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Monday to Friday: a. If they do change, what are /7712.txt determining factors? To investigate the effects of personal and professional variables on career advancement intentions of working Licensed Practical Nurses LPNs. There was a close relationship between size usajobs pathways recent graduates 2017 dodge ram 2500 diesel town of origin and decile of secondary school. Adaptability was found to be one of the important aspects for employees in order for them to survive in взято отсюда career especially to those in the ICT industry. Survey data, collected from employees across industry sectors in Australia, showed that….


army career intentions: Topics by .


Questions addressed quality of life, faculty responsibilities, support for teaching, clinical work and scholarship, mentoring and participation in governance. Faculty are a medical school’s key resource, but 42 percent are seriously considering leaving. Medical schools should refocus faculty retention efforts on professional development programs, regular performance feedback, balancing career and family, tangible recognition of teaching and clinical service and meaningful faculty participation in institutional governance.

This study principally investigates job-related and personality factors that determine Ghanaian accounting students’ intentions to pursue careers in accounting. It draws on a rich body of existing literature to develop a research model.

Primary data were collected from a cross-sectional survey of final year accounting students in a Ghanaian…. This paper explores the impact of entrepreneurship education on career intentions among students drawn from two universities in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States of Nigeria.

The study adopted a survey design. Two research questions and two hypotheses were raised for the study. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire titled…. A New Zealand based cohort study of anaesthetic trainees’ career outcomes compared with previously expressed intentions.

Predicting workforce requirements is a difficult but necessary part of health resource planning. A ‘snapshot’ workforce survey undertaken in examined issues that New Zealand anaesthesia trainees expected would influence their choice of future workplace. We have restudied the same cohort to see if that workforce survey was a good predictor of outcome.

Eighty percent of the respondents planned consultant positions in New Zealand. We suggest that ‘snapshot’ studies examining workforce intentions are of little value for workforce planning.

However we believe an ongoing program matching career aspirations against career outcomes would be a useful tool in workforce planning. Characteristics and career intentions of Scottish rural and urban GP registrars: cause for concern? To investigate the differences between the characteristics and career intentions of GP registrars in urban and rural areas, and to make recommendations to reduce a potential work force crisis in rural practice.

Postal survey. All general practices in Scotland. Postal questionnaires were sent to all GP registrars in post. Rural registrars tended to want to work in rural areas, and vice versa. Though much more attention has been paid to recruitment in inner cities, the findings from this study suggest that in Scotland difficulties in finding principals may occur first in rural areas.

As general practitioners have an extended role in rural areas, including that of emergency care, shortages could have a serious impact on patient care. Further, fertility intentions and the imp The purpose of this study was to examine music education doctoral students’ shifting occupational identity beliefs, career intent and commitment, and overall confidence for teaching in higher education.

A total of music education doctoral students, enrolled at 29 institutions of higher education in the United States, completed a onetime,…. For example, an Army report on sexual harassment stated that about half of the Army women surveyed thought that men have an advantage over women when it comes to having a successful military career Predicting and explaining behavioral intention and hand sanitizer use among US Army soldiers.

Using hand sanitizers can reduce bacterial contamination and is an efficient and inexpensive method of preventing infections. The purpose of this study was to explore the behavioral intention low and absolute , attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioral control of hand sanitizer use among US Army soldiers. Surveys were distributed among nontrainee soldiers during lunch periods. A total of surveys were collected. Other soldiers create negative social pressure about using hand sanitizers, indicating that if other soldiers use hand sanitizers, they will refuse to do so.

Intervention to ensure use of hand sanitizer should focus on strengthening behavioral and normative beliefs among low intenders. This should increase the overall well being of the military. Published by Elsevier Inc.

All rights reserved. The current research aims to shed light on the role of culture in the formation of career intentions. It draws on the Theory of Planned Behavior TPB; Ajzen , which has been widely employed to predict intentions , including entrepreneurial career intentions , but past research has almost exclusively been conducted in “Western” countries. Young registered nurses’ intention to leave the profession and professional turnover in early career : a qualitative case study.

In a time of global nursing shortages an alarming number of young registered nurses have expressed a willingness to leave the profession. In this qualitative case study we investigate in depth why young nurses leave nursing profession and reeducate themselves for a new career.

The study is based on longitudinal interviews of three young registered nurses in Finland. These nurses were first interviewed between December and May , when they were years old and having an intention to leave the profession.

The second interview took place four years later, from January to March when all of them had made the transition to a new career. Data were analyzed in two stages. In the first stage, comprehensive career story narratives were formed on the basis of the interviews. In the second stage, emerging themes in these stories were compared, contrasted, and interpreted in the context of the overall career histories. Nursing as a second career choice and demanding work content as well as poor practice environment and the inability to identify with the stereotypical images of nurses were main themes that emerged from these career stories.

The results of this interpretative qualitative study reflect a shift toward insights into understanding professional turnover as a complex and long-lasting process. Purpose: This purpose of this paper, drawing on the theory of planned behaviour TPB , is to develop an integrated model of entrepreneurial career intentions incorporating the role of motivational factors along with entrepreneurial knowledge.

Specifically, this study proposes the existence of a relationship between entrepreneurial knowledge and…. Understanding the factors that determine registered nurses’ turnover intentions. Turnover among registered nurses RNs produces a negative impact on the health outcomes of any health care organization. It is also recognized universally as a problem in the nursing profession.

Little is known about the turnover intentions and career orientations of RNs working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The aim of this study is to contribute to the knowledge of and to advance the discussion on the turnover of nursing professionals. The study population consisted of RNs employed in the five major hospitals in Calgary. There were surveys returned, representing a response rate of The results show that age and education have a negative effect on turnover intention. Education was found to have a significant negative effect on career satisfaction but not on job satisfaction and organizational commitment.

Length of service has a significant negative effect on turnover intention. Role ambiguity has significant highly negative effect on career satisfaction.

Growth opportunity and supervisor support have a very significant positive effect on job satisfaction, career satisfaction, and organizational commitment. External career opportunities and organizational commitment do not seem to have a significant effect on turnover intention. Career satisfaction, on the other hand, had negative significant effects on turnover intention. Senior dental students’ career intentions , work-life balance and retirement plans.

To gather information from senior dental students about their future career plans, with particular emphasis on work-life balance issues, their attitudes towards the NHS and retirement plans. Senior dental students at the Universities of Dundee and Manchester were asked to complete a voluntary anonymous questionnaire. In all questionnaires were completed, 42 by students in Manchester and in Dundee.

This is significantly p work full time. Senior students seem to show no more commitment to the NHS than those in our previous study of dental school applicants. Surprising numbers had plans to retire or go part time before 60 years of age. The mode age that those surveyed intended to start a family was 30 years and a large majority of both sexes thought this would interrupt their professional life.

Many of our findings suggest that future generations of dentists may have a pattern of professional life that will have the effect of reducing their clinical commitment, although it is not possible to determine how significant an effect this will have on the workforce.

It may, however, be appropriate to take career intention into account when workforce planning. There are numerous applications for management in today’s Army to include the developing Operational Career Fields, budget and procurement management, garrison activities, logistics sustainment, and acquisitions These nurses were first interviewed between December and May , when they were 29—32 years old and having an intention to leave the profession.

National Athletic Trainers’ Association-accredited postprofessional athletic training education: attractors and career intentions. Anecdotally, we know that students select graduate programs based on location, finances, and future career goals. Empirically, however, we lack information on what attracts a student to these programs. To gain an appreciation for the selection process of graduate study. Qualitative study. All interviews were conducted via phone and transcribed verbatim.

Analysis of the interview data followed the procedures as outlined by a grounded theory approach. Trustworthiness was secured by 1 participant checks, 2 participant verification, and 3 multiple analyst triangulations. Athletic training students select PPAT programs for 4 major reasons: reputation of the program or faculty or both , career intentions , professional socialization, and mentorship from undergraduate faculty or clinical instructors or both.

Participants discussed long-term professional goals as the driving force behind wanting an advanced degree in athletic training.

Faculty and clinical instructor recommendations and the program’s prestige helped guide the decisions. Participants also expressed the need to gain more experience, which promoted autonomy, and support while gaining that work experience. Final selection of the PPAT program was based on academic offerings, the assistantship offered including financial support , advanced knowledge of athletic training concepts and principles, and apprenticeship opportunities.

Students who attend PPAT programs are attracted to advancing their entry-level knowledge, are committed to their professional development as athletic trainers, and view the profession of athletic training as a life-long career.

The combination of balanced academics, clinical experiences, and additional professional socialization and mentorship from the PPAT program. Should I stay or should I go?

Physical education teachers’ career intentions. This study investigated Finnish physical education PE teachers’ intentions to leave the profession and the reasons behind them. To determine the reasons for considering leaving the PE teaching profession, principal axis factoring with direct oblimin rotation was performed on the 35 items of the questionnaire. These factors were labeled as status of the PE teaching profession, pupils, working conditions, colleagues, expertise, workload, administration, and stress.

The most influential factors were poor facilities, poor equipment, and isolation from the peers. Additional factors included working conditions, low status of the PE teachers, and workload. PE teachers in the age group of 40 to 44 years old constituted the largest group who were considering leaving the profession. Thirty-nine percent of the PE teachers considered leaving the profession.

Even though PE teachers face a variety of challenges in their work, the majority intend to remain in the teaching profession. Improved resourcing and collegial support could potentially reduce PE teachers’ intention to leave. Career intentions of female surgeons in German liver transplant centers considering family and lifestyle priorities.

However, the proportion of women to men is not accordingly balanced among surgical residents and especially in leadership positions in surgery. Therefore, we investigated the career goals as well as family and lifestyle priorities of female surgeons in German liver transplant centers. Questionnaires were distributed electronically to female surgeons in 24 German liver transplant centers.

A total of 81 completed questionnaires were analyzed. Female surgeons in German liver transplant centers are eager to assume leadership positions and do not wish to follow traditional role models.

After finishing training, most female surgeons plan to continue working at a university hospital. This is the first survey on career intentions of female surgeons in Germany. In the face of gender changes in the medical profession, we were able to demonstrate that female surgeons are willing to fill leadership positions. Individual and institutional creative modifications are necessary if the advancement of women in surgery is to be promoted.

Career intentions of PhD students in nursing: A cross-sectional survey. Despite the rapid growth of Chinese nursing PhD programs, little is known about the career intentions of students in this field.

To investigate the career intentions of nursing PhD students. Online cross-sectional survey. Nursing PhD students at Chinese universities. An online questionnaire was designed and the data were analyzed using SPSS. The mean age of the participants was Most intended to work in the city where their family lived Most The work benefits perceived as indispensable were “Five Insurances and One Fund” Nursing education The key job characteristics were the opportunity to put strengths to fullest use The key research conditions included a good research incentive mechanism Nursing PhD students would like to work in their hometown or near their previous workplace.

Most preferred working in an educational institution, and the most popular fields were nursing education and research rather than clinical care , despite the high demand of hospital management for nursing PhD graduates. Flexible work, high-quality research conditions, a certain salary, work benefits, and training were key.

Disgust sensitivity and the ‘non-rational’ aspects of a career choice in surgery. Fitting trainee physicians to career paths remains an ongoing challenge in a highly fluid health workforce environment. Studies attempting to explain low interest in surgical careers have typically examined the relative impact of career and lifestyle values.

The current work argues that emotional proclivities are potentially more important and that disgust sensitivity may help explain both low surgical interest as well as the tendency for female students to avoid surgical careers.

Additionally, the gender effect indexing low female interest in surgical careers was no longer significant once disgust sensitivity was added to the model. The impact of disgust sensitivity on surgical interest was substantial and on par with established predictors of career intention. Disgust sensitivity may represent a potentially modifiable factor impacting surgical career choice, particularly among female students who are typically more disgust sensitive.

Typology of Army Families. This is a qualitative study of the coping styles of NEO is the Army plan There was also a significant increase in weight change problems. Perceptions of. Utilizing the Results of Lean Six Sigma efforts www.

Was Pharmacy Their Preferred Choice? Full Text Available Background: There is a dearth of skilled pharmaceutical workforce in the African region, and this is partly due to a limited number of prospective students entering the profession. An understanding of the factors that influence the choice of pharmacy as a career is needed to attract highly motivated and skilled individuals into the profession.

Descriptive statistics, as well as chi-square and Fisher exact two-tailed tests were used to analyze the data. Results: Close to a quarter Also, students considered the desire for self-employment in a healthcare related job Pharmacy students demonstrated a positive attitude toward the profession, and considered drug manufacturing To develop as leaders, students must recognize they have a choice to take action that influences their work environment. The authors suggest the learning environment at AMSC is intentionally designed to be….

Government-Owned Invention. It analyzes how officers should attain these skills using the three pillars of leader development in Department of the Army Pamphlet , “Commissioned Officer Development and Career Management Clandinin, D.

Early career teacher attrition has most often been conceptualized as either a problem associated with individual factors e. This study considered early career teacher attrition as an identity making process that involves a complex negotiation between individual….

The influence of rural clinical school experiences on medical students’ levels of interest in rural careers. Australian Rural Clinical School RCS programmes have been designed to create experiences that positively influence graduates to choose rural medical careers. Rural career intent is a categorical evaluation measure and has been used to assess the Australian RCS model. Predictors for rural medical career intent have been associated with extrinsic values such as students with a rural background.

Intrinsic values such as personal interest have not been assessed with respect to rural career intent. In psychology, a predictor of the motivation or emotion for a specific career or career location is the level of interest. Our primary aims are to model over one year of Australian RCS training, change in self-reported interest for future rural career intent.

Secondary aims are to model student factors associated with rural career intent while attending an RCS. Data were collected at baseline and after one year of RCS training on preferred location for internship, work and intended specialty. Interest for graduate practice location career intent was assessed on a five-variable Likert scale at both baseline and at follow-up.

A total of students completed the UDS at baseline and students after 1 year of follow-up. Government-Owned Patent. This study had three purposes and four hypotheses were tested. Three purposes: 1 To use hierarchical linear modeling HLM to investigate whether students’ perceptions of their engineering career intentions changed over time; 2 To use HLM to test the effects of gender, engineering identification the degree to which an individual values a….

In most states, students who sit for the certified public accountant CPA examination are now required to have credit hours of college education. In this article, the authors examined the effects of this requirement on the career intentions of women and minorities.

The authors collected data from accounting students and the results…. Government-Owned Patents. Relationship between decile score of secondary school, the size of town of origin and career intentions of New Zealand medical students. New Zealand is facing a general practice workforce crisis, especially in rural communities. Medical school entrants from low decile schools or rural locations may be more likely to choose rural general practice as their career path.

To determine whether a relationship exists between secondary school decile rating, the size of the town of origin of medical students and their subsequent medical career intentions. University of Auckland medical students from to completed an entry questionnaire on a range of variables thought important in workforce determination.

Analyses were performed on data from the students who had attended a high school in New Zealand. There was a close relationship between size of town of origin and decile of secondary school. Most students expressed interests in a wide range of careers , with students from outside major cities making slightly fewer choices on average. There is no strong signal from these data that career specialty choices will be determined by decile of secondary school or size of town of origin.

An increase in the proportion of rural students in medical programmes may increase the number of students from lower decile schools, without adding another affirmative action pathway. Government-Owned Patent Application. Teresa L. Russell, Editor Cheryl J. Legree, Editor Robert N. Kilcullen, Editor Army Research Institute Career Centeredness places a career above other life activities as a source of satisfaction whereas Career Commitment concerns the intention of steadily pursuing a career throughout life.

The expectation that Career Centeredness would be more characteristic of masculine women and correlate higher with achievement motivation was generally….

Nurse manager job satisfaction and intent to leave. Background The nurse manager role is critical to staff nurse retention and often the portal to senior nursing leadership, yet little is known about nurse managers’ job satisfaction and career plans. The purpose of this study was to describe nurse managers’ job satisfaction and intent to leave.

Methods An electronic survey was used to collect data from nurse managers working in U. Seventy-two percent of these nurse managers were also planning to leave their positions in the next five years. The four most common reasons reported for intent to leave included burnout, career change, retirement, and promotion.

Burnout was the most common reason cited by the entire sample but the fourth most common reason for leaving cited by those nurse managers who were planning to leave and also satisfied or very satisfied with their positions. Conclusions Recommendations for nursing leaders include evaluating the workload of nurse managers, providing career counseling, and developing succession plans.

Additional research is needed to understand the determinants and consequences of nurse manager job satisfaction, intent to leave, and turnover. Career intentions of medical students in the setting of Nepal’s rapidly expanding private medical education system. The number of medical students trained in Nepal each year has increased nearly fifty-fold in the last 15 years, primarily through the creation of private medical schools.

It is unknown where this expanding cohort of new physicians will ultimately practice. We distributed an anonymous survey to students in their last 2 years of medical school at four medical schools in Nepal to examine two dimensions of career intention : the intention to practice in Nepal and the intention to practice in rural areas.

Eighty-five per cent of the eligible study population participated, for a total of medical students. Those students who indicated a greater likelihood of practicing abroad came from families with higher incomes, were more likely to think earning a good salary was very important to their decision to become a physician, and were less likely to think they could earn a good salary in Nepal.

Students whose tuition was paid by the government were no more likely to indicate an intention to practice in Nepal than students paying their own tuition at private medical schools.

Students who indicated a greater likelihood of practicing in rural areas were more likely to be male, to have gone to a government secondary school, to have been born in a village, or to have received a scholarship from the Ministry of Education that requires rural service.

Based on our findings, we suggest the following policy changes: 1 medical schools consider selecting for students from rural backgrounds or government secondary schools who are more likely to intend to practice in rural areas, and 2 increase the number of post-graduate positions–weighted toward rural health needs–to retain students in Nepal. Clinical placements and nursing students’ career planning: a qualitative exploration.

Many nursing students enter undergraduate programmes with preconceived ideas about their future nursing careers , and intend to practice in particular areas such as midwifery or paediatrics. Through clinical placements, students are exposed to different clinical areas and professional socialization is facilitated.

However, little is known about the influence of clinical placements on students’ career intentions. This paper reports nursing findings drawn from a large qualitative study conducted in Victoria, Australia that sought to explore the influence of health professional students’ clinical placements on their future career intentions. Participants were invited to be involved in either face-to-face or focus group interviews depending upon their own preference.

Thematic data analysis revealed three main themes: ‘re-affirming career choice’, ‘working in a particular area’ and ‘work location’. Findings from the study add to our understanding of factors influencing nursing students’ planning for their future careers including the impact of clinical placements.

Goals and potential career advancement of licensed practical nurses in Japan. To investigate the effects of personal and professional variables on career advancement intentions of working Licensed Practical Nurses LPNs. In Japan, two levels of professional nursing licensures, the LPN and the registered nurse RN , are likely to be integrated in the future.

Therefore, it is important to know the career advancement intentions of LPNs. Questionnaires were sent to a sample of LPNs. Analysis of variance anova and discriminative analysis were used.

We found that those who had a positive image of LPNs along with a positive image of RNs were identified as showing interest in career advancement. The results of anova showed that age had a negative effect; however, discriminative analysis suggested that age is not as significant compared with other variables. Our results indicate that the ‘image of RNs’, and ‘role-acceptance factors’ have an effect on career advancement intentions of LPNs.

Our results suggest that Nursing Managers should create a supportive working environment where the LPN would feel encouraged to carry out the nursing role, thereby creating a positive image of nursing in general which would lead to career motivation and pursuing RN status. University, These three related works. The purpose of this study was to measure the attitudes of the middle level career Army officers relative to the concepts of conflict management.

Using different approaches and technology, both projects challenged students to use electricity monitoring system data to create action plans for conserving energy in their homes and communities. The impact of each project on students’ career interests was assessed via a multi-method evaluation that included the Career Interest Questionnaire CIQ , a measure that was validated within the context of ITEST projects and has since become one of the instruments used most commonly across the ITEST community.

This article explores the extent to which the CIQ can be used to document the effects of technology-enhanced STEM educational experiences on students’ career attitudes and intentions in different environments. The results indicate that the CIQ, and the Intent subscale in particular, served as significant predictors of students’ self-reported STEM career aspirations across project context. Results from each project also demonstrated content gains by students and demonstrated the impact of project participation and gender on student outcomes.

The authors conclude that the CIQ is a useful tool for providing empirical evidence to document the impact of technology-enhanced science education programs, particularly with regard to Intent to purse a STEM career.

The need for additional cross-project comparison studies is also discussed. Army Aviation Personnel. A total of aviation personnel from 3 Army posts were sampled. A study examined characteristics of female medical students who indicated an intention to specialize in surgery, traditionally a male-dominated field.

Family backgrounds, career motivations, and career orientations from this group were compared with the same characteristics of female medical students selecting other fields of specialization. To assess whether or not a sample of PGY-1 doctors in the Waikato region remained satisfied with the ACE system for employment 12 years after its inception. Questions were based around reasons for selecting the DHB, satisfaction with the ACE process and future career intentions.

Consistent trends were observed across the two cohorts in regards to their reasons for selecting the DHB, satisfaction with ACE and future intentions , with some differences observed with familial background and interest in pursuing hospital-based specialties. Our findings suggest that ACE remains a satisfactory recruiting system for postgraduate junior doctors, however, motives around initial DHB selection and future vocational intentions remain unclear and warrant further investigation.

Understanding entrepreneurial intent in late adolescence: the role of intentional self-regulation and innovation. Entrepreneurship represents a form of adaptive developmental regulation through which both entrepreneurs and their ecologies benefit. Specifically, we tested whether personal characteristics i. Our findings suggest that self-regulation, innovation orientation, and having entrepreneurial role models i.

Limitations and future directions for the study of youth entrepreneurship are discussed. Matrix organizational structure and its effect on Army acquisition program management offices. The goal was to establish an organizational structure which could operate efficiently in an environment of shrinking budgets and increasing technical specialization.

To address this challenge, the Army followed the aerospace industry’s lead, an Army Corps Tanis Toland via telephone at [[Page Growing interest in entrepreneurship among younger workers has implications for university family and consumer sciences FCS programs.

This study assessed FCS majors’ attitudes toward entrepreneurship as a career path. Students viewed entrepreneurship opportunities as attractive and were confident about their possibilities for success; however,….

Using the domain identification model to study major and career decision-making processes. The purpose of this study was to examine the extent to which 1 a domain identification model could be used to predict students’ engineering major and career intentions and 2 the MUSIC Model of Motivation components could be used to predict domain identification. The data for this study were collected from first-year engineering students. We used a structural equation model to test the hypothesised relationship between variables in the partial domain identification model.

The findings suggested that engineering identification significantly predicted engineering major intentions and career intentions and had the highest effect on those two variables compared to other motivational constructs. Furthermore, results suggested that success, interest, and caring are plausible contributors to students’ engineering identification. Overall, there is strong evidence that the domain identification model can be used as a lens to study career decision-making processes in engineering, and potentially, in other fields as well.

Prospect theory holds that negatively framed messages can have a powerful effect on people’s cognitions related to adopting particular behaviors in situations of uncertainty. The British Army must identify its future generals from its officer cadets and retain them for their 35 year career. There is no written contract and the psychological contract differs considerably as they progress through the ranks with different jobs and remuneration.

The PhD will identify how officer talent is managed in current policy, which will be cross-referenced against The intent of this monograph was to determine if commercial wargame simulations could be used to develop the organizational leadership abilities of Army officers This is a quantitative study of undergraduate engineering majors’ intentions to persist in their engineering program. Using a multiple analysis of variance analysis, men and women had one common predictor for their intentions to persist, engineering career outcome expectations.

However, the best sociocognitive predictor for men’s persistence…. Full Text Available This study aims to identify the predominant career profiles among Generation Y in Brazil and investigate the influence of demographic and professional characteristics in these profiles.

Career profiles are defined as combinations of the presence of Boundaryless and Protean career attitudes. This study is descriptive, the sample is non-probabilistic and intentional and consists of 2, people. Cluster Analysis and Chi-square tests were used. The results show that people from Generation Y have a high presence of attitudes related to new careers and that these new careers are associated with high education and high income, mainly the Boundaryless career.

A total sample size of was obtained from two separate cohorts, which were demographically similar except for age. Most interns There was a high intention to specialise Recent employment data from collegiate athletic training settings have demonstrated departure trends among men and women.

These trends have been hypothesized to be related to work-life balance. However, work-life balance is only 1 aspect of a myriad of factors. Due to the complex nature of the work-life interface, a multilevel examination is needed to better understand the precipitators of departure. To quantitatively examine factors that may influence collegiate athletic trainers’ ATs’ job satisfaction and career intentions via a multilevel examination of the work-life interface.

Cross-sectional study. Web-based questionnaire. The average age of participants was Participants responded to an online questionnaire consisting of demographic questions, 9 Likert-scale surveys, and open-ended questions. Job-satisfaction Scores JSSs and intention -to-leave scores ITLSs served as the dependent variables and factors from individual, organizational, and sociocultural levels were the independent variables.

Hierarchical regression analysis was run to determine the predictability of factors. Independent variables explained Additions of factor levels increased the percentage of explained variance in both scores. Being hopeful is critical for individuals who are engaged in vocational pursuits.

However, the empirical research examining how and why hope is related to work and career outcomes remains sparse. We evaluate a model that proposes that dispositional hope affects job performance and turnover intentions through increased work motivation in terms of…. Predicting non-familial major physical violent crime perpetration in the US Army from administrative data. Although interventions exist to reduce violent crime, optimal implementation requires accurate targeting.

We report the results of an attempt to develop an actuarial model using machine learning methods to predict future violent crimes among US Army soldiers. Of these soldiers, committed a first founded major physical violent crime murder-manslaughter, kidnapping, aggravated arson, aggravated assault, robbery over that time period. The model was then validated in an independent sample. Area under the receiver-operating characteristic curve was 0.

Of all administratively recorded crimes, Although these results suggest that the models could be used to target soldiers at high risk of violent crime perpetration for preventive interventions, final implementation decisions would require further validation and weighing of predicted effectiveness against intervention costs and competing risks.

Adaptability was found to be one of the important aspects for employees in order for them to survive in their career especially to those in the ICT industry. The ICT work nature involved with consistent work changes, intensive creative thinking, and advanced technological upgrading.

Although organizations supposed to encourage career adaptability…. The purpose of this research is to assess the impact of an educational program on the Military Health System on some of the evidence-based educational outcomes for the Individual student and the Society all Army Medical Treatment Facilities.

The U. Since the majority of the graduate students are military officers who serve in military medical treatment facilities MTFs , tracking their career progression allows assessing the value added of the U. In a similar but shorter time frame , DoD patient satisfaction assessments were conducted.

The Individual outcomes career advancement, increase in status, higher professional association membership demonstrate that the selection criteria used for program admission appear to be successful.

Continued internal program assessments curriculum reviews and external reviews Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration accreditations of 5 years in , 8 years in and 7 years in , and 7 ACHE student chapter awards attest to the strengths of the U. Educating the MHS shareholders patients, beneficiaries, professional and support staff, senior leaders and leveraging technology to. The goals of industrial.

Research Report. A study examined the attitudes and career expectations of a random sample of catering and hospitality industry employees in the United Kingdom. Purpose: This paper aims to identify the differences between African and European students with regard to their entrepreneurial intentions , attitudes towards entrepreneurship, role models and entrepreneurial experience.

It also aims to set the scene for future comparative research between developing and developed countries in the area of graduate…. A survey of factors influencing career preference in new-entrant and exiting medical students from four UK medical schools. Background Workforce planning is a central issue for service provision and has consequences for medical education.

Much work has been examined the career intentions , career preferences and career destinations of UK medical graduates but there is little published about medical students career intentions.

How soon do medical students formulate careers intentions? How much do these intentions and preferences change during medical school? If they do change, what are the determining factors? Methods This was a cross-sectional questionnaire survey.

Two cohorts [—10, —11] of first and final year medical students at the four Scottish graduating medical schools took part in career preference questionnaire surveys. Questions were asked about demographic factors, career preferences and influencing factors. Results The response rate was Significant differences were found across the four schools, most obviously in terms of student origin [Scotland, rest of UK or overseas], age group, and specialty preferences in Year 1 and Year 5.

When the analysis was adjusted for demographic and job-related preferences, specialty preferences differed by gender, and wish for work-life balance and intellectual satisfaction. We found various factors influenced career preference, confirming prior findings. What this study adds is that, while acknowledging student intake differs by medical school, medical school itself seems to influence.

Workforce planning is a central issue for service provision and has consequences for medical education. Our aim was to compare medical students’ career preferences upon entry into and exit from undergraduate medical degree programmes.

This was a cross-sectional questionnaire survey. Two cohorts [, ] of first and final year medical students at the four Scottish graduating medical schools took part in career preference questionnaire surveys. The response rate was Year 1 and Year 5 students’ specialty preferences also differed within each school and, while there were some common patterns, each medical school had a different profile of students’ career preferences on exit.

This is the first multi-centre study exploring students’ career preferences and preference influences upon entry into and exit from undergraduate medical degree programmes. What this study adds is that, while acknowledging student intake differs by medical school, medical school itself seems to influence career preference.

Comparisons across medical school. Nilton Hebling’s career and contribution to carcinology. Our intention is to show to next generation of carcinologists some insights of his professional life, and to acknowledge his great attitude while teaching and mentoring many Brazilian carcinologists.

Navigating the Path to a Biomedical Science Career. The number of biomedical PhD scientists being trained and graduated far exceeds the number of academic faculty positions and academic research jobs. If this trend is compelling biomedical PhD scientists to increasingly seek career paths outside of academia, then more should be known about their intentions , desires, training experiences, and career path navigation.

Therefore, the purpose of this study was to understand the process through which biomedical PhD scientists are trained and supported for navigating future career paths. In addition, the study sought to determine whether career development support efforts and opportunities should be redesigned to account for the proportion of PhD scientists following non-academic career pathways. Guided by the social cognitive career theory SCCT framework this study sought to answer the following central research question: How does a southeastern tier 1 research university train and support its biomedical PhD scientists for navigating their career paths?

Key findings are: Many factors influence PhD scientists’ career sector preference and job search process, but the most influential were relationships with faculty, particularly the mentor advisor; Planned activities are a significant aspect of the training process and provide skills for career success; and Planned activities provided skills necessary for a career , but influential factors directed the career path navigated. Implications for practice and future research are discussed.

Early career experiences and perceptions – a qualitative exploration of the turnover of young registered nurses and intention to leave the nursing profession in Finland. To describe why young registered nurses RNs had previously left an organisation and why they intend to leave the profession. Currently, many young registered nurses, including those in Finland, are considering leaving their job or have an intention to leave the profession. An in-depth, descriptive approach was adopted.

Data were collected in from interviews with 15 registered nurses under the age of 30 years. The interviews were semi-structured and analysed using conventional content analysis. The main questions addressed were: ‘Why had the young registered nurses left their previous organisation? The first years of nursing are particularly stressful for newly-graduated and inexperienced registered nurses.

An in-depth, qualitative approach reveals more complex reasons behind the turnover of registered nurses and intention to leave the profession than questionnaire surveys. Young registered nurses need social support from nurse managers and experienced colleagues to successfully transition into nursing practice environments. Adequate orientation and mentoring programmes are needed to facilitate this transition. Full Text Available This study was undertaken to measure the relationship between service quality, customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions.

A survey method was employed to collect data from customers who received treatments at army medical organizations in Malaysia. The outcomes of Smart-PLS path model analysis confirmed that relationship between service qualities features tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy with customer satisfaction were positively and significantly correlated with behavioral intentions.

This result demonstrates that effect of tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy on behavioral intentions was mediated by customer satisfaction. DOI: Males represent approximately 6.

The authors investigated environmental work factors in the acute-care setting and their influence on male RNs’ job satisfaction and intention to stay in the profession. They conducted a cross-sectional study of male RNs employed in acute-care settings in the province of Ontario. Correlations and multiple regression analyses were used to examine career satisfaction and intentions.

Nurses who were most satisfied with their career valued extrinsic rewards pay, vacation, and benefits , control and responsibility, and opportunities for professional development; those who were least satisfied and voiced their intention to leave the profession tended to work part time, experience gender mistreatment, and be dissatisfied with extrinsic awards, scheduling, and organizational support. A unique finding of this study relates to the significant predictive relationship between gender mistreatment and males’ intention to leave.

Ambivalent journey: Teacher career paths in Oman. This study investigated the career paths of university graduates who prepared to be secondary school teachers in Oman, their assessment of their current work situation, and the extent to which their initial commitment to teaching was related to their subsequent career satisfaction and intention to remain in teaching.

While nearly all graduates entered teaching, their decision was marked by ambivalence. Nearly half of the graduates reported being only somewhat or not at all committed to teaching as a career when they graduated.

It also appears that initial commitment to teaching operates as an important lens through which teachers view their subsequent careers. Those initially more committed to teaching were more likely to be satisfied with the progress they made in their career , more likely to think that their current teaching position offered them opportunities for advancement, and more likely to want to remain in teaching than were graduates who had a lower initial commitment to teaching.

The authors discuss both the theoretical and practical implications of these findings. Army weapon systems human-computer interface style guide. Version 2. Some of the tools being used to accomplish this standardization are HCI design guidelines and style guides. Currently, the Army is employing a number of HCI design guidance documents. The intent was to update some of the research and incorporate some enhancements.

This document provides that revision. Each subdomain should customize and extend this guidance by developing their domain-specific style guides, which will be used to guide the development of future systems within their subdomains. To meet these requirements, the training of health professionals, including pharmacists, needs to be focused on patient care processes, and students must develop competencies in the delivery of patient care.

Pharmacy graduates need to be well prepared for new and alternative career pathways through their education and training, to be a part of the future workforce. This study explores Australian intern pharmacists’ perceived preparedness for practice, the match between their expectations and experience to meet the requirements of health professionals in Australia’s health care reforms, and their future career intentions.

Methods: Two questionnaires were sent by post to all intern pharmacists in South Australia; one was sent early in their internship and the second follow-up questionnaire was sent near the completion of their internship. Results: Pharmacy graduates felt prepared for patient care, medicines information, and primary health care roles. As a reminder, the U. The two story parking garage Bldg. More details about the project can be found on page 12 and Until further notice, the post shuttle bus service will operate on a reduced schedule.

A print-friendly version can be downloaded here: www. The passport office will be closed March 30 for training. Regular operating hours are Monday and Friday, to a. Army Europe is asking service members in Germany who are residing offpost in privately leased or rental housing to take part in the annual housing survey now through March The survey is instrumental in ensuring accurate housing allowance rates for military families living off post.

Spouses are authorized to take the survey if the service member is deployed or unavailable. Exemption from this survey includes homeowners or those sharing rent with another service member. Take the survey at: www. Lee Carter is no stranger to new beginnings, new schools and new friends. The Wiesbaden High School teacher and Student to Student leader was once a military child herself and experienced many of the unique transitions her students face today.

Student to Student sponsors help ease the transition for incoming students to Wiesbaden High School. Undra Marbury-Robinson, guidance counselor at Wiesbaden High School, said that initial contact is key in helping students make a smooth transition. Youth sponsorship is not unique to Wiesbaden. School liaison officers all around the world support the youth sponsorship process. The goal is to. For details on becoming a youth sponsor students in grades six to 11 , to request a youth sponsor, or for more information on the youth sponsorship program contact the U.

Career fair Continued from page 1 ment, whether here in Wiesbaden or stateside. Local as well as U. In addition to being able to meet with employers, job seekers will have the opportunity to take professional development classes beginning at 8 a.

For those who would like assistance tailoring their resume, Soldier for Life Transition Services Manager Brad Gavle recommends bringing a hard copy and also emailing a copy to. Job seekers are encouraged to dress for success and have resumes on hand. He said job seekers should have an idea of which employers they are interested in talking to and tailor their resume to those jobs.

News and features Polizei. Continued from page 1 another car. To me this was a reminder to always carry your documents when going outside of Germany. But it pays to know what to expect and what documents to have on hand to make the process go as smoothly as possible, police said. A lot of people see the blue lights and panic, said Sgt.

Joseph Onessimo, a traffic officer with the Directorate of Emergency Services. But police officers want to emphasize the importance of slowing down and focusing on safety. Polizei officers will identify themselves and state the reason for. Military Police, if necessary. If a person identifies themselves as a police officer, but they are dressed in civilian clothes, drivers can ask for identification to show proof that they are who they say they are, Heinz said.

The officer will then check the driver for proper documents and may do a quick inspection to ensure that lights are working and that the driver is in possession of a safety vest, warning triangle and first aid kit, he said.

It is important that car. One officer will commudrivers let the officer know right nicate with the driver and the away if they do not understand other will stand watch to keep German. The vast majority of of- the situation secure and may ficers will be able to communicate have a machine gun, Heinz said. Certain routes are known with you in English, Heinz said.

It may be helpful, however, to keep criminal routes, so drivers the garrison military police phone may be pulled over simply for number on hand in the rare case being on that route, he said.

The thing to remember is being violated. All police in Germany have that when drivers cooperate, their respective contacts at each even if they have violated a garrison, said Thomas Fink, law, things will go much more Wiesbaden Police Directorate smoothly, Fink said. So Polizei will take the lead, relax and follow be able to get in contact with instructions.

Police in Germany may use a combination of flashing blue lights and signs to signal for drivers to pull over. We at Hollmann feel that our employees are our strongest asset so we work very hard to keep up to date with our training standards. Our techs are factory trained along with various accomplishments from the major paint manufactures.

Climate controlled paint booth and prep station. Drive-on frame and unibody straightening rack for both full frame and custom made vehicles. We have our own paint mixing system to match even the toughest colored vehicles. We offer a complete line of repair including alignments. If you are pulled over by an unmarked car, someone not in uniform or you are otherwise concerned about the identity of someone acting as a police officer, you may ask for their idenfication, which looks like the above images in the state of Hessen front and back.

The two-sided ID card is laminated and can look different from state to state. Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion for U. The event is open to all. There will be no school for Wiesbaden area DoDEA schools on the following dates: – March 31, teacher workday – April 3 to 7, spring break. Parents are invited to learn about the teenage brain, the social lives of networked teens and how to better handle irrational behaviors at a workshop presented by Adolescent Support and Counseling Services.

Find out more about why teens share so publicly online, what makes teens obsessed with social media and online bullying from 10 to a. March 31 in the Wiesbaden High School multipurpose room. Looking for temporary summer work? Consider the DeCA Pathways intern program. Opportunities for part-time and full-time positions are available in many locations.

Apply at www. Aukamm Elementary offers preschool story time, geared toward children from birth to five years old. The program is on Tuesdays at a. Activities include stories, finger plays, songs, crafts and coloring sheets.

Open to all local military I. No registration required. The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic is offering physicals to all children eligible to participate in Child, Youth and School Services sports and school activities.

The physicals are by appointment only March 31 from 8 to 11 a. For appointments, call DSN or civ In both cases, PCS orders must be submitted. Students who accelerate in a high school credit class will be assigned work to be completed before withdrawal.

Re-registration packets are due by March Wiesbaden schools are hosting a re-registration event March 22 from 9 a. Lent and Holy Week U. Dates are March 17, 24, 31 and April 7. A Jewish Passover service will be published once available. For more information contact the Religious Support Office at or jolynda. April 3 to 7. Pet Passports for travel within Europe must be done by a German veterinary clinic.

The VTF does not offer surgical or dental appointments. Pets are seen by appointment only. Call Call for more information. Wear your green shirt or pants and bowl for free. There will also be Irish food specials. Wear your lucky charm Irish hat and compete in the St. Win cash prizes and enjoy a glass of traditional, green beer.

Pick up bargains on a variety of excess Non Appropriated Funds property during the sale March 18 from 8 a. This is a cash only U. Credit cards will not be accepted. The bazaar will be held March 24 from noon to 7 p. All sales are in U. The next Community Information Exchange will be March 28 at a. Come join. The next Saturday shopping opportunities are March 18, April 8 and 22, May 6 and 20, and June 3 and The shop is located at Bldg. Tax returns are now being prepared by appointment only on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 9 a.

Wednesday will remain a walk-. The Army Emergency Relief Fundraising Campaign runs through May 15 and gives the AER team the opportunity to teach military families about all that AER offers, including scholarships, grants and nointerest loans, to service members, retired service members, widows ers and orphans of Soldiers who died on active duty or while retired.

Your taxdeductible contributions help your neighbors. Support local home-based businesses. Review a current list of authorized HBBs and learn how to get yours registered at www. The event will include staggered heats with runs to various stations on Clay Kaserne.

Doors open at 6 p. Food and beverages will be available for sale. Doors open at 5 p. March 16, Rheinblick Golf Course hosts an 18hole stroke play event open to all eligible users with a verifiable golf handicap April 8 starting at 9 a. Ties for the low gross score will be decided by a sudden death playoff starting on Hole 18 and continuing through Hole 10 until a winner is determined. All other ties will be by scorecard playoff.

ID cardholder nonmembers. Register by April 3 at the Rheinblick Golf Course. Check the full fitness schedule at Wiesbaden. The Wiesbaden Fitness Center offers a variety of Optimal Wellness services, part of a holistic approach to overall health and fitness. The following services are provided: Functional Movement Screening, Personal sessions with a fitness nutrition specialist, massage therapy and an optimal wellness package, which combines the previous three services.

The sessions are provided by certified personal trainers, trained nutrition specialists and licensed massage therapists and range in price, depending on the package. For details, see www. Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8 and 11 a. Sessions last about an hour. They are open to adults and children age 10 and older. All levels are welcome and the first class is free.

Email wiesbadentangsoodo gmail. A partnership between the high school, Child and Youth Services, and a host of local organizations gave students a chance to network and delve deeper into potential current and post-high school employment and volunteer opportunities.

Also in our Teen Center we did surveys which indicated that the number one issue was jobs. Outdoor Recreation offers a seasonal rental rate for ski or snowboard equipment Ski Package includes skis, poles, boots, helmet; Snowboard Package includes snowboard with binding, boots, helmet. This rate runs through April Students enjoy pizza and other goodies at the after party in the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center following the Youth Job and Volunteer Expo.

Madeleine Moortel, a representative from the Wiesbaden Education Center, said the expo helped them reach out to students. During the after party, participants who successfully completed the expo had the chance to enter to win MWR gift vouchers, which were given away during the afternoon.

He added that another expo is planned for the next school year. Send and 10 km , 7 a. Award: Certifiings for readers using cate and patch marathon. Autobahn exit numbers are added for Weekend of March those without such devices. A marathon trail for chalcomplete listing of the Donald Seltzer lenge-seeking participants. Saturday: 7 a. From Wiesbaden, use 9 a. Sunday: 7 a. Autobahns and 60 toward Bingen, 5 and 10 km and 7 a. Goar exit to connect with Trail: Fairly hilly, woods.

Award: None shortB9, and then the Gensingen exit to pick up B From there, head south toward er trails or patch and certificate marathon. Bad Kreuznach and follow IVV signs to the start. From Saturday and Sunday: 7 a. Wiesbaden, use Autobahns 66 and 5 toward Giessen, exit at Butzbach 12 , and use B through the former military community of Butzbach, and B3 plus a minor road to the start at Niederkleen.

Saturday: 11 a. Trail: Expected to be hilly, woods. Award: Certificate. From Wiesbaden, useAutobahns 60 and 61 past Bingen, then exit at Waldlaubersheim Start: Soonwaldhalle. Saturday and Sunday: 7 a. Trail: Hilly, fields and woods. Award: None. Volksmarchers will find six trails of various distances winding through the picturesque area. From Wiesbaden,.

Start: Westeifelwerke at Unter den Birken 2. Trail: Expect hilly, wooded areas; 6 km trail is stroller-friendly. Trail lengths of 42 and 50 km are offered to challenge-seeking wanderers as are three Mountain Bike trails which do not offer IVV credit.

At Sohren, take the exit toward Kirn and use the secondary road south to Rhaunen. Start: Idarwaldhalle at Am Sonnenschlicher 5. Trail: Hilly, mostly woods. Award: From previous events shorter routes or patch and certificate marathon trails. Monday to Friday: a. The clinic will be closed in the morning March 16 for training and open from 1 to p. The intent of the PAC is to provide another venue for the clinic leadership to gain feedback.

Four representatives from each battalion and two representatives from the Retiree Council were invited to attend. During the meeting, So discussed the impact of the civilian hiring freeze, the upcoming summer transition, medical readiness, and access to care.

Specialty care referrals and pharmacy operations were also discussed in depth as a follow up from the council meeting in November The clinic will continue to conduct the quarterly PAC meetings. Those interested in participating should contact their battalion leadership to be selected to represent their unit. The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic is facing critical shortages in available providers and support staff, particularly in Behavioral Health services.

Due to attrition and the overseas tour extension policy, the Behavioral Health clinic recently lost two embedded behavioral health providers. Actions to fill these positions have been taken, but final job offers and arrival have been delayed by the hiring freeze and the exemption process. Finally, the clinic has had difficulty filling a vacant psychiatrist position for over one year.

However, we expect current staffing challenges to remain for the next three to four months. Nelson So, the Wiesbaden Army. Health Clinic commander. To compensate for the shortage, the Behavioral Health clinic is increasing usage of tele-behavioral health for psychotherapy and medication management.

However, even with this additional support, it may not have sufficient capacity to see all new patients who are Family members, civilians, or retirees, and patients in these categories may be referred to network care. The Behavioral Health clinic will continue to see new active duty patients and any patient currently being seen, regardless of category. Family members, civilians, or retirees can receive care from host nation network providers.

They do not need a referral from Behavioral Health. Patients will be authorized eight appointments initially. If they need care beyond that, their network provider will need to submit a request for approval of additional appointments.

Kong: Skull Island PG p. Power Rangers PG p. Chips R 7 p. Power Rangers PG 4 p. Chips R p. Ghost in the Shell PG p. Please visit herald-union. The world has become intensively information oriented and humans are well-connected to the network. Crime has developed into a sophisticated stage by hacking into the interactive network. To prevent this, Section 9 is formed. These are cyborgs with incredible strengths and abilities that can access any network on Earth. Field commander The Major Scarlett Johansson and her task force thwart cyber criminals and hackers.

Community projects cont Story and photos by Amy L. Bugala U. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs. The U. Army Garrison Wiesbaden community continues to change, as many quality of life improvement projects near completion and a few new ones get started. The new Access Control Point is scheduled to open in April and will be the main vehicle access to Hainerberg from the B through Washingtonstrasse.

The new gate took nine months to complete and accommodates two POVs, truck and bus lanes. An off-leash dog park is being built at the west end of Heerstrasse on Clay Kaserne and is scheduled to be complete by the end of June.

The grassy area will be enclosed with fencing and feature a double-gate entrance to provide a safe and open area for dogs to run and play. The park will include some paved areas, permanent park benches, tables and trash receptacles. This is the second dog park to be added to the Wiesbaden community. Cyclists will have several new and improved places to park their bikes this spring as work to upgrade bikes racks and install a few new ones with shelters continues.

A before and after look left to right at the entrance renovations currently underway in Hainerberg housing. White doors will be replaced, creating a more consistent look and feel across the installation. The project involves creating a solar panel roof over parking spaces on the top level of the structure. With the average home using approximately 3, kilowatt hours per year, this is enough energy to run approximately homes. The garage will be closed March 27 through the end of August to construct the steel frame and install the panels which.

Miss through traffic to support the B a Work on a new parking lot wi and is expected to be complete b the perimeter fencing will be r spaces can be temporarily used construction continues. Space in building , located across from the Fitness Center on Clay Kaserne, is being prepared to house a temporary Postal Service Center so structural repairs can be made at the current post office location. A wooded area at the corner of Heerstrasse and Weberstrasse will be the site of a new dog park on Clay.

The cranes have come down at the Wiesbaden High School construction site as work moves into the final phase. Drivers should anticipate traffic exasstrasse are prepared for the end sissippistrasse will remain closed to access road into the construction site. Once complete relocated so the 87 new parking d by the community while school 1 million facility is expected to be will be part of a shared campus with ry School.

A variety of repairs and upgrades are underway in Hainerberg housing. Eighteen buildings are receiving a new coat of paint as part of the Army Family Housing routine maintenance schedule.

The exterior painting is expected to take three weeks per building which includes power washing and erecting scaffolding. Entrances are also being upgraded at many buildings to provide a similar look and feel throughout the community. The project includes replacing the front step, front door, glass canopy, installing LED lighting, and new mailboxes. During upgrades the building intercom systems will be disabled and new mailbox keys will be issued to residents.

The project is expected to take about three weeks per building. Maintenance crews will also begin cleaning existing glass canopies in the community. Shipping containers were recently placed in areas along Washington and California Strasses to support the first phase of basement renovations in Hainerberg housing. The renovations will reconfigure the space to eliminate common areas and maximize the entire basement creating dedicated, secure personal storage for residents.

Work includes gutting and reconfiguring, plastering, painting and installation of LED motion detector lighting. A total. Left: Shipping containers along Washingtonstrasse will serve as temporary storage for residents during a basement renovation project. Right: Once complete, the new basement configurations provide secure, dedicated storage space for each unit.

A facility improvement project to repair and widen 38 driveways in the Aukamm community is progressing. More than 27 driveways have been completed since Sept. A total of 96 driveways along Rheinland, Hamburg, Wuerttemberg and Bremen Strasses are included in the overall plan.

A patio repair project is finishing up in the Aukamm community which includes leveling backyard patios at 36 duplexes and installing handrails where required. Customers will be notified of any disruption to services during the move. AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the KA. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

Hague accredited. Caseworkers in Germany. US Like to ride bicycles, Join this group on Facebook. Meet others that enjoy the same type riding you do, create a riding event and get others to join you. Or join an event someone else has created. Right now we have 25 members and want to grow larger, the more people that are in the group the more opportunities there will be for all type of riders. I am a single track rider, not real technical mountain biking but love the trails.

If you are a hardcore mountain biker, road biker, someone who enjoys family fun rides and want to explore with others. Please join and lets get some events planned. This is a group for any nationality Lets Ride. Stock Number E Find us on area known as the KMC Top 3? Visit www. Stock Numplaying music. Hi there! Plan on ber S Do you play an inads have become a target Ramstein-Miesenbach, strument? Ever thought about for scams. Please be cau- Germany, 92 00 00, ram practicing with a German Music tious if potential buyers offer stein usedcarguys.

If so, we would like to invite you payment methods other you to come join us for an unfor VW Scirocco 2.


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