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Ungulate movements are influenced by a variety of biotic and abiotic factors, which may affect connectivity between key resource areas and seasonal ranges. In northwestern Alaska , one important question regarding human impacts on ungulate movement involves caribou Rangifer tarandus response to autumn hunting and related aircraft activity. While concerns have been voiced by local hunters about the influence of transporter aircraft and non-local sport hunters, there has been little quantitative analysis of the effects of hunter activity on caribou movement.

We utilized a novel spatial dataset of commercial aircraft landing locations and sport hunter camps in and around Noatak National Preserve to analyze resource selection of caribou in autumn for non-local hunting activity and environmental features. We combined step selection functions with randomized shortest paths to investigate whether terrain ruggedness, river width, land cover, and hunting activity in the form of aircraft landings and sport hunter camps facilitated or impeded caribou movement.

By varying a parameter in the randomized shortest path models, we also explored the tradeoff between exploration and exploitation in movement behavior exhibited by traveling caribou.

We found that caribou avoided rugged terrain and areas with more river, forest, and tall shrubs while selecting for areas dominated by tussock tundra and dwarf shrubs. Migration of caribou through Noatak does not appear to be inhibited by sport hunting activity, though this does not preclude the possibility of temporary effects altering availability of caribou for individual hunters. Caribou exhibited exploratory movement, following predictions of a random walk model.

This behavior may facilitate the location of remaining patches of high-quality forage prior to the onset of winter, especially during mild autumns. Understanding animal movement behavior is fundamental to protecting critical areas of connectivity and to informing. Crustal Structure beneath Alaska from Receiver Functions.

The crustal structure in Alaska has not been well resolved due to the remote nature of much of the state. The USArray Transportable Array TA , which is operating in Alaska and northwestern Canada, significantly increases the coverage of broadband seismic stations in the region and allows for a more comprehensive study of the crust.

We have analyzed P-receiver functions from earthquake data recorded by 76 stations of the TA and AK networks. The results from the CCP stacking method show that the Denali fault marks a sharp transition from thick crust in the south to thin crust in the north. The thickest crust up to 52 km is located in the St. Elias Range, which has been formed by oblique collision between the Yakutat microplate and North America. A thick crust of 48 km is also observed beneath the eastern Alaska Range.

These observations suggest that high topography in Alaska is largely compensated by the thick crust root. The Moho depth ranges from 28 km to 35 km beneath the northern lowlands and increases to km under the Books Range. The preliminary crustal thickness from the H-K method generally agrees with that from the CCP stacking with thicker crust beneath high mountain ranges and thinner crust beneath lowlands and basins.

However, the offshore part is not well constrained due to the limited coverage of stations. The ratio is about 1. Elias Range. Further data analyses are needed for obtaining more details of the crustal structure in Alaska to decipher the origin and development of different tectonic terranes.

Detrital zircon geochronology of quartzose metasedimentary rocks from parautochthonous North America, east-central Alaska. We report eight new U-Pb detrital zircon ages for quartzose metasedimentary rocks from four lithotectonic units of parautochthonous North America in east-central Alaska : the Healy schist, Keevy Peak Formation, and Sheep Creek Member of the Totatlanika Schist in the northern Alaska Range, and the Butte assemblage in the northwestern Yukon-Tanana Upland.

Excepting 1 of 3 samples from the Healy schist, all have dominant detrital zircon populations of 1. Three zircons from Totatlanika Schist yield the youngest age of ca. The anomalous Healy schist sample has abundant 1. Detrital zircon age populations from all but the anomalous sample are statistically similar to those from 1 other peri-Laurentian units in east-central Alaska ; 2 the Snowcap assemblage in Yukon, basement of the allochthonous Yukon-Tanana terrane; 3 Neoproterozoic to Ordovician Laurentian passive margin strata in southern British Columbia, Canada; and 4 Proterozoic Laurentian Sequence C strata of northwestern Canada.

Recycling of zircon from the Paleoproterozoic Great Bear magmatic zone in the Wopmay orogen and its Archean precursors could explain both the Precambrian zircon populations and arc trace element signatures of our samples. Zircon from the anomalous Healy schist sample resembles that in Nation River Formation and Adams Argillite in eastern Alaska , suggesting recycling of detritus in those units.

Over six years, teacher retention in rural…. The first geologic map of Unga Island was published by Atwood ; scale , , who correctly inferred the middle Tertiary age of the volcanic rocks and made the important distinction between the lava flows and the intrusive domes.

Although Burk’s reconnaissance map of the Alaska Peninsula scale , has been modified in some respects, it does correct Atwood’s map by replacing the Kenai Formation on northwestern Unga Island with the Unga Conglomerate and by recognizing the older Stepovak Formation elsewhere on Unga and Popof Islands.

Geological Survey USGS field studies that were focused on the mineral-resource potential of the Alaska Peninsula began in the late ‘s. These studies led to a geologic map of the Port Moller quadrangle–including Unga Island–at , scale Wilson and others, , as well as summaries of mineral occurrences and geochronological studies Wilson and others, , and a formal revision of the stratigraphic units of the Alaska Peninsula Detterman and others, As follow-up to the regional studies, a detailed study of the vein systems on Unga Island was undertaken as a collaborative effort between USGS and private industry White and Queen, The fieldwork leading to the present report and geologic map was started in Riehle and others, and was completed as part of the vein study.

The objective was a better understanding of the geologic setting of the vein systems: the geologic history of the host rocks, the structural controls on the veins, and the types of processes that likely caused the mineralization. In , African swine fever was introduced into Georgia, after which it spread to neighboring Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the Russian Federation. That same year, PCR and sequence analysis identified African swine fever virus in samples from 3 dead female wild boars in northwestern Iran.

Wild boars may serve as a reservoir. Slow recovery of lichen on burned caribou winter range in Alaska tundra: potential influences of climate warming and other disturbance factors. Lichen regeneration timelines are needed to establish sound fire management guidelines for caribou Rangifer tarandus winter range. Paired burned and unburned permanent vegetative cover transects were established after , , and tundra fires in northwestern Alaska to document regrowth of tundra vegetation including caribou forage Two samples from a large, allochthonous limestone block in the McHugh Complex of the Chugach terrane on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska , contain species of 12 genera of Permian Fusulinina including Abadehella, Kahlerina, Pseudokahlerina?

The assemblage of fusulinids is characteristically Tethyan, belonging to the Yabeina archaica zone of early Midian late Wordian age. Similar faunas are known from the Pamirs, Transcaucasia, and Japan, as well as from allochthonous terranes in British Columbia, northwestern Washington, and Koryakia in eastern Siberia.

Pronounced climatic variations in Alaska during the last two millennia. Paired oxygen-isotopic analyses of abiotic carbonate and benthic-ostracode shells from lake sediments provide a continuous quantitative record of growing-season temperature for the past years in the northwestern foothills of the Alaska Range.

This record reveals three time intervals of comparable warmth: anno Domini A. The Little Ice Age culminated at A. A marked climatic cooling also occurred around A.

Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Agriculture Alaska Board of Agriculture and. Deterioration of wood from live and dead Alaska yellow-cedar in contact with soil. The deterioration of heartwood from live and dead Alaska yellow-cedar trees was evaluated by exposing ministakes in soils at field sites in Alaska and Mississippi for 2 and 4 year intervals. Southern yellow pine sapwood served as a control. The vastly greater deterioration, as measured by weight loss, in Mississippi compared to Alaska 60 and 10 percent after 4 years, Previously, the Hines Creek Fault, which is considered to be part of the strike-slip Denali Fault system Ridgway and others, ; Nokleberg and Richter, , was interpreted to have been welded shut during the intrusion of the Upper Cretaceous Buchanan Creek pluton Wahrhaftig and others, ; Gilbert, ; Sherwood and Craddock, ; Csejtey and others, Our geologic mapping along the west- to west-northwest-striking Hines Creek Fault in the northeastern Healy quadrangle and central to northwestern Mount Hayes quadrangle reveals that 1 the Buchanan Creek pluton is truncated by the Hines Creek Fault and 2 a tectonic collage of fault-bounded slices of various granitic plutons, metagabbro, metabasalt, and sedimentary rock of the Pingston terrane occurs south of the Hines Creek Fault.

Indian hospitals and Aboriginal nurses: Canada and Alaska. In Alaska , the Mt. Edgecumbe Hospital in Sitka acted as a training facility for Alaska Native nurses’ aides, while in Canada, the Charles Camsell Hospital served a similar function.

These initiatives occurred prior to the devolution of health care to Aboriginal communities. The histories of these two hospitals provide a comparative opportunity to reveal themes related to the history of Aboriginal nurse training and Aboriginal health policies in the north. The paper outlines the structure and function of two main hospitals within the Indian Health and Alaska Native Health Services, discusses the historic training, and role of Aboriginal nurses and caregivers within those systems using both archival and oral history sources.

Use of evidence-based treatments in substance abuse treatment programs serving American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Data are drawn from the first national survey of tribal substance abuse treatment programs.

Clinicians or clinical administrators from programs completed the survey. Participants were queried about their awareness of, attitudes toward, and use of 9 psychosocial and 3 medication EBTs. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Greater EBT knowledge and use were associated with both program e.

Only two of the commonly implemented psychosocial EBTs Motivational Interviewing and Relapse Prevention Therapy were endorsed as culturally appropriate by a majority of programs that had implemented them However, many users of these EBTs continue to have concerns about their cultural appropriateness, which likely limits their further dissemination.

All rights reserved. Applications of satellite telemetry to wildlife research and management in Alaska. Fancy, S. The use of satellite telemetry has overcome some of the logistical problems of working in remote areas in an arctic environment, where harsh weather, darkness, worker safety considerations, extensive movements by some species, and high costs of locating study animals often result in small incomplete data sets.

As of September , satellite transmitters PPTs have been deployed on large mammals, including on polar bears in the Bering, Beaufort and Chukchi seas; 74 on caribou in northern Alaska and northwestern Canada; 22 on brown bears in northern Alaska and Kodiak Island, Alaska ; 12 on muskoxen in northeastern Alaska and Greenland; 7 on wolves in northern Alaska ; 7 on walrus in the Bering and Chuckchi seas; 4 on mule deer in Idaho; 2 on elk in Wyoming; 2 on moose in southcentral Alaska ; and 2 on Dall sheep int the Brooks Range of northern Alaska.

The Argos DCLS has provided more than 19, and 66, locations for polar bears and caribou, respectively, and has been used to document the international ranges of these species and to address specific management questions in a cost-effective manner.

The precision of locations provided by the Argos DCLS was examined using transmitters placed on the ground or on buildings and compared to the precision from that prior to deployment, presumably because of the proximity of the antenna to the animal’s body. Sensors for determining ambient temperature, short- and long-term indices of animal activity immersion of transmitters in saltwater, and dive depths, were developed and tested.

The long-term activity index indicated. Pre-, syn-, and postcollisional stratigraphic framework and provenance of upper triassic-upper cretaceous strata in the northwestern talkeetna mountains, alaska.

This unit is at least m thick and has been tentatively assigned an Albian-Cenomanian-to-younger age based on limited palynomorphs and fossil leaves. Collectively, provenance data indicate that there was a fundamental shift from mainly arc-related sediment derivation from sources located south of the study area during Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Aptian time Kahiltna assemblage to mainly continental margin-derived sediment from sources located north and east of the study area by Albian-Cenomanian time Caribou Pass formation.

We interpret the threepart stratigraphy defined for the northwestern Talkeetna Mountains to represent pre- the Honolulu Pass formation , syn- the Kahiltna assemblage , and post- the Caribou Pass formation collision of the Wrangellia composite terrane with the Mesozoic continental margin. A similar Mesozoic stratigraphy appears to exist in other parts of south-central and southwestern Alaska along the suture zone based on previous regional mapping studies.

New geologic mapping utilizing the three-part stratigraphy interprets the northwestern Talkeetna Mountains as consisting of two northwest-verging thrust sheets. Our structural interpretation is that of more localized thrust-fault imbrication of the three-part stratigraphy in contrast to previous interpretations of nappe emplacement or terrane translation that require large-scale displacements.

This study used qualitative methodology to examine attitudes toward evidence-based practices, also known as evidence-based treatments EBTs in minority- serving substance abuse treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay area. These clinics were more likely than other minority-focused programs to have experience with research and knowledge about adapting EBTs.

Similar to other minority-focused programs, these clinics described mistrust, fear of exploitation from the research community, and negative attitudes towards EBTs. The underutilization of EBTs in substance abuse programs is prevalent and detrimental to the health of patients who would benefit from their use. Part of a trend in which both the NLRB…. Tobacco use and preferences for wellness programs among health aides and other employees of an Alaska Native Health Corporation in Western Alaska.

This study assessed health behaviors and preferences for wellness programs among employees of a worksite serving Alaska Native-people. Items assessed health behaviors, perceived stress, resiliency, and preferences for wellness topics and program delivery formats.

The findings are important because tailored wellness programs have not been previously evaluated among employees of worksites serving Alaska Native people. North to Alaska : Evidence for conveyor belt transport of Dungeness crab larvae along the west coast of the United States and Canada. We propose and evaluate the hypothesis that Dungeness crab Cancer magister larvae from the northwestern coast of the United States and Canada can be transported northward to southeastern Alaska.

Larvae collected in southeastern Alaska during May and June — had abundances and stages that varied seasonally, interannually, and spatially. An unexpected presence of late-stage larvae in spring raises a question regarding their origin, and the most plausible explanation is that they hatched off the northern Washington and British Columbia coasts and were transported to southeastern Alaska.

Buoy drift tracks support the hypothesis that larvae released off the northern Washington and British Columbia coasts during the peak hatching season can be physically transported to southeastern Alaska , arriving as late-stage larvae in May and June, when local larvae are only beginning to hatch.

The proposed larval transport suggests possible unidirectional gene flow between southern and northern populations of Dungeness crabs in southeastern Alaska. Studies by the U. The collection of papers that follow continues the series of U. This series represents new and sometimes-preliminary findings that are of interest to Earth scientists in academia, government, and industry; to land and resource managers; and to the general public. The reports presented in Studies by the U.

Geological Survey in Alaska cover a broad spectrum of topics from various parts of the State, serving to emphasize the diversity of USGS efforts to meet the Nation’s needs for Earth-science information in Alaska. This professional paper is one of a series of ‘online only’ versions of Studies by the U. Geological Survey in Alaska , reflecting the current trend toward disseminating research results on the World Wide Web with rapid posting of completed reports.

The collection of six papers that follow continues the series of U. This professional paper is the first ‘online only’ version of Studies by the U. This professional paper is one of a series of “online only” versions of Studies by the U. Polybrominated diphenyl ethers PBDEs were determined in adipose tissue of adult and subadult female polar bears sampled between and from sub-populations in Arctic Canada, eastern Greenland, and Svalbard, and in males and females collected from to in northwestern Alaska.

Only 4 congeners BDE47, 99, , and were consistently identified in all samples. Alaska volcanoes guidebook for teachers. Alaska is home to more than volcanoes, which have been active over the last 2 million years.

About 90 of these volcanoes have been active within the last 10, years and more than 50 of these have been active since about The volcanoes in Alaska make up well over three-quarters of volcanoes in the United States that have erupted in the last years. It is hard to imagine a better place for students to explore active volcanism and to understand volcanic hazards, phenomena, and global impacts. Along the lines of this tradition, this guidebook serves to provide locally relevant and useful resources and activities for the exploration of numerous and truly unique volcanic landscapes in Alaska.

This guidebook provides supplemental teaching materials to be used by Alaskan students who will be inspired to become educated and prepared for inevitable future volcanic activity in Alaska. The lessons and activities in this guidebook are meant to supplement and enhance existing science content already being taught in grade levels 6— Toward the northwest in El Salvador the northern sliver boundary is marked by a dextral strike-slip fault system active since Late Pleistocene time.

To the southeast there is no consensus on what constitutes the northern boundary of the sliver, although a system of active crustal faults has been described in central Costa Rica.

Here we propose that the Haciendas-Chiripa fault system serves as the northeastern boundary for the sliver and that the sliver includes most of the Guanacaste volcanic arc, herein the Guanacaste Volcanic Arc Sliver. In this paper we provide constraints on the geometry and kinematics of the boundary of the Guanacaste Volcanic Arc Sliver that are timely and essential to any models aimed at resolving the driving mechanism for sliver motion.

Our results are also critical for assessing geological hazards in northwestern Costa Rica. Here we combine Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment GRACE observations with a wide range of satellite and field data to investigate drivers of these recent changes, with a focus on seasonal variations.

Our central focus will be the exceptionally high mass losses of , which do not correlate with weather station temperature and precipitation data, but may be linked to ash fall from the March 31, eruption of Mt.

We also focus on the Juneau and Stikine Icefield regions that are far from the volcanic eruption but experienced the largest mass losses of any region in Although rapid drawdown of tidewater glaciers was occurring in southeast Alaska during , we show these changes were probably not sufficiently widespread to explain all of the GRACE signal in those regions. We examine additional field and satellite datasets to quantify potential errors in the climate and GRACE fields that could result in the observed discrepancy.

Houseknecht, David W. Pat; Karl, Susan M. Ian; Burns, W. Matthew; Hayba, Daniel O. Summary The collection of papers that follows continues the series of U. Micropaleontology of selected wells and seismic shot holes, northern Alaska. This report provides micropaleontologic data foraminifera, pollen, spores, and microplankton and interpretations of the rocks penetrated by 49 wells and 3, seismic shot holes distributed among 73 seismic lines figs.

The biostratigraphic zonation scheme, stratigraphy, and geologic ages followed in this study are summarized in figure 3. This update brings paleontologic analyses performed at various times over several decades to a current, unified set of interpretations that benefit from the evolution of northern Alaska biostratigraphic understanding developed during the past years by Mickey and Haga. For each well, paleontologic information includes microfossil distribution charts, data spreadsheets, diversity graphs, and interpretive reports describing age and environments of deposition.

Three biostratigraphic well-correlation sections that relate Chukchi Sea wells to onshore northwestern NPRA wells are also included. For all analyzed seismic shot hole samples, foraminiferal age and environmental interpretations are provided; palynological interpretations are provided only for those shot hole samples collected and analyzed after , a little less than half of the total number of samples.

Geographic pattern of serum antibody prevalence for Brucella spp. Blood samples were collected from 2, caribou Rangifer tarandus , 1, grizzly bears Ursus arctos , and wolves Canis lupus from throughout mainland Alaska during Sera were tested for evidence of exposure to Brucella spp. Serum antibody prevalences were highest in the northwestern region of the state. In any specific area, antibody prevalences for caribou and wolves were of a similar magnitude, whereas antibody prevalence for bears in these same areas were two to three times higher.

Overview of environmental and hydrogeologic conditions at Moses Point, Alaska. This area has long cold winters and short summers which affect the hydrology of the area. The Federal Aviation Administration owns or operates airport support facilities at the Moses Point site and wishes to consider the subsistence lifestyles of area residents and the quality of the current environment when evaluating options for remediation of environmental contamination at their facilities.

Currently no operating wells are in the area, but the vulnerability of the aquifer and other alternative water supplies are being evaluated because the Federal Aviation Administration has a potential liability for the storage and use of hazardous materials in the area. The forest ecosystem of southeast Alaska : 8. One of the most striking characteristics of southeast Alaska is the abundance of water.

Large glaciers, icefields, and thousands of streams result from heavy precipitation throughout the year. Published and unpublished data on water regimen, temperature, sedimentation, and chemistry are combined. These serve as a basis for understanding how this valuable resource may High resolution dating of moraines on Kodiak Island, Alaska links Atlantic and North Pacific climatic changes during the late glacial. Much less is known about the paleoclimate and paleoceanography of the North Pacific than the North Atlantic despite the North Pacific’s important role in the global ocean-climate system.

On southwestern Kodiak Island, coastal bluffs section a series of moraines, kettle ponds, and bogs formed between 15 and 9 ka BP. Distinctive tephras from volcanoes on the Alaska Peninsula provide time-lines within the stratigraphy. Deformation events recorded in sediment stacks from basins within glaciotectonic landforms allows precise dating of glacial events.

An ice capmore » occupied the Kodiak archipelago during the last glaciation. Three glacial advances of the southwestern margin of this ice cap occurred after 15 ka BP.

At The less-extensive Tundra Advance culminated between 12 and The timing of the Tundra and Olga Advances correlates closely with that of the Older and Younger Dryas cold episodes in northwestern Europe suggesting that these climatic oscillations were synchronous throughout the northern hemisphere.

This presentation describes the overall program goals and current status of broad scale, statewide orthoimagery and digital elevation model DEM projects currently underway in Alaska. As context, it will also describe the history and successes of previous statewide Alaska mapping efforts over the preceding 75 years.

A new statewide orthomosaic imagery baselayer at , NMAS accuracy The entire state 1. A second major project is collection of an improved accuracy DEM statewide. Airborne interferometric synthetic aperture radar IfSAR data has been collected for about half of the state of Alaska and completion of the rest of the state is anticipated within a few years.

A 5-meter post spacing, foot contour interval accuracy equivalent 3-meter vertical LE90 DEM and radar backscatter intensity image is being delivered. Historic projects to be described include the ‘s USGS Alaska topographic mapping program, one of the largest and most pioneering, challenging, and successful ever undertaken in North America.

These historic and current mapping programs have served as both a baselayer framework and as feedstock for science for virtually every geologic, geophysical, and terrestrial natural science project in the state. Palaeomagnetism of lower cretaceous tuffs from Yukon-Kuskokwim delta region, western Alaska. During the past decade, the prescient arguments for the allochthoneity of large portions of southern Alaska have been corroborated by detailed geological and palaeomagnetic studies in south-central Alaska the Alaska Peninsula10, Kodiak Island11,12 and the Prince William Sound area13 Fig.

These investigations have demonstrated sizeable northward displacements for rocks of late Palaeozoic, Mesozoic, and early Tertiary age in those regions, with northward motion at times culminating in collision of the allochthonous terranes against the backstop of ‘nuclear’ Alaska 14, A fundamental question is which parts of Alaska underwent significantly less latitudinal translation relative to the ‘stable’ North American continent, thereby serving as the ‘accretionary nucleus’ into which the displaced ‘microplates’16 were eventually incorporated17,18?

Here we present new palaeomagnetic results from tuffs and associated volcaniclastic rocks of early Cretaceous age from the Yukon-Kuskokwin delta region in western Alaska. These rocks were probably overprinted during the Cretaceous long normal polarity interval, although a remagnetization event as recent as Palaeocene cannot be ruled out. This overprint direction is not appreciably discordant from the expected late Cretaceous direction for cratonal North America.

The implied absence of appreciable northward displacement for this region is consistent with the general late Mesozoic-early Tertiary tectonic pattern for Alaska , based on more definitive studies: little to no poleward displacement for central Alaska , though substantially more northward drift for the ‘southern Alaska terranes’ comprising Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island, Prince William Sound area, and Matunuska Valley since late Cretaceous to Palaeocene time.

Alaska Air National Guard. A Canadian official outlines in an interview his government’s hope that the US will proceed with the financing and construction of the Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline. The Canadian portion of the pipeline was begun under good faith because Canada sees her best interests served when US supply needs are met and when both countries have the energy to develop and prosper. Canada asks the Reagan administration to present Congress with a waiver package that will facilitate financing by eliminating a prohibition against pipeline share ownership by the owners of gas in Alaska.

On March 27, , at p. The Great Alaska Earthquake also known as the Good Friday Earthquake occurred at a pivotal time in the history of earth science, and helped lead to the acceptance of plate tectonic theory Cox, ; Brocher and others, All large subduction zone earthquakes are understood through insights learned from the event, and observations and interpretations of the earthquake have influenced the design of infrastructure and seismic monitoring systems now in place.

The earthquake caused extensive damage across the State, and triggered local tsunamis that devastated the Alaskan towns of Whittier, Valdez, and Seward. In Anchorage, the main cause of damage was ground shaking, which lasted approximately 4. Many buildings could not withstand this motion and were damaged or collapsed even though their foundations remained intact. More significantly, ground shaking triggered a number of landslides along coastal and drainage valley bluffs underlain by the Bootlegger Cove Formation, a composite of facies containing variably mixed gravel, sand, silt, and clay which were deposited over much of upper Cook Inlet during the Late Pleistocene Ulery and others, Cyclic or strain softening of the more sensitive clay facies caused overlying blocks of soil to slide sideways along surfaces dipping by only a few degrees.

This guide is the document version of an interactive web map that was created as part of the commemoration events for the 50th anniversary of the Great Alaska Earthquake.

It is accessible at the U. The website features a map display with suggested tour stops in Anchorage, historical photographs taken shortly after the earthquake, repeat photography of selected sites, scanned documents. Performance analysis of the Dowling multi-lane roundabouts in Anchorage, Alaska.

These serve as junctions for commuters accessing the Seward Highway. As vehicle traffic in Anchorage conti State of Alaska. More Dept. Safety – Traveler. The study will focus primarily on prof Store owners as potential agents of change: energy drinks in the interior of Alaska. Childhood obesity disproportionately impacts disadvantaged communities, including Alaska Native children. In part, lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables and over consumption of sugar sweetened beverages including energy drinks contribute to excessive weight gain in Alaska Native youth.

This commentary reports the possibility of storeowners and workers partnering with community members to limit sales of nutrient-poor energy drinks through point-of-sale counselling in rural communities in the interior of Alaska.

This model of intervention may be useful to implement in areas where there are limited health workers or others that can serve as health educators. This study reports preliminary evidence from rural Alaska and from other Arctic communities that store workers may effectively improve community health status by limiting or promoting specific products.

Storeowners or workers may be helpful partners in the fight against childhood obesity as they are present at the point of sale of high-risk beverages to Alaska Native youth. Thirty years old this summer, RAHI, the Rural Alaska Honors Institute is a statewide, six-week, summer college-preparatory bridge program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks for Alaska Native and rural high school juniors and seniors. This outreach initiative is designed to increase the number and diversity of students pursuing STEM degree programs and entering the future high-tech workforce.

It uses Earth science to entice kids to get excited about dinosaurs, volcanoes and earthquakes, and includes physics, chemistry, math, biology and other sciences. Students were recruited from the Alaska ‘s Arctic North Slope schools, in 8th grade to begin the annual program of approximately 8 days, the summer before their 9th grade year and then remain in the program for all four years of high school.

The culmination is an exciting field event each summer. Over the four-year period, events will include trips to Fairbanks and Anchorage, Arizona, Oregon and the Appalachians.

The program will add a new cohort of 9th graders each year for the next four years. Join us to find out more about this exciting new initiative, which is enticing young Alaska Native. Rayleigh-wave Tomography Study of Northwestern Canada. Due to the ongoing collision of the Yakutat block with the North American plate in southeastern Alaska , a significant amount of deformation is occurring in the northern Canadian Cordillera.

The stress transfer associated with the accretion of this terrane is believed to be responsible for the seismicity across this widespread region. Here we use data from a new regional seismograph network Yukon-Northwest Seismograph Network – YNSN as well as permanent stations to map out crustal structure.

Crustal thickness variations can be obtained from 3-D seismic velocity models determined from the inversion of surface-wave dispersion data.

In this work we present preliminary results of a regional tomography study of northwestern Canada, encompassing the northern Canadian Cordillera, using dispersion curves derived from ambient noise cross-correlations in addition to teleseismic two-station interferometry.

We collected all available vertical component seismic data from stations located in the Yukon and surrounding regions from the period between June and June Using this data set, we first cross-correlated hour-long segments of the ambient seismic noise between all available stations pairs that share common data availability and obtained virtual Rayleigh waves with energy over periods s that are predominantly sensitive to crust and uppermost mantle structure.

Each pair of glacier maps will be accompanied with a summary document describing the changes that have occurred at that glacier. From north to south, the nine IGY glaciers span a distance of more than 2, km. January – Update. Performance analysis of the Dowling multi-lane roundabouts in Anchorage, Alaska : [summary]. Earthquakes in Alaska. It was not good! Not good at all…especially for a 35 year old professional! In real life — Ditz. On Facebook — very smart diva. And the two shalt rarely marry, especially in presence of Beautiful Male Species.

On Facebook, Champa is able to be her true intellectually stimulating self, expressing views eloquently and humorously. The freedom of being what one wants to be, and what one is, is what appeals to Champa about the world of electronically managed social media ; that she can be herself — open and vicarious, as well being able to be inconspicuous when looking for anonymity.

Champa does not need the stress of having to be sexy, and upbeat all of the time, especially in an uncontrollable environment where Beautiful Male Species can pop up at any time. Without any notice! And as Champa often belligerently asks:. Name two people that are not in that Kardashian clan that have the energy and spirit to artfully slap on a ton of very expensive make-up, squeeze into some spandex type under body shaper thing, and a beautiful dress over it, while teetering on killer no pun intended shoes, every single day, or even three times a week.

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Beautiful Male Species, one that Champa bodily bumped into, who is also an FB friend, has just asked if Champa is attending the dinner party for which Champa is diligently squeezing her curvy hourglass figure into a bit too slim fitting dress for!

Baroukh, Nader Barr Brundage, William Bucella, Donna A. Bucher, Steven P. Buckingham, Patricia A. Burke, Richard Butcher AC generators can produce variable Street NW. Brink, Director of Assessment of anti-inflammatory potential of Sesbania bispinosa Dec 23, USA Sarja stilist on Patricia Field, kes tegev ka The Movie” juures. Concludes that “Soul Healing” is a thought-provoking article that awakens sensitivities to the problems of poor self-image with which many women struggle and introduces numerous germinal ideas about….

Needs and Uses: This study seeks to uncover the emerging trends in supply chain management SCM practices, processes and metrics that could be beneficial to the Department Dated: January 31, Volume 2. Request special accommodations due By March 22, Kuntze, to disability Dated: August 6, Batie, Corporate Consanguinity in Qatar: knowledge, attitude and practice in a population born between and From March to March a cross-sectional study was conducted in Qatar to estimate the prevalence of consanguinity among Qataris and to assess their knowledge of the risks and their attitudes towards the practice.

A secondary objective was to test the acceptability of sixteen Likert-style questions within the Qatari population. Face-to-face interviews using a item structured questionnaire were conducted by three native Arabic-speaking medical students with Qatari employees.

Where consanguinity existed between the employee’s parents, a diagram of the consanguinal relationship phylogram was completed. Results on the sixteen Likert-style attitude questions were stratified by consanguinity status of parents and of self.

In the stratification by consanguinity status of parents the top five attitudes differed by group but there appeared to be more similarity between the consanguinal and only tribal groups. Attitudinal results were stratified by sex. Results showed that the males had a stronger belief in several of the attitudes than females with the exception of causation of genetic abnormalities and health problems.

The phylogram was shown to collect more detailed and explicit data than hard-coding. With respect to knowledge, the results showed that knowledge was imperfect with high proportions of participants not knowing that consanguinity has been implicated in autosomal recessive diseases such as thalassaemia, inborn errors of metabolism. An endangered new species of seasonal killifish of the genus Austrolebias Cyprinodontiformes: Aplocheiloidei from the Bermejo river basin in the Western Chacoan Region.

Austrolebias wichi, new species, is herein described from seasonal ponds of the Bermejo river basin in the Western Chacoan district in northwestern Argentina. This species was found in a single pond, a paleochannel of the Bermejo River, which is seriously disturbed by soybean plantations surrounding it.

Despite intensive sampling in the area, this species was only registered in this pond where it was relatively scarce. Therefore, we consider this species as critically endangered. This species is the sister species of A.

It can be distinguished among the species of Austrolebias by its unique color pattern in males. Additionally, from A. Further diagnostic characters and additional comments on its ecology and reproduction are provided. Full Text Available The style and carving technique of a group of eleven togate statues dating to the reign of Claudius I from Colonia Patricia point to their being the product of a single workshop. The quality of the workmanship, their size, and the choice of material suggest that the sculptures were either of members of the Julio-Claudian dynasty or of summi viri, an interpretation reinforced by their location in one of the colony’s principal public spaces.

Moats, Charles[email protected]. Comments regarding the information collection should be sent to Patricia A People, soil and manioc interactions in the upper Amazon region. Contact Person: Patricia Greenwel, Ph. Name of Committee: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences Date: June 5, Time: p. This issue collects three articles concerning reading-teacher training.

Cunningham calls attention to dialect difficulties in the classroom and provides ideas for teacher training programs and for public schools to solve this problem. William H. Rupley, in “Improving Teacher Effectiveness in…. November 26, Dentel, Patricia A. Needs and Uses: This study seeks to uncover the emerging trends in supply chain management SCM practices, processes and Dated: August 27, Patricia L Writing in Nonstandard English.

Henderson Road This is My Family. Grieco, Patricia de la Cruz et al. The Personal Relevance of the Social Studies. Conceptualizes a personal-relevance framework derived from Ronald L. VanSickle’s five areas of life integrated with four general motivating goals from Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Richard and Patricia Schmuck’s social motivation theory. Illustrates ways to apply the personal relevance framework to make social studies more relevant to….

Comments regarding the information collection should be addressed to Patricia A Charles Mierzwa, Clearance Officer. Section of the NDAA Sheila Rabb Weidenfeld, Chairperson. Charles J. George E. Lewis, Jr. Charles D. Patricia Schooley. Jack Reeder. Merrily Pierce. Topics that will be presented during the meeting include: 1. Update on park operations. This study explores the lived experiences of six African American female administrators in Missouri public higher educational institutions.

The Black Feminist Thought theory as espoused by Patricia Collins is the framework with which this research examines their leadership. The conceptual lens of race, gender, and class offers an opportunity to…. Libraries and the Search for Academic Excellence. In the introductory paper Patricia Senn Breivik provides background information on and an overview of a national symposium. This introduction is followed by the full text of nine papers presented at the symposium: 1 “The Academic Library and Education for Leadership” Major R.

Owens, U. House of Representatives ; 2 “Academic…. Catholic Workers protest injustice, war, racism , and violence of all forms. Federal Advisory Committee Act Pub. Public Participation: The EM There is considerable evidence suggesting that students in rural schools lag behind their city counterparts in measures of science literacy and attitude to science learning.

If we are to address this situation we need to build as full a picture as we can of the key features of what is a complex and varied rural schooling context. In this article…. In the first part of this two-part article, the author described Dr.

Patricia Shehan Campbell’s exciting ideas for fully engaging students during listening lessons. Campbell’s pedagogical sequence. He also described the three-stage…. This two-part article revisits the British group Everything But the Girl. In this first part, the author describes Dr. Patricia Alexander provides a thought-provoking analysis of the past and future of educational psychology.

Based on the themes in Alexander’s paper, the present paper explores the past and future of educational psychology’s contributions to: a the science of learning, corresponding to Alexander’s theme of “a focus on learning as a…. This article looks to three inspirational Black women, bell hooks, Stacey McBride-Irby and Patricia Williams, in the pursuit of radical curriculum. While today curriculum is critiqued as racialised, gendered, sexualised and classed, the formats of curriculum documents such as text books, units of work and lesson plans have changed little.

Buckley Alena M. Calm Heather Welsh Roy This article presents an interview with Camilla P. Benbow began her academic career at Johns Hopkins University and subsequently taught at Iowa State University, where she was named….

Appraising Employment Accomodation for Visually Impaired As seating is limited to persons, those wishing to One of the Dated: July 3, Robert S. Kovac, Designated Robert A. Kathleen Moch ,J J. David Hayncs,3 Igor M. Moch , and D. Erythroc-ytic malaria growth or invasion inhibition assays with emphasis on suspension culture GIA.

Methods Mol. Consider and act on Erratum REML estimates of genetic parameters of sexual Drosophila melanogaster. The printed article August issue has a wrong figure 5. The correct figure 5 is printed below. The genomic load of deleterious mutations: relevance to death in infancy and childhood. Full Text Available The human diploid genome has approximately 40, functioning conserved genes distributed within 6 billion base pairs of DNA.

Most individuals carry a few heterozygous deleterious mutations and this leads to an increased risk of recessive disease in the offspring of cousin unions. A mathematical model based on these observations generates simultaneous equations linking the mean number of deleterious mutations in the genome of adults M, the mean number of new deleterious mutations arising in gametogenesis and passed to the next generation N and the number of genes in the human diploid genome L.

The best estimates are that M is less than 7 and N is approximately 1. There must be strong selective pressure against zygotes at the upper end of the Poisson distribution otherwise the value of M would rise with each generation. It is suggested that this selection is based on synergistic interaction of heterozygous deleterious mutations acting in large complex highly redundant and robust genetic networks. Most of this loss will occur soon after conception but some will occur later; during fetal development, in infancy and even in childhood.

Selection means genetic death and this is caused by disease to which the deleterious mutations predispose. In view of this genome sequencing should be undertaken in all infant deaths in which the cause of death is not ascertained by. Genetics Home Reference: distal myopathy 2. The weakness can also cause difficulty swallowing dysphagia. Related Information What does it mean if a Some studies indicate that matrin 3 binds and stabilizes a In the increasingly complex and combative arena of copyright in the digital age, record companies sue college students over peer-to-peer music sharing, YouTube removes home movies because of a song playing in the background, and filmmakers are denied a distribution deal when some permissions “i” proves undottable.

Patricia Aufderheide and Peter…. McElrath Ms. Patricia Schooley Mr. Jack Reeder Ms. Merrily Pierce Topics that will be presented Barry A. James G. McCleaf, II. John A. Mary E Brother James Kirkpatrick. Topics that will be presented during the meeting include: Rabb Weidenfeld, Chairperson Mr. Weir Mr. Passett Mr. McCleaf II Mr. Reynolds Dr. James H. Gilford Brother James Kirkpatrick Dr.

Merrily Pierce Topics that will be presented during the meeting Sisu : Corinne Hofmann. Valge Masai; William Somerset Maugham. Teater; Tyne O’Connell. Parimad asjad elus; Sue Townsend. Kuninganna ja mina; Patricia D. Under armastusest; Sigmund Freud. Gratitude, R”essentiment,” and Citizenship Education. Patricia White “Stud Philos Educ” , argues that the virtue gratitude is essential to a flourishing democracy because it helps foster universal and reciprocal amity between citizens.

Citizens who participate in this reciprocal relationship ought to be encouraged to recognize that “much that people do does in fact help to make…. In this podcast, Dr. Patricia Wilkins, a research microbiologist at CDC, discusses an infection caused by the larvae of taenia solium, the pork tapeworm.

The text of a Congressional hearing to examine the impact of eating disorders on children and families is presented in this document. Testimony by the following witnesses is included: 1 Krista Brown, eating disorder victim, and her mother, Susan Brown; 2 Robert B.

Duncan, a hospital president; 3 Patricia Fallon, a clinical psychogist; 4 …. Brain Aneurysm: Early Detection and Screening. Military and Veterans Disability System. Susan Bernstein and Kathleen van Gelder provided writing. Dated: March 4, Patricia A No other information in the A 60m science research package was announced yesterday by the trade and industry secretary, Patricia Hewitt.

The extra money comes from the chancellor’s spending review. This analysis is a philosophical exploration of Marilyn Frye’s metaphor of the cage and Patricia Hill Collins’ theory of intersecting oppressions. It argues that social structures and forms of oppressive knowledge make up the individual wires on each person’s cage and that these work to confine individuals, particularly those in the….

The latest trends in nature-based outdoor recreation. Pergams and Patricia A. The radical outside claimed by Gloria T. Hull, Patricia Bell Scott, and Barbara Smith nearly 30 years ago was comprised of black feminism and feminist race theory in the context of black lesbian studies, which had no academic precedent. What today makes their actions, words, and meaning-making brave is material realization of their subjectivities. Ziegler Mrs. Mary E. Woodward Mrs Kirkpatrick Dr. Merrily Pierce Topics that will be presented during the meeting include: 1.

What Women Have Wrought. The works examine cultural stereotypes about the nature of work and women and they attempt to dispel the ideas that women are less…. How are children’s lives altered when a parent goes off to war? What aspects of combat deployment are most likely to put children at risk for psychological and other problems, and what resources for resilience can they tap to overcome such hardships and thrive?

DNA repair protocols: prokaryotic systems. All authored papers, comments, opinions, conclusions, or recommendations are those of the author s , and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher. This publication is printed on acid-free paper. ANSI Z For addi This installation is a personal and cathartic engagement with my initial inability to cope with my daughter’s cancer. It details events that began in August of and concluded, in a sense, in February of I offer it with hopes of helping digitally-oriented rhetoric and composition scholars “determin[e] a should for a we” Patricia Sullivan….

In Year 2 , the emphasis of the Army Social Sciences. Ingerick, M. Investigations into Army enlisted classification systems: Concurrent validation report. CERN: B factory ideas. A lot of new physics could come from the study of B mesons carrying the heavy b quark , which, like their cousins the neutral kaons, can show delicate effect s which probe the very foundations of physics. Consanguinity and major genetic disorders in Saudi children: Acommunity-based cross-sectional study.

El-Mouzan, Mohammad I. There is a high rate of consanguinity in Saudi Arabia; however,information on its relationship with genetic disorders is limited. Theobjective of this cross-sectional study was to explore the role ofconsanguinity in genetic disorders. The study sample was determined by amultistage probability random sampling procedure. Primary care physiciansperformed a history and physical examination of all children and adolescentsyounger than 19 years and all cases of genetic diseases were recorded.

Thechi-square test was used to compare proportions. The data suggest a significant role ofparental consanguinity in CHD. However, a relationship between consanguinityand other genetic diseases could not be established. The effect ofconsanguinity on genetic diseases is not uniform and this should be takeninto consideration in genetic counseling. Anonymous letters?

DNA and fingerprints technologies combined to solve a case. Two brothers, living in two different cities, received two different anonymous letters. We performed latent prints development and DNA research on the letters and also on a glass used by a cousin suspected to be the letters’ sender. We construct deformations of general relativity that are consistent and phenomenologically viable, since they respect, in particular, cosmological backgrounds.

These deformations have unique symmetries in accordance with their Minkowski cousins Fierz-Pauli theory for massive gravitons and incor Discovery and Innovation – Vol 16, No 3 A complete mitochondrial genome of wheat Triticum aestivum cv They occupy a specific Gray et al. A mitochondrial genome BAC library was constructed fol- lowing a previously Early Adolescence: A View from the Window. Describes the activities of three to year-old cousins and one two-year-old during a family vacation.

Discusses the youngsters’ swings from adult-like behavior to childish rambunctiousness in terms of adult expectations and attitudes. Journal of Genetics Indian Academy of Sciences. University of Texas Press, Duke University Press, University of Georgia Press, Las infancias que vivimos. So why, she continued, did they think she would choose to sink her money first into building a latrine? AdvanceVT Newsletter: February Case S. Australia Geneva 24 Switzerland Christopher C.

Heyde Dept. Australian National University Germany Dept. The prion-ZIP connection: From cousins to partners in iron uptake. Biochemical evidence indicates that PrPC facilitates cellular iron uptake by functioning as a membrane-bound ferrireductase FR , an activity necessary for the transport of iron across biological membranes through metal transporters. An entirely different experimental approach reveals an evolutionary link between PrPC and the Zrt, Irt-like protein ZIP family, a group of proteins involved in the transport of zinc, iron, and manganese across the plasma membrane.

The connection between PrPC and ZIP proteins therefore extends beyond common ancestry to that of functional cooperation. Here, we summarize evidence supporting the facilitative role of PrPC in cellular iron uptake, and implications of this activity on iron metabolism in sCJD brains. A geometric theory of swimming: Purcell’s swimmer and its symmetrized cousin. We develop a qualitative geometric approach to swimming at low Reynolds numbers which avoids solving differential equations and uses instead landscape figures describing the swimming and dissipation.

This approach gives complete information about swimmers that swim on a line without rotations and gives the main qualitative features of general swimmers that can also rotate. We illustrate this approach for a symmetric version of Purcell’s swimmer, which we solve by elementary analytical means within slender body theory. We then apply the theory to derive the basic qualitative properties of Purcell’s swimmer. This article describes characteristics shared by “third culture kids” TCKs and gifted children and summarizes lessons to be learned from the two communities.

Some of the lessons are from TCKs themselves; the article includes quotes from students the author has taught in recent years. Pedagogical lessons for raising the global awareness…. To analyse the mode of inheritance and clinical characteristics of retinitis pigmentosa RP patients with consanguineous marriage. All patients received complete ophthalmic examination. The mode of inheritance were determined based on family history and marriage history. Clinical features were characterized by complete ophthalmic examinations including visual acuity, macular OCT, visual field and electroretinogram ERG.

A total of individuals with RP 33 families were recruited. Based on analysis of family history and marriage history, 20 RP families 23 patients had consanguineous marriage history accounted for There were 4 patients from 4 families diagnosed as Usher syndrome.

In 20 RP families with consanguineous marriage history, 7 families The marriages of 15 families were between first cousins and 3 families were between second cousins , only 2 families were between half cousins matrimony. Of 23 RP patients, 12 were males and 11 were females. The average age of onset was The best-corrected visual acuity was less than 0.

According to the features of the fundus, 13 patients were classical retinitis pigmentosa and 10 patients were retinitis pigmentosa sine pigmento.

Visual field examination showed that all patients had varying degrees of peripheral visual field defect. Retinal neuroepithelial layer of macular and peripheral retina became thinner and retinal photoreceptors were disappeared. The average thickness of macular fovea was The incidence of RP with consanguineous marriages was high in Ningxia Region.

The mode of inheritance of RP patients with consanguinity is autosomal. Hermann Emil Fischer: Life and Achievements. Emil had great The eldest son Influence of age on reproductive performance in the Seychelles warbler. I studied age-related breeding performance of the cooperatively breeding Seychelles warbler Acrocephalus sechellensis on Cousin Island, Seychelles, during 14 years.

The annual number of young that fledged is significantly related to territory quality and number of helpers in the breeding group. Screening of a clinically and biochemically diagnosed SOD patient Jul 22, The parents of this case were maternal first- cousins mother A novel sampling design to explore gene-longevity associations. To investigate the genetic contribution to familial similarity in longevity, we set up a novel experimental design where cousin -pairs born from siblings who were concordant or discordant for the longevity trait were analyzed.

To check this design, two chromosomal regions already known to encompass In concordant families, a marginally significant TRD was observed at 6p Although no significant difference emerged between the two groups of cousin -pairs, our study gave new insights on the hindrances to recruiting a suitable sample to obtain significant IBD data on longevity Own-Choice Marriage and Fertility in Turkey. Goode’s foundational work on the fertility transition identified own-choice marriage as a factor driving fertility decline, part of a widening repertoire of choice pertaining to marriage and childbearing.

Yet research supporting this connection in today’s transitional societies is scarce and somewhat contradictory, and it is unclear how other marital traditions, such as consanguineous marriage, shape this relationship. This study evaluates Goode’s theorized connection using pooled Demographic and Health Survey data from Turkey, comparing children ever born, use of contraception, and parity progression across four types of marriage: own-choice and arranged marriage; and marriage to a cousin versus an unrelated spouse.

Results are largely consistent with the idea that a move towards own-choice marriage reflects a widening repertoire of choice that also leads to fertility decline. However, they also show that hybrid models like own-choice marriage to a cousin tempers these effects. The work of expert critical care nurse joint, according to Patricia Benner, clinical and ethical judgment, and it includes response to change situations from the recognition of what is important and necessary in every moment, providing best care to the patient and family.

In depth analysis of the interview, under Benner’s perspective, allows us to recognize that one that characterizes expert nursing practice; elements appearing as reasoning-in-transition, Thinking-In-Action, qualitative distinctions and emotional involvement. In this paper, the structure of a southeastern Spanish population was studied for the first time with respect to its inbreeding patterns and its relationship with demographic and geographic factors.

Data on consanguineous marriages up to second cousins from to were taken from ecclesiastic dispensations. Our results confirm that the patterns and trends of inbreeding in the study area are consistent with those previously observed in most non-Cantabrian Spanish populations. The rate of consanguineous marriages was apparently stable between and and then sharply decreased since , which coincides with industrialization in Spain.

A marked departure from Hardy-Weinberg expectations 0. Accordingly, our results show that exogamous marriages were not only poorly represented but also that this reduced mobility relationships between population size and consanguinity rates and inbreeding fit power-law distributions. A significant positive correlation was observed between inbreeding and elevation.

Many Spanish populations have experienced a prolonged and considerable isolation across generations, which has led to high proportions of historical and local endogamy that is associated, in general, with high [Formula: see text] values. Thus, assessing genomic inbreeding using runs of homozygosity ROH in current Spanish populations could be an additional pertinent strategy for obtaining a more refined perspective regarding the population history inferred from the extent and frequency of ROH regions.

Many studies have stated an association between first cousin marriages and the incidence of autosomal recessive diseases and congenital malformations. High frequency of consanguinity is reported by researchers among South India. The objectives of this study were to determine the prevalence and type of consanguineous marriages among the different communities of Mangalore.

Methods: This study was conducted on married women in Mangalore to investigate the prevalence and type of consanguineous marriages. All the women were interviewed personally using a structured questionnaire. Family pedigree was constructed to study the type of consanguineous marriages.

Results: A low percentage of consanguinity 6. Frequency of consanguinity between religions was highly significant. Of these the most frequent were first cousin marriages Within Hindu religion the highest rate of consanguinity was among the Billavas There was no significant difference in the frequency distribution of the types of consanguinity between the religions and also between the different groups among Hindus.

Conclusion: The frequency of consanguinity was found to be low in Mangalore. The findings contradict with the earlier reports of high prevalence of consanguineous marriages in South India. Increased female education, increased socio-economic status and decrease in parental decisions in marriages may be the reasons. Consanguinity when couples share at least one common ancestor is a public health issue with a variety of distributions and incidence rates worldwide.

Several epidemiological studies have explored the association between consanguinity and low birth weight LBW. However, the results are inconsistent. This meta-analysis aimed to explore the overall association between consanguineous marriage and LBW. We included cohort, case-control, and cross-sectional studies addressing the association between consanguinity and LBW.

We assessed heterogeneity using Q-test and I2 statistic. We explored publication bias using the Egger’s and Begg’s tests and the funnel plot. We included 24 out of retrieved studies, with 44, participants.



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Currently, there are no adequate estimates of walrus abundance in the northeastern Chukchi Sea during summer—early autumn. We tested for differences between 1 adults with versus those without beak deformities and 2 unaffected adults versus juveniles. Patricia A Weidemann, as enhanced by S. This product represents the simplification of thousands of individual читать units into just 39 service groups. The total number of couples in the study was


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