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NORTH VANCOUVER – W Esplanade Open daily 7 am – 10 pm North Vancouver-Seymour’s sitting MLA is B.C. Liberal Jane Thornthwaite. named york town took february party day if served system around.

Unity day vancouver canada 2020 ford credit karmann ghia.Union representing Canadian auto workers announces new deal with Ford

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Backing up would be t heir form against Liverpool. Paviic through the defence to before Mri Carphin, a standout by the gained his speed and confi- Demonstrating ball control fw hjs gecond goa , for AH. AlGreens many things well. AOI’R ah. Portland – – Alf jend. I nfw York 2 S 0. Australia beat England by seven ft 3 to r “f – u;uiw J. England ana Qtsneoa rh 3o Burton. BkanrCa Travel 4 ,,.. Uth Miy. II 0 Slange Hlltlfl i.. Oan»k l i2i. CPl — Can- Heffner S S 1SL?

And there are Cana-, l»ai hum. Cal Dee. Also ran: Flying Sea Spray. TRne: I:t» Siidh Rare- filming. Fay Iron. Pal Murry. Betly Lou. Time 1:U4S. IS, Sanlo. Oikmgu, TO. San FnancJaeo. Sfi; Boyer. Mil i waukee. New York 38 Bailllmnna 40 Detroit 24S » 75 « Rnwud. Burton 45 ». M “Tr. San Franc I am 2B4 34 7] i? Dairy l« Dockyard 1 Island Tug Mr Mad Mnanent. Heepy 9»r. Blur Alla. Glory Ravep. Day Tkne: T. AborUr In durafioa, light type. New York in 38 to. Haar wall to end the game and Himon.

Athletic Park. M, AT THE 19th With Harry Young , Rough statistics indicate that in the past six op seven years the number pf hoies-in-one recorded— internationally—is running about two-to-one above earlier figures. This is partly explained by he fact that there are more golfers and more par three golf courses and also because course grooming is ever improving.

The most important reason for the simplifying of the ace act may be the change in the thickness of the flagstick now used by most courses. Before the Rules of Golf were changed in making it permissible to leave the flagstick in the hble from any distance, the average flagstick was an inch in diameter. The present stick at the level of the green is three-eighths of an inch.

As the hole measures 4H Inches and the ball is 1. Indeed the clearance on either side of the one-inch stick Is only 1. With the three-eighths-lnch stick, the clearance for the ball to drop is increased to 1.

Indeed with the one-inch flagsticks, only a near idiot would want to have the pin remain in the hole for any shot Which he was reasonably confident he could hole. I predict that if the old thick flagsticks are restored – as a result of the new flagstick rule—and I hope they will — the number of holes-in-one will drop sharply. There is one other reason why the thick flagsticks should make a comeback. They are a much better visual guide to players making long shots to the greens.

My own view is that If the USGA had insisted on a maximum one-inch-thlek flagstick, it could have overcome its objection to the flagstick rule, which has bpen the main cause of the rules schism between the Royal and Ancient and the North American golf authorities. Bob Fleming played in the Cowichan Open last week purely for the honor. This was fortunate for young Dick Munn. On his Cowichan showing there seems very little doubt that Fleming can make a dynamic comeback.

He i« a-past holder of the B. Vancouver, British Columbia Mr. Ventem, Toronto, Ontario Mr, W. Baker, Winnipeg, Manitoba Mr. Maduck, Kelli her, Saskatchewan Mrs. Wingert, Regina, Saskatchewan Mr. Flannery, Calgary, Alberta Mrs. Hayes, Rost hern, Saskatchewan Mrs. Be in the winners circle next month. Phil Rodgers. Doug Kord. He almost had it last year but went one over par on each of the last two holes.

Bob Charles, the New Zealand lefthander. An-, drrws,” he said. Robbim v, K. Burrell 11—Greenwood and Harvey VI. Playing with A. Smith, A. Flinton and W. SM OMirk H. But after all, wp 1 play courses all the time at home with only one day.

There are 18 mure Thursday and the field is cut In the low 40 and ties for 36 holes Friday. Andrews on Sunday. Nicklaus is a 7-to-2 favorite, with Lema listed a 7-lo-l second choice.

It’s a! Pal Bureh. Andy Green. Phil Wall. M 44 Frule Culaaon.. L, shared the lead almost all the win swim Irophies.. It is4rus t rating to play your best golf In two years and finish second.

He had said earlier, “Player played better golf. The Y captured the winter clubs award with points to for the runner-up Victoria Olympians. The Albemi club took the summer clubs trophy with points to for sec ond-place Courtenay. Oak Bay and Incogs, who I were idle over the weekend, share the lead with 20 points from six games. Cowichan has 17 points from four outings. Keith Blckmore 87 and Percy Barrow 50 sent Albion in front with runs for six declared. Cowichan replied with for nine before time expired.

Bays won the first game , dropped the second , and took the decider They travel to Vancouver this week-1 end for the B. True Eastern tfa Flavour Brewed in B. Control—gave Machen only one C round and called two even. WaL c tliam. I There were no judges. I Cassius then announced he would not fight before However, at Louisville.

Greg- Forty- charges were laid ory. Entry was forced at David Motors early Sunday morning and 4 S6. A third car was involved when J the robbers forced one of the windows open in order to move it from the doorway in the Greater Victoria area over the weekend.

The home of A. Hunter of Bianshard lost a S5tf rug from his clothesline to a thief. DelectHen la-ster Clark and Dougina Grunt are going back to school. Gregory received permission from the police commission, which met Monday, to send the two men away on courses. George F. Wilson was picked up by jioiice after an accident. Evidence showed that the accused had skidded feet and then hit a parked car.

He said the theft at the restaurant was “carefully planned’. Martin C. Roderick A. A remarkable tire advancement that extends mileage and improves road control Driving on today’s heavy-traffic, multi-lane roads is really tough on your tires—specially on turns and curves, where most wear occurs. With every turn of the wheel, particularly if yourcarhaspowersteering.

Now B-A has developed a tire with extra protection where you need it—along the shoulder of the tire. Tested and proveti on the international racing circuits, this new wrap-around tread design assures you of improved driving control on the road, plus thousands of miles longer wear.

And remember. Nanaimo a. Vancouver a. Preparation H lubricates and makes elimination less painful. Hunt will be in the Special Gallery. July 9th and 10th, from 6 to 9 p. Monday, July 6 th, to Saturday, July 11th. C, Tats. Wally Gray, well j Mr.

He is survived by hn widow. John in Vancouver, The father of six children, Mr. Brian, in Whitehorse, Y. Receipts lacrosse fan. Thursday in McCall area, made the announce- ing. Bon, n Blackpool, England.

The – artist himself will Mungo memorial will act as an be there to talk with visitors impetus to the new generation about his work Thursday and. About Other dignitaries included W 25 years ago there was a large Walton Butterworth, United 1 market for canned berries, but States ambassador to Canada, It died out until this year.

There are about Rocky Marciano and television acres of logans in Saanich. Bear at Beaver Lake Does Vanishing Act Nothing more has been heard for about four hours but could from a black bear that showed not find it. I The incident brought to mind The bear was spotted by E. It was eventually’ was chased by Saanich police shot, and Game Inspector R. It was thought that the bear; Disappears wandered in from the Saanich I George Walton of the Saanich highlands, where bears are police spotted the animal, but found occasionally.

No damage before Mr. Sinclair could arrive was reported, and the animal with a tracking dog. They trailed It way back to Its usual haunts. Vm; S. Young will speak to a meeting. Dune Community. See fine Red Cedar ‘carvings, water colours In brilliant and muted hues of Indian lore; and excitingly different -engraved silver pieces.

It is a line of merchandise carefully chosen to appeal to the Canadian consumer—designed to set a Canadian standard of quality—priced to present the best value in its category.

Choose from this fine selection of rayon underwear designed to give long, comfortable wear. Vests Rayon vests with built-up shoulder straps, drawstring at neck. Medium and large. Plain Striped QQ rayon, pr. Keeps your equipment together in one handy spot—good for home—travelling necessity. District Judge Roy Harper for refusing to serve in the armed forces. CP —Ardlel charged with fail- Wlckhelm of Sooke took top i ng t0 provide for the safety honors In the Jousting events and supervision of their two- at the Albany Timber Caml- year-old daughter, sal over the weekend.

Police officials described the He was one of several tog- charge as a test case laid under gers from U. Australian centres at the oar- Mr. Alan Mitchell nival. All around champion were barged last month afteV at the Albany Timber Carol sal over the weekend.

He was one of several tog was Clayton Stewart, of Smith- town, Tasmania. Tlays 1 reply said govern-! They said he apparently chase. The high court centages of fruit juice content Get Zatn-Buk NOW snd keep of Snowdon, will be christened ruled there was evidence to sup- 00 labels.

They say we go to extremes On our floor of fashion Meet Jr. Come in—meet them soon and see the new, new looks arriving daily! Naturally, It takas much more exhaustive research, mors road tasting ««d more car In manufacturing a car with tolerances held to two-thousendtha of an Inch.

It’s a pride you can share, too, end at e price that will surprise you. Stop tn today for a demonstration drive. Colng Abroad? Lat us ordtr your car, eomplsta with Amsrlcan equipment, to be delivered to you anywhere In Europe at money-aavinfl factory prices. See the belted, A-line sldrt—the V-neck, roll- collar weskit—the new slash of print—the versatile jumper with V-neck—and other swingy styles.

Prices range from 5. Shergold, ! Time and place of the hearing will be set, PUC informed the ratepayers, and they will be notified. Officers of the Victoria New Democratic Party “strongly protest any raise In the cost of bus fares which now are more than high enough for those who use the buses. Mayor Wilson may report his findings to council Thursday afternoon. Whether the city will prepare its own brief to the PUC or join forces with other municipalities is not known, but the latter course Is reported more likely.

More than Victoria carpenters have voted 80 per cent in favor of strike action in rejecting a management offer which would have given them parity with Vancouver and up-Island wages within two years.

His car was parked outside his home at Beach Drive. There was no Indication of his motive. Cabot leaves again July 21 for ag Aquatennial celebration in Minneapolis. His hobbies are fishing and golf. Merridy Matthews leaving for Europe. Joyce Tomle tackling. Alan Glen returning a book. Don Smyth talking about volley ball Rick Ogmtindsof hurrying to a summer school class. Gordon Hall working late. Johann Simmons and Ken Walters visiting friends. Danny Ableaon driving a truck. Gail Greenwell playing bridge Chris Dow failing to show up ,.

Beverley Schwab preparing for a party for her 21st birthday. A barrage of criticism came from Coun, Hugh Curtis and Coun. Leslie Passmore after engineer Neville Life reported that council had been refused permission to place the signs by the highways department.

The department gave its rea-. Prairie Chickens To Fly Sunday All those on Vancouver Island who are proud to call themselves prairie chickens are Invited to an afternoon and evening of feasting and festivities at Parits- viile Sunday. Tea and coffee will be served.. The crowning of the Prairie Queen will take place at 9 p. Like that big Humpty Dumpty at the Wooded Wonder, land.

Life, “I don’t see why the council shouldn’t be allowed to place directional signs. Minutes later there was a terrific explosion that sent water j ripping 80 feet into the air, flinging fish and driftwood with it. The frogmen, from the navy’s diving unit at Colwood, were simulating a beach obstacle clearance run. When they had set the charges they swam back and signal]ed for a pick-up with flares.

The launch came back and picked them up—and off went the charges. Up on the cliff tops, there was a mobile diving safety display, with diving equipment and suits! After the divers had finished! Monday on John Street.

Mark Simmons, of Lud- gate, was struck after he ran out from behind a parked truck. The car was driven by a year- oki youth. There was nothing l could do. Ann Simmons, whose husband is reported to be in the United States.

Simmons also has I a daughter, Tanya, about seven months old. One of the first at the scene was Shirlsy Page, 14, of John. At the conclu slon of the instruction the tour nament will start.

A total of 60 children regis tered for tennis Monday, an others are invited. Swimming for boys was t start at 9 a. Si: instructors have been taken oi for the program. Thomas Anthony Lambe, son of Mr. The wedding will take place at St. Roland Graham Down- ard Hawes which took place in St. John the Divine Church. The bride is the daughter of Mr. Ladner 6f Bumaby and I the groom is the son of Mr. Frederick W.

Hawes, Falkland Road. Archdeacon R. Faulks, assisted by Rev. Bishop, officiated at the double -ring ceremony. Miss Jean Barbaree was soloist. She wore elbow length satin mitts and carried a cascade of pale pink rapture roses, stephanods and baby ivy. Her only jewelry was a tingle strand of culture pearls. Attending the bride were her sister, Miss Rosyln Ladner, as maid of honor, Mrs. James S. They were gowned alike in powder blue brocade over taffeta. Hugh G. Ladner, Mr.

Jay Downard of North Bay. These two delightful Calona Wines offer matchless flavors to satisfy the most discriminating taste – any time, for any occasion. Medium-sweet, bright and xeaty! Dry, smooth and light!

With a new diesel engine in towing capacity. Rated at lbs. This engine has that RAM is on an upward swing. The diesel option adds around arriving in January of Go to drivewayBC. Safety Tip: As we set our clocks back an hour this Saturday night for the end of Daylight Savings Time, please take extra care as the time change can affect the quality of our driving — poorer concentration, alertness behind the wheel and slower reaction time.

Visit us online www. TestFest quest to find the Canadian Car of the Year Driving 30 vehicles in three days does leave on exceed, gas engine counterparts. Hybrid 4. All undertook back-to-back vehicle TestFest, to ensure fair and comparable assessments, on specially prepared evaluation Bob McHugh evaluations. The best vehicle in each of the courses and on public roads. The range of picked. A flood of full-electric vehicles entered last year — none this Ballots are tabulated by the international accounting firm year.

Panamera S e-Hybrid. The performance level of this new breed of hybrid vehicles is much closer to, or can even bob. Strangely, the classic car world has yet to respond in like fashion for evidence that breeding pairs of Plymouth Crickets or Mercury Bobcats are still out there. Status: Threatened 2. Like the Mustang, it was built on rather ordinary sedan underpinnings but the result was handsome, well made and, in the case of the V-6 powered cars, fast.

It was quite popular in the early s, selling. Status: Endangered 3. Status: Extinct 4. The problem was that the EXP weighed pounds more than the already pathetically slow Escort. It took two years to remedy the issue by giving the EXP an optional turbocharged 1.

The VW Rabbit-based, front-wheel drive, water-cooled car had angular styling, courtesy of Italdesign and Giorgetto Giugiaro. As rust-prone as anything of the era, the first-generation has thinned almost to extinction, particularly those first-year cars with pretty chrome bumpers and funky plaid seats.

Learn more at hagerty. License, insurance, registration, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Dealer order or trade may be required. After the first month, lessee will be required to make all remaining scheduled payments over the remaining term of the lease agreement.

This offer may not be redeemed for cash and may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. General Motors of Canada Limited reserve the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.

Void where prohibited by law. Additional conditions and limitations apply. See dealer for details. C by GM Financial.

Offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. Only 1 credit may be applied per eligible vehicle sale. GMCL reserves the right to amend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice.

Other credits available on select Sierra models. Fluid top offs, inspections, tire rotations, wheel alignments and balancing, etc. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be required. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. All Rights Reserved. The last challenge was to suggest a title for a very short book, short by virtue of who wrote it.

Lou Gueho, Parksville The next challenge 25 is to name a fitting way to read a given book. Examples: Read the bible religiously!

She read the Wizard of Oz in toto. He really digs gardening books. Send entries to jdenee pqbnews. The deadline is November 5 at noon. Regions 6. Forever Lower position Masterpiece series Atomic 18 Cuckoos Goat with conical horns European money Flaw the surface Restaurant bill Indicated horsepower abbr.

Go in advance Ancient Egyptian King Insert mark Palm fruits Many not ands Cathode-ray oscilloscope Satisfies to excess More dry Of he Lay a tax upon Newsman Rather Swiss mountain. Till Potato, tossed or green Italian automaker Birthplace of Abraham Scheduled visits Yemen capital alt. Assisted Persian kings Focus only on their good points. DOWN 1. Unkeyed 2. Recable 3.

Sea eagles 4. Small social insect 5. Honey abbr. Anno Domini 9. Malibu and Waikiki To burst in Mild yellow Dutch cheese Liquefied natural gas Douroucoulis Spoiled child Founder of Babism Ireland Love intensely.

Of course they do. One who Morning confronts boldly Straight downhill Atomic 52 ski run Feels concern or Canonized Got up from individuals Sound of Old school tablets disappointment Dip lightly into Out of abbr. Actress Kerr Traumatic anxiety Irish Gaelic disorder Mineral spring. Have you considered diversifying your investment portfolio with private market investments? Others have.

Desoxyribonucleic acid Greek cheese Express pleasure Chinese tennis star Li. This is not an offering of securities. Offerings are made pursuant to an offering memorandum and only available to qualified investors in jurisdictions of Canada who meet certain eligibility or minimum purchase requirements. The risks of investing are outlined and detailed in the applicable offering memorandum and you must review the offering memorandum in detail prior to investing.

Investments are not guaranteed or insured and the value of the investments may fluctuate. No Appointment Necessary Mon. Accidental meeting What an incredible difference a single day can make It was Saturday, July 6, — just another day in a small city somewhere in England. Sitting on the back of a lorry as it pulled up to the church was a sixteen-year-old boy with an old acoustic guitar. He and his band mates were going to play a few songs. Winston was a bit of a rebel, although his friends knew he was nicer than he appeared.

When he got up to play it was obvious he was no musician. In fact, the only chords he knew were some basic banjo chords, which he improvised. In the crowd was a year-old boy named James. Unlike the rest of the audience, James was impressed by Winston and his little band of amateurs. Winston had a certain charisma and a beautiful singing voice even though he was rude and smelled of beer and cigarettes.

James asked if he could join in and showed Winston how to play some actual guitar chords. James was a natural and was soon asked to join the band. Over the next year, the two boys became fast friends sharing their love of music and the sorrow of loss.

Although short and only fourteen, Harold had a mastery of the guitar that belied his age. Soon the three boys became inseparable.

Drummers came and went until Richard joined the group a few years later. Winston, James, Harold and. Richard — ordinary lads who had a certain amount of success a few years later. Ringo Starr — The Beatles. Funny what a difference a day makes. Sometimes we think life has lost its joy and that nothing will ever change. But amazing things can happen no matter how old you are. Every day of your life is as important as every other day.

If you doubt that consider the contributions of these people over One day Grandma Moses decided to give painting a try and almost single-handedly created the folk art movement.

And Nigel Hawthorne, an unsuccessful actor, went for his umpteenth audition and won the part of Humphrey in Yes, Minister. He went on to star in the Madness of King George, one of the greatest films of the s and was nominated for an Academy Award at age Yes, what a difference a day makes. Why give up, who knows what tomorrow may bring? Nautical charts protect lives, property and the marine environment.

This is a non-smoking, no alcohol event. Proceeds go to community programs sponsored by the Arrowsmith Agricultural Association. Supported by the Province of British Columbia. Effective November 1, , the brand name DundeeWealth, as used by Scotiabank, will change to HollisWealth for its independent advisor channel. Commencing November 1, , HollisWealth will unite more than independent advisors offering a range of financial services, from brokerage to mutual funds, insurance and mortgages, under a single and distinctive brand.

Stanford Ave. Dan Marwood is part of the www. Dan Marwood is part of the. Juverderm filler replenishes volume to www. Common areas lines, lip lines etc.

The results parksvilledentureclinic yahoo. Marwood provides and supervises www. Sclerotherapy treatments for unsightly spider veins as well as Levulan; a special treatment which Dr.

Marwood also provides and supervises Sclerotherapy treatments for removes pre-cancerous lesions actinic keratosis and severe acne. Juverderm filleraround replenishes volume to Parksville Denture Clinic help smooth wrinkles.

He brings with him a A Alberni Hwy. An experienced physician An experienced physician guarantees who provides fl awless, professional flawless, professional and painless and painless Botox and Botoxvirtually and Juvederm injections. Juvederm injections. Call today to book your consultation with Dr. Dan Marwood. With Laser Hair Removal! Satisfying clientswhere for 10 years! Do you have local aRTS newS? Hobson has been painting since he was three years old, and his mother still has a huge drawer of his paintings from over the years, he said.

Growing up, Hobson moved around frequently with his parents to places like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Portugal, as his father was an engineer who set up pulp and paper industries around the world.

When he was 13 Hobson attended a boarding school in Northern Ireland for two years. He has wonderful memories of that old stone school building, which was founded in by King James the first. He took part in a number of sports and also found time to paint while attending the school.

When he was 13 he entered the British Isles annual school painting competition sponsored by Brooke Bond Tea—along with about one million other students—and snagged first place. That meant he got to go back and visit Sri Lanka, where he had lived when he was five and six, and visit some tea plantations with other students.

Despite a bunch of publicity surrounding his win, including television interviews, Hobson said he was still cautious for many years about giving his attention solely to art, and he was still very interested in pursuing a degree in biology. After following that dream he became a high school science teacher for nine years, but when he turned 30 his passion for painting became too strong to ignore.

By the end of the fifth winter he was asked to come on full time, but he was itching to paint, so decided instead to dive into his artwork full time. Since then Hobson has won a number of awards and has been honoured for his work in many ways. In In he won the Salmon Conservation Stamp Competition, sponsored annually by the Pacific Salmon Foundation, and more than 20 of his images have been chosen by Ducks Unlimited Canada as fundraising limited edition prints.

Hobson continues to teach a couple of workshops a year in Tofino, usually one in watercolour and one in acrylic, and they are usually sold out. He also enjoys traveling to instruct workshops, like a recent daystint in Croatia where he taught Canadians and Americans. And although he loves teaching, he has to limit those sessions, he said. Hobson works in his floathouse studio, a nine km boat ride from Tofino. The advice Hobson would give to aspiring artists trying to make a living with their artwork to keep in mind two parallel journeys.

One is to continue raising skill level, constantly looking for inspiration and new material, and the other is to get work out there and connect with as many people as possible. At the Island Art Expo, happening at the Lighthouse Community Centre, Hobson will give a presentation about his own painting journey and he will show a documentary about a group of painters he organized aimed at keeping the B.

The project Art for an Oil Free Coast happened last year, with 50 prominent artists traveling up the B.

There is now a coffee table book of artwork that was created on the journey and a film documenting the project. For more on the Island Arts Expo, to view other presenters, workshops and artists, visit www. For more on Mark Hobson visit www. Experience the difference at Knight Advisory Group. Be part of an exclusive number of families that have joined the Knight Call us at Trade name consists of Gregor Knight, Investment Advisor.

By participating, these homeowners will see their creative handiwork fixed for free. Produced by Mountain Road Productions, the series will be a celebration of the completely unique and utterly outside the box approach to home maintenance. Un-handy homeowner submissions and nominations from Parksville Qualicum Beach can be emailed to casting mountainroad. The story behind the questionable home improvements. Photos of each of the eccentric repairs. A photo of you and a photo of the not-sohandy person you are nominating.

Your contact information. Visit HGTV. Just Us plays the Legion Twelve member group to play swing, rock and polka-style tunes Head to the Parksville Legion this Saturday for some big sound. The Just Us Dance Orchestra will be performing a variety of music from classic big band swing to polkas and rock standards.

The home la bemottf ; located with line view from all rooma. A home at distinction and taste. Sim decks, double garage plus space for 8JO fiAfl boat. We invite you to bring your own appraiser. Buy the real estate at fair market value. Hamilton Dumonts will meet to- points and Nancy Buzzell with there will be s consolation final. Marcia wttftin two Paints of Victoria, games Friday night. Chris Brass had Chinooks won Gregg Jackson, who finished toria with 13 points.

Brl«n A ah uni Z Gary Hen-tot. Ray Delegarde «. Graham Hood. Rod Fieidi 5. Rod Field! Brent Ait Jones sparked file win- Mullins and Tommy Holmes ners with two goals and two helped destroy any effective assists.

Wayne An Ji Schmautx 4: IS One. Mike McAvoy and Paul Bion. Four Dame. New Haven 1 before Nick Nicoletb. If Hull is Eiquimait Bowiadrama..

Hockey League. Leonard Soileau. L – 1 , Duo Burrow. Dave Honan X III cessfol. Cilharliin Q. Kitchener 4. London J. Ottawa i. Rick Krawetx Oec. Don Callewaert S, Marcel Goudrealt. Pard Hofewelde X ppj. Ian second division tiUe. Bob s««. Calbarinea 0. Kitchener A London 2. Jamie Henderoon. Po rV. Glen White. Dave Atteadanee. Wallace 1, Tom Holme.

Dave Martian Rick Krawetx. Orir Gaord aSam S. Don Callewaert X Man-el Goudrealt. Dan MrClean. Cary Burr. Dave Heaillp. Ken Lundeen U. Jim ft lid MrHattie 7. Dave Tooby IS. Rick Roberta 4. Koenaow 5, Don Gallnway 4. Ed Robert. Raj fitooro. Hockey League semi-finals.

Rich Oak Bay Wanderers and the new. Stub ha Com. Ce Ferguson 2. Graham Brown 4. I lie r rncunn a. Dave Gerry. Ian McLean. BmBa Da. TVkrta and ramnaUm. Norman Roland BotinngT n”. Central and Mt.

Prevott led Trail with eight points. Lansdowne built up a ,,. Darrell from Nanaimo. Asked what his Herb had nothing to lose and K toughest victory was, Nartheott was the big one for us. Stew- T 1 mark. Today it keened up and we were able to do some real curling. Northoott kept the Northern Ontario rink off- balance, but Pile made some fine shots to keep the game close.

Among those who Just made the cut was Jack Nicklaus. He posted a two-over-par 74 for a after hitting a one-over par and a two-over par. Schlee and Dave Stockton. The shot of the day was made; by Yancey. To aasiat Golonsat readers, track works wiH be published M often as they are available.

Added Discipline I have won two tournaments in a J, row. Get that funny little tingle in the pit of your stomeoh. Then gat out of town. Fast GT. Willa dlth Fart Victoria Be trace. Aides said Cooke was moved to the brink at tears when he heard foe unexpected news. A Vatican source called foe action “a bolt from the blue. This Sunday and next it Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Sunday evening. Annual Prairie brill be held at p. In Rev. Langford, starting at p. Herod, the man with a burnt-out Centennial United Church re- Arise and Build is the topic conscience, is tbe subject this cently held its annual Prairie for Dr. Emma Smiley at 11 Night. Sunday in Victoria TVuth At ‘ p. At p. Hie Law of discussed, servioe, foe congregation and Supply is the topic at 8 p. At 11 a. Sparling, a native Metropolitan United Church at and at 7 p.

A quartet, Pastor, istered for almost 50 years in whose members are Mrs. Light of foe World. Sparling i. Cart Klassen, announced Friday, this Sunday. As We The worship service will begin at a. In the evening, pertinents—tor adults and children 12 years old and up; Dr. McLean wfll speak Juniors, 7 to 11; primary pupils, 4 to 6 ; two and three-year- on the subject No Coward Soul.

There will also be a room provided foe mothers with n : babies. Joseph Gallop will be special speaker Rev. Lome rax. Reverend C. Leighton Straight. Let Wallwork, a. Wood, BA, BD. Roland Wefaater. Roy Hawes. Sunday: a. Graham Field. Supervised nursery.

T:0B pm. Wednesday, 8 pm. Speaker, Mr. George Evans, deputy med-j He refers specifically to an Quit’s pure life moat Cana- pollution? I would not be proud vKRjai QO aoosw ». Chapman says the tax- “They have exploited sex until suiting landscape architect, now four Sunday evenings, altemat- W” W trash ” there is neither decentness nor anamiAUar under contract with Canada.

Mufnlng worship, Lm. Evening wursMp. Chapman challenges the this to foe youth of today. The country is sup- grama the CBC is now produe- The p ang! Prayer and Bible study. Evening service, drat and third Sunday p. Marvta G. Albert E. Ktog 7tM p. Archie H. WlHa Church School— and and a. Nursery for Infanta at a. David H. Metzger Organist: Mrs.

Ruth Janet The Early Service.. Lenten devatloot each evening, p. Johnson, pastor. Speaker M. LCC—formerly AL. Carlson, pastor. Mid-week Lent service Wednesday. Fred EnabeL pastor. Bible rlasers. Evening service, pm Visitors welcatned at all asr-vtcea Pastor C. Vasn ItNkf Q Lm. Alexandw Caldnr Rot. Parade— a. Tkaisday— Holy Cnmmtmlim a. IX 13 end 80 ST. Canon Hywal J. Rector a. Goorga the Martyr Rector: The Rev. Noel- D. Cunt J. March 18th. Bendy RN Rtd. Herald E.

Thuraday and Saturday. Friday Rector: Tlw Rot. Canon B T. Richmond aad UMvertoty Aran U 08 am. Facwett, to enlarge and increase their an American judge, who said number. Ivan Allbutt conducting “Wtor. Omry VlaJkr la aa »—nr. Sunday— songs. Featured will be both the not today.

Hit school choir— students in all. Sunday in St. Len Jenner this week, leader of the church’s Anglican Youth Movement group who are presenting the play. Then we dart back into the church. End of involvement. Fawcett and A. Cartier, director of adult education for B. Cartier said one of the main problems bi education is communication. Cartier said be spoke as a private citizen.

While Christianity Is caught, not taught, teach we must. Thus the problem is one of method Mr. Fawcett said he would do away with the Lord’s Prayer and Bible readings in school because often the teachers are not Christian.

This Is a tragedy. Cartier said In his view this was a university level subject. Fawcett differed. He win assume his new duties in the fall. Bahan said. He quoted J. Edgar Hoover, “No amount of teaching is of value If the spirit of Christianity la not caught. Visitors wfl] be welcome at the Sabbath school at a. Guest preacher win be Patter H. People find the wni deliverance la every service.

MARCH They have labored at this pressing problem so well that soon, perhaps by the time our generation Is completely adult, we will have more free time on our than anyone has ever had before, excepting the very rich or very lazy.

Mainly: what then? We have not been and are not being educated to oope with t his. Secheit was the only district to defeat the plebiscite. For the people who would probably have settled into such a routine nevertheless, and for the shallow, this is certainly an ideal situation.

It pampers their natural mental sloth and lets their underdeveloped intellectual capacities dwindle to a big, fat zero. People, life, and their extrinsic and intrinsic workings are the chief interests of this breed of people.

If they did, ft would be only to have their intellects gradually disintegrate, and soon die greater mass of people would be morons. Unless they ooukl be educated to pursue intellectual stimulation out of desire and not out of necessity.

Because of having been geared and brought up in a working society we are growing up expecting to have the personal satisfaction of a job. In the light of this problem, j we must obviously be taught to I fill our time with pursuits and! Emphasis must ba placed on. The English have always had a general goal, appreciation of the arts. This would encourage self- reliance, which will be an important characteristic to have who: one has eight hours every day to do as he pleases. Instead of congregating to pursue meaningless pleasures, people in the future will have to learn to develop attitudes and int e rest s that stimulate thought and action.

PitfMrt Dkmk. Bharth i T, B iU ! Norman K. BA U:«a am md til. TYieme of the display is The Search for Meaning. Art works may be of any subject but should deal with it in a way that portrays the search or the answer to the meaning of life. Fad Ckep wa s. Sebastian L e i b e n pleaded guilty to assaulting year-old Chu Chu Kam, causing him bodily harm. He was sentenced to six In Jail. Hie elderly Chinese was found by police Feb.

U lying in a corridor at the Eastern Hotel, Johnson. Both men lived at the hotel, court waa told. P ro sec uto r Peter Bkkett said Lei ben was convicted twice in the state of Washington for grand larceny.

He had been 1 oonvlcted In Canada at assaidt- tag a peace officer, at aasault- ing a person causing bodily harm and had three oonvictioni tor impaired driving. Defence oounsel Brian Roberts said: “He hss a very had drinktog problem. The aoouaed is one of those people wbo can’t control themselves when they are drinking,” Magistrate totter said: “It b the savage assault on this old man and the grevtoui injury he Victorian s Claims Disallowed For YMCA Fall caused that concern s me As you said, you beat Mm up severely.

I think you should be Very thankful that you are not facing a charge of murder. The defence acknowledged that SJsre was con v ic te d last August of Impaired driving. The claim was launched by John Martinos, who fractured hto hip when he fell while walking from toe YWCA’s shower room to a nearby resting room. Justice R. Wootton, in j the action with eoats. Justice Wootton noted that Mr. When Mr. Justice Wootton also observed that Mr. Justice Wootton said Mr. The siren was on and the red light flashing.

At the same time, a north- botsid car was passing a cement truck and had to turn into toe curb lane when the ambulance passed. The driver of toe truck was unable to atop and struck the oar. The driver of the ear was taken to Royal Jahflee Hospital by Larsen. He was fined 5». British Columbia to prohibit pns hut AU»i W. Watson, formerly. Your room sits Mis made up faster. England, is the no-stop, bretthtakfag address to write to lor their travel folders.

They’re only showed to, taka cut toe vacations. The Times can be bought on big city newsstands spastotfzbig hi! And all the w«y beak. This year awing across the Atlantic on a groat White Cm piees. The kind ml adventure Mine used to ha. In the fine tradition of Canadian Pantile.

Jennifer Leigh Neufeld North Vancouver. Fees on milk bad for families Dear Editor: In reference to the Sept. Roger Bassam that the staff proposal to support a deposit on milk containers constitutes a tax. Unfortunately the staff report provided to council contains some significant misinformation. According to the B. Dairy Council year-end status report, plastic milk jugs were estimated to have an overall recovery rate estimated at between 70 per cent and 80 per cent.

This is at odds with the staff report to. Missing from the report is the fact that not only is it proposed to charge a deposit estimated at about 25 cents but a nonrefundable recycling fee. The result — people will pay more for milk. Milk, unlike other beverages, is an essential part of our diet, especially for young families. I trust the province will take a broader view of this issue and take into consideration the welfare of young families on this matter. Adding any taxes to milk products is a bad idea.

Corrie Kost North Vancouver. Mailing rates available on request. All rights reserved. Average circulation for Wednesday, Friday and Sunday is 61, We collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at www. Authored by Stephen Grasby and a team of scientists at the Geological Survey of Canada GSC , the report should shake up our traditional way of thinking about how we create and deliver electrical power to the people of the province.

But first a story to explain why that moment was so important for me. Earlier this month, a friend sent me an article which described an innovative project in the Philippines.

The bulbs are installed by cutting holes in the tin roofs of homes that are little more than plywood shacks. Just Asking Elizabeth James three million homes around the city that have no power. As I read the account of this so-simple initiative, and compared it with independent power projects and the environmentally controversial Site C dam, it occurred to me that what North America really needs is a hefty dose of desperation.

From to , the W. Bennett earthfill dam was the grandiose project of its time and it has served us exceptionally well over the years. Nor did the Bennett dam benefit the people of two remote First Nations communities who were torn from their homes as the artificial lake flooded their lands. Those people still must depend on diesel generators for their power because, so far as I can tell, they have not yet been connected to the BC Hydro grid. What an insult. This is not to suggest we recycle plastic bottles into light bulbs; but I have wrestled with these thoughts as I wrote columns about the political problems that beset BC Hydro.

That legislation established as the baseline against which a deadline for a 33 per cent reduction in GHG emissions would be measured. Since then, the CampbellClark team has imposed tax after tax in the name of reducing carbon emissions. But how can those goals be reconciled with her re-announcement of the liquefied natural gas terminals in Kitimat? I ask because, although an improvement over use of coal or fossil fuels, the production of LNG is by no means an environmentally clean process.

In response to a feel-good Vancouver Sun editorial on Sept. We are the two women who laugh all through class. It disrupts the normal flow of energy through and around us, adversely affecting our health. Reiki allows this normal healthy flow of energy to resume, leading to stress reduction and a state of emotional balance.

Further to your Aug. Marilyn Middlemass West Vancouver. Dear Debra: Signalling in a traffic circle can appear a little more confusing than on regular roadways, but the same rules apply. When entering the circle, use your left indicator to let other.

Your question reminds me of another rule about signalling that some people may not know. Interestingly, the Act does not require a turning vehicle to use a signal in every circumstance. Yet this rule conversely implies that a driver need not signal on turning if traffic will not be affected by the turn. Here again our laws rely on the good judgement of drivers, judgment that should include consideration of the volume of traffic in the area at the time, hour of day, available light, and a whole host of other factors that for the most part we consider unconsciously.

My advice: when in doubt, signal; when you know, signal as well. As for traffic circles, the rules are simple: yield and signal when entering, and signal when exiting. Kitimat terminals could triple B. And yet only permanent jobs. Premier Clark has said she wants to see thousands of jobs created, and plans to get out of the way of the people who can provide them.

We could — and should? Time is of the essence as there are only a limited number of full memberships available. MUNICIPAL debate over whether to support the inclusion of milk and milk substitute beverage containers in the provincial deposit-refund system continued at two council meetings last week. Allen Lynch, manager of the North Shore recycling program, was in attendance at District of West Vancouver to field questions from council members.

Shannon Walker. When it came time to evaluate the benefit of adding milk containers to the depositrefund system, Coun. Bill Soprovich showed no hesitation in revealing skepticism over the staff recommendation. Lynch stressed that there is a public perception that municipalities gain by including plastic milk jugs in the Blue Box system, when in fact, the entire mixed container system, unlike the newspaper and.

This disclosure baffled Coun. Michael Smith. In the end, Coun. Michael Evison brought council back to order. With the motion passed — supported by all members save Soprovich — West Vancouver will send a copy of the staff report to the Minister of the Environment, Terry Lake, and Metro Vancouver in support of adding milk and milk substitute beverage containers to the deposit-refund system. For more information about locking in at the current rate, please email membership aclubforthemodernfamily.

All memberships are subject to applicable taxes and require a deposit upon submission. To appraise or not appraise, That is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of misfortune Or to take arms against a sea of thieves Or perhaps to insure?

Think about your precious pieces of jewellery. Perhaps given to you by your nearest and dearest with love.

So how do you protect these priceless possessions? Your home insurance policy is what most people rely on. But did you know that without a proper appraisal, you may not recover the full value of your jewellery? An appraisal done even a couple of years ago is out of date, given the high price of gold today. Keep the appraisal in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box. With an appraisal you can also obtain special insurance coverage as Scheduled Items, which will provide you with coverage for the full value of your items regardless of the standard limits built into your basic policy.

Best of all, a reputable jeweller will also check your piece for damage and ensure the settings holding your gems in place are in good order — something that should be done periodically as a loose stone can be lost easily. Appraisals and timely repairs can save you money, heartache and preserve the precious memories symbolized by your jewellery. The proposal involves building two new apartment buildings that will include resident amenity space and gardens, new landscaping, and underground parking.

Proposed Development Permit No. All enquiries regarding the proposed bylaw, bylaw amendments and the Development Permit may be directed to the West Vancouver Planning Department, Municipal Hall. Phone: Copies of the proposed bylaw, bylaw amendments, the Development Permit and other related documents may be inspected.

All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by the proposed bylaw, bylaw amendments and the Development Permit will be given an opportunity to be heard and to present written submissions at the Public Hearing and Public Meeting. Submissions received after the close of the Public Hearing will not be considered by Council.

Scholes, Municipal Clerk September 16, Sun rising on lane division WV council sends Sunset Lane subdivision bylaw to hearing Kerry Blackadar newsroom nsnews. If approved, the rezoning would resolve a lengthy land-access and ownership negotiation between the municipality and BC Rail Properties, who are seeking to sell the land to adjacent property owners. Sunset Lane, located parallel to Marine Drive, runs adjacent to the railway line starting at Creery Avenue. The roadway, which serves as an access point for residents of 14 neighbouring properties on Marine Drive, is currently.

Access and use of the land has been a well recognized problem for some time, and has plagued a handful of residents for more than 30 years. If approved, the bylaw would permit council to approve the subdivision of BC Rail Property lands, which would clear the way for the subsequent purchase or lease of the newly created lots to the adjacent property owners. As part of the negotiations, Sunset Lane, together with the cost of maintaining it, would be dedicated to the district.

According to a district staff report, BC Rail Properties are offering a 10 per cent discount to adjacent property owners who agree to purchase the newly created lot within three months of subdivision.

We know what your home means to you. As an independent broker we want to help you protect it with our high quality Key Advantage Homeowner Insurance. Gallery volunteer Steven Snider greets guests. The show features the work of mother and daughter Krystyna and Elizabeth May. Krystyna is an art therapist and Elizabeth lives with autism and the exhibition, which will remain on display until Oct. Info: www.

Please direct requests for event coverage to: emcphee nsnews. For more Bright Lights photos go to: www. Ask us how you can protect your family from underinsured drivers. Nourish Your Community: Too much fruit on your trees? Donate it. The North Shore Fruit Tree Project will visit and pick your tree fruit and donate it to those in need in the community. Sign up as a donor at www. Snacks, garden demos, games and prizes were all part of the event. Lillooet garden bears fruit when the Lillooet Park Community Garden opened recently.

Page Located north of the Holiday Inn, off Lillooet Road, the garden was built using almost all volunteer labour, except for construction of fencing by a contractor and a waterline installed by the district. With generous donations from community partners, the Lillooet community garden is now a reality and a functioning garden with 46 plots and waiting list of 30 people.

It also builds a sense of community through daily interaction at the garden and it provides people with a connection to the earth through contact with the soil and by growing plants. I asked District of North Vancouver Coun. Robin Hicks, who was also in attendance,. So my family, like most others, grew food in community allotment gardens. Come prepared with a proposal and some detail for council to review so we can make an.

Visit metrovancouver. Registration required: or toursreg metrovancouver. Tools and gloves will be provided and no experience is necessary. Help build pathways and fences, weed beds and more.

Info: volunteer ediblegardenproject. Meet at the upper kiosk in the parking lot. Bring clippers if possible and wear old clothes and work gloves. Info: Alexandra, Zero Waste: Attend a free workshop about reducing, reusing and recycling Saturday, Oct. There will also be. Book Your Fall Clean Up greatcanadianlandscaping. Deadline for entries: Sunday, October 2, Prize must be accepted as awarded. Registration: Capilano Garden Club meets the second Monday of each month at p.

The Oct. New members welcome. Info: They have demonstrations, guest speakers and workshops. New members and guests welcome. Info: Donna, or Heather, The event will feature more than exhibitors showcasing products and. Tickets purchased online at www.

Some restrictions apply. See Sales Associate or visit KitchenAid. Dealers have sole discretion to set retail prices. Dealer prices may vary. Some conditions may apply. Offer excludes discontinued and obsolete models. Offer is open to Canadian residents only. Offer is not available to dealers, builders or contractors. All models may not be available at all dealers. No substitute appliances qualify.

Instant rebate will be deducted at the time of purchase. The mixer shape is a registered trade-mark of KitchenAid U. Creative place settings will impress guests colour or different colours of acrylic paint. Place the napkin on the plate. SET a pretty table this month with some creative ideas. Flowers in the center of the table are always lovely but sometimes setting a dining table for a special occasion requires a little panache.

Whether you are setting a formal or casual dining affair, a little creativity goes a long way to impress your guests. Post it! Find these cute, little Post-It Flags at Staples and use them to mark each place setting. This is a cute idea for a very informal but modern table setting. No fuss here — just simplicity. Pinecones For a nice, autumn place setting try using a little pinecone.

Place one or two smaller ones beside the place card cone and decorate with autumn-coloured. Chalkboard napkin ring Miniature chalkboards can be found at craft stores and a few dollar stores as well. These little boards can be tied onto a napkin and used as a napkin holder.

Clothespin A simple clothespin can be great for a place setting. Next time you are at the dollar store, pick up a small bag of clothespins. Bring them home and paint them in the same.

Photo place card Computers come in handy for this idea. Locate photos of your guests on your home computer and print them out in a 4×6 format. If you have a Photoshop program, try to isolate a photo of each guest for each place setting. Cut the photo down to fit a piece of construction paper about seven centimetres square. Paste the photograph on a coloured piece of construction paper and trim the edges.

Folded napkin knot Sometimes the simplest ideas are the prettiest. A plain, white napkin tied into a knot complemented with a white cardstock name card makes a beautiful place setting. Place the napkin in the center of the plate and complement with silverware.

September 30 – October 1 Welcome to our new location. Visit us for instore specials, coffee and cookies too! We offer thorough gum therapy and oral care. Convenient evening and weekend appointments. Eco-friendly and organic products. Tooth Whitening specials. Report refutes rumours of a housing bubble THE numbers are in and it would appear that our sky-high property values are being held together with far more than a thin film of soapy water.

According to Yu, market speculation seems to be at normal level, comprising only two to three per cent of the total B. Even a spike of activity in the Vancouver and Toronto markets seen earlier in the year has eased back to normal levels.

Our communities on the North Shore are delineated by a perimeter of mountains and ocean that creates one of the most beautiful locales on earth while preventing outward growth. From page 14 December from 7 to 10 p. Meetings include speakers, workshops and field trips. Info: Elaine, or Chris, Kevin Vallely is a residential designer in North Vancouver. His website is www. New members are welcome. Info: or jacquie. Coffee and guest speakers. There is only one Progas North Shore and we take pride in servicing our clients with licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable technicians.

The quality we promise is the quality we deliver. Page 8: Softsoap Aloe 1. Please see a Product Expert in-store for details. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our valued customers. He told me that the garden has a renewable lease with the district. Learn how to search for, and check out, e-books from our collection. Step-by-step instruction on searching for, and checking out, audiobooks.

I asked Johnstone: What are some of the benefits of growing community gardens? These gardens provide people with a place to meet and be neighbours, a place to grow friendships and share the experience of growing food.

For advice contact him at stmajor shaw. Spot it and you could be tantalizing your taste buds at Hurricane Grill courtesy of us. Visit our website for details. Enter to win by identifying the page number and issue date and email your name and daytime phone number to contest nsnews. Items can be dropped off every Saturday during business hours until Oct. Registration required: www. Are Your Family Roots in a Tangle? Info: or www. There will be a live band, appetizers, silent auction, photo booth and a cash bar.

Tickets: cwbisk yahoo. Disaster Response and You: A free workshop to learn about how to respond during a disas-. Family Film Night: A series of free family-friendly films will be shown on Tuesdays, p. Schedule: Oct. Registration required: , ext. How to Choose an E-book Reader: A free information session that covers the key points to be considered before purchasing an e-reader Wednesday, Oct. The Ultimate Traveller: A series of travel talks on faraway places with photographs by world traveller Peter Langer will take place on Wednesdays, p.

For registration and more information go to www. Evening will include a silent auction and Zumba dance demonstration. Tickets: The club meets on the second Thursday of the month, September to May, 7 p. Canadian Legion, West 15th St. Marylou Coyle, geologist and pilates instructor, will speak on physical and mental unity and well-being at Oct. For more information call or go to www. For our online listings, go to www.

Selection limited so hurry! Ambleside Orchestra rehearses Wednesdays, p. There are opportunities for string players. Caroun Photo Club: Meetings are held the third Wednesday of every month, p. Visitors are welcome. The association invites writers of all genres, fiction and non-fiction, to read their work in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and to listen to other writers share their work and talk about the writing process.

Readers are invited to attend to get to know established and new local writers. Free for members and non-members by donation. Info: Sally Scott, The Dutch Koffieclub meets the third Wednesday of every month, 10 a. Meet new people and keep up your Dutch language or improve it. Used Dutch magazines and books will be available.

Info: Henk, or Nel, Paintings will be displayed at Kay Meek Centre, Oct. Info: Simon at North Shore Chamber Orchestra meets Wednesdays, p. Info: jeanaireland1 hotmail. North Shore Chorus meets Wednesdays, p. Info: , www. Info and details: Heather, Rehearsals are Wednesdays from to p.

United Church, Esquimalt Ave. Info: Gerald van Wyck, music director, or www. Info: Tiffany, or musicrevives gmail.


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