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Jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod entergy login – jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod entergy login
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Sep 19,  · There are job openings in federal agencies across the country. If you’re interested in one, visit It’s the official job site for the federal government. . May 09,  · Federal Government Employment walks you through the steps to apply for a job on USAJOBS. USAJOBS is the federal government’s jobs portal. Veterans’ Preference . The USAJobs () federal job search site is managed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). They advertise an average of 14, federal job vacancies daily and .

Jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod entergy login – jobs usa gov federal jobs nearpod entergy login. #Companies


They advertise an average of 14, federal job vacancies daily and assist agencies with their recruiting efforts. Each year approximately , people are hired by Uncle Sam. USAJobs offers basic and advanced job searches, an online federal resume builder, applicant online registration where you can check on the status of your applications, save searches, job vacancies, and resumes for future bids.

There are also abundant resources available for your federal jobs search. Job seekers can search by job title, location, occupational series, agency or department, salary range, and pay grade.

The advance search feature offers many options to filter your search. You can also register to use their online federal resume builder and you can limit your federal job search to jobs available for current federal employees only or to jobs that the general public can apply for. USAJobs was recently upgraded to a more user friendly format that simplifies the application process for all applicants.

The new site explains various hiring polices and reduced government jargon so that applicants will better understand the process. After registering online you can build and save up to 5 distinct resumes, save and automate job searches, apply for jobs, and explore special hiring programs.

You can also see what jobs are in demand. Use their advanced search feature with multiple filters to search for federal government jobs in your occupation, area, and at the desired pay grade. Also search our consolidated job listings that provide job vacancies for federal, state, and private sectors in your area.




The Salvation Army asks people who want to help those affected by Hurricane Ike to visit www. Monetary donations are needed to meet survivors’ most immediate needs. To keep its customers better informed, the company recently launched a special web page giving customers access to the latest updates.

By clicking the Hurricane Update link at www. Our experience has shown that most of our outages are due to the loss of electrical power. Often, a street may have power restored, but the power required to operate the node in the neighborhood, may still be without power.

This easy to read mapping system will allow customers to see the progress that is being made within their area. Customers can click on a specific map region for a closer view of their community.

These maps will be updated as service is restored and customers are advised to check periodically for the latest information. Comcast technicians are working in all areas where power has been restored and the power company and local authorities have granted a safety clearance. In addition to the company’s own local crews, nearly technicians from around the country are on the ground in the Greater Houston Area and surrounding counties to help with the restoration process.

Emergency restoration procedures along the Greater Texas Gulf Coast allow cable service to be repaired as soon as the power companies have restored power and determined the area is safe. Downed power lines can cause dangerous conditions, so an area must be surveyed and cleared by power company personnel before the all clear is given and restoration work on communications lines can begin.

Many of these residents can’t return to their homes because their homes were severely damaged or destroyed in the storm. Before Ike made landfall, evacuees from coastal areas were bused to state Shelter Hubs in cities such as Austin and Dallas. This shelter is being used exclusively for residents moving out of the George R. Brown Convention Center Shelter and for these Houston area coastal residents being brought back here by bus.

Residents needing shelter, who evacuated on their own, are strongly encouraged to choose from other Red Cross shelters located throughout the greater Houston area. The Red Cross is identifying additional shelter locations because more evacuees will be bussed back into Houston in the next few days. For current Shelter List information go to www. These kitchens have been providing meals for Red Cross Shelters, Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles ERV’s distributing food to families in damaged neighborhood and providing drive-up meals from the Baytown kitchen location.

Red Cross Teams continue to assess damage in 26 area counties including teams dispatched today from the Houston area to access damage in Chambers, Liberty and Polk counties.

You can help the victims of thousands of disasters across the country each year, disasters like the Hurricanes of ,by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

You can log-on to www. You can send multiple donations depending on your carrier. Contributions will appear on monthly bills or be debited from a pre-paid account balance. All applicable text rates apply.

All bus routes for both North and South campuses are open. Students are instructed to report to their classes as scheduled immediately. Any student who utilizes private transportation and attends the North Campus after Tuesday, September 23, should call for additional details. This special assistance has been extended until further notice. The new pharmacy you’re assigned to will need as much information as possible from you regarding prescriptions in order to supply additional drugs to you, so the labels on your current prescription bottles and any other details regarding your physician will be.

Remember, if you don’t have any additional refills available on the prescription you’re currently using, the pharmacy can’t fill your request unless they can reach your doctor’s office and obtain authorization to do so. Anyone needing access to fax machines or local support services is encouraged to seek out assistance from local service providers.

The type and amount of pollution, which includes oil and diesel from boats, and industrial chemicals, varies by site. Field workers from these agencies are working with local agencies to assess, contain and clean up spills and hazardous materials.

Assessment teams investigate reports of possible cases of pollution and prioritize the cleanup efforts. Once a reported case is confirmed, the teams work to identify the source and try to identify and notify a responsible party RP. If a RP is identified, that party may hire a contractor to secure the source of the spill and clean up the pollution.

If no RP is identified, the government team hires a spill contractor to clean up the pollution. Recovery teams then oversee the contract cleanup efforts. It is possible that as private boat owners begin to pull their sunken or partially submerged private vessels from the water, there will be more spills. Members of the public should call the National Response Center at to report any pollution or displaced hazardous materials.

There will be intermittent flaring at Shell Deer Park over the next few days as the company restarts the refinery and chemical plant. The site was shut down last week in preparation for Hurricane Ike. Shell is pleased to report there were no personal injuries and minor damage to the facility has been repaired. Local residents may observe smoke, light and noise from the flares.

Shell will make every effort to minimize the flaring, but wants residents to know that flaring at night may occur. Shell continues to focus on safety and protecting the environment as we return to normal operations.

Federal grants to rent a place to live may be available for renters whose primary residence requires repairs to make it habitable. Eligible renters may be provided one or two months of assistance depending on circumstances, and may be extended if needed.

In addition, renters may apply for a U. If they don’t qualify for an SBA loan, other needs assistance may be available for such disaster-related costs as medical-dental expenses, clothing, a damaged vehicle or moving and storage expenses. Disaster-affected renters may register 24 hours a day, seven days a week online at www. The best way to register with FEMA is to go online at www. Due to Hurricane Ike and its aftermath, many animals have been displaced and are being housed in impoundment facilities of the Veterinary Public Health Division of Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services.

If either the Local Declaration of Disaster or the Governor’s Disaster Declaration remain in effect for Harris County, the animal impoundment and impoundment fees shall remain suspended.

Fort Bend must avoid forcing the use of tax dollars for payment of toll bonds or for operating the system,” said County Judge Bob Hebert. The funding, which comes through the U. Department of Labor, will go toward establishing a temporary employment program. Cornyn said. This is good news and represents an important step forward in the recovery and rebuilding effort. I will continue to work closely with our local, state and federal officials to ensure Texans impacted by Hurricane Ike are receiving the funding and resources needed to help make Texas whole again.

Workers participating in the program will assist in cleanup and recovery efforts, as well as humanitarian efforts, such as projects to provide food, clothing and shelter. Cornyn has remained committed to ensuring Texans receive the federal assistance they need and are entitled to as Hurricane Ike recovery efforts continue. Earlier this week, he was successful in securing crucial tax assistance for Texans hit by Hurricane Ike. The two major tax provisions – tax exempt bonds and low income housing tax credit – will be made available for Texas counties declared as a major disaster by the President.

Harris County strongly urges residents to avoid creating debris stockpile sites in their neighborhoods i. Neighborhoods wanting to establish their own collection sites must coordinate with Harris County before creating their own drop-off sites. Unincorporated Harris County residents are encouraged to wait for County debris haulers to remove debris from the right-of-way in front of their homes or to use one of the six 6 designated drop-off locations provided by Harris County.

Harris County debris contractors are only collecting debris from sites located in the County right-of-way. Residents of Unincorporated Harris County who wish to remove vegetative debris quickly from their private property should use one of the six 6 debris drop-off locations provided by the County. The drop-off sites will only accept vegetative debris branches, limbs and shrubbery.

All limbs must be trimmed to a maximum of ten 10 feet. The following are the debris drop-off locations provided for Unincorporated Harris County residents:. Residents of Unincorporated Harris County that have questions regarding debris are urged to call:.

Sacramento, CA – The U. The business centers will open Thursday, September Smith USN Ret. The centers will be open at the following locations on the days and times indicated. According to Manuel R. According to Mike Young, Executive Director of University of Houston Small Business Development Network, SBDC representatives will provide business consulting services designed to help these business owners re-establish their operations and plan for their future.

They will provide disaster loan program information, answer questions and help businesses apply for this much needed financial help.

All services are provided free of charge. These loans cover losses that are not fully covered by insurance or other recoveries. Many small businesses are suffering financial losses caused by extended power outages, even though they have not suffered any property damage. EIDL assistance is available regardless of whether the business suffered property damage.

They may also contact SBA’s Customer Service Center by calling toll-free or by emailing us at disastercustomerservice sba. Hearing impaired individuals may call toll free or visit SBA’s website at www. Additionally, disaster victims may now go online to file an SBA application for disaster loan assistance. To be considered for all forms of disaster assistance, disaster victims should first register with the Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA by calling , or visit their web site at www.

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt has announced the citywide curfew put in place following Hurricane Ike will be lifted beginning at 6 a. Therefore, if you are commuting to and from work, operating a business, or eating at a restaurant tonight, you should not have a problem.

However, you may be stopped and questioned by police. This is fantastic! They need to start slapping these people with hefty fines. All courts are open. Individuals who have court settings should appear in court as scheduled. The reset period has been extended to accommodate individuals who had court settings September , , and were not able to appear due to weather related circumstances. Individuals who were scheduled for jury service should report as scheduled. For those scheduled for a hearing the period of September , , you will be rescheduled and notified by mail of your new hearing date.

The Center will be located in the parking lot in front of Auto Zone at W. Fairmont Parkway in La Porte. Harris County continues to operate six 6 countywide debris drop-off sites. On Friday, October 3, , the drop-off sites will operate with extended weekend hours to service residents of Unincorporated Harris County. FEMA coordinates the federal government’s role in preparing for, preventing, mitigating the effects of, responding to, and recovering from all domestic disasters, whether natural or manmade, including acts of terror.

Residents of Unincorporated Harris County that have questions regarding debris are urged to call: between the hours of 8 AM to 8 PM. Harris County is temporarily waiving permit fees and inspections on reconstruction related to Hurricane Ike. Fees will be suspended through April 1, Permit and inspection fees will ONLY be waived for the reconstruction of buildings damaged by storm events. All construction above and beyond storm related damages property additions require a permit and fees are applicable.

Houston, TX – In an effort to clear unclaimed mail volumes and adhere to established delivery guidelines in areas impacted by Hurricane Ike, the Postal Service is advising postal customers that have not yet picked up their mail or made formal alternate arrangements in lieu of their normal mail service to do so before October Many Post Offices in the Houston-Beaumont-Galveston are currently holding mail for thousands of postal customers that have not yet made arrangements to receive or pickup their mail, and have not contacted the Postal Service to establish formal mail forwarding or hold mail orders in lieu of their normal delivery service.

Residential or Business Customer has no mail receptacle available for mail delivery and has not picked up their mail from their regular or alternate Postal Service facility for more than 30 days.

Residential or Business Customer has not cleared mail delivered to their mail receptacle for more than 30 days. Forwarding of mail such as First Class Mail and Periodicals which meets one of the Unclaimed Mail criteria above will be returned to sender in order to adhere to mailer instructions and established Postal Service guidelines. Customers having either a current “Change of Address” order or “Hold Mail” order with the Postal Service, or are picking up their mail on a regular basis are not impacted by these guidelines.

For customers that have permanently relocated or will be at a temporary location for an extended time, the Postal Service recommends filing a Change of Address in order to forward mail to their new address. Customers may file a Change of Address order online at usps.

In addition, customers can request a “Hold Mail” order for up to 30 days by following any of the same three options above. An independent federal agency, the U. Postal Service is the only delivery service that visits every address in the nation – million homes and businesses. It has 37, retail locations and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to pay for operating expenses, not tax dollars. Harris County has collected over one million cubic yards of debris during the course of Hurricane Ike Recovery efforts.

To put it in perspective, the amount of debris collected so far throughout the County can fill the Astrodome more than once. As we make progress to recover, the County is working diligently to make sure the remaining debris is collected as quickly as possible. If your street has not received a first pass of debris collection, please call the Harris County Disaster Recovery Hotline at The second pass of debris collection will begin immediately.

Remember that County debris haulers are not allowed to remove debris from private property. Please make sure your debris is placed on the right-of-way. The right-of-way is generally defined as the area between the edge of pavement, the private property line, or the outer edge of a sidewalk or the outer edge of a ditch.

Household Hazardous Waste paint, cleaning products, batteries, etc. Call or visit our website at www. Please be careful out on the water, as there will be more and more boats as summer approaches.

Catch one for me, and I will see you next month! As a local business, one of their main focuses is helping to expand the culture as well as partner with organizations that strengthen the foundation of our community. Below are just a few of the partnerships and events that are as near and dear as beer itself. Every May, 22 Dragons descend upon Monroe. In the words of Lynn V. The competition is fierce but always friendly and creates an excellent team building opportunity for all involved.

There will be fun activities for children, beer tastings for adults, and much more. For more. There is no question that Downtown is the heartbeat of Monroe. Featuring local musicians as well as traveling and regional acts, Downtown River Jam is a family friendly event that takes place times per year. For more information, follow Downtown River Jam on Facebook at www. On the first Thursday of every other month, beginning in February, local and visiting artists are featured at the Downtown Gallery Crawl.

The galleries that line Art Alley in Downtown Monroe and Trenton Street in West Monroe, open their doors to the public and give patrons a chance to browse, buy, and sip as they stroll. There are often artist talks and interactive pieces to check out as well. For more information and a schedule of events, follow them at www. If there is one thing that Louisiana is best known for, it is probably food.

We are beyond blessed to have so much culinary talent both locally and in neighboring communities. Each year in October, the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council brings in chefs from all around the state for a grand tasting event. Food and beer are a match made in heaven, so naturally Choice Brands is thrilled to be a part of it.

Last year, Brew on the Bridge was added to the fun-filled weekend. With breweries and distributors lining the Endom Bridge, it is the perfect opportunity to try new beers and learn more about the ones you already love. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to local events. It takes lots of support to keep our community going, so get up, get out, and get involved! Be sure to like Choice Brands on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with local happenings and new product releases.

Find us at facebook. With the airport just a few blocks down the street you might assume these planes flew into Monroe and taxied over to the Chennault Museum. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The U. A potential displaying entity like the Museum must be certified in advance by the military branch that owns the aircraft. Certification is a separate process for each military branch, and one that is paid for by the applicant. Once approved, a displayer can make a request for a specific aircraft and upon approval arrange to have it moved to the displaying location.

If the displayer lets the aircraft deteriorate too much, the military branch gets a bit testy about things. If the aircraft condition is not remedied, the aircraft is taken away from the displayer. The deteriorated aircraft might be destroyed or it might be given to some other requesting displayer. The Chennault Museum restoration team usually finds out about available military and civilian-owned aircraft through word of mouth.

The retrieval process is the same for both military and civilian-owned aircraft but prior branch approval is needed to obtain a military aircraft. The location could be in south Louisiana or it could be in Arizona. Every retrieval is different depending on the type of aircraft and its condition. Some dismantling of an aircraft is always needed to make it capable of being transported on American roads.

Sometimes the team makes multiple trips to move dismantled parts before the main aircraft body is ready to be moved. Most Air Force and civilian planes have fixed wings that must be removed before road travel.

If an aircraft is wider than the transportation trailer, a State Police escort must be arranged in advance. The vertical stabilizer must almost always be removed or shorted to accommodate height restrictions. Folding wings might still be too tall as well. Aircraft sit on tires and tires deflate and deteriorate over time.

But without tires, the aircraft is not going anywhere in ground display condition. If the landing gear is located in the removed wings, then a transportation cradle for the aircraft body must be built. On retrieval day the team must show up with everything that might possibly be needed. This includes the transportation trailer, the towing truck, an appropriate mobile crane, air compressors, generators, power tools and hand tools, jacks, cables, wood blocks, tape, tires and anything else that can be imagined.

In time, the aircraft is ready to be hoisted onto a trailer and the journey to Monroe can begin. During ground transportation a jet capable of flying mph is lucky to move much faster than the speed of a trotting horse when traveling on back roads. If the trip takes more than one day, a place to park the aircraft for the night must be scouted out in advance. Of course there are also hotel, security, additional meals and multiple-day police escort to factor into the equation.

Once the aircraft arrives at the Museum, there might be some necessary reassembly to be completed before it can be lifted off the trailer and placed on the ground.

Finally, the retrieval is over, and it is time to move to the aircraft restoration phase. That, as they say, is another story for another time. Aircraft retrieval and restoration is very expensive. The Chennault Museum retrieval and restoration crew are all volunteers. As you can see, they are an incredibly capable and dedicated crew; giving of their own time and money for a cause they believe in.

If you want to make a tax deductible contribution for something you and your family can enjoy viewing with pride for a lifetime, the Chennault aircraft retrieval and restoration effort is a most worthy cause. You might be lucky enough to someday to see an aircraft retrieval effort in progress.

It is easier, however, to see restoration underway. The crew works every Tuesday at the museum hanger. Stop by and give them your appreciation and support. Or if you have the time, ask how you can help. She has chosen nursing to pursue her passion of making a difference, sharing her faith and caring for those at their most vulnerable moments. Mary graduated for West Monroe High School in and spent one semester at Louisiana College in pre-med before making a shift.

She wanted to serve people in a more personal capacity than she could as a medical doctor, so she changed to nursing and transferred to ULM in the spring of The group meets monthly, hosting local hospital representatives. She learned about mercy shifts, free surgeries for people in Africa, medical missions, nonprofits and international organizations.

She learned nursing does not just mean heading straight into a hospital after graduation. Mary still feels the support of the people at ULM, from the faculty to the Starbucks baristas, whom she still calls friends. Mary also learned how much more nurses have to know beyond the medicines and diagnoses. She wanted to be challenged and to learn about people who are different.

She found rich cultures, a deep sense of community, and was wholly welcomed in to their worlds. The world is not as scary as she previously thought. While working at a school in South Africa, a young boy needed medical attention. Mary was the only person with medical knowledge on campus, and she was able to use those basic nursing skills in an emergency situation. In Haiti, she was involved with The Mission of Hope Street, establishing medical clinics all over the island.

We represent alumni who honor the traditions of our university and who share a sense of achievement and pride. We create a network of professionals, establish scholarships and advocate for our University through community engagement. To learn more or to become a member, please visit our new alumni network at ulm. Six hours down the road, and with a soft-landing of friends-and-family on the receiving end, I thought Austin might provide me with the oomph I needed.

Boy, was I ever right! To understand Austin is to love Austin, and so here are three books that I hope will help you understand the city I call my second home.

Not that continental thing in the lobby, though. Instead, walk outside and look for a line. Tracing the roots of this strange dish — is it a modern Tex-Mex invention or an ancient staple of Latin American cuisine? Is corn or flour more authentic? Do breakfast tacos have to have eggs? And what, exactly, makes green chicken green?

Packed with more than 40 try-at-home recipes, Austin Breakfast Tacos is the kind of delightful foodie book that will find you rushing out to Brookshires for a stack of tortillas, a pound of chorizo and at least two dozen eggs. The book is as much a history of American roots music, country and rock as it is a story about a fledgling public television broadcast. While becoming home to a new member of the Fortune every couple of years may seem like a dream come true, and probably would be for most cities, for Austin, this represented the worst kind of threat.

She has battled her weight since childhood. I was already a shy person, but dealing with obesity on top of that made me feel ashamed of my appearance. I went through depression and often dealt with mood swings. Once I talked to my husband about what I wanted, he did everything in his power to make it happen for me, and I am very grateful to him.

She no longer suffers from hypertension, chronic knee pain, or chronic back pain. Prior to her weight loss, physical activities were quite difficult; Brittney struggled to walk, run, and play with her children. In addition to transforming her personal life, her weight loss has significantly benefitted her professional life. The weight loss has made it much easier to stand and walk for long periods of time. Psychologically, it has made me a much happier and outgoing person.

I believe this has made a difference with my patient interactions. It made me feel as if I had accomplished what I set out to do. Needless to say, this was not the case. It was actually very difficult at first to get used to this lifestyle change. It became easier as I went on, but it was not effortless.

I remember crying, when I ate cream of chicken soup for the first time after surgery. It has changed my life for the better, and, given what I know now, I would do it again. Do your research, and if you decide to have surgery, follow the instructions of your surgeon and dietitian carefully. Bariatric surgeon Dr. Sartor and his staff were very helpful and kind.

He looked up at me and smiled. I feel much better than before, and I smile a lot more. Francis Medical Center. Like us at facebook. Check out our YouTube channel! In the midst of a metamorphosis, Ruston has blossomed as a mecca for arts, culture and community. Long a sleepy college town, Ruston is in the midst of a metamorphosis, and in just a few short years, this quiet corner of the woods has turned into a mecca for arts, culture and dining.

This is a look inside Ruston. This incredible property is situated on a crest of a hill along the 15th Fairway, offering one of the most commanding views of unspoiled Lincoln Parish topography. The home, built in and located at Crestview Drive in Choudrant, features four bedrooms, four and a half baths, in addition to an office and multiple living areas throughout.

A brick inlaid driveway, landscaped with mature crepe myrtles, native grasses, live oaks, lush jasmine and flowering shrubs leads to an ample motor court centered around a fountain in the European tradition.

Brick laid in a basketweave pattern at the entrance is just the start of the details that take this home to the next level. The columned entryway with an impressive leaded glass door with sidelights is protected from above by a colonnaded Juliet balcony. The grand foyer is a gleaming entrance point with diagonally laid creamy marble floors inset with black marble diamonds.

A chandelier dripping with crystals sets the tone with chic illumination. Ceilings soar to elaborate crown moldings fit for a palace and fluted columns lead into a double height space with floor to ceiling silk drapery. The entire wall is filled with five large windows and a French door which opens onto the back veranda. Three large medallions separate the upper and lower windows. The formal dining room is a study in restrained opulence with tone on tone striped designer wall coverings and custom window treatments that accentuate three arched windows.

Oak hardwood flooring and deep crown moldings provide the backdrop for intimate family holidays and memorable dinners with friends. An elaborate crystal chandelier on a central medallion is a conversation starter. Custom glazed cabinetry with hand carved corbels, built-in appliances and black granite counters create a sleek and stylish gathering space.

A central island with a food prep sink is painted. There is no shortage of counterspace and a double height counter provides space perfect for counterstools. The gourmet kitchen opens directly into a tiled living room and casual dining area. A wall of windows with plantation shutters fills the space with natural light and a French door leads to covered veranda overlooking the golf course and lake. A half bath downstairs features an oval oculus window with leaded detail and is dressed in a designer wall covering and custom bow-front carved vanity and mirror.

Wall sconces provide soft lighting. A wellappointed laundry room is filled with custom cabinetry and features a large stainless sink for soaking delicates. A tiled hallway with built-in bookcases and storage leads to the master bedroom and en suite master bath.

The bedroom floors are wide, hand-scraped planks stained a rich oak color. A bank of four windows in an angled bay configuration are well-dressed in custom drapery with a dvalence of ruched swags embellished with tasseled trim. The master bedroom ceiling is configured in a stepped tray with luscious crown molding. His tiled master bath has a generous vanity topped in black granite, a glass door shower and walk-in closet. Her side of the master bath includes a bidet, large soaking whirlpool tub and dressing space, as well as a walk-in closet with packing island and separate shoe closet.

An elegant staircase ascends to the second floor and features dark stained oak treads. Built-in shell niches and a statement chandelier with nine concentric bands dripping with clear crystal curtains create a memorable transition to the second floor. At the top of the landing is space for a living room with access to the front Juliet balcony. Upstairs bedrooms are designed with generations of family in mind.

Intimate spaces are carved out for the littlest of children, with custom murals to delight and inspire play. Several bedrooms have access to the upstairs balcony with sweeping panoramic views. You may also view more information about this and other properties at www.

Come for the food, or the music, or the art, or the sports. Stay for everything else. Just getting word out about all of the cultural, sports and culinary events is a huge job, and that job falls to Travis Napper and the Ruston-Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau. They have reason to be.

In music alone, the month of April has more than two dozen events schedule. People have diverse and divergent tastes in music, and offering something for everyone is important. They eat at one of the dozens of new restaurants. They browse the shops. It began just a few years ago in the corner of a parking lot. By the end of its second year, it had spilled into a larger parking lot. This year, it opened in a new, permanent facility. Sometimes that component is a music performance. Other market days feature cooking demonstrations or arts and crafts for the kids.

Each event, though, plays into a larger picture. All of that attraction means big opportunities for businesses, which may be why Ruston is home to three new hotels in the last year. Now, more people can stay in town.

That can mean big business for area retailers. And businesses like Family Fun Arcade, the escape room, a paintball venue and the upcoming trampoline park will be there to fill the time between games and, just maybe, entice the visitors to come back again. The new 6, square foot expansion includes a modern showroom, comfortable customer waiting area and state-ofthe-art office space. Special thanks were given to Michael L. Walpole, Lincoln Builders and Woodvale Interiors for their superb performance in the design and construction of the new space.

Ten years ago in the small town of Jena, an opportunity presented itself to buy a business from one of our dear friends. I had always wanted to open a boutique, and that is where Girlfriends Boutique was born. We wanted to create a space where women of any age could come shop and find exactly what they were looking for.

We have clothing and accessories for women of all ages, and we thrive on friendly service and our faith. When my daughter Karlee was 16, she attended church camp, and while there was in a zip lining accident, where she fell fifty feet. This incident has resulted in twenty-seven surgeries and countless infections. Before the accident, she was a full time high school student that led an active social life.

Karlee played basketball, and was very active in the youth group at our church, Searcy Baptist Church, in Trout Louisiana. Karlee had planned to go to Louisiana Tech since she was a little girl, she always wanted to be a Bulldog.

Even after she fell, Karlee had planned on attending and graduating from there. However, after her accident she was home bound due to her injuries, and Karlee was devastated.

Because she had missed so much school during high school, her new plan was to attend Louisiana Delta Community College online, and get her remedial classes she needed to attend Louisiana Tech the following year. Due to her unplanned surgeries her recent semester was extremely difficult trying to keep up with the schoolwork and recovering. Karlee had always talked about opening a shop in her new home, Ruston. The more we thought about it, it seemed as if it was the perfect plan.

After lots of prayer we decided to open Girlfriends 2, and let Karlee manage it. Karlee has worked in my shop in Jena with me for ten years now and has learned a lot about our family business.

From day one she has laid down her plans and everything else she has wanted to do for the last four years to take care of me. She has always been my biggest cheerleader. She has taught me that every victory counts even the small ones. Experts are there to help you make the best selections; there is absolutely no pressure. Plus Karlee and Jeanette are the sweetest people to work with!

My mom and I love to shop here. My Company. Polls Browse by: Companies Keywords. Company Reviews Salaries.

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Anduril Industries. Annexus Group. Anova Consulting Group. Ant Financial. Apache Software Foundation. Apartment List. Apartment Therapy. Aperian Global. Aperture Credentialing. APM Terminals. Applied Information Sciences. Applied Materials.

Applied Medical. Applied Predictive Technologies. Applied Underwriters. Aprima Medical Software. Aptitude Software. Aqua Security. Aquestive Therapeutics. Aquilon Energy. Arbor Networks. Archegos Capital.

Archer Daniels Midland Company. Arena Analytics. Arena Solutions. Argen Corporation. Argonne National Laboratory. Arista Networks. Arkansas Department of Education. Armor Games Studios. Armstrong Ceiling Solutions US. Arrow Electronics. Arrowhead General Insurance.

Arrowstreet Capital. Artemis Capital Management. Artemis Health. It is probably not altruism. In the antebellum south , plantation owners preached anti-tax ideology because they owned the most and paid the most. It seems the big motivation is to reduce tax burdens and simultaneously create new education industries. Amplify education Inc. The bottom line is even if their pedagogy was good — which it is not — it would be unhealthy for children. The big dream of replacing teachers with digital screens and making gobs of money has a fatal flaw.

The last thing 21 st century children need is more screen time. The mogul, Rupert Murdoch, proposed buying a million I-Pads for delivering classroom instruction.

However, the Apple operating system did not allow the flexibility needed to load the Wireless Generation software. Amplify chose a device manufactured by the Taiwanese company Asus.

The android operating system met their needs and the tablets were well regarded in the market place but they were not designed to withstand the demands of school use. One other issue was that Wireless Generation had never developed curriculum but Murdoch wanted to beat Pearson and Houghton Mifflin to the digital education market place. The following March, Amplify announced its new tablet for teachers and students.

CEO Joel Klein stated,. Technology has revolutionized the world, but not the classroom. Our hope is that this tablet will help change that. It was the second contract awarded to Amplify by Smarter Balanced. The first one came in calling for Amplify to partner with ETS developing software to analyze results from common core assessments.

The corporate plan was rolling along nicely and then the wheels came off. When a charger for one of the tablets overheated, the plan was halted. Only two months into the experiment, not only had a charger malfunctioned but another chargers had various issues and screens had broken.

The following year Amplify tried to reestablish itself as a leading player in the digital learning markets. By August of , News Corporation announced it was exiting the education business. The next month, News Corporation announced it had sold Amplify to members of its staff.

In the deal orchestrated by Joel Klein, he would remain as a board member and Larry Berger would assume leadership of the company. She purchased Amplify through her non-profit the Emerson Collective. Laurene Powell Jobs has no respect for public school educators and the schools they work in. Her slap at teachers unions and work place protections for teachers is consistent with other billionaires and with creating professional educator shortages.

While I was working in public schools, I found the teachers to be every bit as intellectually competent as any of the engineers I met while working in Silicon Valley. Suggesting that Teach For America teachers are even remotely competent to lead a classroom shows gross ignorance of education reality.

They are uneducated and untrained. Technology has a place in education. It is essential for schools to have modern functional lab equipment. Students need access to good word processing programs and video recording equipment to engage in creative endeavors.

Some lessons can be supplemented by technology but screens will never replace a live professional educator. Real education requires life to life communion between teacher and student.

Daisaku Ikeda, writes in his book Soka Education ,. Low cost learning at a screen is spiritless, amoral and dead. The Powell Jobs team has taken control of the Amplify board. Hunt Jr. Former Governor of North Carolina have departed. They came to their conclusion by analyzing the results from the more than 70 countries whose data they monitor. Some of the comments:. It removes the autonomy from the teacher. The math and science programs are just as regressive.

An NPR report noted,. Its biggest selling point was that it is aligned with the Next Generation Science standards which are also an abomination. The reason schools are buying these terrible education technology frauds is that professional educators are no longer making curricular decisions.

All large modern businesses including schools require a significant digital infrastructure. This means that there must be an information technology group headed by an expert. That expert who loves technology and has no pedagogical expertise becomes the leading voice concerning the purchase of digital equipment.

That explains in part why school districts in financial difficulty are still purchasing pricey education technology software and hardware. Board members believe they have no choice and that they are implementing professional advice.

Amplify Education, Inc. The only reason they did not disappear in is that the federal government and investors like Rupert Murdoch have poured billions of dollars into this company.

It is past time for the fraudulent STEM ideology, education testing scam and the sale of low quality education technology products to be stopped.

Taxpayers are being fleeced, schools are being bankrupted and children are being harmed. Twitter: tultican. The reported community response to self-anointed reformers is spiritually uplifting. Ravitch presents strong evidence that resistance to their reforms is carrying the day. There is a parallel between Diane Ravitch and Elizabeth Warren. Both Warren and Ravitch were scholars whose research led them to a profound change of thought.

Warren was fundamentally a moderate Republican when she began researching bankruptcy law. Ravitch was an advocate of top down standards based education reform. Through their personal research both these women awakened to personal error and went out to make amends. Warren became the bane of the banking industry and a tiger in Democratic politics.

When I mentioned something Ravitch wrote in to a teacher colleague, that veteran teacher in my neighboring classroom expressed open hostility toward her. He remembered her papers published by the Brookings Institute. Since then, Ravitch has overcome many of her skeptics by working harder than anyone else and fearlessly leading the fight to save authentic public education.

What should we call the proponents of the choice agenda fueled by standardized testing driven accountability? What do we call those wealthy elites financing the push for charter schools, vouchers and public school closures? An oft stated goal of this corporate driven agenda is disruption. Disruption is an odd management theory championed at Harvard University in It posits disruption as a needed ingredient for innovation-driven growth.

Ravitch decided they have named themselves. His Secretary of Education, Terrel Bell , had other ideas. Sandia found that test scores, graduation rates, and other indicators were actually improving. She writes,. He was outraged by the Sandia report, which contradicted the view of the Department of Education that American public schools were failing and needed radical change.

The Energy Department never published the report, but it was immediately leaked to hundreds of influential researchers, who wrote about its findings. In retrospect, the Sandia report got it right. The late Gerald Bracey, a prolific and outspoken education researcher, was highly critical of the conventional wisdom, which I was then defending.

I hereby personally apologize to him. He was right. Ravitch goes into significant detail about who are the disrupters. She calls out the billionaires in the private sector driving the school choice agenda and highlights their spending.

The Democratic Party also has many disrupters but not in as great of numbers as the Republicans and generally no Democrats support vouchers. Conservative groups supporting disruption include the far right Heritage Foundation and the libertarian Cato Institute.

Before his election to the governorship of Florida, Jeb Bush served on the board of the Heritage Foundation where he developed his education plans. DEFR, as it is deceptively called, was founded to support school privatization by making strategic campaign contributions. The picture above was taken just over two months before the historic LA teachers strike on January 14, Following the massive teachers strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Arizona, the LA strike was the first one led by a sanctioned teachers union.

When the teachers settled their strike after nine days, they did not get any bump in the original take home pay offer but they won big. In Arizona, a group of six women established Save Our Schools Arizona to fight the Koch brothers initiated large voucher expansion proposal which was adopted by the Arizona state government. The saga of Douglas County Colorado being taken over by school privatization forces in is unique and uplifting.

The disrupters immediately established a district school voucher program. That was only the beginning of their agenda, but a bi-partisan group of parents fought back. Today there are no disrupters left on the school board in Douglas County and there are no vouchers. The account of Barbara Madeloni, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association MTA , leading the fight to stop the state from increasing the number of charter schools is amazing. The contest was played out at the ballot box over a referendum to expand the number of charters known as Question Now, what do you want to talk about?

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