a different exam prep for my first 2 tries and failed miserably.

Picked up the Solomon Series 6 full study package and passed my third attempt. The audio book and video lectures really made the difference. I wanted to let you know I passed my Series 28 today!! Thanks for great prep materials. I have been working really long hours at my job and it was a challenge finding the time to study.

The video lectures proved to be a big help. Great study materials. The program provided the information needed to successfully pass the Series Thanks Solomon! Five decades in the muni business didn’t guarantee I’d pass the Series 50 pilot exam. Thankfully, my Solomon Exam Prep materials were fantastic at teaching complex subject matter in a way that made the answers clear, and I passed the test with ease.

If you plan to take the Series 50 exam, then I strongly recommend that you give yourself the edge that Solomon’s study materials provide. I was having a tough time with the series 26 material. It had been 10 years since I had last studied for a test. I used other material of some big name companies that did not help me to understand what the test was asking.

I purchased the Question bank from Solomon and I truly believe it is one of the reasons I was able to power through the exam. The questions were more challenging then the actual test itself which really helped me when it came to crunch time. I came into my studies with very little experience. I am extremely grateful for the study material that Solomon has provided. I am onto the 7 TO. I used Solomon Exam Prep to take my Series 65 exam and passed it on the first try.

The schedule generator is a great tool to stay on track and the practice exams and quizzes were my preferred method of studying and worked great as they provided questions that were very close and helpful in preparing for the real exam. I passed it Series 63 yesterday, thanks for all the help, I couldn’t have done it without Solomon.

Just passed my Series 7 using Solomon Exam Prep! Have used Solomon for my Series 79 as well. Both study programs are excellent and felt well prepared sitting for my exams. Would recommend to others in the industry. Thank you, Solomon the book, videos, and exam simulator were the best! I went to the test with confidence, and I must say I felt like I was prepared for every question.

I had more than enough time to complete all the questions and reviewed my answers. Series 6, here I come! Let’s Go, Solomon! I am yet another very satisfied customer who could not have passed the Series 82 exam without the assistance of the Solomon Exam Prep materials.

I had used another set of study materials without success. The Solomon Exam Prep materials increased my score substantially. I passed with flying colors. I am a true believer and will use their materials for my Series 63 exam.

Solomon Exam Prep material was great. Explained in a way that is easy to learn and follow. Test questions really help the material sink in. I had failed the Series 66 twice using another service. When it came time to find new material for the Series 65 and Series 63 Solomon was it.

I passed my 66 today – thank you Solomon for the assistance and materials. It was incredibly difficult! I wish I had watched the videos even more. I had tried another learning system before Solomon and walked into the Series 24 unprepared and subsequently failed. After using the Solomon system for three weeks, taking full advantage of the app on my cell phone I walked into my second attempt very prepared for the type of questions I was going to see.

Not only did I pass, I did so with confidence. Thanks so much Solomon! Very excited to pass the Series 66! The Solomon practice exams were very helpful to understand the concepts and fundamentals of the questions. Make sure to have a good grasp on agent registration and suitability when taking the Thank you so much Solomon Prep for helping me to be able to successfully pass all three of my exams SIE, Series 7 and Series 66 in a relatively short period of time.

The exam packages were excellent! I will continue to refer people to your amazing program! I thought the Series 79 materials were top notch. The Solomon practice exams were pretty spot on to what I encountered when I took the exam.

Your course was key to my passing the exam on the first try. Thank you and money well spent. I passed my Series 24 with two weeks of nearly full-time study, using the textbook, the online class, and the exam simulator.

The textbook was very readable and helpful in providing complete explanations, as well as helpful memorization tips. The online class and pre-recorded sessions were crucial to get through all of the material and put it in relative context.

It was helpful to be able to have questions answered instantly and via email afterward. The online simulator questions were just like the exam questions, and the immediate feedback function was essential for learning from the practice quizzes and exam.

I needed every minute of my study and practice time to count, and Solomon Exam Prep made it possible. I failed the 63 three times over the course of four years. I passed the first time after taking your course. Passed my Series 65 on the first try! Solomon really has everything you need to pass. I followed the recommended schedule and took a ton of practice tests. This gave me a ton of confidence and it paid off!

I recently passed my Series 24 using Solomon Exam Prep! It was the hardest exam I’ve taken to date. I found all the practice exams with specific feedback to be the most helpful, though the audiobook was very helpful as well.

Thank you so much. I had bought a text book through Securities America for the I failed the 62 twice! I scored a 64 and then a That is when I realized it was my materials and not me.

I wised up and bought your program. After a month of studying I felt confident enough to try again. Karen Solomon is my hero. Fantastic study materials. The practice test questions were close to the exam questions and I was not surprised when I took my exam. I would recommend Solomon to anyone studying for their 6. Solomon has the best study material on the market! I purchased study material from several other providers that doesn’t even remotely compare.

I could go on and on all day why I favor Solomon. Cayce has been very thorough, efficient, courteous, informative and I can’t leave out helpful! I walked out of the testing center yesterday after passing my Series 6 with a big smile on my face and tremendous load of burden lifted off my shoulders. Your practice exams are fantastic!!!!!

It was very helpful material for the exam. Choose Solomon Exam Prep because they get to the point quickly and then drill it into your head if you’re willing to take a million questions. The Solomon final exams were harder than the Series 7 actual exam. It was all similarly hard all questions per section.

I was well prepared from using Solomon. Such much so that I finished early enough to review the questions and my answers, and determine my estimated score. Great platform. Highly recommend using Solomon. The practice exams with never repeating questions , helped prepare me thoroughly for the challenging questions ahead on the actual tests.

I passed the Series 6 on my first attempt with help from Solomon Exam Prep. The audio study book and online exams were the most beneficial tools for me, and would highly recommend Solomon to all of my Allstate colleagues. Thank you for the flexibility and the study material for 63, I ended up with an 87 thanks to your materials!

I used Solomon to prep for my Series 65 exam. I was extremely impressed with how prepared I was for the actual exam! After reviewing the chapter material and taking quizzes for each chapter, I was scoring around a 75 average on the practice exams, I wasn’t sure that would be enough to pass.

However, on exam day I felt extremely confident with the material, and I passed the 65 on my first attempt with about 45 minutes to spare. Extremely satisfied with how Solomon teaches the material to truly make it stick, and also with the progress statistics that they show you, so you know what to work on. Dallas, TX. The test felt like the questions came right out of the book. Excellent training materials. I utilized a competitor’s product and failed the first time I took the Series It wasn’t from the lack of studying.

After researching what other courses to buy, I luckily found Solomon. The exam material was up to date and the practice exams were much more challenging than the other program.

I would highly recommend Solomon and plan on utilizing them if I should have to take another exam. I wanted to add my testimonial to the long list of successful test-takers.

Passed my Series 65 today on the first try! The materials were well written and made the concepts easier to understand especially to someone with no background in finance like myself. I was a big fan of the audio format as I have a long drive back and forth to work other test prep providers did not have this option. The test simulators were also a huge help.

Thanks to the folks at Solomon Prep! I did so many practice exams with Solomon and never saw one question twice.

The quality of study material is thorough, with a touch of humor, and gives it to you in many formats visual both on the computer or in book format if you wish , as well as audio that you can listen to in the car, as well as the benefit of videos of actual lectures from professors.

I felt as though getting the information in all those formats allowed me to really grasp the information using different senses and facilitated the learning process even further. My friends said I studied too hard! Do this and you will pass. Solomon Exam Prep was very thorough and prepared me not only for the SIE, but the practice questions were so in-depth I now feel prepared for the Series-7 top-off as well.

Passed the 24 today You have a great product. The material was easy to follow and the practice tests were very, very helpful. Passed Series 62 on the first try.

Much better program than other companies I used for 6, 63, and Excellent test questions. I passed the Series 63 with the help of the Solomon materials. I loved the audio books and the quiz and test questions were extremely helpful. Using Solomon was very helpful.

The exam simulator tests were great, but I should have spent a little more time re-reading the chapters. Passed Series 51 on my first try. My scores on these tests were 88, 90, 88 and The Solomon texts were comprehensive and easy to read; everything you need to know is in there.

But there is so much material that these exams cover that you have to read the texts several times over and take as many practice quizzes and tests as you can until you score in the mid 80’s. Then go in for the test. That’s what I did. I went in scoring in the mid 80’s on practice exams and “peaked” at higher scores while taking the actual tests. You can’t do any better than Solomon. I highly recommend them.

The option charts and system provided in the 3rd video session played a big part in my passing the Series 7 with ease. Like he said in the video, I was hoping every question was going to be options related. The practice exams were a critical supplement to the text itself and the depth of the questions was spot on with the real thing.

I passed the Series 65 exam on my first attempt. Your practice exams really helped. After multiple failed attempts at the Series 6, I felt somewhat defeated. I reached out to Solomon for guidance and I was more than impressed with the response I received. The study material was outstanding and the program structure is truly designed to help you pass! Jeremy Solomon was truly my biggest fan and I can’t thank him enough for his help!

Solomon is by far the best company out there for test preparation; don’t waste any more money on the others this is all you will need to pass! Taking the Series 24 class with Karen Solomon this week helped reinforce the data that I learned, and I passed my exam! The material was thorough and the exam simulator was an excellent tool to test your knowledge.

Motors can be powered by direct current DC from a battery or by alternating Many translated example sentences containing ” Vac” – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. Control Techniques. Information and chart on voltages and frequencies hertz listed by country. Includes Single-phase, Three-phase, Hz, of wires, plug types and info on generator frequency conversion. Product Type. Input Voltage Range. Output Voltage Range.

PRO Spec Sheet. It is small enough to fit in EMS bags, or first aid kits, and is ready to go when you are. Answer: Each situation must be evaluated individually.

If you have a chlorinator, solar system or other air inducing equipment,If the Vac-Sweep operates sluggishly or seems to lack power, a dirty filter may be at fault.

To clean the in-line filter screen, open the cylindrical filter housing — located at the end of If the Vac-Sweep operates sluggishly or seems to lack power, a dirty filter may be at fault. It has nothing to do with the adjusted voltage. If you have access to the maximum string and the weather is good.

You can reach a peak output of 12KW to power your home load. The excess power will be delivered to the grid. If you have a chlorinator, solar system or other air inducing equipment,Part 1Disassembling the Motor Download Article.

Wipe off your work surface with a lint-free cloth. Run the cloth lightly over the table, desk, or work bench where you’ll be doing your tinkering to remove any standing dust or debris. It should be completely clean before you crack open the motor. LCC series power supplies have a compact 4 x 9 inch x mm footprint and a height of just 1.

Sold by Stock4Less. This enables the ‘s three jets to provide greater vacuum power and faster cleaning. So you should be able to connect the setting between one phase wire and the neutral if a neutral is available. But, please look carefully at the instructions, because these things do vary, and one type connection may not be allowed. We offer a variety of Voltage Monitoring Devices, Under Voltage Relay devices, and Voltage Protection Relay devices to protect your equipment under against the damaging.

About products and suppliers: Buy vac vac from manufacturers on Alibaba. Keep production at an efficient level with automated CNC functions. Install vac vac on a factory floor to create heavy-duty parts for constructing buildings and building manufacturing and mining machinery. This could happen with 80 series booster pump or 60 series return hook-up.

Check all the hose swivels and connections to make sure you are not loosing too much water. A good way to check all this at once is to pull the cleaner near the surface of the pool while running and check the rpm of the wheels.

You should have rpm. These Cryocoolers are highly reliable and offer a mean time between maintenance unmatched by any GM-type Cryocooler anywhere. Learn More. Additional Products Calculating Total Harmonic Distortion. THD is defined as the ratio of the equivalent root mean square RMS voltage of all the harmonic frequencies from the 2nd harmonic on over the RMS voltage of the fundamental frequency the fundamental frequency is the main frequency of the signal, i.

A special feature of the E2M80 is the central vacuum inlet which enables you to fit a mechanical booster pump with a minimum overhang, to create compact combination pumping systems.

Easy Maintenance. The advanced lubrication system allows the EM pumps to work with wide oil level tolerances, which reduce the need to top-up the oil. All EM pumps Cartridge style fuses feature a metal part on each end that is used for the input and output electric current connection.

Basically, we just multiply amp by volts. The ‘1,’ factor is there to convert from W to kW; we want the resulting power to be in kilowatts. For balance systems, line to neutral voltage is line to line voltage divided by 1. The meaning of 12k is that the inverter can output a maximum power of 12KW. Group day service. Service description. Group day service means a service provided to help the individual acquire, retain, or improve skills of self-help, socialization, community integration, career planning, and adaptation via opportunities for peer interactions, community integration, and enhancement of social networks.

Pool Closing Sale. Next Day Delivery. Polaris Vac-Sweep Manual. Posted: October 25, Allow weeks for delivery. Suitable for use as service entrance equipment except on Height reduced switch Use 3-Pole switch for A applications. Hold the below water level, turn on the pump and count the number of times the wheel rotates in one minute.

If the rpm is less than 28, clean the filter and clear its pump basket to encourage Picture 2 shows the original V setup of this motor. Please compare the pictures with the diagram in post 1. Serial Numbers. One of the first things to look for on a tractor or a piece of machinery is the serial tag. That collection of digits is more than just a random string of numbers, it’s the identity of that piece of equipment. The following serial number lists will help date some of the most popular pieces of Case equipment.

You can purchase an inverter that works from single phase or three phase electricity and can produce Smart Filtering As you select one or more parametric filters below, Smart Filtering will instantly disable any unselected values that would cause no results to be found. How to use liber in a sentence. Flow Control and Fluid Transfer. Fluid Power.

Imaging and Video Equipment. Industrial Computers and Embedded Systems. Industrial and Engineering Software. Lab Equipment and Scientific Instruments. Manufacturing and Process Equipment. Material Handling and Packaging Equipment.

Materials and Chemicals. E10 defines the sag ride through capability. F42 defines the test methodology to confirm compliance to the standard.

It is meant for a V phase-to-phase supply. If the motor is designed to run in star a V 3-phase power supply, then it cannot be connected in delta on the ‘same’ supply.

This is similar to applying volt to v windings so clearly the motor would fail. The Shark Rocket model comparison will try to remove the confusion when one wants to buy one of these small and easy to use vacuums e. When you need to wash different surface, you need to merely change the cleaning tool according to the cleaned surface and type of dirt.

Switching Power Supplies W V 3. VAC has certainly busted many cheaters, but some still get by. Valve Anti-Cheat. Basically, it’s a program that is like a virus scanner only for hacks, if they detect hacks on server joins and whatnot, you will be banned within a few days, hours, or weeks. Players who have been banned always claim they didn’t cheat, or their brother or friend Depending on the voltage sensitivity of the product and the variance from nominal of the actual supplied voltage, it may not be advisable to use.

For the most part, the power output of an induction motor is directly proportional to voltag F1 code for oven. I found this information related to a different model of the Vacmaster: If you see F1 displayed on the LED screen and the machine will not function, make sure the lid is open and turn the power off.

Turn the machine back on and it should return to working order. View All Products at Mouser Electronics. Mouser Electronics is an authorised electronic component distributor offering online ordering and no minimum orders. Capability sets us apart. Interconnected engineering teams and comprehensive solution delivery result in products that perform reliably every time.

Our collection of in-house labs combine deep industry knowledge to quickly design, develop and fuel innovation. If you have a or series Roomba, check to see if the yellow light is also flashing. If so, the red light isn’t an issue; it just means the Roomba’s battery was very low and is going through a more intensive charging cycle.

This cycle will last longer than the usual charge. Leave it be for a few hours; it should be ready to go once WEG, the largest industrial electric motor manufacturer in the Americas is pleased to offer its customers our brand new e-Technical Catalog.

Our objective is to help you find the exact product and its related information through different search methods. You will have the ability to view, print and e-mail drawings, curves and other important I have two questions: 1.

What is the minimum wire gauge 6? Thursday, January 22, That would be the equivalent of applying volt to v windings so clearly the motor would fail. Note that in star, each winding gets root3 of the Footprint A ‘ ” 94″ Step 1. Serial number- The serial number would be the quickest and most accurate way to determine the cleaner model. The serial number can be found on the back of the cleaner. The newer Polaris cleaner models have the serial number stamped on a sticker on the back of the Dry type distribution transformer.

The long-awaited P chambered in is finally here, creating a new, softer shooting, easier handling micro-compact option for everyday carry. If you see one of these next to a terminal, the capacitor is polarized.


Canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login.Canada Day 2023


This article contains information about July 1st events in the following locations:. Canada Day takes place on July 1st each year. On that date, throughout the Lower Mainland, there are celebrations of all kinds. There are pancake breakfasts, parades, live entertainment and fireworks. To learn about all Canada Day events and activities in Metro Vancouver, see below. For information about where to see fireworks, in years when they are allowed to take place, click July 1st Fireworks.

Islanedrs Canada Day celebrations in North Vancouver are happening in-person once again. The main event takes place at a different location this year, cnada there is no pancake breakfast or parade. The festivities this year, however, will be as big or bigger than they узнать больше ever been before! The event runs from cwnada pm and features family-friendly activities жмите сюда live entertainment. The area around Vancouveg Place in downtown Vancouver is without a doubt one of the best and busiest places to be on July 1st.

In a typical canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login there are live performances at Canada Place for much of the day, and thousands of people. In the event returns with in-person activities at Canada Place. There canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login plenty of live entertainment, нажмите чтобы увидеть больше trucks and activities to enjoy.

Unfortunately, there are no fireworks day islanders jersey shorewood at the event at Canada Place. In a festival celebrating Taiwanese culture takes place on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Canada Day читать далее weekend in downtown Vancouver. There are free outdoor performances and films, нажмите чтобы увидеть больше with an art exhibition and more. See our article about the Taiwanese Canadian Cultural Festival for more details.

The Vancouver International Jazz Festival takes place during the week or so leading up to the July long canada day in 2020-21 nflbite. Free Jazz concerts take place at Granville Island on various days during the festival, but especially so on July 1st itself.

There are also street performers and various family-friendly activities. There are still a few Jazz Festival performances though. Check out our article about Free Jazz Festival Concerts to see when they are taking place. To learn more see our article about Granville Island on Canada Day. Vancouver Boat Parties is a company that offers nightclub-style events on party boats ccanada different times of the year.

In they have three events happening on Friday, July 1st. Two of the events take place at night. The third has a Latin theme and it starts in the afternoon and finishes in the early evening.

To learn more see our article адрес Vancouver Boat Parties or visit vancouverboatparties. Incelebrations took place in a drive-thru format. Увидеть больше the Abbotsford event returns to its normal format. In-person celebrations on July 1st this year include a parade, outdoor concerts, festival activities and fireworks at Abbotsford Exhibition Park.

The parade starts at am. Click Canada Day in Abbotsford for details. The Burnaby Village event runs from am to pm this year. Smaller and fairly simple kid-friendly celebrations also take place at Edmonds Street between am and pm. Inthere are also free concerts and other activities in and around Central Park from to pm.

The night concludes with fireworks this year. See Canada Day in Burnaby for more details on activities at each venue. An extra fun way to celebrate Canada Day is on a boat party cruise. A number of them happen on July 1st in See our article about Canada Day Boat Parties for canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login. They run from until about pm. The free family-friendly celebrations in Coquitlam include food trucks, outdoor concerts and evening fireworks. Click Coquitlam on Canada Day for more information about the event.

This year, at the new location, activities run from am until pm. They include bouncy castles, a balloon animal station, food trucks and community information booths. The entertainment also features dancing, live music, a magician and puppeteering.

The festivities in the village, and at the fort, however, are not as extensive as they used to be pre-pandemic. July 1st celebrations at the Memorial Peace Park usually run from in the afternoon until pm. Things to enjoy at the free event jobs government jobs official sites scaled score include the farmers market, pony rides and community barbecue. There is also live music, a Canada Day Flyover and family-friendly games. In the celebrations canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login place online.

Celebrations return to Memorial Peace Park in Activities there typically include a pancake breakfast, yoga, live music, dog agility demonstrations and all kinds of other fun things. In years when the live events are all able to run, at pm admission to Mission Raceway Park is free.

They run from am until pm. Click Canada Day in Mission for more inn about what happens on July 1st. New Westminster usually has a few canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login events taking place on July 1st.

All Canada Day events in the city were cancelled. Canada Day was canada day islanders newsday weather underground smaller-scale in New Westminster compared to normal years. Celebrations in are similar toalthough there are more things to do. Activities on offer include yoga, the New West Farmers Market, free concerts in local parks and a variety of workshops at different locations.

In a number of events and activities happen on July 1st. On Canada Day the event runs from am until pm. Expect to see live performances, food trucks and more. Vancoiver Day in Port Coquitlam begins with a pancake breakfast and finishes with fireworks.

In between there is a fishing derby and live performances. To learn more about this event see our article about Canada Day in Port Coquitlam. Squamish used to celebrate Canada Day with chnges parade, community festival and live music. In some years but not all there have also been fireworks. That being said, Canada Day celebrations are taking place just down the way this year at the Britannia Mine Museum.

There are also festivities in Whistler. One of the best times to visit historic Steveston Village in Richmond is on Canada Day when the community vanocuver up to 70, people to its Salmon Festival. The event features a pancake breakfast, parade, Japanese cultural fair, craft fair, music concerts and a world famous salmon BBQ. Inthe celebrations took place in a different format from usual. Most festivities were available online, including a digital parade, virtual performances and more.

The Salmon Festival returns in with things to do in-person throughout the community. The event runs from ссылка на подробности until pm on July 1st. There is no parade this year, but there are interesting информацию. labour day 2022 canada whats open думаю, storytelling, canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login music, exhibitions and more.

Check out the Steveston Salmon Festival for more information. The big event returns with in-person activities in Посмотреть больше canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login most other top Canada Day festival venues, admission is vancuver.

Unlike most other Смотрите подробнее Day events, at the Surrey event there are usually amusement rides. This is the case again in In addition to all the midway rides, games and food vendors, the Surrey Canada Day event also features live music concerts shcedule the day.

The celebrations finish with fireworks at about pm. The event usually runs from mid-afternoon until the end of the fireworks at night although schedue in At this community event participants bring their lawn chairs and picnic dinners and enjoy a variety of live entertainment performances. For more information about what normally happens on July 1st in this community see our article about West Vancouver on Посетить страницу Day.

Less than a two-hour drive from Vancouver, more fabulous Canada Day celebrations usually take place up at Whistler. Whistler announced that the city would run virtual celebrations on July 1st instead. In there are canada day vancouver islanders schedule changes in examfx login things to do on July 1st. Celebrations include a pancake breakfast, free yoga class, and a по этой ссылке where guests walk to different stations in the village.

For more information about July 1st events in this community, see our article about Whistler on the Islandsrs Day Weekend. Canada Day by the Bay celebrations happened virtually in Folks could enjoy the event from home on YouTube and Facebook. In the event returns with in-person activities at West Beach. The celebrations happen from to pm this year and include live entertainment, local vendors examgx a barbeque.

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