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Learn from supportive and dedicated faculty in both your content and English classes. Gain experience in cross-cultural communication skills, through practice-based instruction. Participate in unique cultural excursions near your local Worcester or Shanghai campus. The best thing about my job is talking with students from around the world to help them succeed. I get more out of these interactions than the students! Skills You Learn Communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creative skills necessary for the global workplace Independent and in-depth research skills, including analysis of written texts and oral presentations The ability to identify appropriate questions, interpret results, and develop solutions Strategies for producing clearly articulated presentations and tasks, both oral and written, commonly found in your field of study.

This will be reviewed holistically and will take into consideration writing and speaking skills before a final decision is made. Graduate Program Admission Requirements You will be eligible to enroll in your graduate degree program after one semester and upon achieving: B or better in your content courses 75 average in coursework in your academic English classes. Contact Information. English language skills might not be the only things you learn, depending on your pathway program.

Some universities specifically offer programs to help international students from different education systems access the academic skills, resources, and knowledge they need to qualify for their chosen degree. These may be the types of skills you need for university-level learning, e. Oftentimes these courses are credit-bearing, meaning they contribute to your degree completion. Moreover, universities often offer more than just academic support. With pathway programs in the USA keeping international students in mind, universities often focus on creating an enriching student experience for you.

This includes support with academics, career guidance, and adapting to the American way of doing things. These are by no means the only pathway programs you may have access to as a prospective international student in the USA. Depending on the school, study level, and type of pathway program, tuition may vary quite a bit.

Your pathway program fees may also vary depending on whether the institution is a public or private university. Typically, private university fees for US pathway programs skew higher. Education systems around the world vary quite a bit. This goes for everything from course curricula to state exams, down to classroom culture. For some international students, these differences can make transitioning into a study abroad program tricky.

Pathway programs for international students in the USA make your dream degree accessible no matter which education system you studied under. From polishing up your English proficiency to developing graduate-level skills, the right pathway program can ease you straight into your dream US university program. As with any study abroad program, the key is to research and pinpoint the right option for you.

The name gives it away – these programs create pathways for students to access their target higher education programs. Some universities offer conditional admission when you apply for their pathway programs.

This means that by completing the program and maintaining a level of academic performance, you can transition to studying a full-time program at that university. Generally, a pathway program is a year long.

Some programs offer anywhere between one to four semesters of courses. That depends on the pathway program. You have impressive career goals. And we want to help you achieve them. The best part? To qualify, you must be pursuing a degree from an accredited college or university, and plan to graduate after the final day of the internship. Most of our interns participate the summer between their junior and senior years.

Our summer internship program runs from May 31st, through August 11th, Spaces are limited — and can be competitive — so, we recommend applying early. We typically open applications for internships twice per year for two recruiting cycles: in the fall August – November , and spring January- March.

If you use the search feature and don’t find any open internships, we aren’t currently accepting applications. Be sure to check back during the next recruiting cycle. We also work with colleges and universities to hold recruiting events throughout the year. Check to see if we’ll be connecting with your school for a virtual event.

Looking for an internship that matches your major? Right now, we’re seeking interns in three key areas:. Help us continue delivering and innovating for our members, while putting your MBA skills to the test. About to take the business world by storm? Get hands-on experience and share what you’ve learned.


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Internship Programs Professional training and hands-on experience in the civilian workforce. Industry-Focused Programs Learn and apply new skills in a rapidly growing industry. HOH internship programs range from six to twelve weeks and connect service members, military spouses and military caregivers with companies that provide experiential opportunities with the goal of hiring.

Programs include:. Corporate Fellowship Program. Military Spouse Fellowship Program. Caregiver Fellowship Program. Fellows spend four days a week with their host company where they receive on-the-job training and build their civilian work experience.

Throughout the program, fellows spend one day a week in professional development and employment-related training. Fellows have the opportunity to develop their skills by earning professional certifications through self-paced programs. Industry-focused programs. The HOH Fellows Program includes industry-focused internships that connect veterans, transitioning service members, military spouses and caregivers with training and professional experience in high-demand career fields with innovative employer partners.

Data Analytics. UX Design. IT Support. Project Management. These internships connect fellows to appropriate education, credentialing, training, and employment opportunities. Fellows spend four days a week receiving on-the-job training for greater standardization in work-based learning environments. Fellows grow their networks exponentially in a short time and quickly align their skills with industry standards. Am I eligible to apply for a corporate fellowship?

The Corporate Fellowship Program is a DoD Skillbridge program open to transitioning service member candidates whose timeline aligns with the program and who meet these education and experience requirements: Fellows must be on active duty Fellows must be within days of transition from military service at the time of the week program Fellows must meet education and leadership experience requirements.

What is the weekly schedule and time commitment? CareerOneStop is a resource library for military spouse employment, education and relocation information. You will find links to employment related information and other resources for military spouses and military families. Military Spouse JobSearch is designed to enhance the employment opportunities for spouses of U. The Defense Commissary Agency has zero tolerance for discrimination that denies opportunities based on race, color, national origin, gender, age, religion, genetic information, disabilities or reprisal.

Nor does it tolerate sexual harassment within DeCA workplaces. DeCA is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to our applicants and employees with disabilities to ensure they enjoy full access to equal employment opportunity.

The Defense Commissary Agency does not exercise any editorial control over the the information you may find at these locations. All links are provided consistent with the stated purpose of this Department of Defense site. Available for Human Resources specialization. MAN Training and Development This course focuses on the important role that training and development plays in today’s organizations. The course will explore numerous strategies and methods used by organizations in a variety of industries and sectors to improve employee and organizational performance.

MAN Staffing The course focuses on key issues in staffing employees in organizations. Students will gain an understanding of the relevance of staffing to today’s organizations.

MAN HR Analytics The course focuses on the analysis and application of a company’s HR data to uncover insights that inform HR strategies, process changes, and investments — with the goal of improving organizational performance i.

Students will learn about theory and research regarding drivers of employee performance, retention, and engagement, as well as the critical HR metrics that are important for business outcomes.

It will cover business-to-business management issues, with an emphasis on topics at the mid-to-upper management level. Specific strategic marketing issues include problems and opportunities that leverage an understanding of the entire supply chain. Sales management issues will concentrate on managing a sales force focused on complex accounts. Available for Marketing specialization 3 credit hours, online. Focus is placed on the development and management of relationships with world class suppliers in an e-business environment.

Covers the importance of developing sourcing strategies through a global supply base. Available for Supply Chain Management specialization.

MAR Logistics and Supply Chain Management This course examines the downstream portion of the supply chain and the strategic marketing implications related to managing customer relationships. Focus is on the management of the processes necessary to stimulate and meet customer demand, as well as on the development of long-term customer relationships.

MAR Marketing Research This course focuses on the tools, techniques, and procedures involved in the marketing research process, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary to interpret marketing research findings. In addition, the course covers major analytical techniques that are used in a variety of research settings in both marketing and general business.

MAR Big Data — Marketing Analytics This course examines the abundance and diversity of data available to firms for understanding their target markets, such as freeform text gathered from social media, transactional data in CRM systems, and location data.

It exposes students to data sets featuring vastly different forms of data. The course demonstrates techniques for identifying interesting research questions based on the available data, managing large sets of both qualitative and quantitative data, and analyzing these data sets to inform important customer-focused research questions, such as capturing customer sentiment, market segmentation, targeting, and positioning.

The course involves a combination of hands on data analysis, cases, and readings. Available for Marketing specialization 3 credit hours, on campus. These include logistical issues and the flow of goods, services, and funds within the supply chain to the final consumer. Specific elements covered include: electronic commerce, Internet, intranets, extranets, marketing information systems and logistics information systems. MAR Product Innovation Management This course is a structured way of thinking about product and process development.

In addition, students will work with an existing company to consult them on ways to be more innovative in their product development to meet consumer needs or develop process that create efficiencies, thus lowering costs and increasing profits. MAR Services Marketing In this class, you will be exposed to a new way of thinking about marketing.

Services are different. We will discuss how they are different, why they are different, and what strategies result from these distinctions. We will cover why people are essential to service success, why expectations are important to service consumers, how the physical environment influences service delivery, and how services firms should recover from failure.

You will also learn how quality is evaluated in service firms, why value is an essential deliverable, and what role loyalty has on the bottom line. Available for Marketing specialization 3 credit hours, on campus and online. MAR Customer Relationship Management Focuses on strategies to develop and maintain continuing customer relationships. Customers are arguably the single most important stakeholder of any modern corporation. Firms must employ strategies to create, promote and retain customers over the long term.

Customer relationships also are key to any corporation’s overall reputation and must be managed in concert with other key stakeholder relationships. MAR Global Business Seminar Consists of on-campus class meetings and an international trip to an overseas destination. On campus meetings help students understand the related international business theories as well as the inhibiting and opportunity-offering roles of local cultures in international business.

The international trip is to gain access to the best business practices of world-class multinational firms in the destination city. Seminar course typically offered in spring and summer. This elective course 3 credit hours, on campus and online can be taken twice and is subject to additional fees.

QMB Probabilistic Optimization for Analytics This course teaches students techniques to address problems in regression, discriminant analysis, principal component analysis, logistic regression, SEM, etc. Students will utilize methods such as calculus and linear algebra. This includes a description of valuation procedures, identification of highest and best use, application of real property valuation methods, and emerging topics of special interest.

Available for Real Estate specialization. The course topics are presented in units that range from pricing mortgages to the lending process to the secondary mortgage.

Topics include a discussion of primary and secondary mortgage markets, mortgage market operations, mortgage instruments and mortgage-related securities. Emerging topics of special interest are also discussed. Available for Real Estate specialization 3 credit hours, on campus and online Available for Real Estate specialization 3 credit hours, on campus and online.

Attention is given to the role of institutional investors, advisors, and real estate investment trusts REITs. The course provides an in-depth treatment of financing income-producing properties, including coverage of the commercial mortgage underwriting process. Students are introduced to real estate investment analysis at the property portfolio level. The topics covered are of importance to real estate analysts, lenders, asset managers, appraisers, and brokers involved with income-producing real estate.

REE Real Estate Investment Focused on the topic of real estate investment analysis primarily from the private investor’s equity perspective, this course introduces students to the analytical tools and procedures used to evaluate real estate investment opportunities. Available for Real Estate specialization 3 credit hours, on campus and online. RMI Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance Develops concepts such as time value of money, statistical analysis, information technology, and management of risk exposure.

RMI Employee Benefit Plans Prerequisite: RMI Managerial approach to employee benefit plans such as group insurance and pensions with in-depth consideration given to funding instruments and variety among plans.

Application of the risk management process, including risk control and risk financing techniques, to business risk management problems. RMI Healthcare Financing An introduction to public and private health insurance and benefits plans. Students will learn about private insurance plans and federal and state financing programs e. The course will cover forms of employer-sponsored coverage, including self-funded and fully insured, managed care plans, and understanding the implications of private vs.

Topics include payer and provider incentives for cost management, access to care, health plan strategies, regulatory and legal considerations pertaining to eligibility and coverage, the use of cost-containment mechanisms, case management, and quality and accountability.

Available for Healthcare Management specialization 3 credit hours, online — First offered for Fall The focus is on the application and analysis of legal and ethical principles. Available for Healthcare Management specialization 3 credit hours, online — In development; expected Spring Discussion of these areas will be framed in the context of an evidence-based approach to workforce planning and talent management. NOTE: For more information on which elective courses add up to a specific specialization and permissions required, visit mba.

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IT Support. MAN Organizational Behavior A dynamic examination of managerial concepts of human behavior in work organizations. Course content includes an overview of technology, an introduction to software development approaches, facets of project management, and organizational issues related to graduate pathway program usaa login page project management. DeCA is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to our applicants and employees with disabilities to ensure they enjoy full access to equal employment opportunity. Prerequisite: ACG

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