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You will get a history lesson in the process along with a solid grasp of the constitution. Many corrupt DC rats and Hollywood pedophiles have gone to jail and or been executive for crimes of high treason, conspiracy. Many more are in the process of meeting justice via military tribunals.

Things will be made public in time very soon, no more secrets no more games. Who’s who at this point is somewhat of a mystery. Some are playing a part from the very beginning. Others flipped for a deal and are now playing a part in this movie.

The best thing you can do right now is just wake up to the truth that being shown to you, take heart that communists have no real power over our country and look forward to the things Trump has already pre-planned long ago for you.

If you do not choose, to operate your decisions, based on time, you will stay a sheep. The cabal has good, factual evidence and start observations to back up their behavior. Time, wisdom. Your founding fathers were mostly from Atlantis, now look. I wonder if there were other people from Lemuria that were not Masons and had less power. The premise that our Military would never let a foreign entity in any form take control of our country, and that Executive Order “Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election” is in play is sound.

No lawfag here and can’t know the meaning of all of the details of this order, but knowing Trump and his Team, it is well-planned and thorough, along with any other EOs that tie into this one. And the Military is now in control of our country. As our focus is completely on our own country, there most likely are other objectives world-wide that are relevant, and would have a direct impact on how our own time-line runs.

Moves, countermoves. Evidence of blatant election fraud was massive and when remedies were attempted in the legislative and judicial branches, they failed. That left the executive branch. But Trump’s hands were tied because the nation is divided. Although he had unquestionable power to implement the Insurrection Act, he could not do so without looking like a tyrant, dictator or sore loser, attacks the press would immediately make.

So this is the road that we are on. Otherwise there will be civil unrest riots or a downright civil war, with the states fighting against each other. And to keep our Constitution and our Republic, it has got to be done by the book. So Trump has got to be well away from all of this, not only in distance, but in time.

Enough time must go by so that nothing can attach to him. How much time we do not know. The declass has taken place but not the disclosure..

How that happens is yet to be seen. But that may be the next step. We need the disclosure showing proof of biden’s treason, the years of corruption and deciet by the Swamp, and the atrocious abuse of the Children. The People will get behind the Military when they know the Truth. The clues from the Team at this point will not be glaring; they will be subtle and smooth.

Few questions. When you say, provinces pay federal taxes, does this mean that the federal government does not collect taxes from individuals and businesses? No federal tax except through whatever the provinces collect from the population? What is the duration in years that the graphic covers? How big is the national pie, given that Alberta contributed billion? Must be something for the bigger provinces, and presumably bigger tax sources, to be taxed at lower rate per head than one province like Alberta.

Is representation at the federal level re-balanced in some way to improve Alberta’s say in federal politics.

Are the provinces very independent on most things like spending of tax dollars or is the point of the graphic the opposite? Baseball legend Hank Aaron dies two weeks after receiving coronavirus vaccinate during publicity stunt. Canadians pay both provincial amd federal taxes. When looking at equalization, the intent was to give provinces with less fiscal capacity the ability to provide social benefits comparable to provinces with a higher fiscal capacity. This started in Alberta received equalization payment in Not all provinces in this country are created equal.

While Alberta has maintained a high fiscal capacity and has not hesitated on doing what we can to maximize it, other provinces have done everything they can to minimize their fiscal capacity amd thus remain beneficiaries of the equalization program. Beyond equalization payments, Alberta contributes more to pension plans, employment insurance and many other federal social programs since salaries and earning capacity is higher here than in other provinces.

Alberta also has a younger population. Attacks have been coming not just from foreign entities, but from our federal, provincial and even municipal governments. In spite of this Alberta continues to pay the lions share into federal social programs. Alberta is the most conservative province in the country.

Typically a federal election has been determined before we even finish voting. In the last federal election, Alberta as well as Saskatchewan and significant parts of Manitoba and British Columbia went conservative. In spite of this, Alberta and the west, with the exception on BC has been less than an afterthought to this federal government, except when it comes to money and destroying our livelihoods out here.

Our conservative members of parliament are part of the opposition but have little power to change anything even though our federal government is a minority government. Our own Prime Minister even forgot to name Alberta when he was naming off Canada’s provinces and territories during a speech on Canada’s th birthday.

The West, especially Alberta, has supported this country for decades through both personal and corporate income taxes. To get a pipeline to one of this country’s coasts to support our major industry and one of the country’s biggest industeies is next to impossible, yet all provinces love the money Alberta’s industries bring into coffers. I think this is what Trump Is trying to point out!

The government is supposed to be built from the ground up and not the top down. People need to demand that there will is represented and hold accountable there local constituents and make sure that this is followed right on up the latter.

We are many, they are few. We’ve been indoctrinated since birth by these elite psychopath’s and where asleep but now people are awakening and everything will change. I agreed Anon. There are a lot of Trump supporters out here. Ssdly, there are also many that dislike Trump and refuse to see what he is doing. The name Trudeau out here is a very bad word.

His father screwed Alberta and so is the son. This will never be forgotten. There are many awake out here and those that have awakened are trying to get those who can’t or who choose willful blindness to open their eyes. It is not easy.

Canadians are a very laid back and naive people for some reason. Here in Alberta it is evident we are very much on our own. There is a growing movement here—a movement to free ourselves, to separate. Betrayed by our federal government and realizing that our provincial government is just as traitorous leaves us no other choice. We will either go out on our own, or more likely, join the USA in some way. This anon would he very proud to have Trump as my president.

Vatican bank’s former chief found guilty of money laundering, sentenced to nearly 9 years in prison. To all anons who believe that there is currently a conservative and liberal party, I’m sorry to break it to you, but the majority of all parties on Canada are being controlled by the same handlers behind the scene.

Hopefully these Biden supporters will see the light. Some will not. I live in ON and thankfully there are some individuals here who have awoken to the lies. Most of these individuals are still a bit asleep. I feel you anon. We’ve been manipulated to behave this way. This has been through many years of subversion to get individuals to this state of being asleep and docile. Here’s just some of the Canadian Watergate scandal and how Lester B.

Pearson worked with the KGB. I’m sure you have heard of Yuri Bezmenov; if not, check him out. We need to claim asylum or something. I think this time when we have caravans, the MSM probably won’t showcase us since it’s not a Soros funded initiative kek! Don’t lose hope though anons! The USA is no longer a corporation and I see the curtain falling every day. The MSM and the matrix is only holding up because people are supporting them.

A lot of “bad” actors have already been switched out. It’s just a show now in hopes of awakening those asleep. Their awakening may be a rude one just as how it was for us. This matrix has to all fall down in order for better times to come. I think this whole financial system will have to go too. During the time leading up to the falling of the matrix, expect more of this panic and fear porn and fake news to be pushed into our faces. That is only the handlers trying to pull is back into this non-working reality with this matrix.

When you realize that this whole place we live in is actually an illusion, you will understand that society was never built the proper way. We are all energy. We are one. A lot of these matrix elements banking, government, taxes, medicine, etc. When you eat a potato chip, you are part potato chip after. When you urinate and flush the toilet, that water will be recycled and used for other uses after. There has been so much of sharing of “elements” that we cannot really say that we are the same body.

None of our cells that we were born with are with us anymore either. So what we need is a society that is built based on the truth. That’s when MedBeds, energy healing, love, etc. I think it had to be this way as well. Without a contrasting side to what a God-loving person should be, we would never understand through experience what “Evil” actual is.

A leading medical journal has issued a retraction of their endorsement for a study that concluded the anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine was ineffective against the COVID virus. This retraction appears to validate the claims then-President Trump made about the medication being a frontline drug in the battle in the pandemic. There is no estimate of how many lives could have been saved if the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control — along with all of the many foundations and institutions who were more focused on the profit margin of vaccines and new drug therapies — would have explored the benefits of hydroxychloroquine in combating COVID POTUS needed to lose to get all of this info into the public domain.

Additionally, Dem Gov’s are opening up their states. When the corruption and fraud become evident, the military will be able to remove Biden. POTUS will have all the evidence he needs. The impeachment trial is the one to watch. Not making any assertions, judgements or predictions. Just interesting factoid. Whoever serves there does so at the pleasure of the current President and AG. Obianuju Ekeocha said that the Canadian government under Justin Trudeau is using feminist-based foreign aid programs to undermine African values and culture and to ultimately control the African people.

Author, filmmaker, and human rights activist Obianuju Ekeocha, who was born in Nigeria, told former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney in the documentary that African people need aid, but not the kind of aid offered by Trudeau that goes against what it means to be an African.

There are gaps, of course, as far as finance is concerned, as far as poverty is widespread, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t know what it means to respect motherhood. So, someone comes with their ideology, they see the Africans, and they consider us like a cultural vacuum. The report shows that COVID has the potential to increase economic inequality in almost every country at once, the first time this has happened since records began over a century ago.

Rising inequality means it could take at least 14 times longer for the number of people living in poverty to return to pre-pandemic levels than it took for the fortunes of the top 1,, mostly White male billionaires to bounce back.

Oxfam estimates this would be enough to give every one of the 3. The deep divide between the rich and poor is proving as deadly as the virus,” said Diana Sarosi, director of policy and campaigns for Oxfam Canada. They are more likely to be pushed into poverty, go hungry or be excluded from healthcare.

And yet, they are more likely to work frontline jobs that increase their exposure to the virus. COVID has also led to an explosion in unpaid care work, which is done predominantly by women.

This kind of extreme inequality is not inevitable, it is the result of policy choices. Canada and governments around the world must seize this opportunity to build more equal, more inclusive economies that end poverty and protect the planet. A new global survey of economists from 79 countries, commissioned by Oxfam, reveals that 87 per cent of respondents, including Jeffrey Sachs, Jayati Ghosh and Gabriel Zucman, expect an ‘increase’ or a ‘major increase’ in income inequality in their country as a result of the pandemic.

Oxfam’s report shows how the rigged economic system is enabling a super-rich elite to amass wealth in the middle of the worst recession since the Great Depression while billions of people are struggling to make ends meet. It reveals how the pandemic is deepening long-standing economic, racial and gender divides. The recession is over for the richest. The world’s 10 richest men have seen their combined wealth increase by half a trillion dollars since the pandemic began — more than enough to pay for a COVID vaccine for everyone and to ensure no one is pushed into poverty by the pandemic.

I can only surmise, that the Government, are holding talks with the USA, about selling them the Corona virus, as part of an NHS deal, currently slipping, invisibly under, the already inundated trade talks table! He stopped travel from China 30 days ago. The news is sad. I was Just thinking What the Chinese Parents will do.. Where will they go.. Thinking deeply, World is going to be a mess if this is not controlled soon..

Care to disagree or explain why democrats are politicizing this Corona Virus making it out to be worse than it is.? We got to talking and he told me this whole corona virus thing is overhyped nonsense. It’s a flu and any flu is dangerous. Close that border now. Scientists: Develops corona!

Also Scientists: it will kill everyone: Trump: I don’t care as long as the Iranians are dead!!! Code Red!!! The markets are crashing the Economy is bewildered. Corona virus is spreading. Poverty is rising, lack of confidence is rising. You have completely depleted the respect the USA had within the global community. What is next? Thank you very much. Applies to everyone, not just the USA. Not even Corona cases in US, yet.

China s falling now, businesses reopening. Why at this Era it happened? That President Trump influenced China to release it accidentally! Called context. People your age and mine are the most at risk. Today could easily have seen further panic declines with covid 19 tests in USA starting to grow. I cant. Never any substance, just keeps repeating how great everything American and everyone in the US is the best The virus does not stop at the border.

Thanks for all the great work you are doing. You are welcome. Netanyahu wins Dow with a historical one day gain. And bye to slobbering chris matthews Great day in the USA! Planted to kill the USA! While China and many other nations have it worse. Yes, but it is Katie Waldman, new wife of white supremacist Stephen Miller. She is Pence his spokeswoman for the corona epidemic. You feel save now? Then I tried to think of what other song snippets work.

Lou obviously had an agenda to confirm HIS professional opinion as an eminent epidemiologist that USA has a corona virus pandemic. Amazon stupid shit! I know you’d love to see the USA economy tank but sorry.

They have bungled the virus big time. This flu spread world wide and killed thousands, Corona virus have spread but not as fast and have so far killed around and most people have sadly been Chinese.

The Dow will get increasingly larger ups and downs the more and more it goes which is all that has happened since trump. People who have died in the USA from Corona have been the elderly in a nursing home.

Their immune system was already low. Every home should already have emergency supplies for one week per person. The Flu in USA killed 5K people last week, the total world wide of deaths from Corona since it was discovered is just over 3k!

No worries about Corona, only a full day of inspiration and knowledge. Most guys just rinse their hands for 5 seconds under cold water, no soap In South Korea they have Corona test drive thru USA wasn’t prepared thanks to Trump who called it a Hoax or mild flu. Deserve all credit NOT Trump There is no way we can respond to this. The tests don’t work and the quarantines continue to fail. Getting corona virus does not make you immune so how is a vaccination going to be effective?

Trump is subject to geopolitical influences Dems are desperate. It will be close. Filling arenas with seniors suffering from CPOD while corona virus is floating around will bring out the best.

Really good job. Total deaths over the past months worldwide from Corona 19 is 3K. Should we be cautious, obviously. Wash your hands, go to the dr. Like, Italy. They’ve got that Ebola. They can’t even do anything about it. Me: Corona? Grandpa: They’ve got that, too. They’ve got everything. Me: Ebola’s mostly in Africa. Grandpa: Hell it is. It’s in Italy, too. We are the best at calls. No one does calls better. We want to bring the virus back to the USA.

The USA is the best at viruses. The stock market is up today. Calm down! In de tweet staat niks over een infectie. More people died of the flu in the USA last week than the total from the Corona virus in total. Remember the song. What if it is really bad? It is a new virus that could be a man made bio weapon.

We do not do that 4 the flu. The corona viris chould be China way of having the USA. Do the math 99 cases in USA million people.

That’s 1 in 3. People are coming to USA from their. What is wrong with your country?? This bs didnt start with Trump.

Chicago, Baltomore etc kills 10 of thousands a year. Nancy permits thousands dying is the streets of San Francisco. They only admit nation wide number of cases at between But 8 people in USA have died. Why the president and his people don’t tell the people the truth. Pence describing good meetings.

Pence is however calling for a partnerships with state and local govs. He feels his meetings with big pharma went well! Does that mean big donations in the fall?

I think this corona virus issue is being taken care of WELL, and im happy to see the stock market kinda roaring back. Then the switch will be on and it was Obama that protected the USA from the virus.

Wer ist hier eigentlich der Wichtigtuer? Iran, USA, S. Kenya: BBI in Meru. The of cases in Oregon is under reported. Jews need not apply. Los 11 Supersectores USA en positivo. Que barbaridad!!! Game over. No lo creo. Better do something, that the Corona death toll in the USA will not jump up. It has reached 6 already! With less then people, who have been identified as infected, either your mortality is exceptional or your testing system is inefficient!

They were getting way ahead of USA. Trump is Right! No Surprise Here! Skill and capability replaced by ideological purity. Poor Gates, But do’t worry he has plan B in effect and billions more to throw at it, with his elites buddies.

China started shutting things down when they reached k cases and 4 digit deaths. USA just had its largest daily cases growth of 24 new cases. Do you believe tRump? Dow up points on the news! An educated guess suggests an one or two day bear market rally. I’m expecting lower Dow index levels will be revisited in the near future on flat USA earnings and poorer outlook.

That is a very very high mortality rate. Corona virus has killed Then they are fired or muzzled as Trump proclaims he knows more than any of them about the corona virus. We’re not stupid! We know Trump as well as you do. We know you too. You’re a lush! At this point the only way to avoid importing Corona Virus via air travel is to close the airspace.

The corona virus seems to be completely out of control in Italy – infected. Also spreading in USA – 96 infected. France is bad too – infected. The Bernie push out has started by the Dems and the market likes it. Carry on. You are young. Wash your hands. This anti science, political hack. He is scared to death to utter a word against anyone in the royal family.

Brainless coward! To date knowing a Clinton has a higher mortality rate than the corona virus in the USA. What he is not saying Is the media freaking out about this??? And like the flu, elderly are more vulnerable to CV. Ditto those in power in USA. The corona virus is a biological weapon released on purpose. Trump slowed or stopped spread in USA. Warum machen die Panikmacher der Welt nicht auf Panik? Over 10, have died in USA from the Flu this year.

The flu kills about Americans each and every day. The Corona virus has killed around 5 in total. Flu deaths in the USA this year are more than 18, Corona is now killing people in the usa 6 total.

This is on top of the already baked in annual flu deaths. Not good. I am not afraid of the corona virus anymore than I am of the regular flue virus. The freeway I take is deadly. More deaths on the freeway than all the corona virus deaths in the whole USA.

The most likely culprit in creating this virus is the nation most hostile to China and Iran. Just announced. These people received world class care. Giving press conference. Would be over 2 billion a month. Prepare for government to provide billions in tax payer money to bailout insurance companies that have been raping you for decades.

The virus is just starting in the USA. As the American death toll starts increasing at an ever faster rate, the Dow will plumment worse than Dying to it at a certain age can be very low. The flu is on the top 8th death of the USA and nobody talks about it. Corona atleast 89 people got it, 2 deaths already. Please let Trump know how well he is doing it.

Ask if they will cover corona virus testing. If they say no, be angry. Be off the wall angry. Outside of America testing is free. You don’t like it? Too darn bad. WW3 in the making. February: Corona Outbreak. March: First Corona infected confirmed in Indo. Can’t wait to see what happen in April Heard the Brazilian beef story.

China will need beef. Corona Virus affects animals? Americas beef prices are already a bit high. If USA has to compete with China that will drive beef prices higher. Foresight move. All of that is now an ad buying profit killer. Fuck Corona. Fuck Dogmatism. Fuck tangiye nafas va ehsas corona dashtan. Fuck CC. Fuck you. And, at the end of story : David david USA! Last in the US alone between 30, to 69, death reported from the Flu and there was no panic! Denn der Weg nach unten ist vorprogrammiert!

The sanctions were received by condemnations from Bamako, with the junta announcing the recall of the country’s ambassadors to the West African nations involved, as well as the closure of air and land borders with them. I had some friends, some former military, and also friends with the World Food Program, we had traveled in the past together. My buddy, who is a former Marine, had a friend who was on the ground providing humanitarian services over there.

So now, when somebody donates something, it’s not being sold, as opposed to given. So he Task Force founder Quan Nguyen is taking medical supplies and survival gear across the border into into hotsp ots, dropping it off, and then with the empty vehicle, returning people to the Poland border.

These kids were making ghillie suits a type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble the background. So, the arts and crafts time right now is making camouflage for the frontline. This is Easter, and the girls are making suture kits for surgeons on the front line. A bunch of really positive people, really talented people there for the right reason.

Music was playing, celebrities and all sorts of people from all different walks of life from all over the world, from Australia to all over Europe. A lot from the U. Of all the refugees, the number, I think, is 22 percent are seven years and younger. Secretary of Defense from to In her capacity as chair, she sponsored and passed the U. The bill fosters partnerships focused on developing resources such as natural gas and alternative fuels, on the academic, business and governmental levels.

Rupert Murdoch Founder and Executive Chairman of News Corporation, one of the world’s largest diversified media companies. Bill Richardson Governor of New Mexico from to Richardson has served asU. Chairman of Five Arrows Limited. Lord Rothschold is a noted philanthropist and Chairman of the Rothschild Foundation. Lawrence Summers Charles W. James Woolsey Director of central Intelligence from to and as Under Secretary of the Navy from to Explosive, ‘truly biblical’ swarms of cannibalistic insects ravage crops out West They resemble fat grasshoppers and the extreme heat and drought conditions only increase their vast numbers, leaving ranchers and farmers to battle the insurgent mess.

On top of a worsening drought and rising temperatures, farmers across the Western third of the United States are battling outbreaks of cannibalistic insects that are ravaging crops from Nevada to Montana.

Officials have spent millions of dollars over the past few years trying to control the explosive swarms of Mormon crickets that are responsible for destroying swatches of crops from Nevada to Montana. Native to North America, Mormon crickets got their name in the s when these giant insects ruined the fields of Mormon settlers.

These insects are not true crickets; they are actually shield-backed, short-winged katydids that resemble fat grasshoppers that cannot fly, according to the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. In recent years, outbreaks across the West have only worsened, and the climate crisis might be partially to blame. The insect, which can grow up to 2 inches in length, favors hot conditions and drought, The Associated Press reported.

Department of Agriculture USDA , these outbreaks can result in billions of insects, which cause major economic and ecological losses to rangeland and cropland. Typically, these flightless insects travel together, covering at least a quarter of a mile per day, according to the University of Nevada.

As they devour vegetation, countless crops are damaged, and natural patterns, like erosion, water runoff and nutrient cycling, are abruptly changed, the USDA said. In an interview with the AP, Skye Krebs, a rancher in Oregon, explained the outbreaks as “truly biblical. In alone, the AP reported that Mormon crickets and grasshoppers were responsible for destroying 10 million acres of rangeland in the Beaver State.

One of the largest Mormon cricket outbreaks since the s occurred in in Arlington, Oregon. As squashed entrails of the insects littered the roads in Arlington, Krebs described roads as looking “greasy.

Mormon crickets are cannibalistic, and if they are not sufficiently satiated with protein, they will feast on each other, dead or alive, according to experts with the University of Nevada. Under a new initiative in the state, private landowners like ranchers or farmers can request the Oregon Department of Agriculture ODA to survey their land for Mormon crickets and grasshoppers.

The ODA will recommend chemical treatment, such as a pesticide, if their survey finds more than three Mormon crickets or eight grasshoppers in a square yard, but they do not have the authority to conduct suppression treatments without the written request of the landowner, according to the USDA. In , during the outbreak in Arlington, the AP reported some areas surveyed in the town were found to have more than Mormon crickets per square foot.

The ODA recommended Diana Fillmore treat her acre ranch in southeastern Oregon after she found the ground covered with the crawling insects. This program from the ODA is only for private landowners.

Public land owned by the federal government is covered by the U. Department of Agriculture, which has its own program for dealing with outbreaks. Are we all going to die? Anyone who is properly informed, knows that humanity is under attack in a way this world has never seen before. Many are wondering if there is any hope for the future.

What if these evil entities win? Then there is the removal of all rights and freedoms from humanity, the installing of vaccine passports which create inhumane societies where only the constantly injected can function, the building of a world where every soul will be monitored day and night by an omnipresent surveillance system. The plans being rolled out by the psychopats that managed to occupy the highest seats in almost every land of the world, are too absurd for words.

I said it before, but need to remind you that the president of Chile said on national television that 5G will read everybody’s thoughts but also insert thoughts and emotions, thus becoming the central nervous system of our societies. Klaus Schwab confirms this, with the statement that one of the results of making every human a cyborg will be, that we will all be elevated to one and the same consciousness.

The insane professor Yuval Noah Harari is promoted by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum to voice their agenda even more, by stating that the era of free will and faith in God is over, as every human can now be hacked and programmed. These are statements we have all heard before But now these insane criminals are publicly declaring their official agenda for mankind.

The attack being launched on humanity is beyond description. Their plan is to crush humanity under these orchestrated catastrophes, so we would accept their one world government of unprecedented control and tyranny to “save” us.

Is there any hope for our world? I want to say yes, followed by a thousand more yesses. It would take me too far to explain in depth why I have this deep conviction, but let me say a few basics: the insanity of their plans is so extreme, that it is exposing them for who they are. Hundreds of millions have woken up the past year, and this is just the start of what will be a volcanic eruption of our world. Although these monsters own literally all the mainstream media worldwide, and have a total monopoly over the information flow, they are still not able to truly brainwash the world.

Imagine this: they own the thousands upon thousands of newspapers, radiostations, TV agencies, the major book publishers, and on top of that they own most hospitals and virtually the entire worldwide heath care system, which allows them to dictate policies so cruel and criminal, that some doctors have killed themself, because they no longer could go along with it. Their control over the world is unimaginable. They own the world, so to speak! They also “own” virtually all governments, through bribery, blackmailing, and brainwashing, giving them full control over almost every single nation on earth.

Greater Sydney facing ‘life-threatening emergency’ weather event as thousands told to evacuate Thousands of people have been told to leave their homes across Sydney as a dangerous weather event, expected to linger until Tuesday, escalates.

And the next 24 hours are critical. Key points: Multiple evacuation orders have been issued in NSW Roads are to be avoided with weather expected to get worse The community is asked to act as soon as they can and seek higher ground Fears over the formation of an east coast low have materialised with Sydney, the central Coast, the Hunter region, the South Coast and the Illawarra experiencing torrential rain, damaging winds, flash flooding, coastal erosion and riverine flooding.

Some areas have received more than millimetres of rain with higher rainfalls of more than mm for parts of the Illawarra. Daily rainfall in some places has exceeded their averages for July. In the 24 hours up to 9am Sunday, the highest total of mm was recorded at Brogers Creek just south-west of Wollongong. Major flooding is occurring on the Hawkesbury River at North Richmond and may exceed the levels reached on three previous events – March , March and April It comes after the closures of the Richmond and Yarramundi bridges earlier today.

There are also fears the Georges River at Milperra Bridge may peak at about 4 metres in the next few hours and exceed its minor flood level of 2 metres at Picnic Point. The Nepean River is now falling after peaking at However, major flooding is continuing at Menangle and moderate flooding at Camden and Wallacia.

At a quick glance of the headlines, it might appear that this Supreme Court’s winning streak of good, solid, constructionist decisions ended in deeply disappointing fashion Thursday with its ruling that the Biden administration could end Donald Trump’s highly successful “Remain in Mexico” policy.

On its surface, yeah, a win for Joe Biden. But there’s more to it. That Trump policy, which required authorities to either place central American asylum seekers in jail or deny them entry into the U. No doubt about it. The ruling is a victory for Biden, who appealed the lower court’s decision, and his plan to implement a more ‘humane’ approach at the southern border. Naturally, Biden denies that his “humane” policies recently enticed over 50 migrants to cook to death at the hands of human smugglers in an abandoned trailer that may have reached degrees.

The High Court found the Biden administration had acted within its discretion by ending the program. And we either respect Rule of Law, or we don’t. So here we are, with a border even more porous than it was yesterday. How could this be, though, if we have a “conservative” Supreme Court? We think the answer lies in something Chief Justice John Roberts said a decade ago, when he infamously saved the legislative abomination known as ObamaCare by ruling a penalty to be a tax. It was a squishy, cowardly, Beltway-driven, desperate-to-be-liked decision.

But within his opinion, Roberts wrote something that rang true: Members of this court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. And here’s the kicker – which we can consider a cop-out or an admonition or both: It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.

Elections have consequences. He’s right, to a point, but not absolutely. For example, if a Congress passes and a president signs into law a piece of legislation that is unconstitutional on the merits, as ObamaCare clearly was, it is most definitely the Supreme Court’s job to protect the people from their elected representatives.

Otherwise, why would we give them those lifetime jobs and those nifty robes and that killer pension? Complex court rulings – and this one was very complex – are often betrayed by the strange bedfellows they invite. In this case, Biden v. So Roberts convinced one conservative, Kavanaugh, to join him. We wonder: What convinced Kavanaugh to take a position opposite his conservative colleagues? Justice Samuel Alito, who authored the majority opinion last week knocking down Roe v.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the other three in a separate dissent about procedural objections. Said Alito: “In fiscal year , the Border Patrol reported more than 1. According to one of the writers of the Spider-Man comics, Steve Foxe, who announced the new character in a tweet this week, this Spidey variant will be featured in a completely redesigned outfit and will be called “Web Weaver” when he makes his comic book debut in September.

No single character can. According to The New York Times, the intricate strategy is intended to address a slew of legal blockages originating from the September 11 attacks and the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. The White House claimed it is working “urgently” on the endeavor, but an Afghan central bank board member indicated it could take some time to complete. The State Department said its ambassador to Afghanistan, Tom West, would participate, and said the US was interested in a variety of issues, including human rights and opening schools for girls.

Although some help has been restored, the currency has fallen and the country has descended into a catastrophic economic catastrophe. The 5. However, details on “the mechanism to transfer the reserves to the central Bank has not been finalized,” he told AFP.

These things do not happen overnight. That would help “stabilize prices and help meet the needs of ordinary Afghans so that they can afford to buy bread, cooking oil, sugar, and fuel,” alleviating the misery of families facing high inflation, he said.

Through e, the U. But unlike traditional foreign assistance programs, which are primarily intended to build local capacity, e partners are then dispatched on U. But experts told The Intercept that use of the little-known authority raises grave accountability and oversight concerns and potentially violates the U. Yes yes, Blame the Jews! This book examines the importance of an independent and stable Ukraine for the future stability of Europe.

The appearance of an independent Ukraine is one of the most dramatic aspects of the new political geography of Europe. It analyzes ongoing Ukrainian attempts to construct a coherent state and the implications of those efforts for wider regional stability.

It explores the dynamics of the Russia-Ukraine relationship; the rise of new security ties and frictions between Ukraine and its neighbors; and the role of the West in Ukrainian independence and stability. What’s the problem with that again? Business application servers may even take a chunk of numbers each from a number interval on a central instance for performance reasons.

Government orders Missionaries of Charity to shut down According to the Nicaraguan authorities the Missionarie of Mother Teresa of Calcutta operating in the central American country have failed to comply with their obligations.

The decision comes amidst ongoing tensions between the Sandinista government and the Catholic Church. The official reason of the provision The measure was ordered by the Nicaraguan Ministry of the Interior and is expected to be approved in the coming days by the National Assembly, where Ortega’s Sandinista National Liberation Front party SNLF holds an overwhelming majority. According to the Nicaraguan authorities, the Association of the MC has “failed to comply with its law obligations”, and specifically with “Law ” on money-laundering financing of terrorism, and financing of proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Moreoever, says the Ministry of the Interior, the Missionaries are not accredited “by the Ministry for the Family to function as a nursery-center for childhood development, home for girls, and home for the elderly,” nor “do they have an operating permit from the Ministry of Education to provide remedial education for students” and their “financial statements reported to the Ministry of the Interior don’t agree” with other documents presented for review. Working in Nicaragua since The Missionaries of Charity have been operating in Nicaragua since , following the visit St.

Mother Teresa made to the central American country during the first term of Daniel Ortega. The nuns run the Immaculate Heart of Mary Home in the city of Granada, where they take in abandoned adolescents or victims of abuse. In the Nicaraguan capital Managua they run a nursing home, which provides the elderly with food, clothing, and other care.

The MC also provide remedial education for minors at risk and run a nursery for poor children. Ongoing tensions between Government and Church The decision on the closure comes in the context of heightened tensions between the Catholic Church and Ortega’s government who has been governing the central American country for 15 years. Relations have been tensed since when Nicaraguan authorities clamped down on protests against a series of controversial reforms to the social security system.

Despite attempts to mediate in the crisis, bishops were ultimately banned from the dialogue and relations further worsened after the controversial elections which confirmed President Ortega, amid allegations of fraud and the political persecution of rival presidential candidate.

In that same year Ortega and his wife, who is now vice-president, called the bishops “coup perpetrators,” “foreign agents,” and accused them of preaching a false Christianity. Early in March this year the government declared the Apostolic Nuncio to Nicaragua, Polish Archbishop Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertag, “persona non grata” and expelled him. The Holy See expressed surprise and regret at the notification, sayng the measure is “incomprehensible because in the course of his mission Archbishop Sommertag worked with profound dedication for the good of the Church and the Nicaraguan people always seeking to foster good relations between the Apostolic See and the authorities of Nicaragua.

In a tweet written in Florida, where he presently lives, Bishop B? Rothschild family is the private owners of every ‘ central bank’ worldwide. Currencies ‘manipulated’ by network of international black market ‘foreign exchange’ traders? Seriously who are those people? How come they never get included in fake news cycles as ever doing anything untoward that they claim allegedly plagues all of humanity exiled to division on Earth? Keep black countries poor with outrageous inflation.

Keep white countries a little more wealthy with less outrageous inflation. Then spin news media cycles of race based reasons for the disparity, conveniently excluding their own introduction of that very logic as if it didn’t also take place in reality knowingly in the minds of real people sourcing it to deceive the receivers into ‘only’ seeing the evil in others based on their skin color or whatever.

Race war as war to end all wars as ‘future’ plan? Thwarted as well? Look at how the world was lined up. Gradual over generations. Then repeat it and over time, people’s bodies adjust and they start acting the role, performing from a script they ingested as truth because the inner logic of the claim was never questioned.

Questioning can now occur unlike ever before. UK broadcaster Sky News reported earlier in the day that the year-old lawmaker “groped two men in front of others” in a drunken state at a club in central London on Thursday evening.

The Tory MP later apologized for his behavior and said that he was resigning from his position. Despite resigning, Pincher said he would continue his activities as an ordinary lawmaker. Several Tory MPs had called on Johnson in February not to appoint Pincher to such a key position, wherein he would be “responsible for discipline and welfare of the party”, according to two MPs and government officials.

Johnson was explicitly warned of Pincher’s sexual harassment allegations. This is all happening amid Tory losses in by-elections, and a decline in public support for the British Conservative Party, which had been rocked by successive scandals, most notably the PM’s own Partygate scandals. It’s easy to see this latest “Q” is a fake and gay imposter Because he hasn’t mentioned a single thing about Kash’s Kurry The farts and sharts that result from the Patel family recipes have the potential to provide humanity with a neverending supply of renewable energy The methane produced from these farts is great enough to sustain the sun for all eternity This is what The Great Awakening is really all about – the great awakening of humanity’s bowel movements THIS is what the Deep State is fighting so hard to stop.

These curry farts would put an end to their monopoly on the energy markets and close off the central Banks’ money laundering revenue loop The real Q will be back one day to give the signal to Julian Assange to release the recipes to the masses when the time is right Why do you think Pompeo and the CIA are so desperate to take JA down? They know he has the recipes and are trying to get him to break and give it to them Why do you think Pompeo has lost so much weight recently?

He hasn’t been able to eat or sleep since finding out about these recipes. That gluttonous pig obsesses day and night about burying his snout in one of Mrs. Patel’s curry pots and eating from it like a trough Think logically, Anons! Why would all the white nationalist Jews and Freemasons in Trump’s inner circle allow a sweet nerdy Indian boy like Kashyap Patel into their den of thieves?

Curry, Anons. This was never about Trump. Clif High: Nominally, it began circulating in late in the form of a ‘white paper’. And that consensus machine could operate across time zones, across geographic barriers instantly, or close to it. And, we could have a system where we could have an electronic currency that couldn’t be double-spent because of the consensus machine that was the blockchain.

Jason Goodman: And the blockchain, that we’ve established, is basically a ledger that is stored on every computer that’s involved with bitcoin, is that correct? Clif High: No, it’s a ledger that’s stored in every computer that is mining or has a copy of the entire chain. So, it used to be that when you got into bitcoin, you would download a bitcoin wallet. It would then connect – you had to let it run until it had an entire copy of the chain on your pc – and then it was relatively fast.

Since then, we’ve got a bit more diversified in our understanding of this. We’ve separated the concept of the wallets from the mining – mining is done by specialized software, etc. So, its not fair to say that every machine that has a bitcoin on it has a copy of the blockchain, although many, that are old, do. Jason Goodman: To be clear And, I understand that you’ve disagreed, in large part, with some of the things that Quinn said.

Quinn was basically saying that A. Clif High: Correct. That’s not the case. AI can be quite sophisticated. But the blockchain is more solid, but at the same time, far less sophisticated. And this algorithm is shared in software that’s run on the mining machines.

And they’re all synched on atomic clocks. And that’s essentially all that it is. To merge the idea of A. It muddies the water for those that are afraid of A. Or, the computer that decides its alive Anyways, those people become scared. They don’t want to mess with the cryptocurrencies or get involved. And it also denigrates the A. We just stuff databases with finer granularity that we can sift through on a finer level – really, is all that it amounts to.

So, I did have some dispute with the statements that were made, yes. Jason Goodman: Sure. And on your website, HalfpastHuman. You’ve been doing AI stuff there for quite a while? So all it is, is that person’s expert analysis translated into software. And so AI at the time, was called Expert systems.

So, I’ve been doing this since about ‘ And I use some of the aspects of neural The large corporations don’t hire predictive linguistic experts, they hire people that are expert in Sentiment analysis software, or some language around that kind of a different categorization of the subject. So, you’ll see that its well established with all the corporations that are doing any form of marketing, from Google all the way down to your local tire company. Jason Goodman: So Sentiment analysis, that’s like some computer program is looking at some comments on a youtube video and saying, “Hey, some angry about this, let’s put some trolley comments in along this line.

The software that I’ve run into It comes back with results that are more nuanced, where it says, “This comment shades towards negative. What do you think about this? Clif High: Its hyperbole – basically, bullsh! In order to consume all of the electricity on the planet, imagine how many graphics cards would have to be in operation?

You’d have to have at least in your place right there, I’d have to have another couple hundred here, and everybody on the planet would have a few hundred – just to be able to get this going. And its a way of click-bait, a way of getting eyes to your particular message. Jason Goodman: So you don’t think that this is a significant concern I mean, people would stop mining if it was costing more for the electric bill than the value of the bitcoin, right?

Also, the mining operations have change dramatically in the last seven years. When it was first started off was basically a bunch of people that had spare computers sitting around, wrote alot of their own software, etcetera. But there’s no reason to suppose that in order to supply bitcoin, we need to have vast quantities of miners. We don’t have to grow more trees in order to produce more wood for more people just because there’s demand. So, we’re going to create the bitcoin just because we’re mining.

We’re only going to mine at a certain rate, no matter what. So, its an instance of That Hash increasing becomes more difficult over time. And so, the harder you mine bitcoin, the more it resists being mined. It does not make any sense to envision a world where you have to put more electricity into trying to do it faster. The only we can say for sure is that it was click-bait from that website, because they’ve hot all those ads there. There was a provocative headline I know alot of people have different exchanges that they like to look at.

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that they were not bullish on bitcoin at all That was a hack, wasn’t it? Clif High: Nope. Nope, it was not a hack. Okay, Mt Gox started out as a trading site for intangible goods based around a role-playing game. It was something When they did that, they made a certain strategic decision. The decision was to not always have percent of the bitcoins that everybody was buying. What they actually did Then thereafter, they had somebody buy another 7, only they’re not moving them off the exchange, they just left the bitcoins there.

It was fractional reserve bitcoin sales based on And so, it was all internal. They claimed it was a hack in order to get out from underneath this inverse pyramid. They claimed it was a hack. There was no hack involved. What had happened was they had not bought enough bitcoin. And so, everything crashed at that point. The blockchain per se can’t be hacked. But short of that, you can’t in any way alter the blockchain itself.

Bitcoin rides on top of the blockchain. And it can’t be hacked per se, either. You could do something stupid. You could take your private key, print it out, show it to everybody online, and you’d lose your bitcoin. And theoretically, they maybe could – but the actual practicality of it is an absurd idea. Its just not going to happen. If you’re not connected, obviously you can’t be hacked. The use of that word [hacked] relative to the blockchain really annoys me because its so inaccurate.

We’ve not yet had a hack on any of the blockchains. We’ve had some spectacular screw-ups, okay. And this is bound to occur with software in anything that humans do. And, some of them are quite interesting. Ha ha ha! And this is true no matter where on the planet you end up having to be.

Jason Goodman: Now let’s get back to A. Because another topic that we’ve been talking about a bit is “strong A. But of course, you know, Sophia is the 1st robotic citizen of Saudi Arabia. But there is something with blockchain Does that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency or blockchain. Clif High: Sure. But its an attempt to tokenize an AI market. And have a lot of people cooperate by creating AI software, putting it out there to do work, and then getting paid through the software doing the work through their platform.

And their platform is going to use those tokens as its means of expression between the parties involved. And he’s saying that “Initial coin offerings, although they’re the hotest craze in cryptocurrency, they’re an absolute scam. What do you think about that statement? Clif High: Not much. I mean, that’s his opinion. I don’t find that to be the case. And it cuts out the banks. It cuts out a huge It slices out a huge level of the middle.

Its going to do away with all the people that made bonuses on offering shares of somebody elses company to their clients, and taking money from all the parties in the transaction in all these different areas, okay. IPOs are dying as a funding mechanism. And then we have an electronic, easier to understand, peer-to-peer method that allows funding to occur.

And so in that sense – no, it’s not a scam – its a legitimate way to fund an enterprise of any kind, these days, in terms of a commercial offering. And, there’s a benefit also to the investors, here. In usual IPOs, you have all these lock-up periods, times you can’t sell the shares that you’ve put money into, the returns Those go to the venture capitalists that are patient, that have managed to corner capital, and keep it locked up, and then feed it out under these particular circumstances.

And so, those kind of gains are never seen by the ordinary guy who buys into the IPO, and then basically gets a little tiny returns, if any at all, on that investment within the system. So, if you bought, and five minutes later you think you’ve made a big mistake, someone is going to offer you money at a discount to take that mistake off your hands – betting that later on it will turn out to not be a big mistake – and they’ll make money on it.

And, maybe individuals will think “its not a mistake, maybe I’ll buy a couple more. And the firms are getting money in a cleaner, easier fashion. The whole thing can be managed with smart contracts. When did that ever happen with an IPO?

Oh, you don’t meet the float you wanted to get And so, you decide, “Okay, we don’t have enough to do the deal.

Its never happened in any bank that I know of. Jason Goodman: Okay. And when I was doing that Livestream, people on the stream were telling me that bitcoin crashed. And here’s an article right here where it says bitcoin crashed What this is talking about, of course, is this case the U. What do you think about all this? Clif High: It really muddies the water, legally.

Because, the IRS has previously considered cryptocurrency to be a capital gains category commodity – not a currency. Jason Goodman: But isn’t it suppose to a currency? Clif High: No. The government says, ‘No. They don’t want competition to their monopolistic offering of the dollar, correct.

Right, they got a monopoly on the dollar currency, and they don’t want it abrogated at all. But its like buying magic pumpkins out of a game for the next time play the game. Its a capital gain expenditure, right. And that maket’s been going on for 15 or 20 years in that level of activity. IRS has always treated that as a captial gains endeavor. Which I think is, again, muddying the waters, in terms of how we think about this. Because it seems as though a few years down the road, IRS will be considering these things to be actual currency.

And this is going to be a big shift – is in fact a big shift – is in fact occurring now. Actually, it doesn’t bode very well for the government. And this one individual owns all the stocks in the U. So you never actually collect on any of the stock purchases or sales. You get fiat back occasionally. Will come back later to transcribe more, as Clif gets to rambling on so quickly that its helpful to see what he says in a written form We get into. The goal revealed: Immortality through modification of DNA using the 3,6,9 of tetrahedrons and its spherical arrangement.

The video does have the relevant images that were used in the chatroom during the live show. Hopefully this will make it easier for the listener to understand just what is being said. So, lets get into it What I am trying to convey is the fact that during the time of John Dee and Edward Kelley, the late s, they were trying to describe geometric shapes using only their written language.

The Fallen Angels they were communicating with, used only letters because of their lack of formal education in math. Both were highly intelligent and produced long descriptions of the geometry they were being given. Where D-Wave comes into this is, they know all the math there is to know, at least for now. Therefore, in communication with these same Fallen Angels, they at D-Wave can communicate purely mathematically. The chipsets containing thousands of qubits are arranged as were the letters of the Enochian alphabet on the Great Tablet.

Note the Tablet is divided into four smaller squares. This is the present-day, Quaternary programming of 5G WifFi. It is based upon 4, rather than 2. The cross in the center joins these 4 sections, forming first into a tesseract cube in 3D.

Then, forming into the circular shield in 3D, a sphere. The end point is the The is actually comprised of the Tree of Life. Several of them, when curved, forming the sphere, and one tree running directly up through its center. This is how Fallen Angels travel and their lines of communications with humans on Earth. Again, it all begins with the single tetrahedron. Where the Egyptians got stuck was with the cube.

Therefore, the square-based pyramids, rather than a tetrahedronal pyramid. This is where Dee and Kelley got stuck. They could not describe using the Enochian alphabet, a composed of tetrahedrons. It was just too complex for words. D-Wave first constructed qubits based upon the Enochian alphabet. Little did I know while composing Covert Catastrophe in late Today, I am convinced they have moved from tesseract, to the shield a filter of information , to the of today.

Recall, I discovered an article from Cornell post-publication of Covert Catastrophe, proposing the arrangement of qubits as a tetrahedron. That is the smoking gun for the as a quantum computer. Remember from my Knoxville presentation. First, it had to be properly configured, matching that of the Universe. Then, tuning it by way of the proper number of qubits contained within this structure to tune it.

D-Wave moved from simple Cartesian coordinates in building a computer based upon qubits, to one using Spherical Harmonics, the computational, therefore communication system processing numbers along both the surface of a sphere, and within its internal dimensions.

It is the combination of surface and internal configurations, therefore processing of information composed entirely of numbers arranged in a combinatorial programming language based upon 4, Quaternary.

If you look at the simple tetrahedron, how many surfaces and corners is its shape composed of? Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist, and futurist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current electricity supply system.

Tesla made a number of profound statements over the course of his life and one that stands out is the following. The image below hill hopefully allow you to follow the information Tony is relaying here.. Count how many separate, straight lines there are here.

Start at the peak of the pyramid, counting down the right side, using only the top, orange triangle. That is the first line. Keep doing this, using on that line that is part of an individual color. Count each line. There are 9. Another 3. It is the model of the Universe. The edges are where parallel dimensions meet, come together, communicate with one another.

Given that a tetrahedron is 3-dimensional, not flat, you bring the 3s together, forming I didn’t put it there.. Legacy media shills lie to protect child rapists their content is mental rat poison, generated primarily for the purpose of social control, management of consumer behavior and psycho-sexual demoralization; not an accident, but as an IW Information War tactic.

Our common information supply circulating news and entertainment media content has been poisoned; progressively degraded over decades with media content engineered to cause harm. The primary purpose of legacy media news and entertainment content is not to amuse and inform but to control. Legacy media content suggests we buy things, adopt a fashion, get a piercing. Can you think of any self-destructive social behaviors promoted by legacy media since ?

We human beings are extremely suggestible and highly imitative. Legacy media is part of a social control system built by the clowns and used by the clowns to guide and constrain human consciousness, to manipulate purchasing behavior and limit what we are capable of understanding.

Legacy media has been used by satanist pedovores to create a distracted, obsessive hyper-sexualized consumer cargo culture. Ever been part of “the wave” at a sporting event? Stood up at a show or event and applauded because others were applauding without knowing much about who, or what the clapping was for?

Congratulations, you are human. We need humility, it is foundational to understanding. Jesus didn’t call some of us sheep, He called all of us sheep. It is trivial to exploit our human propensity for imitation to go along with the crowd and to propagate unconscious self-replicating social behaviors fads, trends, crazes in a culture for purposes of marketing or for social control.

It’s common sense that such a phenomenon, ripe for exploitation, has used by satanic cultist pedovores interested in controlling human future social and economic development. Pop culture is not the organic phenomena it appears, but a cultivated cultural medium engineered to permit rapid introduction and transmission of contagious conditioned behaviors like purchasing as well as psychogenic illnesses, self-destructive sexual fetishes etc.

Introducing fads, conditioning consumer behavior and normalizing pedophilia and other social-destructive activities. Cultures where commerce controls media content and where art is used to sell consumer goods also have the power to engineer psychological operations which induce delusions and powerful contagious mental illness; collective insanities.

Historical incidents and known forms of contagious psychogenic illnesses are described in “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” by Mackay. Recently, American and European psychologists have been tracking the blue whale game, the momo challenge, today induce people in pain to huff wasp spray. The evil clowns create the pathology and psyops which exploit it, constantly. Be kind. Be Calm. Be Best. Be Q Research. Art can have any assigned value.

An art market can be created overnight in a previously unknown artist like Keith Haring. A painting is worth what you say it is if you’re the Getty Museum, the Hammer, the Broad, the Norval, the Huntington or the whatever-cult-tycoon is pretending philanthropy and laughing at us as we reverently troop through their art gallery front operation.

There’s another good, valid and unholy reason satanic cult con artists like to use art galleries foundations and museum cover structures as operational fronts.

Anyone who says “my kid could do that- ” is culturally defined as an idiot. Only an ignoramus questions art. Decades of this powerful conditioning allowed Pedosta’s fat brother Tony to pose for a multi-page spread in a glitzy DC magazine with his daemonic sculpture of a gilded homosexual torture victim and with pictures of abused children in bizarre ritual locations.

The honeyed corpse is a gnostic occult ritual. A lot. We know this because tests using subliminal embeds not consciously seen still raises our blood pressure, increases our pulse rate, and fMRI studies show that these unperceived influences activate portions of the brain associated with memory and emotional trauma. Images of sex and violence in unconscious memory affect us like PTSD caused by real world exposure to rape, torture, child pornography or physical trauma.

Information War or IW operations target the unconscious mind. Art is a satanist controlled industrial market. Since the days of Bernard Berenson art has been used to create and launder money to authenticate forgeries and to smuggle antiquities. Big art shows and exposition are used to emotionally prime us for coming events, to predispose individuals and groups to adopt preferred attitudes, practices or behaviors in a multitude of social dimensions; while, at the same, generating enormous profits, tax breaks and through school outreach programs providing access to children.

Nightshift where all the cool graphic designers hangout kek. Kinda like ante up to get things going. Dayshift doesn’t seem to have that. Just an observation. I think kicking it up for dayshift would be good. Hes a PAYtriot Famefag. He takes his diggz seriously and he only shares for a price though he teases his material on social media.

The consciousness of a group is an entity of a negative or female type. It requires to be stimulated by a positive force before it can become creative. That which functions on a subtler plane is positive in relation to that which functions on a denser plane. Should a consciousness conceive the aims of a group on a higher plane than that on which the group conceives them, it becomes positive towards that group and thereby can fertilise it.

When fertilisation of a group occurs each of the individuals of that group becomes pregnant with a new life and brings creative work to birth upon the physical plane. They will then have conceived that which the group leader has begotten and will then be upon the same plane as the Leader. Having conceived the same ideal they will then be of the same polarity as the Leader and it will no longer be possible for him to bring a creative stimulus to that group.

This will explain to you the process of florescence and degeneration which groups undergo, but periods of quiescence are not of necessity death. Force, however, works as a unit because its polarity is in the Logos.

Oleksandr Danylyuk, who was appointed chairman of the National Security and Defense Council on Tuesday, said all the equipment from the situation room, where the head of the state is supposed to be discussing urgent national security matters, is gone.

Ukraine’s State Bureau of Investigations quickly announced the launch of an inquiry into a misuse of classified data. Danylyuk posted a video on Facebook, showing an empty room with power cables sticking out of the walls and marks where computer monitors used to be. He also claimed that former President Petro Poroshenko’s staff had removed servers with confidential information.

This is a civilized handover for you. Colonel Vindman Pedovore cultist traitor is in fear of his life. The Gulen Movement is named for Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish sunni muslim leader who currently lives in a compound in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Through its media outlets, businesses, schools, and other pieces of this Movement, the Gulen network exerts noticeable influence in the government and business communities among others. Kemal dissolved the year old Islamic Caliphate known as the Ottoman empire, centered in modern day Turkey.

He outlawed visible sharia adherence and sharia in general replacing it with secular law, did away with Arabic and replaced it with Latin, and built a secular military to defend secular Turkey. These actions led to the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in with the singular goal of re-establishing the caliphate under sharia.

This also led to groups inside Turkey dedicated to the same. The Gulen Movement in the United States has grown significantly and, sadly, is being supported and nurtured by Republican leaders who use taxpayer dollars to fund parts of this hostile effort against America, especially through Gulen schools. Texas is a notable example. Union pres connects DeBlasio, Hilldawg.

What’s the frequency Dan? Biden had been discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine in February January British court releases the money after office of the Ukrainian prosecutor general, Vitaly Yarema, tells Zlochevsky there is no case against him. In September the Obama-administration ambassador to Kiev rails against the new prosecutor-general, Viktor Shokin, for the move and demands a misconduct investigation into his office. Will remember for next time.

Thank you. Open File 6. I think the artist keith hering was killed unless he died some other way. Checkerboard symbolism. They also are doing interviews with big stars like lil nasx. Clearly they are part of whatever globalists who pushed that speech. Same magazine though. I speculate that the bathtub has to do with a symbolic ‘baptism’ into the masonry cult. The checkerboard represents the material plane, used in a form of magic to ‘transmute’ the spiritual into the material world, usually through a blood sacrifice.

If we can’t tell the difference between what you know and what we think we know, we must learn – not post. Open File 8.

This money is untaxed. How to dig other countries well to begin you will want to make sure u are using the correct google search for that country for instance i am in ukraine searching around atm google. UA now i do not read russian, so what i have also done is install the google page translator. Specifically, because a ” g complicated sites ” of one million euros, dividends that they would be due needle tert officials can not be distributed.

A gold condom.



Canada Day at Granville Island | Family Fun Vancouver.RESEARCH CANADA >> Four Winds 10 – Truth Winds

How could this be, though, if we have a “conservative” Supreme Court? No federal tax except through whatever the provinces collect from the population?


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