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Offer expires December 31, Browse Titles. Add to Cart. Instant access upon order completion. Free Content. More Information. Ibarra-Rojas, O. Piece-Mold-Machine Manufacturing Planning. Management Association Ed. IGI Global. Rios-Solis, and O.

Available In. DOI: Current Special Offers. No Current Special Offers. Abstract This chapter studies a manufacturing process of pieces. Unfortunately, information regarding how to prepare for today’s conservation-based job market is limited in detail and scope. This problem is complicated by the differing needs of conservation organizations in both economically developed and developing regions worldwide.

To help scientists identify the tools needed for conservation positions worldwide, we reviewed the current global conservation job market and identified skills required for success in careers in academia, government, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations.

We also interviewed conservation professionals across all conservation sectors. The most common skills required across sectors were a strong disciplinary background, followed by analytical and technical skills. Academic positions differed the most from other types of positions in that they emphasized teaching as a top skill. Nonacademic jobs emphasized the need for excellent written and oral communication, as well as project-management experience. Furthermore, we found distinct differences across job locations.

Positions in developing countries emphasized language and interpersonal skills , whereas positions in countries with advanced economies focused on publication history and technical skills. Our results were corroborated by the conservation professionals we interviewed.

Based on our results, we compiled a nondefinitive list of conservation-based training programs that are likely to provide training for the current job market. Using the results of this study, scientists may be better able to tailor their training to. The need to improve the professional skills of those with marketing degrees has spurred surveys of current students, alumni, practitioners, and faculty about the importance of various professional skills ; however, previous surveys of marketing faculty have focused only on computer skills.

To address this limitation, the goals of this study were…. The relationship between job search skills and employability for persons with mild mental retardation. Persons with mental retardation who possess applicable adaptive skills are usually able to obtain jobs in labor markets.

However, some persons who show high scores with social and prevocational skills are unable to obtain jobs and the reasons for their unemployability are unknown.

Twelve subjects with mild retardation who failed to obtain jobs were evaluated for their social and prevocational skills at the Tokyo Metropolitan Rehabilitation Center for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped. The results showed 12 subjects presented lower scores either in the Job Search Skills area or in other areas in spite of their high scores on the Total Battery. Moreover, these subjects also showed behavior problems. The study suggests that those with high scores on the Total Battery, but low scores in Job Search Skills , show a tendency to fail to obtain a job in competitive job placement.

It seems that these persons have adjustment problems and need special support services to secure their employability. Although much attention has been paid to the polarization of national labor markets , with employment and wage growth occurring in both low- and high- but not middle- skill occupations, there is little consistent evidence on cross-country dierences in this process.

I analyze job polarization in Assertiveness Training for Job -Seeking Skills. Assertiveness Training for Job -Seeking Skills includes skill development in initiating the job search; arranging actual interviews; preparing a resume; articulating strengths, weaknesses, and career objectives; responding assertively in interviews; asking appropriate questions; accepting or rejecting job offers; confronting discrimination;….

Intended for midlife and older women in the job market , this booklet is designed to help them in the process of looking for work outside the home. It helps them assess current skills and identify potential employment barriers; teaches them how to prepare effective written materials to support the job search and how to interview successfully; and…. This study of job advertisements extends our understanding of how employers, rather than researchers, describe the specific skills and attributes sought in candidates for employment in graduate marketing roles in Australia.

The article presents the findings of a content analysis of marketing job advertisements downloaded in , in two…. One of the main goals of business school education is to prepare graduates for employment after graduation.

This paper describes the experiential exercise designed to help students…. Employees’ Political Skill and Job Performance. In addition, the nature of the relationships between employees and their raters was found to moderate this curvilinear effect. Specifically, besides the fact that employees who had close working During the past decade, the construct of political skill has attracted a lot of attention. In particular, its relation to job performance has been examined.

With regard to this link, it is typically proposed that political skill affects job performance in a positive linear manner. Personality, political skill , and job performance. Our results supported our hypothesis for the agreeableness-political skill interaction.

Additionally, after correcting for the unreliability and restricted range of conscientiousness, we found that its interaction Implications of the results and directions for future research are provided Youth job market specific features. Full Text Available The article considers youth job market peculiarities, its specific features and regulation means, determines theoretical and application tasks of qualitative and quantitative comparison of vocations, which are highly in demand at the job market.

The importance of job autonomy, cognitive ability, and job -related skill for predicting role breadth and job performance. Role theory suggests and empirical research has found that there is considerable variation in how broadly individuals define their jobs. We investigated the theoretically meaningful yet infrequently studied relationships between incumbent job autonomy, cognitive ability, job -related skill , role breadth, and job performance.

In addition, role breadth was positively related to job performance and was found to mediate the relationship between job autonomy, cognitive ability, job -related skill , and job performance.

These results add to our understanding of the factors that predict role breadth, as well as having implications for how job aspects and individual characteristics are translated into performance outcomes and the treatment of variability in incumbent reports of job tasks.

An endogenous relationship between wages, job opportunity, and skilled labor shortage in Norway. Norway’s economy has gone through unprecedented growth in the past decade. The strong growth in GDP, employment, labor productivity, real wage, and labor immigration combines with increasing outflows from the labor force, such as early retirement scheme, sickness and disability, and old age retirement implies that Norway’s labor market is tight.

We hypothesize demographic changes and skilled and unskilled job composition affects tertiary education participation through wage premium and job Full Text Available Romania is one of the European countries characterized by high rates of unemployment for youth aged Several policies were developed in order to facilitate the entrance of youth on the labor market , but with limited outcomes. The present paper aims to analyze the job opportunities for youth on the Romanian labor market in order to understand the demand-side opportunities and barriers.

How is new technology changing job design? The information technology revolution has had dramatic effects on jobs and the labor market. Many routine and manual tasks have been automated, replacing workers. By contrast, new technologies complement non-routine, cognitive, and social tasks, making work in such tasks more productive.

These effects have polarized labor markets : While low- skill jobs have stagnated, there are fewer and lower paid jobs for middle- skill workers, and higher pay for high- skill workers, increasing wage inequality The jobs to which the equal pay standard is applicable are jobs requiring equal skill in their performance.

Where the amount Job market signals and signs. What happens to job market signaling under two-dimensional asymmetric information? With 2 types of productivity and noise, the equilibrium remains separating if an extended single-crossing condition is satisfied.

If not, there are partially pooling equilibria where only extreme types can be distinguished, and supplementary information is needed. On-the- job interaction gives employers private information on productivity, which employment relationships may reveal to the market.

While sticky wag Are Skill Requirements Rising? Evidence from Production and Clerical Jobs. Examination of production jobs in 93 manufacturing firms and clerical jobs in firms suggests 1 significant upskilling within most production jobs ; 2 in clerical jobs , an even split between raised and lowered skill levels; and 3 decreasing skill levels associated with office automation. No matter how skilled students may be, those skills will not lead to a job if potential employers do not know the applicant has them.

Job seekers–using a strategy of age-old rhetoric–must provide concrete, detailed support to demonstrate the skills they possess. Because many recruiters feel that the best predictor of future performance is past…. Labour market transitions and job satisfaction. Using a multinomial logit model, a model is estimated on the basis of individual data in which transitions are explained from individual characteristics, job characteristics, dissatisfaction. Migration-driven aggregation behaviors in job markets with direct foreign immigration.

This Letter introduces a new set of rate equations describing migration-driven aggregation behaviors in job markets with direct foreign immigration. We divide the job market into two groups: native and immigrant. A reversible migration of jobs exists in both groups. The interaction between two groups creates a birth and death rate for the native job market.

We find out that regardless of initial conditions or the rates, the total number of cities with either job markets decreases. This indicates a more concentrated job markets for both groups in the future. On the other hand, jobs available for immigrants increase over time but the ones for natives are uncertain. The native job markets can either expand or shrink or remain constant due to combined effects of birth and death rates.

Finally, we test our analytical results with the population data of all counties in the US from to Higher Education and the Professional Job Market. Full Text Available The paper deals with the relationship between the professional job market and institutions of higher education, within the framework of socioeconomic globalization and regional decentralization processes.

The discussion focuses on how this relationship generates flaws in the market due to the role played by higher education as an intermediary between job applicants and those offering employment and professional opportunities; and due also to the fact that higher education institutions have their own objectives, which differ from those of the market. The paper also stresses the need for a closer connection between academic and job practices through curricular changes and the certification of knowledge that will be useful on the job.

This would allow a better correlation with the productive sector, in that it would improve the absorption of graduates. Purpose — The purpose of this paper is to explore how the proportion of skilled jobs in subsidiaries is influenced by resource gaps created by subsidiary development. Subsidiary managers can assess the possible impact of such factors as development of entrepreneurial activities It further develops the concept of autonomy and introduces Impact of external job mobility and occupational job mobility on earnings.

Purpose: The purpose of the study is to examine the relationship between external job mobility and occupational job mobility on earnings among engineers in Malaysia. Findings: Results obtained from regression analysis indicate that higher external job mobility will contribute to higher earnings, but occupational mobility will have adverse effect on earnings.

Practical implications: Nonetheless, the results give important implications to the Malaysian job market on how firm-specific skills and occupational specific skills are rewarded among engineers who actively seek for alternative employment online, and a guide to job applicants in career planning.

Several studies in the business press and in the marketing literature point to a “transformation” of marketing caused by the availability of large amounts of data for marketing analysis and planning. However, the effects of the integration of technology on entry-level jobs for marketing graduates have not been fully explored.

This study…. Multiple job holding, local labor markets , and the business cycle. Theory is ambiguous and prior literature is not fully conclusive. We examine the relationship between multiple job holding and local unemployment rates using a large Current Population Survey data set of workers in urban labor markets during — Labor markets with high unemployment have moderately lower rates of multiple job holding.

Yet no relationship between multiple job holding and unemployment is found within markets over time, with near-zero estimates being precisely estimated. Multiple job holding is largely acyclic. JEL Classification: J Job crafting represents the bottom-up process of change employees make in their work boundaries and plays an important role in the management of organizational change.

Following the socially embedded perspective, we examine the roles of job autonomy, social skill , and employee status in predicting job crafting. Study 1 with a sample of part-time employees found that job autonomy and social skill not only directly but also interactively influenced job crafting. Study 2 with a sample of Full Text Available In this paper we first review the potential and actual role of the Universities for the local economies in which they operate, especially considering the implications deriving from the degree of skill mismatch over-education in a local labour market.

Then, in the second part of the paper, we realise an empirical investigation based on administrative information of an Italian University matched with the data of the job centres of the local provincial labour market in order to reconstruct the characteristics of the university-to-work transitions of graduates.

Our results have important policy implications, since for local development it is crucial, among other things, to make the best use of all human resources and especially those with the highest educational level.

Full Text Available The purpose of the research is to discover which employability skills may be developed by students from technical universities in order to meet market demands. After analyzing the data, we proposed an interdisciplinary module system, where the mentors coming from the companies involved in the study teach voluntary or optional courses and applications in the domains where they have expertise.

We used the employability skills model to find that mix of competencies that may help graduates find jobs in their field of knowledge. This innovative method serves universities, students and companies as well: the prestige of a university is quantified by the experts delivered into the labor market ; companies will have well prepared employees in their specific area, with less costs; students will find jobs which will match their expectations, giving them motivation to perform.

The limitation of the present research is that the study refers only to the Civil Engineering specialization of the Technical University Cluj-Napoca Romania. Executive Summary. Even as unemployment in Ohio has remained high, headlines regularly feature employers lamenting the lack of qualified job applicants. Some have even suggested that a dearth of skilled workers is driving Ohio’s unemployment crisis.

In this report, Policy Matters Ohio uses Bureau of Labor Statistics job projections and wage data to look at whether a…. Marketing the Job Training Partnership Act. This quarterly contains 11 bulletins that profile marketing campaigns for the Job Training Partnership Act JTPA that have been implemented successfully in local programs throughout the United States. Existing records and archival programmes to the job market Records and archival education and training programmes all over the world are facing increased pressure from the job market to produce records and archive practitioners that can meet the challenges of the rapidly changing job-market terrain.

Analyses suggest that the Canadian labor market favors vocational over liberal graduates with regard to employment status, income, job security, and job satisfaction. However, findings also indicate a surprising lack of difference between liberal and vocational graduates in their employability skills. Employers were nevertheless more likely to….

The radiology job market : analysis of the ACR jobs board. The aim of this study was to assess the status of the radiology job market as represented by the ACR Jobs Board from October to June With the assistance of the ACR, data from the ACR Jobs Board from October through June , including the numbers of monthly new job seekers, new job postings, and job posting clicks, were gathered and used to calculate a monthly competitive index, defined as the ratio of new job seekers to new job postings.

There was no significant difference between and with regard to the number of new job seekers or job postings. Over the time period assessed, more new job seekers registered in October and November , August to November , and October and November These periods were also associated with the highest competitive index values.

There were less job seekers in the winter and spring of , , and , periods associated with lower competitive index values. ACR Jobs Board activity, measured by job posting clicks, was significantly higher in than in P Jobs Board, there were consistently more new job seekers than job postings throughout the study period, and fall is the period in the year most associated with the highest competitive index for radiologist employment.

Published by Elsevier Inc. Defining the abdominal radiologist based on the current U. The purpose of the study is to characterize current practice patterns of abdominal radiologists based on work descriptions within job postings on numerous national radiology specialty websites. Postings were reviewed for various characteristics. Nine hundred and sixteen total ads for unique abdominal radiologist positions were reviewed Postings occurred most commonly in March States with most positions were Florida 27 , California 26 , and New York Of postings delineating expectations of specific abdominal modalities, Additional non-abdominal expectations included general radiology Additional skills included prostate MRI 7.

By using job postings for abdominal radiologists, we have taken a practical approach to characterizing the current status of this subspecialty, reflecting recent job expectations and requirements. The large majority of positions required a body fellowship, and the positions commonly entailed a variety of skills beyond non-invasive diagnostic abdominal imaging. Of note, expectations of considerable minorities of positions included abdominal interventions, general radiology, and breast imaging.

These insights may guide the development of abdominal radiology fellowships and mini-fellowships, as well as assist radiologists entering or returning to the job market. Ninety-two adolescents, predominantly ethnic minority high school students, participated in a structured Summer Business Institute SBI.

Participating youth were randomly assigned to receive either job social skills or financial management skills training components. Students who additionally received the job social skills training component were….

Full Text Available This study investigated internal marketing practices and its relationship with job satisfaction in a Nigerian university environment. Results indicated internal marketing as having resultant effects on three major areas or components; understanding of organizational vision and values, quality delivery of external marketing as well as quality delivery of interactive marketing. It was also established that there was strong and positive relationship between internal marketing and job satisfaction.

The research measures showed good psychometric values. These findings were discussed and situated within the Nigerian university environment. It was recommended that the university should place more emphasis on internal marketing practices thereby enhancing the quality delivery of both interactive and external marketing of the university.

The university was advised to promote extrinsic job satisfaction among its staff. Areas of further studies were alsosuggested. How immigrants and job mobility help low- skilled workers. The inflow of low- skilled migrants may encourage natives to upgrade their skills , taking advantage of immigrant-native complementarity.

This column uses exogenous dispersion of refugees in Denmark to investigate this issue. The findings confirm that for low- skilled native workers, the presence Full Text Available The unprecedented growth in foreign direct investment in the last few decades has caused drastic changes in the labor markets of the host countries. The major part of FDI takes place in low-tech industries, where the wages and skills are low, or in high-tech, where they offer a wage premium for the highly skilled workers.

This mechanism may increase the polarization of employment into high-wage and low-wage jobs , at the expense of middle- skill jobs. This paper looks at the effects of two types of FDI inflows, namely foreign investment in high- skill and low- skill activities, on job polarization.

We match data on greenfield FDI aggregated by country and sector with data on employment by occupational skill to investigate the extent to which different types of greenfield FDI are responsible for skill polarization.

Our results show that low- skill foreign investment shifts employment from high- to medium- and low- skill jobs , while skill -intensive FDI generally leads to skill upgrading. Only FDI in information and communication technology ICT is associated with job polarization, but only when accounting for the plurality of job polarization patterns across European sectors.

Full Text Available The paper analyses the effect of job performance, job satisfaction and humancapital. It shows that together with monetary factors, such factors as theperception of the social importance of the job , the ability to meet good friendsin the team, and the atmosphere within which the respondents work, may alsohave a high level of impact on labour supply through human capital.

Reviews literature on nature of social networks in labor market and their implications for job search strategies of dislocated workers. Suggests issues for further research: 1 how the job search changes as unemployment increases; 2 the role of social networks in the labor market ; and 3 claims about security and conditions of jobs found…. Relationship between coping skills and job satisfaction among Japanese full-time occupational physicians. The present study investigated the relationship between coping skills and job satisfaction among Japanese full-time occupational physicians OPs.

In we mailed self-administered questionnaires to full-time OPs who were members of “Sanyu-kai”, the only Japanese association of full-time OPs. The questionnaires included age, gender, marital status, main type of company’s work, the number of full-time OPs, the number of employees, working years as an OP, tenure in the present company, job stress, and coping skills question.

The coping skills questions consisted of 11 items which were decided after discussion among several experienced full-time OPs. Considering age, gender, marital status, and coping skills , multiple regression analysis stepwise method found that age, simplification of work, obvious roles for staff, consultations, and communication in the community and company were factors which contributed significantly to job satisfaction.

Structural equation modeling showed that age and coping skills such as work system improvements, consultations, and communication in the community and company influenced job satisfaction. Our results indicated that the age and coping skills influenced job satisfaction among full-time OPs. Our results are also considered to support the training of OPs in the future. Mechatronics: Skilled Industrial Job Training.

Currently, skills required for these jobs are available through many avenues, but we have centered our efforts on a program called mechatronics. Mechatronics combines the industrial fields of electronics, fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic , mechanics, and computer processing programmable logic controller, or PLC, and microprocessors. Businesses, community resources, legislators, and educators are beginning to work together in Tennessee and in Rutherford County to develop pathways for K This paper presents an experimental study that examined the effects of cross-cultural instruction on the interpersonal job skills of students in secondary vocational programs.

The findings indicated that students receiving the cross-cultural instruction had significantly higher generalizable interpersonal relations skills achievement than students…. Graduate student’s guide to necessary skills for nonacademic conservation careers. Graduate education programs in conservation science generally focus on disciplinary training and discipline-specific research skills. However, nonacademic conservation professionals often require an additional suite of skills.

This discrepancy between academic training and professional needs can make it difficult for graduate students to identify the skills and experiences that will best prepare them for the conservation job market.

We analyzed job advertisements for conservation-science positions and interviewed conservation professionals with experience hiring early-career conservation scientists to determine what skills employers of conservation professionals seek; whether the relative importance of skills varies by job sector government, nonprofit, and private ; and how graduate students interested in careers in conservation science might signal competency in key skills to potential employers.

In job advertisements, disciplinary, interpersonal, and project-management skills were in the top 5 skills mentioned across all job sectors. Employers’ needs for additional skills , like program leadership, conflict resolution and negotiation, and technical and information technology skills , varied across sectors.

Our interview results demonstrated that some skills are best signaled to employers via experiences obtained outside thesis or dissertation work. Our findings suggest that graduate students who wish to be competitive in the conservation job market can benefit by gaining skills identified as important to the job sector in which they hope to work and should not necessarily expect to be competent in these skills simply by completing their chosen degree path.

Job demands as a moderator of the political skill-job performance relationship. Perhaps, most This study investigated internal marketing practices and its relationship with job satisfaction in a Nigerian university environment.

It was also established that there was strong and positive relationship between internal marketing and job satisfactio Segments of marketers based on a perceived importance of marketing knowledge and skills. The purpose of this article is to define and empirically verify a range of knowledge and skills which are necessary in order to segment marketers , based on their perceptions of the importance of such marketing knowledge and skills.

To empirically verify the importance of marketing knowledge and skills , a item measurement instrument was developed. Delegation skills and nurse job satisfaction. In this study, the mean age was 41 and these nurses had been out of school for approximately 13 years. Over half of these RNs had never been taught delegation skills in nursing school. Of those who were exposed to the concept of delegation, their skills were not adequate to meet the patient care demands in the restructured health care system.

During these challenging periods in health care, it is imperative that nursing service administrators provide RNs with the continuing education necessary to develop delegation strategies to adapt to their evolving professional roles. Continuing education classes on delegation skills are requisite for RNs practicing in a competitive managed care environment. As we approach the year , the economic climate will dictate that RNs be skilled not only as clinicians, but also as leaders of the health care team.

The findings of this study support that delegation decision-making skills enhance job satisfaction in the areas of decision making and promotional opportunity. Delegation knowledge is crucial to the successful direction of the health care team in the managed care environment. Employment relations: A data driven analysis of job markets using online job boards and online professional networks. We propose a data driven approach to begin to understand a slice Full Text Available The aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of communication skills training to increase job satisfaction and job performance in employees of Bandar Imam petrochemical plant in Mahshahr in The statistical population consisted of all employees of Bandar Imam petrochemical plant in Mahshahr in The research employed quasi-experimental and pretest-posttest methods with control group.

The results of the test using analysis of covariance showed that, according to the average job satisfaction in the experimental group compared to the control group, communication skills training increased job satisfaction in the experimental group.

According to the average job performance in an experimental group compared to the average control group, communication skills training increased job performance in the experimental groups. Because of its potential for humor and drama, job interviewing is frequently portrayed on television. This article discusses how scenes from popular television series such as “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Friends,” and “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” can be used to teach effective job interview skills in business communication courses.

Use of speech generating devices can improve perception of qualifications for skilled , verbal, and interactive jobs. We have previously demonstrated that when speech generating devices SGD are used as assistive technologies, they are preferred over the users’ natural voices.

We sought to examine whether using SGDs would affect listener’s perceptions of hirability of people with complex communication needs. In a series of three experiments, participants rated videotaped actors, one using SGD and the other using their natural, mildly dysarthric voice, on a a measurement of perceptions of speaker credibility, strength, and informedness and b measurements of hirability for jobs coded in terms of skill , verbal ability, and interactivity.

Experiment 1 examined hirability for jobs varying in terms of skill and verbal ability. Experiment 2 was a replication that examined hirability for jobs varying in terms of interactivity.

Experiment 3 examined jobs in terms of skill and specific mode of interaction face-to-face, telephone, computer-mediated. Actors were rated more favorably when using SGD than their own voices. Actors using SGD were also rated more favorably for highly skilled and highly verbal jobs. This preference for SGDs over mildly dysarthric voice was also found for jobs entailing computer-mediated-communication, particularly skillful jobs.

Progress on mobility and instability of research personnel in Japan: scientometrics on a job -posting database for monitoring the academic job market. This study has two purposes. The first purpose is to extract statistics from a database of jobposting cards, previously little-used as a data source, to assess the academic job market. The second purpose is to connect statistics on the academic job market with monitoring of indicators of policy progress related to the mobility and instability of research personnel.

The present results show a growing proportion of fixed-term researchers in the Japanese academic job market and that job information is increasingly diverse. An experimental group of 65 secondary vocational students received cross-cultural training focused on interpersonal communication and job skills. Compered with 65 controls, the experimental group had significantly better interpersonal skills. Contains 18 references. Self-control trumps work motivation in predicting job search behavior.

Baay, Pieter E. Current labor market entrants face an increasingly challenging job search process. Effective guidance of job seekers requires identification of relevant job search skills.

Self-control i. The authors’ focus was the assessment of skill requirements for information systems security positions to understand expectations for security jobs and to highlight issues relevant to curriculum management. The analysis of job advertisements involved the exploration of domain-related and soft skills as well as degree and certification…. Factor structure of essential social skills to be salespersons in retail market : implications for psychiatric rehabilitation.

This study continued the effort to apply social skills training to increase vocational outcomes of people with severe mental illness. We planned to identify factor structure of essential social skills necessary for mental health consumers who have a vocational preference to work as salesperson in retail market. Exploratory factor analysis of the results of a item questionnaire survey suggested a five-factor solution: social skills when interacting with customers, problem-solving skills , knowledge and attitudes, flexibility, and skills for conflict prevention, which accounted for With the factor solution, we developed a job -specific social skills training program JSST to help consumers who want to be salespersons.

The structure and session design followed the basic format of a typical social skills training program. The way this JSST is to be used with the work-related social skills training model previously developed by the corresponding author to produce better vocational outcomes of consumers is suggested. This paper examines the role of informal job search methods on the labour market outcomes of displaced workers. Informal job search methods could alleviate short-term labour market difficulties of displaced workers by providing information on job opportunities, allowing them to signal their productivity and may mitigate wage losses through better post-displacement job matching.

Getting Your Foot in the Door. Skills for Job -Getting. This workbook is the third in a series of four student workbooks designed to prepare youth with the employability skills needed for the world of work.

The four student workbooks contain all phases of employability skills in seven individual packages. This workbook on skills for job getting includes one learning package, which is divided into three…. The role of product and marketing innovation for productivity growth is addressed using survey and register data for the Danish economy. It is hypothesized that product and marketing innovation are complementary inputs and that innovation activities are skill -intensive.

It is established Moreover, product and marketing innovation have independent roles in productivity growth, which cannot be attributed to organizational changes. Finally, we apply an instrument variable approach The results strongly support the idea that product— marketing innovation leads to faster productivity growth in skill -intensive firms Numerous studies have documented a high propensity for self-employment and business formation among return migrants relative to non-migrants.

The literature points to the importance of remitted savings, migration duration, and number and types of jobs abroad for business formation upon return. Implicit in this scholarship is the assumption that migrants acquire not only financial capital, but also human capital, which expands their opportunities upon return.

Empirical work has demonstrated how the transfer of formal human capital, such as language skills and professional credentials, influences the mobility pathways of professional return migrants. More recent research has also found that the transfer of informal human capital, such as social and technical skills learned on the job , shape the mobility pathways of return migrants with little schooling.

Absent from this scholarship, however, are studies that directly test the relationship between the transfer of informal human capital and the odds of business formation among return migrants.

In this paper, we address this gap. Using a multidimensional skills variable, which includes social, technical, and English language competences, we measure and test the relationship between skill acquisition and transfer and business formation among return migrants. Drawing on findings from a survey of return migrants and non-migrants in Mexico, we show that return migrants who successfully acquire and transfer new skills across the migratory circuit often leverage their new knowledge to launch businesses.

Our findings have wide implications for how social scientists conceptualize and measure human capital formation across the migratory circuit. Situation analysis of the knowledge, competencies and skill requirements of jobs in renewable energy technologies in Canada.

This paper described the technological and marketing challenges of developing Canada’s vast renewable energy sources. Canada’s basic educational infrastructure provides a good foundation for developing renewable energy technologies in the coming decade. The following renewable energy technologies were highlighted: photovoltaic power systems; wind power systems; micro and small hydro power systems; solar air heating systems; solar water heating systems; biomass combustion systems; and, geothermal ground source heat pump systems.

Each renewable technology has its own set of requirements that may differ from traditional technologies. The labour market needs and human resource considerations for these seven renewable energy technology industries were outlined. One of the main challenges lies in preparing technicians in renewable energy technologies and ensuring the availability of appropriate labour sources in relation to demand.

Observations on training in renewable energies were also summarized with reference to typical jobs available within each sector, job description for each technology, qualifications and the required knowledge, skills and aptitudes for each industry. A list of Canadian company contacts by technology area was included. The purpose of this research was to identify the competencies of an educational technologist via a job announcement analysis. Four hundred job announcements were collected from a variety of online job databases over a 5-month period.

Following a systematic process of collection, documentation, and analysis, we derived over knowledge, skill ,…. One critical measure of success in workplaces is an employee’s ability to use competently the knowledge, skills and values that match the needs of his job , satisfy the demands of his employer, and contribute to the overall achievement of institutional goals.

An explanatory-correlational research design was used to determine the extent of…. Several studies have found that a large percentage of middle- skilled jobs require at least a basic understanding of spreadsheets, and some even advanced level skills. A study was conducted at a four-year university to identify Excel skill sets that were determined as necessary by employers of the university’s current students, advisory boards,….

This mixed method study explored the assessment-related skills and job duties that student affairs administrators expect from new employees as reflected in 1, job openings posted in , of which seven job postings were specialist positions in outcomes-based assessment.

The skills and duties required of these seven positions were primarily…. These might include the following: 1 Consultation with the Tribe’s economic development staff We measure cognitive and non-cognitive skills at childhood and when the respondents have entered the labor market.

Hence, we are able to split up Overall we find that cognitive skills are important for both earnings and employment rate but that the timing of the acquisition of the skills is of less importance. On the contrary, non-cognitive skills are important for earnings independent on whether the worker had high or low cognitive skills Financial Services Marketing. This manual contains student assignments in the financial services area of the marketing process. The individualized competency-based materials are intended to enhance and supplement instruction or to provide the basis for a course of instruction by the teacher-coordinator.

Information on skills needed in jobs in financial marketing is first…. Informal learning of temporary agency workers in low- skill jobs : The role of self-profiling, career control, and job challenge.

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to develop and investigate the idea that self-profiling and career control by temporary agency workers TAWs in low- skill jobs are positively related to informal learning and that this relationship is mediated by job challenge. Informal learning of temporary agency workers in low- skill jobs : the role of self-profiling, career control and job challenge.

The purpose of this paper is to develop and investigate the idea that self-profiling and career control by temporary agency workers TAWs in low- skill jobs are positively related to informal learning and that this relationship is mediated by job challenge.

Many individuals with autism spectrum disorder ASD have difficulties obtaining and maintaining employment, yet little research has evaluated methods for assessing and improving critical vocational skills.

In this study, we evaluated an assessment of job -related social skills for individuals with ASD by arranging conditions that simulated on-the- job experiences in a clinic setting.

The experimenter contrived situations to assess a variety of social skills , including asking for help, asking for more materials, and responding to corrective feedback. A total of eight individuals, aged 16 to 32 years, participated. Results suggested that the assessment was useful for identifying specific social skills that could be targeted for intervention to increase success in the work environment.

These findings add to the current literature by demonstrating an objective method for assessing a variety of job -related social skills under controlled, naturalistic conditions. The shortened measures contained 40 and 94 items, respectively. Reliability was….

Influence of professional skills and personal competencies on job This study investigated the influences of professional skills and personal competencies on job performances of registry staff in University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The study adopted the survey research deign while registry staff participated. Finding from the study revealed that registry staff in University of Ibadan presses Labor market modeling recognizing latent job attributes and opportunity constraints : an empirical analysis of labor market behavior of Eritrean women.

Abstract: This paper analyzes labor market behavior of urban Eritrean women with particular reference to the impact of education, earnings and labor market opportunities. Unlike traditional models of labor supply, which assume that work can be supplied freely in the labor market , we develop a framework that explicitly takes into account the notion of job opportunities and observable sets of feasible jobs.

The framework is formulated within a random utility setting in which unob Simulated job interview skill training for people with psychiatric disability: feasibility and tolerability of virtual reality training. The job interview is an important step toward successful employment and often a significant challenge for people with psychiatric disability.

Vocational rehabilitation specialists can benefit from a systematic approach to training job interview skills. The investigators teamed up with a company that specializes in creating simulated job interview training to create software that provides a virtual reality experience with which learners can systematically improve their job interview skills , reduce their fears, and increase their confidence about going on job interviews.

The development of this software is described and results are presented from a feasibility and tolerability trial with 10 participants with psychiatric disability referred from their vocational service programs. Results indicate that this representative sample had a strongly positive response to the prototype job interview simulation.

They found it easy to use, enjoyed the experience, and thought it realistic and helpful. Almost all described the interview as anxiety provoking but that the anxiety lessened as they became more skilled. They saw the benefit of its special features such as ongoing feedback from a “coach in the corner” and from being able to review a transcript of the interview. They believed that they could learn the skills being taught through these methods. Participants were enthusiastic about wanting to use the final product when it becomes available.

The advantages of virtual reality technology for training important skills for rehabilitation are discussed. Math skills and market and non- market outcomes: Evidence from an Amazonian society of forager-farmers.

Research in industrial nations suggests that formal math skills are associated with improvements in market and non- market outcomes. But do these associations also hold in a highly autarkic setting with a limited formal labor market? We examined this question using observational annual panel data and from 1, adults in a native Amazonian society of forager-farmers in Bolivia Tsimane’. Formal math skills were associated with an increase in wealth in durable market goods and in total wealth between data collection rounds, and with improved indicators of own reported perceived stress and child health.

These associations did not vary significantly by people’s Spanish skills or proximity to town. We conclude that the positive association between math skills and market and non- market outcomes extends beyond industrial nations to even highly autarkic settings.

While technologies used in business change rapidly and make the teaching of job -specific skills somewhat impractical, the foundational skills needed for…. Analysis of wind energy market and jobs in France. This report presents an overview of wind energy production and of the wind energy sector in France. Illustrated by maps, graphs and tables, it notices and comments the steady situation of jobs , and the existence of a structured value chain, and a variety of actors.

It describes and analyses job locations in metropolitan France and outlines that the wind energy sector is a lever for development and creates opportunities for regions. The second part addresses the wind energy market. It proposes an assessment of the French market a new start in , a competitive market with some dynamic regions and a review of the technological evolution of the wind energy industry continuous evolutions, strong emergence of wind farms, and an increasing production.

Appendices propose presentations of actors per category developers, operators, machine manufacturers, component manufacturer, public works and logistics, maintenance, consultants and experts , and sheets indicating the presence of actors, installed power and number of wind farms in the different French regions.

Full Text Available The content of this paper confronts some of the biggest problems educators face in the teaching of math and science. The article focuses on a grass roots method called the Algebra project. The Algebra project has improved algebra skills among groups of students who are either steered away from upper level math or who may not ever have the chance to take an advanced math course.

According to the data by the department of labor and statistics many jobs are going unfilled. This paper discusses where the jobs are, the courses that are the gateway to employment and the skill sets students need to fill the jobs. Math and science courses need to be used as a tool for liberation of such a problem.

We have to ask ourselves why we have a society where only a small group of students are prepared for their future. We need to determine where the knowledge gap is and provide courses that prepare students for the job market and transfer credit from the 2 year to 4 year colleges. This paper also looks at factors that effect change, who the change agents are and what mind set implement solutions. Employment barriers, skills , and aspirations among unemployed job seekers with and without social anxiety disorder.

The literature has consistently demonstrated that social anxiety disorder has substantial negative impacts on occupational functioning. However, to date, no empirical work has focused on understanding the specific nature of vocational problems among persons with social anxiety disorder.

This study examined the association between perceived barriers to employment, employment skills , and job aspirations and social anxiety among adults seeking vocational rehabilitation services. Data from intake assessments June December of low-income, unemployed adults who initiated vocational rehabilitation services in urban Michigan were examined to assess perceived barriers to employment, employment skills , job aspirations, and demographic characteristics among participants who did or did not screen positive for social anxiety disorder.

Bivariate and multiple logistic regression analyses were performed. After adjustment for other factors, the multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that perceiving more employment barriers involving experience and skills , reporting fewer skills related to occupations requiring social skills , and having less education were significantly associated with social anxiety disorder.

Participants who screened positive for social anxiety disorder were significantly less likely to aspire to social jobs. Employment-related characteristics that were likely to have an impact on occupational functioning were significantly different between persons with and without social anxiety problems.


marketable job skills: Topics by .


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