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The Redoubt 10 exhibit recreates a small British fortification captured by American forces under the leadership of Alexander Hamilton during the Battle of Yorktown, VA, on October 14, Since the exhibit’s creation, it too has undergone some “battles. The repair team replaced the defensive structures with prepared new logs using traditional techniques to give the Redoubt a fresh, period-appropriate look, and it is ready for the public to experience and explore.

Visitors are encouraged to visit and experience the Redoubt, as well as the other exhibits on /12923.txt Army Heritage Trail. The buildings on the Trail are open Monday through Saturday, a. Visitors are welcome to walk to walk the trail from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week.

The U. Open 03 March – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep March Responsibilities: Provide historical expertise to official and unofficial organizations, staffs and individuals to increase the understanding of United States Army history.

Impart knowledge of the application of United States Army history through educational programming. Collaborate with others inside and outside of the organization in order to develop or improve products, services or programs. Support public relations through informal contact with other professionals or the general public. Entrepreneurship for Women focus of U. Peter Campbell on Thursday, August 19th usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep pm.

Join the U. Doors open at PM and the lecture begins at PM. The lecture will /45425.txt open to the public or can be viewed live-streamed online for free at www.

John F. The laws of war, while widely adopted by countries all over the world today, are a relatively recent invention in their current form. During the American Civil War, Franz Lieber, a German immigrant, professor, and writer, laid the ground work for the laws of armed conflict as they exist today.

John Fabian Witt usajobs resume builder bookworm meaning live-stream his lecture, The Law of Armed Conflict: A Historical View, where he will discuss both the ethical considerations and the important historical context surrounding the laws of armed conflict for military leaders today.

Beginning with the history of the U. Army’s use of a newly issued code defining the law of war for Union troops, Dr. Witt’s presentation will discuss both the historical background and the ethical quandaries of the law of armed conflict.

He will discuss the competing principles of the inherent humanitarianism and the simultaneous pursuit of justice that drives the use of these laws. Witt calls the “deep moral contradiction” of those laws today. Beginning December 12,The U. Please be aware that masks are required inside our facility, and we encourage adherence to social distancing guidelines. The story of how the Persian Gulf War unfolded and was fought will be told by top level leaders, Soldiers, and those at home.

Masks or face coverings will be required to enter the building. Wipes and hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility. As always parking and Admission are Free! InAmerica led a coalition of 35 countries and sent over a half-a-million servicemen and women to defeat Saddam Hussein’s Army; at that time, the fourth largest Army in the world.

Leaders such as Generals Paul E. Funk and Paul E. Funk II, General Richard Cody and General Frederick Franks were interviewed to provide insights into the preparation and execution of combat operations.

As the USAHEC continues its digitization program, researchers will have access to an increasing number of these collections right at their fingertips. For more information please call or visit www. Hooker, Jr. Though the fundamental nature of modern warfare has not changed since Carl Von Clausewitz wrote Vom Kreige in the early 19th century, technological advances since then have altered the battlefield significantly.

In his latest book, Beyond Vom Kriege, R. This lecture will reflect on those lessons learned over the course of six presidential administrations and offer a deep analysis of the conflicts in Grenada, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, among others.

Featured speaker, Dr. Online viewers can participate in the question and answer portion of the presentation by emailing usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep to usarmy.

In this lecture, Dr. Donald Miller will tell the epic tale of the longest, and possibly most decisive, campaign of the American Civil War. Grant and his invading основываясь на этих данных. By examining the strategic, operational, and tactical aspects of the Vicksburg campaign, Dr.

Miller illuminates the campaign that split the Confederacy, opened the Mississippi River, brought overslaves out of servitude, and pushed Grant into command of all of the Union Armies.

Peter Mansoor and his co-author, Dr. Williamson Murray, examine how culture impacts military organization and how officers make critical decisions on the battlefield. The lecture will explore the successes and failures of nations at war through sixteen case studies ranging from Victorian era belief systems to the Israeli military’s aggressive tendencies and ability to improvise. Mansoor will emphasize the impact of educational systems within a nation on how the military is run, and discuss debates about changing traditional institutions in the military today.

He will analyze how deep-seated cultural values and beliefs influence how Soldiers think and how they attempt to solve problems. The lecture will conclude by looking at how technology impacts the military and how failing to adapt to technology has serious consequences in the future.

Hours of operation will be Monday thru Saturday, ampm, and Sunday pmpm. Safety guidelines are in place to protect visitors and employees. Masks or face coverings are required to enter the building and are required when social distancing can’t be maintained within the building.

Wipes and hand sanitizer are available throughout the facility. We ask those who exhibit recognized symptoms of COVID to re-plan your visit for a time when it is safe for you to do so. At this time, our Ridgway Hall Research Room remains closed to the public. Our outdoor exhibits are open. If you plan to enjoy the Army Heritage Trail, please adhere to the recommended social distancing guidelines. For up to date information please visit our website at www.

He demonstrated usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep expertise in military affairs through his ability to handle conflict, his humility, and his ability to work well with others.

In his lecture, Dr. Virtual event Pre-Registration Required! Rachel Lance, a biomedical engineer with expertise in the effects of explosions on humans, to live-stream a lecture via ZOOM to answer one of American history’s most haunting questions, “What sank the H. Hunley, after completing its deadly mission, sank from history until the yearwhen it was extracted from the depths of the Charleston Harbor, its crew of eight men still seated peacefully at their posts.

The night of February 17,the Hunley, a hand-propelled submarine carrying a lb. Usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep massive explosion sank the warship, making the Hunley the first submarine successfully used in combat.

The Hunley then immediately and mysteriously disappeared. In her book, Dr. Lance’s dogged and cutting edge research into the aftereffects of the explosion not only offers the explanation for why the submarine sank, but it also helps to provide critical information on the effects of explosions on today’s combat service members.

It is an exhibition of commemorative Civil War era sculpture. The center has selected eight pieces of sculpture from the Army Heritage and Education Center’s artifact collection that have never been exhibited together including: The Standing Lincoln by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, a magnificent bronze American Usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep, marble busts of Generals George B.

McClellan and Ulysses S. Grant, and several Rogers Group statuettes. James McNally, curator of the exhibit. From Neoclassical Greco-Romanesque like sculpture carved in marble, to an era of ultra-detailed, more natural images cast in bronze. Sculpture was no longer источник for parks and museums.

Through new sculpting processes and cheaper materials, sculpture became affordable for every Middle American household. James McNally, Curator of Art, who developed this exhibit, states that through these works of arts: we begin to understand the life of Soldiers, the nature of war, and what America fights for. Wartime Occupation,” with Dr. Courtney A. Short combines extensive research with oral history accounts by both U.

Soldiers and Okinawans to explore racial constructions on the Japanese island of Okinawa amid wartime and post-World War II encounters. Viewers can participate in the question and answer portion of the presentation by emailing questions to usarmy.

After landing on the shores of Okinawa inAmerican military forces faced a unique situation: testing the loyalty to the Japanese Imperial Army of least half a million islanders. The American leadership conducted an in-depth analysis of Okinawan race, ethnicity, and identity in an attempt to understand and influence the allegiance of the Okinawans, shaping the wartime occupation policies of the American forces.

Short offers insights into how the Okinawan culture allowed the people of the island to maintain their identity while adapting to a new type of government. Short also demonstrates the ability of the American military to rationally assess and successfully address such variables as race, ethnicity, and identity in different cultures while also keeping in mind practical considerations, such as usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep and battlefield conditions.

Thomas Bruscino. The lecture is based on a paper written by Dr. The overwhelming majority of senior leaders who led the United States to victory in World War II relied on world-class education and mentorship at the U. Army War College. Making extensive use of the Army War College’s archival records at the U. Army Heritage and Education Center, Dr. He will offer insights into professional military education at the strategic level, interwar military reform, and the professional experiences of most of the senior leaders of World War II.


San Juan Puerto Rico CSRM Feasibility Study.

For more information on the conference and registration, please visit the conference website: www.


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Edinger Associates, Inc. The successful candidate will possess a B. Duties: Managing habitat restoration, mitigation, and monitoring projects, and development of habitat restoration plans for sensitive habitats in California and elsewhere. Provide leadership and mentoring opportunities usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep junior-level staff.

Market and prepare proposals for habitat restoration and mitigation projects. Skills: Expertise in horticulture and restoration ecology with an understanding of Southern California native plant communities and species.

Understanding of experimental design, statistical data analysis, and adaptive management concepts. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are essential. Must be comfortable with public speaking and conducting meetings, and should be able to prepare clear, concise written documents under time constraints. Duties: Conducting field projects including wildlife surveys vertebrates and invertebrateshabitat mapping, and other wildlife research projects.

Managing, organizing, and analyzing field data, database management, and report writing. Skills: Expertise in wildlife surveys and field research in Southern California. Botanical skills a plus. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are desired.

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume ссылка на продолжение Human Resources: Morehouse Drive, San Diego CA ; fax: or e-mail maya. Position is available August Duties include field data collection, field experiments, data analysis, computer work, and lab work.

Our research focuses on plant population biology, fire ecology, conservation biology, community ecology, and ecological genetics; with a focus on the endemic plants of Florida scrub and on посетить страницу data collection and analysis. Our lab consists of 3 full time scientists together with variable numbers of interns, graduate students, and collaborators; and is a stimulating and enjoyable workplace.

The applicant should have a BA or BS in ecology, botany, or a related field, experience in field work, computer and data handling experience, willingness to work both independently and as part of research teams, and physical stamina to work outdoors in a subtropical climate.

Other desired qualifications include specific training in plant population biology or fire ecology, field experience in Florida, experience in hot, humid climates, experience with GPS andGIS, statistical training, computer modeling experience, and interest or experience in conservation and land management.

Benefits include salary in the mid’s depending on experienceannual leave, paid holidays, health insurance, disability benefits, and an excellent pension plan. I also believe in professional development of research assistants, and three past RA’s have gone on to graduate school. This position will be funded by research grants. We currently have support for a year, but anticipate continued support. Prospective applicants should seek more information on Archbold and the Plant Ecology Lab at www.

Send a letter summarizing experience and qualifications, a CV or resume, lists of courses and grades, and names, phone numbers, and email addresses for 3 references. Email applications are welcome. Contact: Dr. Eric S. Duties include nest searching, monitoring reproductive success, accurately reading color bands during regular censuses, climbing trees using sectional ladders, assisting in trapping and banding adults and nestlings, limited data нажмите чтобы узнать больше, GPS основываясь на этих данных collection and conducting maintenance on natural and artificial cavity trees.

The positions require independent work in both longleaf pine and oak scrub habitats, often in remote areas of a ,acre military reserve. A keen interest in birds is the most important prerequisite, but experience in nest searching, reading color bands, handling and banding birds, and working under hot-humid field conditions will be helpful, though not essential. Applicants should send a letter of interest indicating position of interest and resume with names, email addresses, and phone numbers of three references to Archbold Biological Station Office, Avon Park Air Force Range, Easy Street, Avon Park, FL ; fax ; e-mail mdent archbold-station.

E-mail preferred. Archbold Biological Station: Applications sought for Land Manager, Archbold Biological Station, employeesa private, non-profit research institution conducting leading-edge ecological research on Florida ecosystems. Archbold provides a stimulating research atmosphere, with strengths in avian biology, plant ecology, landscape ecology, endangered species research, and applied biology.

The Land Manager has the opportunity to interact with scientists to forge new directions in fire management, exotic species control, and monitoring methods. Archbold is a place where self-motivated individuals have opportunities to grow intellectually and advance their careers.

Requirements: BA or BS degree in a relevant natural science, years experience in prescribed burning or other land management operations, good physical condition. Ability to work outdoors under hot, humid conditions typical of central Florida. Experience controlling exotic plant and animal species.

Written communication skills, including technical writing. Supervisory experience, leadership skills, administrative skills. Ability and willingness to work with scientists on land management issues. Land Manager’s Role: The overall goals of the Land Manager are to promote biological diversity, natural ecological processes, and research and educational opportunities at Archbold Biological Station through safe, efficient and scientifically-based land management policies and practices.

Key areas of responsibility include coordinating land management, conducting prescribed burns, training burn crews, managing data on prescribed burning, controlling exotic species, routine biological monitoring, working with researchers to integrate land management and research activities, and working with agencies, neighbors and other interested parties.

The Land Manager reports directly to the Executive Director. Salary will depend on experience. Merit raises are made annually and may be substantial with advances in training and experience.

The position includes full health and disability benefits, annual leave, sick leave, and a retirement plan. Archbold is a relaxed and interesting workplace within a globally-significant acre natural area.

To Apply: Please send cover letter, resume, and 2 employer references name, address, tel. Austin Collegeчитать статью selective liberal arts college, seeks a Project Coordinator to help administer a grant funded by the Meadows Foundation for its ecological restoration and environmental outreach activities.

The holder of this нажмите чтобы перейти, which has support for three years beginning Junewill work with the Project Administrator to further implement an adaptive management experiment in prairie restoration and provide посетить страницу источник environmental outreach activities for school children and rural landowners. The successful applicant must have a record of commitment to environmental issues, узнать больше здесь interpersonal skills, and experience in ecological restoration, ranch management, or environmental education.

Minimum qualifications also include a master’s degree in a relevant field or three years of relevant experience. Depending upon qualifications and experience, the successful applicant will also have opportunities in research, teaching, and grant preparation.

Review of applications begins April 15 and continues until position is filled. The ecologist will be responsible for leading and organizing field sampling missions in support of vegetation mapping and classification projects in Riverside and San Diego Counties. This is a collaborative project with the Calif. The classification and map will be used to читать the vegetation and habitat to ensure habitat quality and drive management decisions for conservation.

Minimum qualifications include: An undergraduate degree in ecology, botany, or related field. Background in Usajobs jobs government jobs official sitel workout anytime flora, natural history, geology, and climate.

Experience in statistical analyses of vegetation data, and vegetation mapping. Ability to read topographic maps, navigate with map and compass, accurately locate positions. Desirable qualifications: Superior skills in vegetation and plant ecology, with a graduate degree in plant ecology or botany. Familiarity with a variety of techniques for measuring vegetation. Duration: The position is full-time with secured funding for one year, ссылка на продолжение possible funding continually for other projects in California.

See the CNPS web site at www. Deadline: May 30, For the full job ad or questions: contact Usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep Evens or e-mail jevens cnps. Canaan Usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep Institute: We www. Duties will involve collecting, integrating, prioritizing and summarizing existing federal, state and academic studies on the environmental condition of the mid-Atlantic Highlands.

Some travel throughout the mid-Atlantic Highlands will be required. This position offers a competitive salary and full benefits package. Center for Natural Lands Management The CNLM, a non-profit organization which manages natural areas, is recruiting for a Preserve Manager to oversee all operations at the Rancho Guadalupe Dunes preserve, located on the beautiful central California coast.

Duties would include all aspects of management including budgeting, scheduling kiosk workers, coordination with other dune organizations, the local community and resource agencies, monitoring the nesting success of CA least tern and snowy plover colonies, dune restoration and exotic control, and public use and education.

Salary commensurate with experience. Graduate degree in ecology, natural resources management, biology, or similar field required.

To find more information, see www. As a research intern, you will contribute to the Conservation Science Department’s ongoing research on the reproductive biology, demography, quantitative and population genetics of rare plant species, studies of mycorrhizal fungi, monitoring of native plants, collection of plant specimens, and data analysis and interpretation. You will participate in a variety of activities outdoors and indoors.

You will have the opportunity to initiate usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep own research, attend seminars, participate in meetings, and interact closely with botanists, researchers, and conservation scientists. If you are a newly-graduated or soon-to-graduate student with a background in biology and want to start a career in ecology, botany, environmental science or if you have a strong background and interest in flora of the upper Midwest, we encourage you как сообщается здесь apply.

Candidates should have exposure to plant research, field ecology, conservation biology, laboratory techniques DNA, tissue cultureherbarium usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep, or usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep identification.

The ability to work both independently and as part of a team is essential. Start date is negotiable between April and June Deadline is March 1. Assistance locating housing is provided. For further information please see the usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep – usajobs gov pathways program 2021 jeep website and the internship program website includes application forms or contact Dr. Stuart Wagenius swagenius chicagobotanic. The successful candidate will join an interdisciplinary team of researchers in a study spanning soil biochemistry and physics, plant physiology, whole-ecosystem gas exchange and regional land-atmosphere modeling.

The successful candidate will work with project investigators to develop a series of three eddy covariance sites in land that is currently set-aside in the USDA Conservation Reserve Program. Following initial measurements, two quarter section sites will be converted to alternative land use, including a grazing treatment and a low-till agricultural rotation.

Parallel activities will examine the carbon and water dynamics of the contrasting systems by mass balance, the physiological and biogeochemical processes underlying changes in the timing and magnitude of fluxes, and the impacts of land use options on regional atmosphere dynamics.

Lead investigators and collaborators on this project include Drs. Requirements for the position include a Masters, or equivalent experience, in micrometeorology, plant physiology, biogeochemistry, range management, or related discipline. Experience in one or more of the following would be advantageous: micrometeorological theory, methods and instrumentation, plant physiological or biogeochemical techniques, analysis and management of large datasets, and ecosystem or land surface modeling.


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