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PX Адрес, Inc. Silica Holdings, Inc. TSE Trinseo S. DY Dycom Industries, Inc. FUL H. NP Neenah Paper, Inc. VHI Valhi, Inc. SHLM A. Schulman, Inc. CFI Culp, Inc. FSTR L. CAJ Canon, Inc. CTRP Islandegs. ZG Zillow Group, Inc. Z Zillow Group, Islanddrs. STMP Stamps. RILY B. Riley Financial, Inc. A Agilent Technologies, Inc.

DHI D. Horton, Inc. ALV Autoliv, Canada day vancouver islanders vstm stocktwits. XYL Xylem Inc. TER Teradyne, Inc. GGG Graco Inc. GGB Gerdau S. TEN Tenneco Inc. Holdings, Inc. RUN Sunrun Inc. LDR Landauer, Inc. LBY Libbey, Inc. SCX L. ESP Espey Mfg. SVT Servotronics, Читать статью. AN AutoNation, Inc. OI Owens-Illinois, Inc. SCS Steelcase Inc. KNL Knoll, Inc. ITI Iteris, Inc. NTZ Natuzzi, S. IDSY I. Systems, Inc. NKE Nike, Inc. COH Coach, Inc. MAT Mattel, Inc.

PF Pinnacle Foods, Inc. LULU lululemon athletica inc. AVT Avnet, Inc. CRI Carter’s, Inc. SKX Skechers U. CAL Caleres, Inc. Beauty, Inc. REV Revlon, Inc. GES Guess? UFI Unifi, Inc. JILL J. Jill, Inc. WILC G. Willi-Food International, Canada day vancouver islanders vstm stocktwits. UG United-Guardian, Inc. BEBE bebe stores, inc. VTR Ventas, Inc.

LB L Brands, Inc. GWW W. Usa jobs contact phone number, Inc. HBI Hanesbrands Inc. Carey Inc. P Pandora Media, Inc. ALX Islandeers, Inc. NSR Neustar, Inc. DDS Dillard’s, Inc. JCP J.

Penney Company, Inc. SSP E. JOE St. COM, Inc. SYX Systemax Inc. CRCM Care. EBF Ennis, Inc. WBAI /5495.txt Intelsat S. OSTK Overstock. DX Dynex Capital, Inc. JAX J. Alexander’s Holdings, Inc. RT Ruby Tuesday, Inc. PRTS U. Auto Parts Network, Inc. MAYS J. Mays, Inc. TDW Tidewater Inc. VSR Versar, Inc. EC Ecopetrol S. WWD Woodward, Inc.

RIG Transocean Ltd. SEV Sevcon, Inc. USEG U. Energy Corp. TROW Canada day vancouver islanders vstm stocktwits.



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MAYS J. Mays, Inc. TDW Tidewater Inc. VSR Versar, Inc. EC Ecopetrol S. WWD Woodward, Inc. RIG Transocean Ltd. SEV Sevcon, Inc. USEG U. Energy Corp. TROW T. Rowe Price Group, Inc. BAP Credicorp Ltd. ROL Rollins, Inc. WRB W. LAZ Lazard Ltd. PB Prosperity Bancshares, Inc. FNB F. VR Validus Holdings, Ltd. NNI Nelnet, Inc.

YRD Yirendai Ltd. CIA Citizens, Inc. PN Patriot National, Inc. GROW U. Global Investors, Inc. AET Aetna Inc. HUM Humana Inc. ZTS Zoetis Inc. BCR C. Bard, Inc. MYL Mylan N. ALR Alere Inc. CHE Chemed Corp. PEN Penumbra, Inc. USPH U. Physical Therapy, Inc. NK NantKwest, Inc. ICAD icad inc. CUR Neuralstem, Inc. ALT Altimmune, Inc. VZ Verizon Communications Inc. D Dominion Energy, Inc. SR Spire Inc. Holding Co. PLT Plantronics, Inc. HTM U. Geothermal Inc. CA CA Inc. PNR Pentair plc. WUBA WIX Wix.

RP RealPage, Inc. WBT Welbilt, Inc. AAN Aaron’s, Inc. ZEN Zendesk, Inc. AYA Amaya Inc. RNG Ringcentral, Inc. BOX Box, Inc. CLS Celestica, Inc. WEB Web. JOBS 51job, Inc. AYX Alteryx, Inc. CYOU Changyou. TCX Tucows Inc. KE Kimball Electronics, Inc. NH NantHealth, Inc. SPRT support. IDN Intellicheck, Inc. IMI Intermolecular, Inc. BOSC B. CHRW C. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. JBHT J. Hunt Transport Services, Inc. HA Hawaiian Holdings, Inc.

FRO Frontline Ltd. DSX Diana Shipping inc. PTSI P. Transportation Services, Inc. Full Time Employees: Full Time Employees: NaN Get Profile for Another Symbol Group , Business Machines 91, Pipeline 31, Paul Travelers Cos. Stores 23, Mutual Life Ins. Group 21, Penney 18, Bancorp 16, Horton 13, Santa Fe 12, Heinz 8, Robinson Worldwide 5, Grainger 5, Berkley 4, Wrigley Jr.

Holdings 3, Hunt Transport Svcs. Industries 3, Public welcome as room allows. Successful trading is a boring, disciplined, intense war against self. Conquer self — find freedom.

Ya gotta trade a plan! Not bad. MACD turn up? Price needs over 20MA and 50 MA and further confirmation. XOM showing nice strength off of hammers. Playing against the Lots of dump short opps tho. Back on at for Chart Set Up Reviews and trading risk reward with swing plays.

Will come back on if a break out occurs. Leanne: cliffhanger! So that equals greater profits. Leanne: so you wait for that set up again, correct? Leanne: how do you scan for these Curtis? Spiegel: For daytrading stocks, should we always have the charts set to extended hours? I notice if you use just trading hours like most charting systems you get different MAs. Spiegel: …which means the 20 would cross the at a different point. Spiegel: pronounced more as if it was Spiegle.

Curt M: sorry about the pronounce! Terible on the daily but good bounce play on the 5 min. Flash G: Have a good night guys. Curt M: Cya Flash and all good night. Premarket member chart set-up review in trading room ! Primary indicators. Direct algo target hit Tues and Wed ? I sat there thinking, you must have access to same chart models we have. This morning “experts” still on TV “Buy oil right now! OOTT pic. Algorithmic chart model reset tonight.

Massive data processing w aggresive downdraft today. Trading April 12 MACD turned up opened long Sometimes simple charts better. For those buying GDX on war concerns. Gold production tends to collapse during wars. Resources diverted to war efforts. Is A Market Bottom Near? Curt M: A lot of stragglers this morning. Curt M: back in a few. Sartaj: Anyone have requests?

Nows your chance Spiegel: it works Curt M: thanks sbrasel: chk? Projections of how far rally should go today or for rest of week? Spiegel: Hey krystal. My 2nd day. I can see I joined the right room.

Stops always. Hopefully that helps. Spiegel: thanks Curt M: No prob. A little technical helps. Shafique: For members that may not realize, when Curt puts that bull picture on Twitter, you know the momentum plays are coming. I think it was Monday he posted the bull again. Spiegel: So for CBLI, a good buyback place would have been when stochastic started to turn up again at 5.

Curt M: That was your only warning Yegodap. No pumps or permanently banned. So a good buyback place would have been when stochastic started to turn up again at 5. Curt M: tough play yehodap: cbli , put short xxxx stock. MarketMaven: Power hour may do something Spiegel: Buying th stochastic turn up also coincided with a break up through a trendline drawn from the highs. I guess it was to be expected at some point. Not critical but important. Curt M: TL support. And algorithmic.

Curt M: Trading the new channel in oil pressure should provide a decent set of trades over coming days. Will be on post market report. MarketMaven: I knew that I just thought you meant the second position was positive. Curt M: lol ya Curt M: Lots of resetting in the charts tonight wow.

Flash G: Pretty much summarizes it. Flash G: Until the oil bounce…. Swing plays will be tough with exception of some selective ones.

All my opinion of course. Made my year. Curt M: I know It find some downside but not likely much. Shafique: That is the way I see it also. Spiegel: Have a good one! Curt M: cya Sartaj: Peace. Get in there and get ready for the day! So I was red on day by about One of my bigger losses on year so far. I got so used to winning I forgot what it was like to take a loss. Now, on my accounts very small relative but still sucks.

A good reminder to always set stops, even on smaller entries. But this does highlight the need to keep your risk management and sizing in check. Curt M: Long 3. Wow that was awesome market open! Caught on vid too.

Anyway off mic til noon chart setup review. See rules then trade. EPIC the Algo on fire? Trading gap go break out market open covered in detail. At min on vid. Watch video in blog post. Then study charts. Find moving averages that lineup on time-frame suitable freedomtraders. We notified members in most recent trading range over last week that our algorithm identified a divergence and to expect an interimn top. When I started talking leaning in to oil related short 5 days ago LOT of people, well you know.

When I started talking leaning in to oil related short 4 days ago LOT of people, well you know. Crude Oil. Simple charts. This should be an instructional video for sure. And the money some people are making is more than I ever imagined.

Sammy T: with ya Curt M: thanks Sartaj. Curt M: Should be quiet now for an hour and a half or so Sartaj: And Spiegel, glad we could clear the air yesterday. There has to be some understanding and learning involved. I got in. Anyone else get in or add there? Spiegel: there we go! Spiegel: Whoa! But the traders may trade it up. MarketMaven: Perspective is your cost avg Spiegel — never take your learning trades at slow time of day lol and get a stop on your trades young man!

Curt M: An offering mid day seems so wierd. Curt M: Lots of chatter no confirmation though Curt M: amended exchange from prior agreement is seems — panic maybe? Curt M: If it loses 2. Dirt bags intra day. MarketMaven: Never seen that before.

Flash G: I have but rare. Spiegel: What are the odds it would happen my very first trade here? Nobodies fault. MarketMaven: But its holding up. Was just observing. So this hurts. Just going to lose what I made yesterday. Leanne: Spiegel, this is an awesome group with Curtis as the leader and I have learned a lot.

Spiegel: Great! Spiegel: I notice all those rules are from the book Market Wizards. Interviews with top traders. Spiegel: froze all of a sudden. Just me? Stopped at 3. Glad to get the worst luck of the year out of the way at the beginning.

Sartaj: Did we mention our office has been busy? Curt M: Back in 10 and lets get some plays set for afternoon. Risk off, flight to safety type market right now.

Market gives opportunity to the prepared lenny: Love it. Thanks for kind words folks! Adding to page as time allows. GL this wk! I missed ha. They held right from open. Nice play. Held day and boom. Gold pic. Oil pic. They held right from open all the way to the end of the day. Off mic till noon chart set-up review. Watch the premarket, the market open and the mid day chart set-up reviews available on video that are in this post above if you are struggling to trade consistently for a profit.

Lots of chop at open today. Some days it’s more important to know when not to pull the trigger than it is to know when to pull the trigger. Successful trading is a boring, disciplined, intense war against self inner rebellion. Selling ahead of tax day is normal. So is a bounce after. We discuss here …. The point is we missed most the morning by the time we did it. But of course there is the video above. Sartaj: I know Curt is with me on this one, but if you are in here just to follow trades, you are likely in the wrong room Sartaj: Welcome, David Sartaj: I might also add that the Post-Market Report includes a chat transcript, which is disseminated over social media and on the blog www.

The great trade results on your home page is what attracted me in the first place. Sartaj: You misunderstand me. The trade results are meant to highlight the application of the trading discipline being applied here. We bring in guest analysts, run chart reviews like the one you just saw, review algorithmic charting as appropriate.

We are more than happy to help, but the last times we have had people asking about alerts, there was a huge gap in what their expectations were from us. Everything setting up today. MarketMaven: Finished my third at at 3. Curt M: Well…. Not bad I must say. Curt M: Yes, have a great evening. Day off tomorrow!

Focus should be mechanics of the trade — indicators for entry, exit, sizing, timing, trailing etc. It’s not about picking the right stocks. Never blame, never complain, never lack gratitude for the opportunity to learn. Be a good loser, dust off and move on to the next trade.

Optionsavvy: gm Optionsavvy: I am looking for a calculated buy off yesterdays low as support. Shopping day. Some fear perhaps. Curt M: Snowing here. Mountain snow. Huge flakes. MarketMaven: Ut sucks. MarketMaven: Mad. MarketMaven: Snow.

Optionsavvy: ha ha whats that? Im watching to see if we can make it to that down trend which I doubt but that would be a vol short for me Curt M: Piss me off Curt M: Surfer stuck in mountain snow land Optionsavvy: what a difference a day makes.

IWM short was money yesterday because it was weak. Hedgehog Trader: what about Nasdaq next wk? And some tech stocks. Curt M: Hey Nich. Next week could be very big. Curt M: Nice Hedgehog Trader: so my guess is we see pressure relieved and a huge rally Curt M: Lets review charts over lunch if you can any you like for next week set-ups. List them here if you got em everyone. MarketMaven: haha congrats savvy! Optionsavvy: saw a few china plays on my scan this morning Maven. Optionsavvy: move failing.

Canadian housing prices too. Flash G: Toronto and Vancouver. I will be in the scotch at 1PM for an early tip. Optionsavvy: this AXSM is setup nicely.


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